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MGAG: Chapter 86 Part 2

The room was very quiet. Chen Qizhao pressed the mouse and mechanically reviewed every detail, checking step by step whether the guesses in his mind were true or false. Then the more he looked down, the more he uncontrollably thought of some scattered fragments and some memories reappeared that he didn’t want to see. The door of the operating room when Chen Jianhong had a cerebral hemorrhage in his previous life, Chen Shiming’s car accident scene, Zhang Yazhi lying on the hospital bed with a pale face… there was also the Internet report on the horrifying accident at Shen Yuhuai’s laboratory.

At this time, his phone placed on his desk rang.

Shen Yuhuai’s name appeared on the screen of his phone. Chen Qizhao’s confused emotions seemed to stop for a moment. He turned his head slightly and his eyes stopped on his phone.

The phone continued to ring until time passed and Shen Yuhuai’s name disappeared, turning into the notification of a missed call.

After a while, the phone rang again and lit up with Shen Yuhuai’s name again.

This time, the calling time was about to end when Chen Qizhao finally wiped the connect button. Shen Yuhuai’s voice came from the earpiece.

“Are you busy?” Shen Yuhuai’s environment was relatively quiet and he seemed to be busy with other things. “I thought you were sleeping.”

The light of the computer screen reflected on Chen Qizhao’s face and he lied, “No, I just went to take a shower.”

“Are you tired?” Shen Yuhuai wondered.

Chen Qizhao replied, “A little bit.”

In the bright room, Shen Yuhuai’s eyes lingered on the exquisite pen on the table for a moment. “I unwrapped your present. I like it very much.”

He regularly used fountain pens and there were differences in the feeling of the different styles of fountain pens from this niche store. He only liked two and this gift from Chen Qizhao was the one he used the most.

Chen Qizhao listened to Shen Yuhuai’s voice and fell into a trance. The voice from the earpiece seemed to overlap with Shen Yuhuai’s voice in his previous life. He listened to Shen Yuhuai speak but Shen Yuhuai’s voice from his previous life seemed to appear in his ears.

In the cafe, Shen Yuhuai asked him what coffee he drank. Shen Yuhuai waited downstairs at the company at night and asked him what to eat at night… in the short time they spent together, this man seemed to carve tenderness into his bones. Even if his personality was cold, he had never shown coldness and alienation in front of Chen Qizhao.

Those memories overlapped with today’s memories and he seemed to recall certain details in a trance.

The affairs of the Chen family had always been a thorn in his bones. After the Chen family went bankrupt, he lived in hatred every day and night. The thing he thought about every day was how to make Lin Shizong pay… He even had a more radical idea of finding an opportunity to pull Lin Shizong to die with him. However, every time this thought rose and when he was about to fall into the abyss, it was Shen Yuhuai who stretched out his hand to pull him out.

‘There was a lab accident and no one survived.’

‘Shen Yuhuai was also in that laboratory. The Shen family has already gone over.’


Many voices overlapped and he had to concentrate to distinguish who was speaking.

Chen Qizhao suddenly said, “Brother, there is a question I’ve always wanted to ask you.”

Shen Yuhuai wondered, “What is it?”

Chen Qizhao’s voice was a bit hoarse. “The matter of the aromatherapy… why did you help me check so much?”

Shen Yuhuai fell silent when he heard this. “You like to ask why.”

He put the pen into the gift box. “Do I need a reason to help you?”

Chen Qizhao’s chest trembled slightly. “If you hadn’t gone to the car yard with me and didn’t find out about the aromatherapy, would you have helped me?”

“Yes, as long as I know about it, I will definitely help you.” Shen Yuhuai heard Chen Qizhao’s voice on the other end of the phone tremble. He frowned slightly and asked, “What’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?”

Chen Qizhao controlled his tone and explained, “…No, I’m just sleepy.”

Shen Yuhuai said, “Then rest early.”

