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MGAG: Chapter 80

Yan Kailin went to the cafeteria to line up only to remember that his phone was dead. He had played a lot of games when waiting for the other person in the afternoon and didn’t bring a power bank… he just got to the front of the line and hurriedly drew a bill from his wallet. “The signature milk tea, 30% sugar and normal ice.”

He thought that he would need to use his phone for the party and asked, “Do you have a power bank in your store?”

The employee handed him a power bank. Yan Kailin charged his phone while waiting for the milk tea but Chen Qizhao wasn’t there when he turned his head. He looked in the direction of the parking lot in surprise and wondered. “What type of phone call is it? Why is it taking so long?”

The cafeteria here was close to the dormitory building. Yan Kailin thought that if Chen Qizhao didn’t come over soon, he would put the milk tea in the dormitory first. Suddenly, he saw a beam of light coming from a distance.

There were many parking spaces in front of the cafeteria for students to temporarily park their bicycles. There were also private cars that used the location in front of the cafeteria as a temporary parking space.

Yan Kailin waited for milk tea and didn’t have a phone to play with, so he was idle and bored. Suddenly, he saw a familiar figure coming from a car, closing the door and walking quickly to the left front. He fixed his eyes on this person. Wasn’t it Shen Yuhuai?

“Hey, Brother Huao!” Yan Kailin directly called out to this person.

Shen Yuhuai turned around when he heard the voice. He saw Yan Kailin standing at the door of the milk tea store and immediately changed direction toward him.

“Brother Huai, why are you here?” The moment Yan Kailin spoke, he saw Shen Yuhuai’s serious expression and immediately said, “I didn’t go out to drink today! Don’t complain to my brother!”

“Why is your phone turned off?” Shen Yuhuai’s expression didn’t look very good.

Yan Kailin paused for a moment. “It is out of power. I played games… I was doing questions on the phone in the afternoon and it ran out of power.”

He raised his hand and showed the phone that was being charged. “There is no charging cable in Brother Zhao’s car and I had to borrow it from the milk tea store. I just started charging it. Why are you looking for me?”

“Don’t turn off your phone during this time and wait here. Your brother will arrive soon.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stopped on his hand and he was relieved when he saw the charger. Yesterday, Yan Kaiqi’s IP had been tracked and they couldn’t judge what actions the other party would take. Only Yan Kaiqi was involved with him in the matter of checking the controlled materials. It would be fine if they just hacked a computer to warn them. It was a big problem if the other party took drastic actions.

They hadn’t considered Yan Kailin before. This incident sounded the alarm for them.

Yan Kailin often went out and it was difficult to guarantee that he wouldn’t become involved in this matter because of Yan Kaiqi.

Thankfully, he was okay today.

“Huh?!” Yan Kailin cried out when he heard the news that Yan Kaiqi was coming over. “What is he doing here? I haven’t done anything in the past two days! I’m obedient!”

Shen Yuhuai stopped beside Yan Kailin. “He is looking for you for something. Go back to your bedroom directly and don’t go anywhere else.”

Yan Kailin: “……”

If Yan Kaiqi came over, how could he go to the party tonight?

Shen Yuhuai saw him holding the milk tea receipt in his hand and asked, “Were you with Qizhao in the afternoon?”

“Yes, you have to tell my brother later. I really didn’t do anything in the afternoon. I went to the shopping mall in the city with Brother Zhao and we came back after buying things. Nothing else was done!” Yan Kailin started to make excuses for himself. “Brother Zhao will come soon. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him. I’m not lying.”

Shen Yuhuai asked, “What about Chen Qizhao?”

“Brother Zhao said he is making a call,” Yan Kailin explained. “He asked me to buy him a cup of milk tea and he would come over after the call. I’m still wondering about it. It has been a while and he hasn’t come over yet…”

Shen Yuhuai was stunned when he heard this. He took out his phone and called Chen Qizhao’s number. There was no busy tone but the other person didn’t answer the call.

