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MGAG: Chapter 79 Part 2

According to Chen Shiming’s statement and this information, the line of Chen Jianting’s family could basically be explained.

Lin Shizong knew about the driver Old Lin’s matter through Chen Jianting’s family and planned the aromatherapy. Sun Rouning had a relationship with the aromatherapy store and going in and out as a regular customer wouldn’t arouse suspicion. Chen Jianting took advantage of the projects to privately sell some assets for profit and Chen Liyao was used as a spy in the Chen Group.

There might be other reasons for this but there must be a connection between Chen Jianting and the others.

“Chen Liyao secretly looks down on his father. The father and son had conflicts in private but no problems have been found on his social network. He is more cautious than Chen Jianting.” Chen Shiming continued to pay attention to Chen Qizhao’s expression when reading the document and continued, “Next, you can consider staring at Chen Jianting. The possibility of finding clues from him will be higher… and there is movement on our side.”

Chen Qizhao looked at Chen Shiming suspiciously. “What movement? Is something happening in the group?”

“Chen Liyao has recently increased his contact with people and has stayed in the company for a long time. It is estimated that Lin Shizong should be making his next move against the Chen Group.” Chen Shiming continued, “The Sun family’s matter came out too coincidentally and it might force Lin Shizong to act…”

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Chen Qizhao closed the information on Chen Jianting’s family. “Since he wants to make a layout, he will inevitably move his chess pieces in the Chen Group.”

He put the information on the table. “In that case, how about a stimulus to make him enter the urn?”

In the shopping mall in the center of S City, Yan Kailin was sitting on a chair in the tea store and playing games while waiting for people.

It took three rounds of the game before he saw a message that popped up on the VX.

After a while, he saw Chen Qizhao’s figure appearing in the distance and hurriedly beckoned, “Brother, this way!”

Chen Qizhao came over.

Yan Kailin turned off the game and complained. “Why did you take so long? I’ve been waiting for you for almost an hour and my phone is running out of battery.”

“The company had a small delay and I couldn’t leave. The store you said is over here?” Chen Qizhao scanned it.

“It is just over here. I wasted a lot of effort to inquire. There is a small brand store with an office physical store here in S City.” Yan Kailin thought of Chen Qizhao sending him the photo last night. He was holding a pen in his hand and asked Yan Kailin to look at the photo and see if he knew what brand the pen was.

Yan Kailin wasn’t immersed in the writing culture so he ran to ask his older brother. His older brother actually recognized it and found him the address of the offline store. “Do you know, Yan Kaiqi looked at me and said he wanted to give me one. He thought it was a pen I was going to buy.”

Yan Kaiqi didn’t care about anything else. He was especially concerned about Yan Kailin’s learning problems.

“Isn’t it a waste for me to use a pen to write homework? I don’t need a pen.” Yan Kailin continued to complain. “Oh yes, who has a birthday? I don’t seem to have heard of anyone who has a birthday recently.”

Chen Qizhao searched the distribution of brand stores and it was indeed a niche brand store.

He heard Yan Kailin’s question and casually replied, “Shen Yuhuai.”

“Oh, Shen Yuhuai…” Yan Kailin was stunned after he finished speaking. “F*k, Brother Huai’s birthday. When is it? Why didn’t I know?”

Chen Qizhao found the location of the brand store that was on the 4th floor of the mall while replying, “May 10th.”

He tilted his head after saying this and suddenly saw Yan Kailin’s eyes filled with a bit of complexity.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“Why do you have such a good relationship with Brother Huai recently!” Yan Kailin exclaimed. “Last time my brother went to catch me, I heard him say that you eventually stayed at Brother Huai’s place. Several times when I went back to the dormitory, I saw you coming back in Brother Huai’s car…”

Chen Qizhao walked forward. “Is there a problem with this?”

“It is a big problem!” Yan Kailin immediately said. “Why do I feel like you have a better relationship with him than me? I didn’t even know Brother Huai’s birthday. How did you know?”

Chen Qizhao lied, “I just found out last time.”

“Then I’ll give him something. I’ve troubled him a few times and I should still give something.” Yan Kailin started to worry. “Is there a shoe store upstairs? What size shoes does he wear?” He was about to send a message to ask his older brother when he heard a voice next to him reply.

Chen Qizhao told him, “It should be 42 now. Maybe buy 43.”

Yan Kailin was stunned. “You also know this?”


Chen Qizhao was thinking about things and didn’t want to continue this topic with Yan Kailin. He instead asked another thing, “Last time, you told me about falling into the water when you were a child. How much do you remember?”

“Falling into the water…?” Yan Kailin reacted. “Oh, that time you saved me. I don’t remember too clearly.”

“You said you were pushed into the water and I went into the water to save you.” Chen Qizhao tried to recall this incident but it was too long ago. He wasn’t like Yan Kailin. The time of two lives added up was too long and this made it even more difficult to recall a childhood incident. There was also the problem of the high fever at the beginning.

He continued, “Were we on the big lake at the suburban villa at that time? You were talking about that boat, right?”

Yan Kailin replied, “Yes, only a few of us were on it and I fell down for some reason.”

“Do you remember who was on the boat with us at the time?”

Chen Qizhao looked at Yan Kailin and continued, “How old are you? Is there anyone with a bad relationship with you? Do you remember who pushed you?”

“I didn’t have a bad relationship with anyone when I was young.” Yan Kailin recalled the limited memory. In his impression, he had a good relationship with everyone. “There are quite a few people there, including Brother Xuyan from Lin Bo’s family. Oh, Brother Huai as well. The rest seem to be Uncle Zhou’s family, Aunt Liu’s family… I can’t remember those people precisely.”

