MGAG: Chapter 83 Part 1

In the slightly quiet employee office area, there were many people with different expressions among the various workstations. They were discussing something with lowered voices. The Gu Group was one of the top companies in China and it was even more famous in B City. Underneath the thriving performance was the undercurrent of the two big figures of the Gu family.

The announcement that appeared in the company in the morning had been deleted. The major executives took action almost within ten minutes of the news appearing. Even so, this was an important system within the group. It didn’t matter if such an announcement was stopped in time and wasn’t spread out. It was already well-known within the company.

The fact that Gu Zhengsong had an illegitimate child was a secret and only some high-level officials in the Gu family knew about it. Now this news appeared in the announcement along with the paternity test and it instantly made Gu Zhengsong’s people nervous. The Gu family was behind the Gu Group. The Gu family was intricate and complicated but it was very traditional. The moment the news spread, it set off a huge wave within the Gu family.

Even if Old Gu favored Gu Zhengsong recently, he couldn’t show favoritism in such a situation.

“How is that thing in the morning handled?”

“Keep your voice down, Gu Zhengsong is in the company…”

“There is such a thing and even a paternity test was included.”

“Who hacked into our company’s system and posted something like this?”

The top executives were silent and only people who didn’t know the truth would think it was an accident. How could the internal system of the group be hacked so easily? The senior network engineer invited by the group wasn’t a decoration. Only a handful of internal people could put this type of thing in the internal announcement… it wasn’t difficult to guess who did it under the guise of an accident but there was no evidence.

Several high-level people in the meeting room looked at each other and then at Gu Zhengxun and Gu Zhengsong in front of them. The two brothers who looked similar were sitting peacefully at the same table but it was secretly full of the smell of gunpowder. Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Gu Zhengsong had been targeting Gu Zhengxun during this period of time. Now that this news broke out, the smiling tiger, who always had a smile on his face, currently had a dark expression.

Gu Zhengsong said, “Brother, you seem to be in a good mood today.”

“It is no more than you.” Gu Zhengxun looked at the speaker for the meeting. “What about the acquisition details? Continue.”

The presenter wiped his sweat and immediately continued the topic.

The other high-level executives didn’t speak. The matter of the illegitimate child was so publicized that it almost slapped Gu Zhengsong in the face.

Gu Zhengxun had been suppressed by Gu Zhengsong for so long. This was an official announcement that he had started a war with Gu Zhengsong.

After coming out of the meeting room, Gu Zhengsong talked to his assistant with a calm face. “How did the paternity test fall into his hands?”

“We can no longer contact the doctor who did the original test. It is very likely that this person is protected by him.” The assistant continued. “In addition, the people on his side seem to be paying attention to our arrangements. Their recent behavior is very strange.”

Gu Zhengsong was in a very bad mood. Gu Shen’s identity was exposed at this time and the group of old antiques in the Gu family would definitely use it to attack him. In addition, Gu Zhengxun got the jade necklace. In the eyes of those old antiques, it was clear who was superior between the two of them. Gu Zhengxun directly went to war with him because he wanted to win more support. The old man’s body couldn’t last a few more years. Now there was the matter of the jade and the illegitimate child. After this, his status among the people in the Gu family would only be lower.

“Suppress the matter.” Gu Zhengsong frowned. “Don’t let any rumors spread before the old man asks about this matter.”

As the Gu family’s internal power struggle was going on, a young man wearing black clothes and a mask stood in front of a bar that was closed during the day.

The doorbell jingled. The fat boss who was dozing off at the front desk of the bar raised his head. He saw the young man in black in front of him and pulled out an envelope from under the counter. “I heard that you rushed over from S City. I had people working overtime to check it in the past few days. I had them check all the capital you suspect. Following the clues you gave, there are indeed two institutes that are more suspicious. After a comprehensive investigation, it is determined that it is your old acquaintance.”

Shen Yuhuai took the fat boss’ envelope, tore open the seal and started to check it. “The Gu family?”

“You’ve investigated quite a lot?” The fat boss continued, “It is the Gu family. To be precise, it should be Gu Zhengsong. He bought land in a small township on the outskirts near these institutes. Now the land isn’t developed but some people have seen large vehicles often entering and exiting.”

“However, there are many large factories in the vicinity of that area. The vehicles might be trucks from other factories.”

Shen Yuhuai quickly finished reading the information and said, “The backup of the data should be sent to my spare mailbox.”

“Of course,” the fat boss said. “The things you checked aren’t simple. Gu Zhengsong has more means and many people who work for him. Now that the Gu family is confirmed, what can you do with them? If you hand over some things, it might not achieve the effect you want and you might even set fire to your own body.”

He said again, “Yuhuai, as a friend, I suggest that you don’t check too much.”

Shen Yuhuai told him, “Don’t worry, I know it well.”

“What do you plan to do next? Stay in B City?”

“The things that need to be investigated are almost done. Now I have to go back to confirm the situation on Lin Medical’s side. If it is really determined that the two of them are secretly cooperating to develop an illegal industrial chain, I will confirm the plan and continue to follow up.” Shen Yuhuai slightly pulled the mask up. “I’ll leave on a flight tomorrow. Thank you for this matter.”

