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MGAG: Chapter 82 Part 2

Chen Qizhao found the photo that Old Lin gave at the beginning, intercepted the figure of the man standing by the car and sent it directly to the other person’s inbox. He ordered, “I just sent you the silhouette of a person. Check if there is anyone similar around Gu Shen.”

The man in the flower shirt agreed before remembering another thing. “By the way, Boss, the Gu family should be making big moves in the next few days.”

Chen Qizhao asked, “Did you send the email I asked you to send?”

“Don’t worry, Boss. I set the timing according to your arrangement and it should’ve arrived in Gu Zhengxun’s inbox by now,” the man in the flower shirt said a few more words. Then the person on the other end hung up after getting the news. He put away his phone and bitterly told the little brother next to him, “The boss still has an attitude of never chatting with me.”

His younger brother said, “Boss, it is rare for you to want to chat with people so much.”

“The wealthy backer is good.” The man in the flower shirt glanced at the information around him. Despite all the information he had so far, he still didn’t know who the patron was behind him. The other party’s confidentiality measures were in place and this person also dared to blindly trust him and pay such a high amount.

It was strange not to be interested in a person like this. He continued, “But in our business, the most important thing is to protect the privacy of the boss. We shouldn’t ask questions that shouldn’t be asked.”

The younger brother answered, “Recently, there have been a lot of people checking the Gu family.”

The man in the flower shirt heard this and took out a document to read it. He agreed with these words. “As expected of a big capital like them. It is normal for their every move to be noticed.”

Still, this wasn’t a bad thing for him. The more people checking them, the more his side could fish in troubled waters to dig up big materials.” By the way, come to check if there is such a person around Gu Shen.”

The man in the flower shirt pointed to the photo on the computer screen.

The Gu family in B City.

In his study, Gu Zhengxun was talking with a few confidants. The jade taken from the Chen family had been identified and confirmed to be the one that their Gu family had lost back then. The news of the necklace had been released. Some elders in the Gu family attached great importance to this necklace and in two days, he could go to the bank to get the assets that belonged to this necklace.

In addition, this necklace was associated with the support of some people in the Gu family who had always been neutral.

The necklace was a sudden gift and added more winning chips in the battle between him and Gu Zhengsong.

“The matter of the necklace has been decided and Gu Zhengsong should take some measures to deal with it during this time. The old man’s retirement is imminent and he won’t give up so easily. There should be later moves.” A confidant opened his mouth and suggested, “For this matter, should we deal a preemptive strike?’

Gu Zhengxun said, “It really has to be done.”

A preemptive strike was a must but in the current situation, he was afraid that Gu Zhengsong would throw out some things not favorable to them if he went crazy. It was only when Gu Zhengsong had no intention of taking care of their side that they could more steadily maintain their existing advantages and gradually attack Gu Zhengsong. Thus, Gu Zhengxun had already confirmed the next step when the necklace identification results came out. He just hadn’t expected to receive an anonymous email.

Attached to the email was a piece of information about Gu Zhengsong.

However, these things were like man-made statements and there was no evidence attached. The other party seemed to know what Gu Zhengsong was doing, as well as the current situation of the Gu family. They even reminded him of some of Gu Zhengsong’s potential arrangements. At first glance, he felt that the person who sent the email seemed to be dictating some ambiguous arrangements. Then the more he looked down, he found that some of the descriptions were consistent with the information he investigated and he started to care about the content of the email.

The anonymous, unsubstantiated, artificially made information.

“Then according to our original arrangement, let’s start with Gu Zhengsong’s business first…”

Halfway through speaking, the confidant was suddenly stopped by Gu Zhengxun.

Gu Zhengxun said, “No, do another thing first.”

In the elegant room filled with the fragrance of tea, there were ink landscape paintings hanging directly above the mahogany chairs and curved white cigarettes burned in the quaint incense box next to them.

A young man in casual clothes picked up a tea cup and poured hot tea.

Lin Shizong walked in and his eyes fell on the young man not far away. He gave the assistant a look and everyone else in the room retreated cleaning, leaving only him and the young man.

“You were behind the Yan family’s matter?” Lin Shizong sat down and asked bluntly.

“I didn’t do anything. I just wanted to teach Yan Kaiqi a lesson. People who are smart should close their eyes and not investigate things that shouldn’t be investigated.” The young man pushed a teacup in front of Lin Shizong. “Yan Kailin’s luck is good. I originally wanted to break his leg.”

Lin Shizong looked at the tea in front of him. The person in front of him was a lunatic. This time, the Yan family just found the surface and he quietly threatened the other person with the safety of Yan Kaiqi’s brother. If Yan Kaiqi had really found something important, he didn’t doubt that this person would attack Yan Kaiqi directly.