“How is your relationship with Liu Xuyuan?”

“Liu Xuyan? Nothing really.”

Yan Kailin continued, “That boat was small and only a few of us went up to play together. I still remember that Brother Xuyuan seemed to be nearby. Didn’t someone call for help? In the end, my brother and the others came to pull us up… Oh yes! I remember that my brother should’ve come with Brother Huai at the time. They had a good relationship from back then.”

Shen Yuhuai.

Chen Qizhao’s expression froze slightly.

Yes, the Shen family had also gone there at that time. The relationship between Shen Yuhuai and Yan Kaiqi had been good since childhood.

Was it too easy to give a pen?

Chen Qizhao couldn’t think of a gift to give Shen Yuhuai. He had an impression that the other person used a fountain pen the most.

Yan Kailin asked, “Why are you asking about this?”

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned and he asked again, “Did Chen Liyao go?”

“Who is Chen Liyao…? Oh, your cousin!” Yan Kailin remembered. “He should’ve gone. There were quite a lot of people at the time and you played with him when you were a child. I didn’t like him very much. He didn’t talk a lot and he always looks like someone owes him money.”

There were still quite a few people in the mall. The two people got on the escalator and Yan Kailin continued to talk to Chen Qizhao.

Just as Chen Qizhao was about to reply to Yan Kailin’s words, he suddenly noticed the two figures who appeared on the escalator next to him.

They had reached the third floor and he had seen these two people on the first floor.

“Brother, why aren’t you answering me?” Yan Kailin looked at Chen Qizhao suspiciously. “You mentioned Chen Liyao. Is it possible that he was the one who pushed me into the water?”

“No, it is just a guess.” Chen Qizhao retracted his gaze. He had already thrown off the people Lin Shizong sent to follow him when he headed to the mall.

These people shouldn’t be following him… could it be they were following Yan Kailin?

Yan Kailin found it strange. “Brother, why are you looking at me?”

“I wasn’t looking at you.” Chen Qizhao opened his phone to take a photo. He took advantage of the time when he was chatting with Yan Kailin and other people weren’t paying attention, he quietly took photos of the people following behind him.

In S City’s research institute, Shen Yuhuai came out of a meeting and listened to his colleagues in the laboratory next to him discussing what to eat for a while. He answered casually while processing the messages piled up on his phone. He stopped at the message sent by Chen Qizhao in the afternoon.

[Zhao: Are you a size 43?]

Shen Yuhuai replied. Then once he looked up, he saw Liu Sui staring at him.

He moved his phone slightly to the side and asked, “Is there anything?”

“It is strange.” Liu Sui snorted twice. “Don’t go around in circles with me. To be honest, are you going out on dates in secret all day long? Are you chasing the beautiful sister mentioned last time?”

He looked at Shen Yuhuai’s expression and saw that the other person didn’t speak. He immediately said, “Yes! That must be it!”

Shen Yuhuai told him, “I haven’t caught the person yet.”

Liu Sui looked disbelieving.

Shen Yuhuai said again, “But it is soon.”

Liu Sui said, “Show me the photos. Let’s go to S College for dinner later and invite the sister on a date. I will check her out for you.”

The other colleagues also came over in a lively manner. “What?”

Shen Yuhuai was about to speak.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

“Yuhuai, are you in S College?” Yan Kaiqi’s words were a bit anxious.

“What happened?” Shen Yuhuai said in a low voice, his face serious.

“I called Kailin and no one answered. I tried calling him again and his phone was turned off.”

“I am a bit worried about him now answering the phone. I am driving to S College right now. You are close so first go and help me see if he is at school.”

At this point in time… Shen Yuhuai’s expression became serious.

Liu Sui was still talking about going to a restaurant at S College that they had been thinking about. Then the moment he spoke, he saw Shen Yuhuai’s slightly solemn look next to him. “Yuhuai?”

Shen Yuhuai hung up the phone. “Sorry, you go to dinner first. I have something to do temporarily.”

The two of them went to the mall. Chen Qizhao bought a pen and Yan Kailin bought a pair of shoes.

After dinner in the evening, Chen Qizhao drove and the two of them returned to school.

It was only 9 o’clock when they returned to school. Yan Kailin said he had invited people of the club to a party, but Chen Qizhao suddenly stopped him.

“Go to the cafeteria and buy me a cup of milk tea. I’ll come as soon as I make a phone call.”

Chen Qizhao turned off the car and glanced at Yan Kailin.

“Didn’t you say that the milk tea there isn’t good to drink?” Yan Kailin got out of the car and took two steps before turning around to ask, “Brother, what do you want to drink?”

“The signature milk tea, 30% sugar and normal ice.”

Chen Qizhao fell behind Yan Kailin. He caught a glimpse of several people following them in the night from the corner of his eye and lowered his head to edit a text message.

There were three people, one more than before.

Yan Kailin wanted to rush to the party. Once he heard this, he spread his legs and ran to the cafeteria.

Chen Qizhao took advantage of the darkness to slow down. As the few people following got close, he pinched a person’s hand and pushed him directly into the alley next to the cafeteria where rubbish was piled up.

That person hadn’t expected to be hit. Before he could react, he was hit and fell directly inside.

The other two people were startled and rushed over immediately.

Chen Qizhao grabbed a broom stick that had fallen to the ground next to him and looked at the three people who were complete strangers, his eyes cold.

“Haven’t you been following us for a long time?” His tone was a bit cold. “It is just right. I also have something to ask you.”


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