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MGAG: Chapter 86 Part 1

“This was what Jiang Yuze did before he was arrested. Dad has been taking health care products for a few years. I noticed a problem and sent some of the remaining health care products to relevant institutes for testing. It was found that there are special ingredients in them that have a calming and sedative effect.”

Chen Shiming lowered his voice as he stood in an empty corner with Chen Qizhao. “Later, Dad found a problem with his three high figures. Therefore, he didn’t take these health care products any longer and replaced them with antihypertensive drugs. However, the oral antihypertensive drug he placed in the workplace was replaced by Jiang Yuze again. They were replaced with tablets with exactly the same packaging shape, but the ingredients inside were changed.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. He looked at Chen Shiming and listened to the words.

Chen Shiming briefly explained to Chen Qizhao how he found the problem. “Dad’s dizziness and drowsiness occurred from time to time. Now it seems likely that in addition to the three high figures, it is because he has been taking this type of drug for a long time. I asked the doctor about this type of drug. Taking a small amount of this drug has no effect on the body, but for Dad who deals with the group’s business on a daily basis, sleepiness can be a very fatal problem.”

“I suspect that the reason why Jiang Yuze placed such a drug in the first place is probably because he wanted to influence Dad to make decisions using the factor of the drug.”

It was likely that due to taking this type of medicine, he felt that his energy was limited. So in the past few years, Chen Jianhong had been handing over the affairs of the group to Chen Shiming step by step while also supporting some senior members of the company. Jiang Yuze might’ve been behind it from the beginning and made suggestions for the layout planned by himself and Lin Shizong.

Not long after Chen Shiming finished speaking, he saw the Chen family coming out of the Chen family and paused the topic. He planned to discuss it with Chen Qizhao after going back. Then suddenly, he heard a voice in his ear.

“No… that isn’t it.”

Chen Qizhao’s voice was very calm while his eyes were full of emotions that Chen Shiming couldn’t see.

Chen Shiming stopped and looked at him. “What isn’t it?”

Chen Qizhao lowered his head like he was looking at the ground. He seemed to be looking at something through the ground.

He said, “There is no need for Lin Shizong to take two steps.”

If Lin Shizong could do something to Chen Jianhong by replacing the health care products and other medicine, why go through the trouble to arrange for Old Lin to do the aromatherapy? With Jiang Yuze’s status in the company at the time, there were too many opportunities to attack Chen Jianhong while Chen Jianhong wasn’t vigilant.

Changing the medicine and the aromatherapy. The more he moved, the greater the chances of exposure.

According to the time point mentioned by Chen Shiming, the time to change the medicine was long before the aromatherapy. Before Jiang Yuze was imprisoned, the aromatherapy was already in operation and Old Lin’s move was buried for too long…

“Go back and talk. It isn’t convenient to communicate here,” Chen Shiming said.

The people at the birthday banquet were about to leave. Chen Jianhong and his wife left after talking to the Shen family but the car was very quiet. Chen Qizhao sat in the back seat and didn’t say a word when facing their discussions.

Chen Qizhao was quickly sorting out everything that happened during this period.

At this time, his phone vibrated. He looked down and saw an anonymous email.

The anonymous email contained the investigation report about the silhouette of the middle-aged man next to Gu Shen’s vehicle that Chen Qizhao had asked to check some time ago. It was more difficult to investigate but that person’s information was soon sent. This person was a less famous, small private investigator in S City. He usually handled business affairs and often communicated with various people.

At the beginning of the investigation, he wasn’t very sure about this middle-aged man. Then after conducting an investigation into Gu Shen’s circle in S City, he found that the middle-aged man had contact with people related to Gu Shen and this person was directly identified. Chen Qizhao quickly scanned all the information and found that this man had very little contact with the Lin family.

The evidence provided by Old Lin at the time was this man and Gu Shen’s car. Now this man’s identity was clear. Putting aside Lin Shizong… the lunatic that Old Lin mentioned could only be Gu Shen.

No, something wasn’t right.

Chen Qizhao held the phone tightly. Replacing the drugs, changing the aromatherapy, the car accident, Yan Kailin, Shen Yuhuai… it was as if everything was handed over together and converged into a clear line in his chaotic brain.

During the silence all the way, Zhang Yazhi frequently looked at Chen Qizhao behind her. Maybe it was because of the lighting but she thought Chen Qizhao was sleepy and asked her husband next to her, “Xiao Zhao is tired?”

Chen Jianhong looked slightly sideways. He thought of the Shen family’s affairs tonight and said, “Too many things happened tonight. Let him rest.”

Chen Shiming didn’t speak and looked over at Chen Qizhao with a bit of seriousness in his eyes.

“Is there any problem on the Shen family’s side?” Zhang Yazhi also knew the whole story of today’s incident. She had been beside Chen Jianhong when Chen Shiming said it. It was said that it was aimed for the Shen family in the first place and hit Lin Xuyan by mistake, causing him to suffer a disaster. “That kid Yuhuai is such a nice person… how can he mess with such people?”

It was discovered early in the evening so the person who delivered the wine was quickly controlled. After checking the waiter’s phone, it was found that he had a conversation with a business opponent of the Shen family, as if this incident was a bad trick of commercial competition. The point of contradiction was found very smoothly. However, both the Shen family and Chen family knew that this wasn’t an easy matter. They used bad methods to pretend that it was someone else’s actions. The business opponent seemed to be pushed out to block the gun.