His expression instantly sank. “Which direction did he go in?”

Yan Kailin was frightened by Shen Yuhuai’s expression and pointed to the other side. “Just over there. His car is parked there and he might still be in the car.”

He was about to move forward while speaking.

Shen Yuhuai squeezed his phone slightly. “Stay here and don’t go anywhere.”

Yan Kailin immediately stopped. “I’m not leaving. I’ll stay here!”

In the alley, Chen Qizhao preemptively hit two people back with sticks. The person who was pushed into the alley hadn’t seemed to expect someone to suddenly intercept him. He saw the stick in Chen Qizhao’s hand and took two steps back.

At this time, the other two people who followed came from the rear and directly blocked the entrance of the alley, completely blocking Chen Qizhao in the alley.

“What is there to be afraid of? He is alone.” The person standing behind Chen Qizhao spoke. “Solve him and then go after the person.”

“Go after the person?” Chen Qizhao looked at the person who spoke. “Chasing after Yan Kailin?”

“None of your business!”

The three of them didn’t plan to talk nonsense with Chen Qizhao. Their task wasn’t the person in front of them. Their employer had shown them a photo and said they just had to find an opportunity to beat the boy surnamed Yan. The request was quite strange and they wanted him to enter the hospital. For this reason, they had followed nonstop since noon. That person surnamed Yan had been strolling around the mall the whole time in bustling places.

They finally followed to the school side where there were fewer people. The two people seemed to separate and this group wanted to take the opportunity to act directly. Who would’ve expected this boy to run out to make trouble?

The three of them rushed up together.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were slightly cold. He kicked one of them unceremoniously and the wooden stick swept over the person behind him, repelling two people at once. The alley was narrow. The three people originally wanted to teach him a lesson and leave immediately. Who would’ve expected that this boy would look thin and weak but his strength in his hand was so great? In particular, he was unceremonious with the stick and picked all the weak spots on their bodies.

The three people rushed up together and couldn’t gain an advantage in the first wave. Instead, they were hit several times. The boy used ingenuity and flexibility. Even if their fists hit the boy, the other person could hit back with more strength in the next second. It was as if he didn’t know pain at all. He fought like a desperado.

A few of them knew superficial fighting skills but they were like embroidered pillows compared to the viciousness of this man’s beating.

The boy in a loose coat was carrying a stick and stopped in the middle of the path.

His eyes swept over them and he asked, “You are chasing him but who told you to chase him?”

The three of them looked at each other and one of them instantly became fierce.

He took out a knife from his pocket and rushed straight over while Chen Qizhao was unprepared.

The night was dark and there were only a few pedestrians on the road beside the cafeteria and a few people in front of the milk tea store.

Shen Yuhuai walked in the direction of Chen Qizhao’s car. He noticed the parking position in the distance and his heart sank a bit.

This location wasn’t a busy direction and even two street lights were broken. There were no pedestrians passing by. He saw the black car parked there alone and his steps subconsciously quickened a bit. But before he could reach the car, he suddenly heard a sound from the alley on the right.

Shen Yuhuai stopped and looked toward the right.

There was a slightly narrow path between two buildings of the cafeteria and several buckets were scattered at the entrance.

In the dim light, he saw that there seemed to be people entangled together in the alley. Shen Yuhuai’s expression froze and he immediately changed direction and walked toward the alley. As he got closer, he heard the boy’s cold and merciless words, as well as the rustling wind inside.

Shen Yuhuai took a few steps inside and noticed the reflection of the knife on the ground.

His eyes froze slightly on the boy in the darkness.

A fist smashed into a person’s face. Chen Qizhao half crouched down and pulled up the person who had fallen to the ground.

The man who was caught cried out, “I really don’t know! They said they would give us 20,000 yuan and we would receive it in cash when it was done. We would only need to stay in the detention center for a period of time and they would guarantee that we get out later.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on him. “You won’t tell me? Do you want me to remove a hand?”

He decisively grabbed the opponent’s wrist and pressed it back in a threatening manner.

