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MGAG: Chapter 85

During the exchange of lips and teeth, Chen Qizhao’s brain forgot how to think for a moment. His senses seemed to all be on Shen Yuhuai. He had never kissed anyone, let alone been kissed by others, but trying such a feeling gave him a sense of pleasure that was difficult to express.

It was as if he was surrounded by Shen Yuhuai and he felt like the person in front of him really belonged to him.

The pleasant mint scent spread. Chen Qizhao also seemed to taste a bit of alcohol. The taste was quickly washed away. He couldn’t hear any other sounds, only the sound of his heart beating wildly in his chest.

Chen Qizhao had never felt like this. It was a hundred times more stimulating than holding hands. It was so that he forgot how to breathe and was a bit breathless.

Once they separated, Shen Yuhuai kissed the corner of his lips.

Chen Qizhao’s breathing stopped for a moment. The next second, the positions of the two of them were reversed. Shen Yuhuai’s hand was still pressed on the back of his neck. After being flipped over, the fingers on the back of his neck seemed a bit stronger and he didn’t move.

Or he couldn’t move.

Chen Qizhao noticed that the thing in his pocket was being squeezed and Shen Yuhuai seemed to notice it as well.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “What is it?”

Chen Qizhao said, “Your birthday gift.”

Shen Yuhuai reached out and took out the small and exquisite box from Chen Qizhao’s pocket.

There seemed to be footsteps outside the door. It seemed that Xiao Zhou had brought Chen Shiming to this side and the person outside moved the door handle.

The two people inside the door stopped instantly and Chen Qizhao said, “I just locked the door.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him.

Chen Qizhao looked into the eyes that were close to him. His gaze moved down slightly and he asked, “Can I kiss you?”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t answer.

Chen Qizhao raised his head slightly. He learned from the movements when Shen Yuhuai had just kissed him and intruded into Shen Yuhuai’s lips and teeth without any technique.

Shen Yuhuai held the back of his neck and deepened the kiss.

In the end, Shen Yuhuai replied, “If you want to kiss then you don’t need to ask.”

At this time, his phone suddenly rang. The atmosphere between the two of them froze slightly. Chen Qizhao took out his phone and saw the words ‘Chen Shiming’ on it. He said, “My brother.”

Shen Yuhuai let go of him slightly but didn’t leave him.

“Hello?” Chen Qizhao answered the phone and noticed that Shen Yuhuai’s gaze was always on him.

“Where are you?” Chen Shiming stood at the entrance of the safety stairs with a bewildered Xiao Zhou beside him. “I heard Xiao Zhou talk about this matter. The door was locked when I went to Shen Yuhuai’s side just now.”

“The door was locked by me. He is resting inside.” Chen Qizhao looked at Shen Yuhuai and continued, “You arrange the rest. I have some business and I’m hanging up first.”

After he hung up the phone, Shen Yuhuai asked, “What did you do?”

Chen Qizhao truthfully told Shen Yuhuai about how he discovered the waiter’s body. “I pulled out the key card of that room, told the hotel staff that a guest fainted in the bathroom and stuffed the key card into Lin Xuyan’s hand.”

He finished speaking and asked, “Is it bad for me to do this?”

“I had people check the surveillance here.” Shen Yuhuai had asked people to check the surveillance after discovering the strange gift. “The surveillance for the three floors of the banquet had no problems… but the surveillance of the 5th floor was destroyed in advance.”

Chen Qizhao stopped.

Shen Yuhuai kissed him. “No one saw it.”

At the entrance of the 5th floor safety staircase, Xiao Zhou trembled as he stood beside Mr Chen. He recalled that after he called Mr Chen over, he saw a scantily dressed beauty enter the original room.

There seemed to be an extra person in the room. As he passed by, he heard a slightly stimulating sound inside.

He stood awkwardly and noticed Chen Shiming looking at him. This relieved his embarrassment. “The sound from there is quite loud.”

“Pretend you didn’t see anything in this matter. I will let the people of the Shen family check the surveillance. The rest will see what the follow-up is on this side.” Chen Shiming lowered his eyes and sent a message. “Do you understand?”

In the banquet hall, the birthday banquet was coming to an end.

Soon, someone found that the protagonist wasn’t here and the Shen family had started to move around. They couldn’t get through to Shen Yuhuai’s phone and several banquet staff members were walking around and looking for the person.

Lin Shizong frowned slightly and asked the assistant beside him, “What about Xuyan?”

“Young Master Lin seemed to have gone out for something and he hasn’t come back.” The assistant nodded. “I’ll go out and look for him.”

It was just that before Shen Yuhuai’s whereabouts were found, some people said they seemed to have seen Shen Yuhuai go to the 5th floor.

There were several people who went downstairs to check. However, just after reaching the 5th floor, they noticed a commotion on the 5th floor. Many people were gathered here. It was said that a guest lost his room card and returned with the hotel staff, only to see a man and a woman lying in bed.

One of them was suspected of being a guest of the birthday banquet upstairs.

This type of incident spread immediately and the number of hotel people who came to watch increased.