But after careful investigation, no other clues could be found.

The arrangement was too thorough.

Chen Shiming added after hearing these words, “That call record might not be true.”

“Before leaving, Old Shen reminded me to pay attention to the problem. He said that a congratulatory gift for Yuhuai was received at the party and after opening it, he found a doll with a severed head.” Chen Jianhong sighed. “There are too many things involved in this matter. The other person was clearly aiming for Yuhuai and sent such a strange gift. The Shen family might also have to be vigilant during this time.”

Zhang Yazhi covered her mouth. “Sending such a thing.”

As they spoke, they didn’t notice that Chen Qizhao’s face turned a bit pale when he heard this.

Chen Qizhao felt his palms sweating as he stared at a certain corner of the car.

He knew very well that Lin Shizong’s purpose and Gu Shen and Gu Zhengsong’s purpose… their two purposes might not be the same.

Soon, the car arrived at the Chen house.

Zhang Yazhi returned to the living room while Chen Qizhao went upstairs without saying a word.

Chen Shiming was about to call Chen Qizhao to stop, but Chen Jianhong called him to the study.

Seeing the other person walking away, Chen Shiming thought of the topic that they hadn’t finished talking about in the banquet hall. He decided to go to Chen Qizhao’s room to ask later.

The room was quiet. Chen Qizhao closed the door and didn’t turn on the light, but quickly walked to the computer to turn it on.

The screen soon lit up. The stored data was hidden in a secret disk. Chen Qizhao opened all the files and paragraphs of text appeared in front of him. Next to it, the file sent by Special Assistant Xu to him in the afternoon had been opened.

The information on the drug investigation written in the data was detailed and clear, including the time of the drug replacement, the time of discovery, etc. He also dug out the document that recorded the details of the aromatherapy. He compared them one by one against the timeline and almost paranoidly checked every detail.

All doubts accompanied by the replacement of drugs seemed to open a breakthrough. It subverted Chen Qizhao’s previous speculation about some situations.

This matter couldn’t be justified. The behavior was repetitive and the purpose was biased.

If the mastermind of everything was Lin Shizong then he plotted to bankrupt the Chen family for the so-called grievances of the previous generation 30 years ago… once he found out that the Chen family was no longer profitable, he started to arrange the bankruptcy of the Chen family. With the other person’s level of caution, he would only secretly arrange everything without anyone noticing.

He had fought against Lin Shizong and knew that the other person was cautious. He also cherished his life, power and money. That was why some evidence was difficult to obtain.

Would such a person really use various means to put the Chen family in crisis when he already had a more secure means?

The more he did things, the more vigilant they would be. Finally, they would be completely on guard against the Lin family.

Thus, there were two contradictions.

First, it was impossible for Lin Shizong to order someone to arrange the poisonous aromatherapy on the premise that Jiang Yuze had already arranged for the drug to be replaced.

Secondly, Chen Shiming had a car accident and there were two extra moves in one move.

Chen Qizhao had a very deep impression of the car accident in his previous life. So when the car accident in this life was prevented, the first conjecture was that Lin Shizong in his previous life bought the driver and then arranged for Old Lin to take Chen Shiming with him. In this life, Old Lin was discovered by them in advance and Lin Shizong could only use the GPS locator and truck driver.

But what if this idea is wrong? He remembered that when Jiang Yuze was imprisoned and investigated along with the truck driver, the truck driver said that his employer asked him to find a way to cause a car accident and it was best to let Chen Shiming stay in bed for a period of time. This showed that Jiang Yuze’s original purpose in finding someone to cause the accident was just to prevent Chen Shiming from gaining Sheng Ming’s project. He didn’t say that his employer wanted human life.

Chen Shiming’s car accident in his previous life was a few years later. The GPS technology at that time could basically achieve real-time positioning. If the purpose wasn’t to hit and kill people, but just to cause an accident, the arrangement could easily be done with just the truck driver. There was no need for Old Lin.

…But if they wanted to hit and kill someone then Old Lin was necessary.

When Old Lin was interrogated in prison, he had confessed one detail. It was that the other person had someone investigate his wife and child. Looking for someone to investigate must be an information vendor or private investigator. The middle-aged man who appeared next to Gu Shen’s vehicle happened to be a private investigator.

After all, Old Lin was an adult. Even if his mental condition had problems, the indirect medium of mobile phone communication couldn’t be used to control such a person. It was very likely that they brainwashed Old Lin through other means.

Old Lin didn’t say who was behind it but he clearly knew that the other person was a madman.

The private investigator who came into contact with Old Lin was a suspicious figure. The other person used more means than they knew and it took several years to stabilize the driver, Old Lin. Then in the end, Old Lin probably noticed the private investigator and found that the private investigator had contact with the car. Gu Shen must not be reckless enough to directly contact Old Lin. It was more likely that he threatened Old Lin in other ways.

The one with contact with Old Lin was Gu Shen, not Lin Shizong.

It might not be Lin Shizong who wanted to kill people but Gu Shen.

If that was the case then the things in this life and the things in his previous life…

How much was Gu Shen involved in it?


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