“I really don’t know! If I knew, I would’ve said it earlier!”

Chen Qizhao watched the three people blocked in the alley by him. Then he looked down slightly at the back of his hand.

There were several wounds on the back of his hand. His arm was accidentally cut by the knife several times, leaving some wet wounds.

Originally, he wanted to find something from these people’s mouths. He didn’t expect that these people weren’t professionals. They were just a few street gangsters who bullied the soft and feared the hard. They took money from others to teach someone a lesson, so they eagerly joined in.

But he had noticed it during the day. These people hadn’t followed him closely. If it was really Lin Shizong who found people to follow, why target Yan Kailin? Yan Kailin hadn’t done anything recently. Could it be an accidental revenge?

“It’s okay, think slowly.” As Chen Qizhao spoke, he noticed the gaze of the person in front of him looking back and stopped immediately. “The rest…”

He suddenly noticed something and looked back. He saw Shen Yuhuai who was only five or six steps away from him.

Shen Yuhuai’s hair seemed a bit messy and his eyes stopped on Chen Qizhao’s body. “Chen Qizhao.”

Chen Qizhao’s pupils shrank slightly and the hand tugging at his collar suddenly loosened.

How long had Shen Yuhuai been here? Did he stand for a long time in this position? How much did he see?

Shen Yuhuai was gentle and he only dealt with those things in the laboratory that Chen Qizhao couldn’t name. He always had a gentle face when getting along with Chen Qizhao. In his previous life when Chen Qizhao followed him, Chen Qizhao always subconsciously restrained his temper. At the very least, he didn’t want to show an embarrassed appearance in front of Shen Yuhuai like before.

After his rebirth in this life, he hadn’t really known Shen Yuhuai at this age and he learned that Shen Yuhuai liked quiet and obedient people. He had always restrained his bad personality because he didn’t want to give Shen Yuhuai a bad impression.

Even after getting along and knowing that Shen Yuhuai was actually similar to his previous life, but no matter how similar…

In these two lifetimes, he had never beaten up anyone in front of Shen Yuhuai, let alone shown such a scene.

Shen Yuhuai looked at Chen Qizhao and the several people behind him who couldn’t stand up.

He had seen Chen Qizhao many times but this was the first time he had seen the sharp and undisguised Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao’s expression was inexplicably flustered. He cursed secretly but had to stand up. He glanced at the people behind him and explained in a slightly far-fetched manner, “In fact, I am just pretending to be like this. There are so many people and I would be bullied by them…”

He paid attention to Shen Yuhuai’s expression. The other person’s eyes were stopped on his hand.

The explanation was weak. Chen Qizhao had never lied so badly in his life. Even he didn’t believe such words when he said them. He couldn’t believe such words came out of his mouth.

He simply stopped talking. “Brother, do you believe me?”

Shen Yuhuai was silent for a moment before saying without changing his expression, “I believe you.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned and he stared straight at Shen Yuhuai.

In the darkness, he looked at Shen Yuhuai’s eyes that seemed soaked in ink.

“This way, this way!”

The security guard’s voice came from the side and the light of the flashlight swept in.

The security guards of the security booth had rushed over. They received a text message from a student of the school, reporting that there was a disturbance on the side of the cafeteria. Therefore, they rushed from the school gate without stopping.

“F*k, wow.” Yan Kailin carried a cup of milk tea and came in after the security guards. He saw the people on the ground in a mess and looked at Chen Qizhao in adoration. He added a sentence without knowing what was going on, “Brother, you took them all down. Awesome!”

Chen Qizhao said, “…Can’t you not speak?”

He stepped back. He was giving way to the security guard while glancing at Shen Yuhuai’s position out of the corner of his eye.

Before he could look over, he was suddenly grabbed by a cold hand.

The broad palm grabbed his uninjured hand. Chen Qizhao was led out a few steps and his eyes stopped on the hand that was making contact with both sides.

Shen Yuhuai said, “This way.”


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