After coming to B City for a few days, he could basically determine that the person behind the scenes of these institutes was Gu Zhengsong. It was just that the relationship went around several times so Yan Kaiqi didn’t find it. It was only after he contacted several local intelligence agencies that sold information that he could confirm the capital related to these illegal organizations was Gu Zhengsong.

Or even if it wasn’t Gu Zhengsong, it should be someone under Gu Zhengsong.

This industrial chain was wider than he imagined. On the surface, it was the development of food and medical products but in fact, where these things were sold and who was behind the scenes were all things that were very scary to think about. If Lin Medical was involved then the direction of these things could basically be determined through the market of Lin Medical. It was related to food and drug safety and there was even the possibility of suspected smuggling and trafficking of illegal compounds.

Shen Yuhuai asked him to destroy some of the information. Then after leaving the bar, Shen Yuhuai sent a text message to Chen Shiming.

Before coming to the capital, he told Chen Shiming about what had been confirmed and asked him to beware of the Lin family. If the two sides of this illegal industrial chain were basically determined then after returning to S City, this matter must be handed over to Chen Shiming along with the existing supporting evidence.

The internal rumors of the Gu family were suppressed but the relationship had spread. Some arrangements gradually shifted amidst the turbulent undercurrents.

The incident lasted for a few days. Gu Shen listened to the news over these few days and his anger had subsided. Even so, the mocking voices outside continued to reach his ears. This group of young masters and young ladies of the Gu family who prided themselves on their rightful bloodline and the rich circle of the capital who had a good relationship with him in the past all sent him gloating messages…

“Mr Gu said he would suppress this matter,” the assistant said cautiously.

He had been following the young man in front of him for five years. He obviously wasn’t even 30 years old but the person in front of him had the strongest forbearance ability he had ever seen. The words ‘illegitimate child’ were something that could never be said out loud. This identity was a knife hanging over Gu Shen’s head. However, someone pushed this matter and it couldn’t be suppressed.

Gu Shen looked down at the sarcastic messages on his mobile phone and his face was expressionless. “This matter was really arranged by Gu Zhengxun?”

“Yes,” the assistant continued. “The group’s system has traces of an external attack but the attack method shouldn’t have made it through the firewall. It is very likely that someone operated internally and acquiesced to this behavior.”

It went without saying who the person operating inside was.

The assistant looked at the marks on Gu Shen’s hands. There was already a thin layer of scabs in the place where the glass of the teacup had cut him, but he knew that Gu Shen must be very angry right now.

Gu Shen sneered. His good father said this and he already knew the other person’s attitude.

The Gu family attached great importance to the inheritance. His identity as an illegitimate son had spread, which meant he would never be able to get on the table and he would be ridiculed by others.

Originally, Gu Zhengsong’s side planned to slowly correct his identity after taking power in the Gu family. Now this matter was exposed in front of so many people. If Gu Zhengsong wanted to seize power from Gu Zhengxun then he had to clearly show his attitude regarding this matter.

When necessary, Gu Zhengsong could only veto his identity.

Gu Zhengxun’s move was masterful and ruthless.

It was different from his previous gentle and upright style. It seemed that the matter of the jade necklace caused his arrogance to grow.

Gu Shen felt there was something in this matter that he hadn’t noticed, so he asked again, “Is there any movement on the Yan family’s side?”

The assistant replied, “Yan Kaiqi has been very obedient recently and hasn’t asked anyone to investigate. Yan Kailin is also protected by him.”

“He is a smart guy who knows how to hold back and ask for peace.”

The assistant continued, “But there is something very strange. We checked after you reminded us last time and focused on the people around Yan Kaiqi. We found that he is very close to Shen Yuhuai of the Shen family. Shen Yuhuai was also at the scene when Yan Kailin had an accident last time.”

A person who was very close to Yan Kaiqi… why did the Yan family suddenly investigate those things and discover his side? He had never understood the motive for it so he had people follow the Yan family.

If he remembered correctly, Shen Yuhuai and Chen Qizhao had a close relationship and the Shen family and Chen family had been friends for many years.

The current situation on the Chen family’s side probably wasn’t simple.

Gu Shen lowered his eyes and placed his fingers on the document. “Continue.”

“Shen Yuhuai is from the Shen family. His mother is friends with Gu Zhengxun’s wife. It is said that Gu Zhengxun visited the Shen family after coming to S City. Before, you mentioned that the Chen family had the necklace. It is likely that the Gu family looked for the Shen family to connect them to the Chen family.”

The assistant put the tablet in front of Gu Shen and continued, “Yesterday, I focused on checking Shen Yuhuai and found that he left for B City the day after Yan Kailin’s accident.”

Gu Shen frowned. “And then?”

The assistant said, “The excuse he gave the research institute when asking for leave was that he had to return to B College to deal with some matter. We observed it and found that he did go back to B College, but he only dealt with the problem of this thesis procedure. Even so, he stayed in B City for nearly 10 days and only returned to S City on a flight today.”

“Has anything happened in the Shen family recently?” Gu Shen asked.

“The day after tomorrow, the Shen family will hold a birthday banquet for Shen Yuhuai.”

Birthday banquet…?

Gu Shen’s eyes sank slightly. “Check Shen Yuhuai.”


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