Several people came down from the banquet hall. Shen Xuelan stepped onto the 5th floor in high heels. She saw the slightly confused scene in the room and took out a handkerchief to slightly cover her eyes. Then she told the assistant next to her, “Go and talk to Chairman Lin.”

On the upper floor of the hotel, the middle-aged man hurriedly entered the room and his face froze slightly when he saw Gu Shen. “Sir, Shen Yuhuai’s side…”

“Have the people in the hotel been arranged?” Gu Shen looked at him. “Find some people to spread the news about the birthday banquet.”

“That isn’t it.” The middle-aged man said a bit anxiously. “I got the wrong person. It wasn’t Shen Yuhuai in the room but Lin Xuyan.”

The sound outside the door became more and more lively. It seemed that a lot more people were gathered on the 5th floor of the hotel. Once Chen Qizhao walked out of the room, he saw Lin Shizong standing outside the door with a dark face. The hotel employees who came to watch the liveliness had been dispersed and the rest were people from the Lin and Shen families.

Chen Qizhao leaned beside him and quietly listened to Lin Shizong’s angry voice.

Xiao Zhou saw his boss and immediately walked over, “Boss.”

“Chen Shiming arranged other things?” Chen Qizhao listened to Xiao Zhou talk about the remaining things. “Oh, that is quite interesting.”

The surveillance of the 5th floor of the hotel was considered damaged and everything was gone. No one knew what happened on the 5th floor. However, some hotel staff said that Lin Xuyan passed out in the bathroom upstairs. They saw him holding the key card in his hand and asked someone to help him down. Once they arrived, the beauty was already in the room.

Lin Xuyan usually had a gentle appearance. They didn’t expect this man to play so openly.

Surveillance couldn’t find any evidence and the person who helped him into the room was a waiter. The 5th floor was also outside the scope of the Shen family’s birthday banquet. Even if they checked carefully, nothing could be found. It seemed that Lin Xuyan really invited a woman to have a spring night at the hotel.

Gu Shen’s preparations were indeed sufficient. Sabotaging the surveillance, losing the room card, arranging a beautiful woman… It was just that it was Lu Xuyan who enjoyed the blessing.

It was also known to everyone.

“Just now, Miss Shen asked me if Mr Shen was very drunk.” Xiao Zhou looked at the room behind Chen Qizhao. “Do you need me to send something to sober him up?”

Chen Qizhao paused slightly. “No need.”

Xiao Zhou felt the sinister nature of high society tonight and it was still a bit unreal to him as he stood next to his boss. He was thinking about some things when he suddenly noticed something.

His boss’ lips were always light in color but now they seemed to be reddish.

He didn’t understand it but he was quickly attracted by the bustle in the distance.

Lin Shizong arranged for others to deal with the scene with a dark expression. After he arranged some things, he suddenly saw Chen Qizhao leaning against a door a few steps away and he met the other person’s eyes.

Chen Qizhao didn’t shy away from his gaze. He watched generously, like he was just one of the people who came to watch the liveliness after hearing the news.

Lin Shizong’s expression sank a bit.

“Chairman Lin, this matter….” The assistant asked.

Lin Shizong said, “Wake him up. I don’t want to see relevant discussions tomorrow.”

The Shen family’s birthday banquet ended. Such a thing happened so the Shen family arranged everything else in an orderly manner. They only said that Shen Yuhuai was drunk and went to rest. They didn’t say anything else. On the contrary, Lin Xuyan had a big scandal.

“I helped you finish up the other things but it seems there is no need. Someone else has arranged things in advance. This matter is obviously aimed at Yuhuai and the Shen family will also pay attention to it later.” Chen Shiming noticed that Chen Qizhao was looking at his phone and wondered, “Where did you go just now? I couldn’t find you.”

“I had something… to do.” Chen Qizhao replied to Shen Yuhuai’s message and said, “I’m afraid this matter wasn’t arranged by the Lin family. Shen Yuhuai found out about the Gu family and Gu Shen is in S City now. He will do other things.”

Gu Shen’s hands and feet were hidden. Unlike the more cautious Lin Shizong, this person was more radical and ruthless… there was Yan Kailin’s matter and now Shen Yuhuai’s matter.

“Is Yan Kailin and the others gone?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“The guests are almost all gone.” Chen Shiming looked at the message on his phone. “The Shen family should take care of the rest. Lin Shizong likes to do these types of things very much. This isn’t the first time he has tried drugging others. There is the time he gave you medicine at the charity party, the matter of the aromatherapy and Jiang Yuze changing Dad’s medicine. You should be more careful.”

He finished speaking and noticed the silence of the person next to him.

Chen Qizhao tilted his head and suddenly noticed that Chen Qizhao’s face was a bit gloomy.

Chen Qizhao looked at him. “Jiang Yuze changed Dad’s medicine?”

“I asked Xiao Xu to send the documents home at noon. Didn’t you read them?” Chen Shiming had only finished investigating the matter last night and he asked Special Assistant Xu to send the documents home at noon.

“No.” Chen Qizhao had put the documents in his room without looking at them and accompanied Zhang Yazhi to buy things in the afternoon. His tone was a bit faster as his eyes stared straight at Chen Shiming. “What do you mean? When did Jiang Yuze change the medicine?”


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