Chen Qizhao said goodnight and hung up the phone.

Shen Yuhuai heard the other person hanging up. He suppressed the doubts in his heart and sent a message to Chen Shiming on VX.

On the other side of the Chen house, Chen Shiming came out of the study and noticed Shen Yuhuai’s message as he was cleaning up the messages on his phone.

Shen Yuhuai asked him if Chen Qizhao was resting.

Chen Shiming originally planned to go to talk to Chen Qizhao about the change in the medicine. He walked in the direction of Chen Qizhao’s room.

It was just that when he knocked on the door, there was no reply from the room. In the softly lit corridor, the room seemed to have all the lights turned off and no light leaked out.

He turned off the lights?

Chen Shiming hesitated slightly as he looked at Shen Yuhuai’s message. Was the other person asleep?

In the room full of smoke, the boy was sitting in front of the computer. The file transfer on the computer screen indicated that it had been completed. He pressed the cigarette butt into the ashtray and his dark eyes seemed to be looking at something through the screen.

The room was quiet. Chen Qizhao seemed to hear Chen Shiming talking to the housekeeper outside the door. It seemed that through this voice, he could hear Chen Shiming’s angry condemnation in his previous life. The scene that came to mind was Chen Shiming, who was paralyzed, and Chen Shiming, who was lying on the sofa and sleeping peacefully…

Chen Qizhao leaned back against the chair and stared at the ceiling blankly.

The lighter in his hand flipped open and shut again. A machine seemed to be playing various images in his mind.

The scene of Chen Shiming’s death, the police entering and leaving and the autopsy report and conclusions. Every word that made him mourn became particularly clear at this moment.

The news of the laboratory incident that had spread all over the Internet, the black clothes and white flowers at the funeral site and the message sinking into the sea that never received a reply.

Some secrets were forever silent in unknown years, like the absurd half of his life, so absurd that he didn’t have the face to see anyone at the end. His previous life came to an abrupt end at some point, laughing at his worthless revenge and a life as a laughing stock.

The chaotic memories gradually deepened and the words of the people around him in his previous life seemed to ring in his ears. Zhang Yazhi hoped he would be sensible, Chen Jianhong hoped he would achieve something, Chen Shiming hoped he would sober up…

And Shen Yuhuai—

It wasn’t until the ash in his hand fell onto the skin of his fingers that the burning sensation pulled him back from his thoughts.

Chen Qizhao rubbed the flaming cigarette butt with his fingers in an expressionless manner.

The rubbing sound was accompanied by the gradually falling soot and gradually disappeared into the silence of the room.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were half-lowered and his gaze stayed on the cigarette butt in his hand. The uncontrollable feeling seemed to be gradually rising.

He was unable to tell the difference between hatred or excitement. The chaotic pictures occupied his mind and he pulled his lower lip, suppressing the hatred and disgust that burst out in his chest.

Why care about the overall situation? Now he just wanted this group of people to wear the shackles of prison in full view.

The more painful ending than death was to let them open their eyes and watch their so-called great cause turn into ashes and rotten rocks on the ground.

It scattered with the wind and turned into nothing.

The living room was a mess. The sober Lin Xuyan swept away a lot of the furniture, his face full of anger. In particular, he saw the greetings of other people on his phone and had nowhere to vent the anger in his chest.

Lin Shizong said with a sullen face, “Haven’t you made enough trouble?”

Mother Lin calmed him down. “Don’t blame the child for this matter. He doesn’t know what happened. Who would’ve thought the champagne would be drugged? Did the Shen family find out the problem? Who did it?”

Lin Shizong said, “A competitor of the Shen family. The wine that should’ve been given to Shen Yuhuai was mistakenly given to Xiao Xu.”

Mother Lin wondered, “How could that be?”

Looking at his angry son, what came to Lin Shizong’s mind was Chen Qizhao, standing in the corridor at that time and watching the drama, as well as the Chen family around him. All sorts of whispered discussions still lingered in his ears and behind this arrangement was the gloating of countless people.

