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MGAG: Chapter 84 Part 2

Yan Kailin waited a long time, during which he chatted with a few acquaintances passing by. Once Chen Qizhao returned, he simply said, “Brother, why did you go for so long?”

“I bumped into someone on the way, and my shoes got wet.”

Chen Qizhao said nonchalantly, “That person’s quality is poor. I don’t know how he was trained.”

“Juice isn’t interesting. Do you want to drink alcohol?” Yan Kailin held two glasses of champagne in his hand. “Oh yes, just now, Brother Huai didn’t pass by. He has been standing over there all the time. I saw that someone brought him wine. I never thought that Brother Huai could drink so much?”

“Can’t he drink?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“I heard from my brother that Brother Huai’s drinking capacity is average. My brother also asked him out for a drink before. It is said that he only drinks one cup.” Yan Kailin continued to gossip. “I thought he doesn’t know how to drink. Does he feel okay?”

In another corner of the banquet hall, Lin Xuyan took the wine sent by the waiter and continued to talk to the guests at the banquet.

The Shen family’s birthday banquet was actually a large social venue. Lu Xuyan never refused to talk to anyone. He had the same gentle expression as Lin Shizong on his face, but he actually hung labels for these people. Some people were worthy of deep friendship, and some people should be forgotten.

After talking for a while, Lin Xuyan suddenly felt a bit dizzy. His hands and feet were faintly hot.

“Sorry,” Lin Xuyan said to the others. He put down the wine glass and walked outside the banquet hall.

Chen Qizhao stood and drank with Yan Kailin for a while. Then he noticed the movement in the distance and said, “Continue to help me watch Brother Huai. I am going to the bathroom.”

Yan Kailin was stunned. “Brother, you are a bit diligent in running to the bathroom tonight.”

In addition, why did he have to watch Brother Huai every time?

He was about to ask a few more questions, but Chen Qizhao had already walked away.

“This is leaving too fast…”

Yan Kailin took a sip of wine. Then a moment later, he couldn’t see where Shen Yuhuai was. He found that Shen Yuhuai was no longer there. “Hey? What about Brother Huai?”

Outside the banquet hall, Lu Xuyan inquired about the location of the bathroom.

Not long after arriving at the bathroom, he suddenly fell into the cubicle due to a dizzy spell.

Chen Qizhao entered the bathroom a few steps behind and saw Lin Xuyan, who had fallen into the cubicle.

There was no one else in the bathroom, so Chen Qizhao went to the tool room and took out the sign for when the staff cleaned the bathroom, placing it at the bathroom door. He looked at the unconscious Lin Xuyan and picked up his phone. He was about to call someone when he suddenly saw the message that Yan Kailin sent him one minute ago.

Chen Qizhao stopped for a moment. Then his phone suddenly rang.

“Boss, you asked me to stay on the 5th floor and pay attention to the situation. I saw Mr. Shen.” After Xiao Zhou was asked by Chen Qizhao to open a room on the 5th floor, he had been watching the situation.

After waiting a long time, he didn’t see anyone. Then he saw a formally dressed waiter carrying Shen Yuhuai out of the elevator and heading into a room next to the elevator.

Chen Qizhao walked out. “What about the person?”

“The waiter came out soon after putting the person in the room.”

Xiao Zhou said, “I just walked over to see. The door wasn’t closed, and there is a gap left.”

“Is there anyone else inside?” Chen Qizhao asked.

Xiao Zhou felt like he was a thief as he lowered his voice, “There doesn’t seem to be. I saw the person swipe the card to send Mr. Shen in and then leave. It seems that the room card hasn’t been removed. Is there a problem with this?”

The bustle in the banquet hall continued. Shen Yuhuai noticed the departure of the waiter and opened his eyes in the darkness.

Today’s birthday banquet was arranged by his family. The day before, he had already got a list of the staff of the venue in advance. Then there was the weird birthday gift he opened in advance and the unknown waiter who suddenly appeared in front of him to deliver wine. So when the other person sent the wine over, Shen Yuhuai didn’t drink the wine.

He brought wine over, and it was most likely that the wine was mixed with something.

Thinking back to the way the other person warned Yan Kaiqi before, it was most likely that this person would use some radical means to teach him a lesson. There was the warning of the birthday gift, and he was afraid that the glass of wine was the real birthday gift. So when he saw that the time was approximately right, he pretended to be drunk and left the venue. The waiter who brought him the wine came to him in the corridor outside the banquet hall and asked after him in a normal tone. Then the waiter offered to send him to the rest room.

It was just the right time and arrangement, but the rest room wasn’t one of the rooms arranged by the Shen family. It was on the 5th floor.

The other person put him in the room opened in advance and left. Shen Yuhuai didn’t know how this person was stuffed in through layers of security but judging from the current behavior, the other person sent him to this place when he was the protagonist of the birthday banquet and there was a group of guests upstairs. It was such a coincidental time and arrangement that it was obvious there were some tricks to it.

Shen Yuhuai was thinking about it when he heard footsteps outside. He paid attention to the movement at the door of the room. The other person seemed to take no other actions. They stayed at the door for a moment and left quickly.

He lay there for five minutes this time when he heard a sound coming from the door. It seemed to be the whispers of two people.

Soon, Shen Yuhuai heard a familiar voice.

“I just looked at the room. It seems there is no surveillance arranged. The person sent him over and left.” Xiao Zhou brought his boss to the room. “Then how to deal with it now? Let Mr. Shen continue to lie here?”

