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MGAG: Chapter 82 Part 1

After staying in the grilled fish store for a long time, Liu Sui and the others were about to head back before the entrance control of the institute’s dormitory started. They were all planning to leave at around the same time. Chen Qizhao stood next to them and the hand that had just been held by Shen Yuhuai still seemed hot. He was unable to judge whether it was an itchy wound or an itchy heart. He could only focus on Shen Yuhuai.

“Yuhuai, do you want to go back together?” Liu Sui asked.

Shen Yuhuai glanced at Chen Qizhao beside him. “You guys go first.”

Shen Yuhuai waited for the others to walk away before saying, “Then I’ll send you back?”

Chen Qizhao nodded.

The dormitory building was some distance from the grilled fish store. The two of them walked side by side, just like they had walked on campus several times.

Once they reached an intersection, they didn’t take the road leading to the dormitory. They didn’t mention the hands that had been held tightly in the grilled fish store or the tacit secret.

Everything seemed normal again but had become different at some point.

It was just that when walking side by side, their hands would always inadvertently graze against each other.

Shen Yuhuai suddenly asked, “Why aren’t you touching it?”

Chen Qizhao stopped and touched Shen Yuhuai’s hand without much thought. However, he didn’t pull it. He accidentally pulled Shen Yuhuai’s coat sleeve. His hand stopped and he was about to go down, but Shen Yuhuai’s hand rose up to steadily take his hand.

Cold fingers passed through his fingers and intimately caught his hand.

Chen Qizhao slightly bent his fingers, passing between them and touching Shen Yuhuai’s knuckles. The moving bone joints seemed flexible under his fingers and were different from his touch.

The joints moved and their palms touched. Then the hands of the two people were clasped together.

Chen Qizhao had never been in a relationship before. He felt no ripples about the actions of a young couple holding hands but now his heart was beating wildly due to Shen Yuhuai’s hand.

The road seemed to have changed from long to short, as if it didn’t take long to reach the door of the dormitory building.

Shen Yuhuai let go of his hand slightly and instead held three fingers.

The feeling of being tightly clasped disappeared. Chen Qizhao’s mind returned slightly and he glanced at Shen Yuhuai. Just as their hands were about to be released, his little finger deliberately tickled the palm of Shen Yuhuai’s hand.

At this time, there was a low laugh from beside him.

Chen Qizhao tilted his head slightly and found that Shen Yuhuai was looking at him.

The hands being held were released and Chen Qizhao looked at him. “I won’t touch it. Next time.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes moved down slightly, gradually moving down from Chen Qizhao’s eyes. He raised his hand to straighten Chen Qizhao’s hair that was blown by the wind. When passing the hair behind his ear, his fingers slightly touched Chen Qizhao’s ear. “I have to go out tomorrow and I don’t think I will be back until a few days later. I will owe you for Wednesday’s dinner.”

Chen Qizhao’s ears shrank back and he asked doubtfully, “Where are you going?”

Shen Yuhuai stared at Chen Qizhao’s slightly red ears and explained, “I have something to do at school and I have to go back.”

The access control time was approaching and the dormitory aunt shouted out the door, “Student, if you don’t go in then it is going to close.”

“Good night,” Chen Qizhao said.

“Good night.”

The night was deep. Once Chen Qizhao’s figure disappeared, Shen Yuhuai looked at the messages on his phone.

There were several unread messages on the interface. Some were from Yan Kaiqi and some were from friends in B City.

The matter of the three people following Yan Kailin into the school had been dealt with by Yan Kaiqi. He even contacted two bodyguards overnight to follow Yan Kailin, at least during this period of time. This would prevent the other party from taking actions to threaten the safety of the Yan family.

According to the current situation, it was estimated that in the next period of time, the inspection of vehicles at the gate of S College would become stricter and there would be more students traveling on a daily basis. Yan Kailin would be safer in school.

There were other messages on the phone which were from those Shen Yuhuai had entrusted in B City to investigate. His contacts in S City were limited because he had lived and studied in B City for many years. He had his own network and contacts there.

The information that Yan Kaiqi found was relatively fragmented but this didn’t mean it was impossible to confirm the capital behind it. According to the clues revealed by part of the information, it should be possible to trace the information of the capital behind the scenes. It would just take some time and energy. So while Yan Kaiqi was investigating here, he also contacted B City to complete the information as much as possible.

In a sense, Yan Kaiqi could be considered as blocking him once. The capital behind the scenes might not have noticed him due to Yan Kaiqi. This was a rare opportunity for him. He had his people in B City find some clues before and now the B City side had confirmed it. He might be able to sort out the context behind this matter. The limited time was beneficial. Before the other person noticed him, he should confirm the things that should be confirmed.

Shen Yuhuai sent a message to Yan Kaiqi. After a while, Yan Kaiqi called him directly.

“What did you say?” Yan Kaiqi asked. “Are you going back to B City?”

“The information found in S City is limited. A trip to B City is more convenient for me to confirm some of the situations.”

Shen Yuhuai stopped and directly unlocked his car. “It will be quick. I’ll be back next month.”

Yan Kaiqi frowned. “At this point in time… are you still investigating?”

Shen Yuhuai said, “It is because of the timing that we have to continue to investigate. There are too many people involved in this matter.”

The other person’s attention was on the Yan family’s side and it was convenient for him to investigate secretly. If the other party noticed his side then it was a good thing. This would divert the attention of the behind-the-scenes capital from Yan Kaiqi.