From the beginning of doing business with this person, he knew the ruthlessness under the surface. This person was an illegitimate child who looked ordinary on the surface but secretly held so much authority. He had endured for many years and was ruthless and crazy. He could use any means to achieve his goal.

The young man, i.e. Gu Shen, asked, “Do you know how he found out?”

Lin Shizong stopped. “How did they find out?”

“He found the Lin Group’s institute and followed the line to me.”

Gu Shen looked at Lin Shizong. “You didn’t do it cleanly and the fire reached my side.”

Lin Shizong frowned when he heard this. The affairs of the institutes had always been hidden and it wasn’t even under his name. It had nothing to do with him. Under normal circumstances, it was completely impossible to find his side, let alone find something else through him. “It can’t be my problem.”

“No matter whether it is your problem or not, the fire in S City is too big. It isn’t good for you or me.”

Gu Shen continued, “No matter whether it leaked from you or not, the matter has reached this point. You should be thinking about how to clean up this mess.”

Lin Shizong frowned and said, “Deal with it according to our original plan.”

At this time, Gu Shen suddenly threw a piece of information on the table and his tone was heavy. “Then tell me what’s going on here?”

Lin Shizong opened the document and his expression changed drastically when he saw the content. “It is impossible. How did Gu Zhengxun get that necklace?”

“Then I have to ask you why the matter of this necklace hasn’t been dealt with cleanly.” Gu Shen looked at Lin Shizong coldly. In order for this necklace to justifiably come to their side without being criticized by the old antiques of the Gu family, this matter had been originally left to Lin Shizong. He guaranteed there wouldn’t be a problem. As a result, the auction encountered problems. This person wanted to preserve the layout in the Chen Group so he let go and gave this necklace to the fool Chen Qizhao. This necklace wasn’t a good thing. It was best that they got it. If they didn’t get it then ensure that this necklace didn’t come out to interfere with their plans.

As a result, the necklace passed through the Chen family and reached Gu Zhengxun’s hands, completely messing up the situation.

The hidden interests and assets behind this necklace were far more than he expected. Originally, they still had an advantage because this necklace was gone.

Lin Shizong was still explaining about the necklace.

Gu Shen was no longer interested in listening to it.

“I’ve almost finished the matter of the Sun family and will follow your plan with the rest.” Lin Shizong was powerless after hearing about the necklace. He knew he could only deal with the situation on S City’s side now.

Gu Shen asked, “When?”

Lin Shizong replied, “Early next month.”

“That is too long. I don’t have that much patience.”

Gu Shen looked at him. “The middle of this month.”

Lin Shizong’s expression darkened slightly. “Okay.”

The two of them exchanged a few words. Lin Shizong didn’t want to stay and left quickly.

Gu Shen was left alone in the elegant room. He poured himself a cup of tea while feeling very disappointed with Lin Shizong.

Before, he thought that Lin Shizong was easy to get along with and to take advantage of. Then during this time, the Chen family’s layout was chaotic, the Sun family had an accident and there was the current necklace incident. It was all because there was an accident on Lin Shizong’s side that the fire came to him… this man was smart but he was too cautious. Some things wouldn’t have reached the current situation if he had been ruthless from the beginning.

The investigations weren’t thorough… Gu Shen thought about the jade necklace that had been taken away by Chen Qizhao at the charity auction and what happened during this time. It was all related to the Chen family. He had been very suspicious of Chen Qizhao. He used a group of people to follow Chen Qizhao and even went there in person to determine if Chen Qizhao was acting.

He didn’t see any problems but he couldn’t rule out acting. It was just that the possibility was too low.

Chen Qizhao was only in college and his social circle in the past was a mess. He found out that the things Chen Qizhao had done before were too true. If Chen Qizhao was acting, when did he start acting? A young man with no deep experience in the world could act better than these old foxes who had been in the business world for so long? Then he would be close to a monster.

Besides, this matter couldn’t be justified.

If Chen Qizhao really had this ability, would he let the Chen family fall to the current situation…?”

Gu Shen was thinking when a person suddenly walked in from outside the elegant world.

The man’s face was pale and he slowed his pace when he saw Gu Shen. “Sir, something happened in B City.”

Gu Shen’s holding the teacup stopped for a moment and he frowned. “What happened? Is it to do with the necklace?”

“It isn’t the necklace.” The man looked at Gu Shen cautiously and handed over the phone.

“There was a problem with the internal system of the group this morning. Someone maliciously used the company’s internal system to send an announcement.” The man’s voice weakened a bit. “The announcement stated your relationship with Mr Gu… Now there are rumors spreading in the company that you are an illegitimate child.”

The teacup in Gu Shen’s hand snapped and shattered. The fragments scratched his hand and his face instantly became gloomy and terrifying.


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