He left the living room and called a number.

“Hello?” Gu Shen’s voice on the phone was calm. It seemed he wasn’t surprised by this call.

“The Shen family’s birthday banquet was what you did, right?” Lin Shizong got straight to the point and directly entered the topic. He had worked with Gu Shen for many years and was familiar with Gu Shen’s methods. This included the fact that the aromatherapy of the Chen family and the driver Old Lin was all planned by this person.

“The Shen family helped Gu Zhengxun and Shen Yuhuai found out about my side. This matter was indeed arranged by me but Xuyan’s matter was unexpected to me. It should be that someone else at the venue found out and exchanged the drinks.” Gu Shen didn’t deny it. “I will ask people to help deal with Xuyan’s matter. You don’t have to worry about it.”

Lin Shizong frowned. “Gu Shen, we are in a cooperative relationship. I hope you will tell me before you make a move next time.”

This wasn’t the first time. It was clear that he had other arrangements. Gu Shen had done too much to eradicate the enemies.

For example, Gu Shen heard from Lin Xuyan’s mouth that Chen Liyao pushed the Yan family’s child into the water when he was a child. He used this news to threaten Chen Jianting’s wife Sun Rouning. Then he planned to calculate Chen Jianting and tempt Chen Liyao… This way, all of Uncle Chen’s family was controlled by him and carefully arranged the affairs of the driver Old Lin.

This matter was carefully arranged for two years before Lin Shizhong was informed in a phone call.

“It happened once before with the Chen family’s affairs and now it happened again.” Lin Shizong frowned. “I won’t stop you from doing anything but you at least have to tell me about the arrangements.”

If this matter was said in advance then Lin Xuyan could at least be vigilant, rather than being killed by others for no reason.

Gu Shen was faintly dissatisfied when he heard Lin Shizong’s words. “Didn’t you also know about the Chen family? This time, the incident was an accident. The person behind the exchange was either from the Shen family or Chen family. Is it useful to say this now? The Shen family isn’t capable of doing things to this level. Most of it is the Chen family maintaining a superficial peace with you. Chen Shiming is probably clear about the things you have done.”

He said, “Obviously, they could change the wine glasses but they exchanged your son’s glass. Don’t you know what this means?”

Lin Shizong didn’t speak but his eyes were dark.

After a long time, he said, “I have already arranged the affairs of the Chen family.”

Gu Shen said, “Shouldn’t you have done this earlier? Lin Shizong, since you are cooperating with me, don’t think about those thoughtful methods. You have half a foot into the soil. If you were more decisive back then, the Chen family would be gone a long time ago.”

“Evidence is dead but people are alive. We are safe only when people go to the grave.”

“I’ll inform the others tonight.”

Lin Shizong’s tone was slightly heavy. “But I hope you don’t hide it from me this time.”

Gu Shen was very willing. “Don’t worry, we are allies.”

Once the call was hung up, the corridor fell silent. Lin Shizong looked at the strange call on his phone and had other plans in his heart.

It was originally his purpose to make the Chen family go bankrupt. The things that the Chen family stole from his family should’ve been taken back a long time ago. However, the Gu family’s thoughts were different from his.

He had been with Gu Shen for many years and many industries of the Lin Group had stepped onto the boat of the Gu family, including multiple channel lines that used the Chen family’s channels. This matter had nothing to do with the Chen family but if the Chen family found them and investigated, they would definitely find the Lin family. Then they would follow the Lin family to find the most important Gu family behind this industrial chain.

It was only when the Chen Group didn’t exist that these things wouldn’t be exposed to the public.

However, Gu Shen was even more ruthless. Not only did he want the Chen Group to disappear but he also didn’t want any of the Chen family to stay alive.

The dead couldn’t speak. This type of desperado just wanted to eliminate everyone completely.


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