“Where is the room you opened?” Chen Qizhao entered the room and saw Shen Yuhuai lying on the bed. He walked over and briefly checked Shen Yuhuai’s condition. The glass of problematic wine had been replaced by him in advance. Compared to Lin Xuyan, who was directly unconscious in the bathroom, Shen Yuhuai’s reaction was still shallow, and he could walk with assistance. He should just be drunk.

Then he was sent to this room in a daze.

Xiao Zhou came over to help. “Boss, do you want me to help?”

Chen Qizhao said, “Give me the key card of the room you opened. Then go upstairs to find Chen Shiming and tell him about this matter.”

Xiao Zhou hurriedly took out the room card and handed it to Chen Qizhao. Then he rushed to the banquet hall to find Chen Shiming.

The moment he left, only Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai were left in the room.

The light wasn’t turned on in the room. In the darkness, Chen Qizhao could only see the silhouette of Shen Yuhuai’s figure. He thought of Yan Kailin saying that Shen Yuhuai drank a lot of wine tonight. Chen Qizhao rarely saw Shen Yuhuai drinking. The other person usually only took light sips, let alone drank too much.

He didn’t hesitate. After glancing at it, he went to help Shen Yuhuai.

The moment he put the other man’s arm around his body, he heard a voice in his ear.

“Brother Huai?” Chen Qizhao stopped.

Shen Yuhuai answered but made no other moves.

Checking the Gu family wasn’t a simple matter. The more Shen Yuhuai investigated, the greater the risk encountered. The incident against Yan Kailin half a month ago might also have something to do with Shen Yuhuai. Otherwise, it was impossible for Shen Yuhuai and Yan Kaiqi to arrive at the scene so quickly.

Then today, Gu Shen’s car was stopped outside, and he arranged the waiter and wine. It was obviously aimed at Shen Yuhuai.

Chen Qizhao stopped for a few seconds before lifting the other person up from the bed with a bit of force. The other person obediently followed him, leaning on him. It was just that when he got up, the force pressing on his body lightened a lot. Chen Qizhao’s eyelids half lowered, and the strength he used to support Shen Yuhuai was a bit less.

There was no one in the corridor of the 5th floor. Xiao Zhou’s room was exactly two rooms after this one.

Chen Qizhao helped the person swipe the room card and closed the door.

There was no light in the room. Chen Qizhao took Shen Yuhuai to the big bed in the room.

He put the person down. He just wanted to walk away when Shen Yuhuai, who was originally lying on the bed, suddenly grabbed his wrist.

The other person’s hand didn’t use much force, and his fingers were barely holding his wrist. Chen Qizhao just had to take a few steps, and the contact would be broken immediately. Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly and looked at the man lying on the bed. He seemed to see the other person’s open eyes in the faint light coming in through the window.

The other person’s fingers weren’t cold. They held onto his wrist in a warm manner, like a bondage that couldn’t be broken.

One person was standing, and the other person was lying down. Chen Qizhao’s hand had just moved when the person lying on the bed suddenly exerted his strength, dragging Chen Qizhao’s wrist and directly pulling him down. Chen Qizhao fell on Shen Yuhuai’s body. Their eyes were extremely close, but he couldn’t see what was hidden in the other person’s eyes. He could only smell a bit of the wine that lingered between the two of them.

Suddenly, Chen Qizhao saw Shen Yuhuai’s throat move.

The last time the two of them met was at a grilled fish restaurant. Shen Yuhuai went to B City, and it had been nearly half a month since they met.

He saw Shen Yuhuai in the banquet hall today and felt an uncontrollable emotion. Now that he was holding the other person’s hands, the feeling of his heart being hooked came again.

Neither of them spoke. It wasn’t known how much time had passed before Chen Qizhao said, “Brother, you aren’t drunk, right?”

Chen Qizhao had helped too many people who were drunk. The drunk people basically couldn’t control the strength of their bodies.

So when he helped Shen Yuhuai to this room, he knew that the other person wasn’t drunk and was pretending.

Shen Yuhuai looked at him. The held wrist turned into interlocked fingers.

He raised a hand, and the warm hand landed on the back of Chen Qizhao’s neck. His fingertips grazed the other person’s skin.

He just had to go a bit further down and peel off the coat to find the other person’s beautiful back.

Shen Yuhuai’s movements stopped. His hands fell on the other person’s hair, and he faintly smelled the other person’s body.

“After the call in the early morning, I was thinking about something.” Shen Yuhuai’s voice was a bit hoarse, and his fingers were light and gentle. They ran down Chen Qizhao’s hair to the back of his neck. “In the beginning, Liu Sui said something. I am indeed chasing a person at S College, but I never told him.”

“I think I’ve caught him.”

Chen Qizhao’s heartbeat increased uncontrollably, and he asked, “Are we dating now?”

Shen Yuhuai’s fingers stopped at the back of his neck before scraping over them lightly. “Aren’t we?”

The atmosphere between the two of them seemed to be getting clearer and clearer. Perhaps it was Chen Qizhao’s illusion, but he seemed to see his figure in these inky black eyes.

In the endless future that drowned people, this was the first time he wanted to push away all scruples and drag the person in front of him into that pool of black water.

Chen Qizhao said, “I might not be that good.”

“I might have to correct some of your perceptions.”

Shen Yuhuai’s voice was very soft, and his hand pressed on Chen Qizhao’s neck. “I’m not that good either.”

The smell of wine was mixed with the faint smell of mint. Shen Yuhuai took the person into his arms and kissed him.


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