Yan Kaiqi didn’t agree very much. He trusted Shen Yuhuai’s ability but was also worried about Shen Yuhuai’s safety. “Can you do it alone?”

“Don’t worry.” Shen Yuhuai got into the car and kept speaking, “I will tell Chen Shiming about this matter. I have already talked to him about the controlled substances previously and have shared our existing information with the Chen family. If it is really Lin Medical then the Chen family can be prepared to deal with it in advance.”

Lin Medical was a big group in S City. It was a giant, even if it wasn’t to the point of covering the sky with one hand.

This matter couldn’t just be told to Chen Shiming. He also had to tell Shen Xuelan. If he became too involved then they all had to be vigilant in advance.

Yan Kaiqi asked, “When are you leaving?”

“Tomorrow morning,” Shen Yuhuai replied.

Shen Yuhuai left for B City the next morning. He took half a month of vacation from the institute. By the time Chen Qizhao got the news, the other person had already got off the plane and sent him a message.

They had obviously only separated last night and Chen Qizhao was already thinking about the next meeting. He was a bit distracted even in class.

Yan Kailin had been ordered by Yan Kaiqi not to leave the school since last night’s incident. Now he had to run around the dormitory and teaching buildings. He played games in Chen Qizhao’s dormitory when he had nothing to do and became bored in just three days. Even games couldn’t arouse his interest so he picked up his tablet and started watching dramas.

Chen Qizhao ignored him and took advantage of the opportunity created by Yan Kailin to push off some drinking parties. He started to investigate what Shen Yuhuai said that night.

The Gu family owned a large group and had numerous businesses. Chen Qizhao had checked this before and there was no business cooperation on the surface. However, if he started from the institutes that Shen Yuhuai mentioned and checked the intersection with the Gu Group, he could find out that in recent years, these institutes had some interests with the Gu Group. These accounts were ostensibly about the sale of medical products.

In fact, it was hard to say whether it was completely clean or not because Lin Shizong’s accounts weren’t clean.

It was difficult to check the Gu Group but it was a piece of cake for Chen Qizhao to investigate Lin Shizong. In particular, he already had some evidence so it didn’t take long for him to find the connection between some of Lin Shizong’s dirty accounts and several institutes mentioned by Shen Yuhuai.

Coincidentally, previously when he investigated Chen Jianting’s family, Chen Jianting had sold several real estate properties that then had laboratory institutes set up on them. These institutes overlapped with some of the institutes that Shen Yuhuai mentioned. In addition, Chen Shiming followed Chen Liyao’s line to find a part of the Chen business that had been used by Lin Shizong and also found a small part of Lin Shizong’s hidden assets.

It was like a sudden string that connected the Chen Group and Lin Shizong while secretly pointing to Gu Zhengsong.

He could probably guess the reason why Lin Shizong had to bankrupt the Chen family. Some things were difficult to destroy. The only way was to make the Chen Group not exist at all. This way, Lin Shizong’s dirty accounts wouldn’t be exposed through the mouths of the Chen family. He had been seeking profit through the Chen family for a long time and in the end, he wanted to destroy the Chen family along with these traces.

Chen Qizhao felt that everything was about to be connected, but there still needed direct evidence.

If the context of this matter was completely clear then it was enough to use these things to make Lin Shizong unable to recover at all. The second half of his life could only be spent in prison. In addition, he could bite onto Gu Zhengsong along this line. This way, Gu Zhengsong fell into the vortex caused by Lin Shizong and some of Gu Zhengson’s forces would be defeated. Thus, Gu Zhengxun would be sent to the highest seat.

It was a well-connected game of chess.

Chen Qizhao was thinking this while continuing to flip through the information collected in the past, trying to find some clues from it.

Soon, his secret inbox indicated that he had received an email. He clicked on the email and found it was a summary of information of his recent request to check Gu Shen.

He suddenly stopped when he saw a photo.

He saw a car. It was a car similar to the one in the photo evidence provided by the driver, Old Lin.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes narrowed. He immediately made a phone call and asked, “Who owns the car in the photo of the third document P14?”

The man in the flower shirt paused when he received the call. He immediately rummaged through the photos in the document. Once he saw the car, he called the little brother in charge of tracking next to him. He finished clearly asking about it and replied, “This car isn’t Gu Shen’s car. It is the car of a local person who has become good friends with Gu Shen. He has a good relationship with Gu Shen and has been Gu Shen’s tour guide on this trip to S City. This person is often seen taking Gu Shen to various local places to play.”

“Friend? Guide?” Chen Qizhao’s voice was slightly deep. “So this person is often with Gu Shen?”

“Yes, my people followed him during this time and often saw Gu Shen with him.” The man in the flower shirt continued, “This person is the son of a wealthy local businessman and is a few years older than Gu Shen. He is well-behaved and there isn’t much gossip about him in normal times.”

Chen Qizhao sneered in his heart. Was it a cover-up tour guide or a driver who brought Gu Shen places? It wasn’t certain.

It was said that Gu Shen appeared in S City now for ‘tourism’ but before noticing Gu Shen, he might’ve been in and out of S City many times. The similarity of the vehicles couldn’t be a coincidence. Then Old Lin’s photo might be indirect evidence pointing to the relationship between Lin Shizong and Gu Shen. Perhaps the lunatic Old Lin talked about was Gu Shen himself.

But with Gu Shen’s cautiousness, how could Old Lin notice him?

Or were there still some unclear details about this matter? According to this inference, what did Gu Shen have to do with the aromatherapy?


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