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MGAG: Chapter 79 Part 1

Hearing Yan Kaiqi’s words on the phone, Shen Yuhuai’s expression instantly became cold. “Is it that capital that you checked?”

“The IP tracking stopped when it reached my laptop. During the day, there was an external cyber attack on the company’s side but the firewall was fine. There were no major problems.” Yan Kaiqi sat in front of the computer. The information on the computer screen had basically been deleted by him. “I felt something strange during the day. When I turned on the computer at night, I noticed that someone had invaded my computer. It was obvious that they had tracked down my IP.”

“There is relatively little information on my laptop. I backed up everything that should be processed in other places in advance and sent the rest to you,” Yan Kaiqi continued. “They shouldn’t know the progress of our investigation. I have processed the information since you reminded me, but I should’ve been exposed. This makes us relatively passive.”

Shen Yuhuai knew Yan Kaiqi’s thoughts. They had expected that the capital involved in the matter they were investigating might be very large but they hadn’t taken precautions in the early stage. If the other person paid attention to the clues, they could find Yan Kaiqi’s side along the way. This was also where they were currently passive. However, since the other party reacted in this way, it also verified the idea that the industrial chain involved in the other party’s capital wasn’t ordinary.

Hacking into a computer without doing anything else was likely a warning act.

“Don’t check it during this time. I’ll do the rest,” Shen Yuhuai said in a deep voice. “Since they have nothing on you, they must pay attention to your every move. It is too risky for you to investigate further.”

“At the very least, we’ve determined that our investigation is in the right direction.”

Yan Kaiqi said, “At this stage, it isn’t a problem of being investigated or not. If there really is a problem, they will touch your side sooner or later. You aren’t safe.”

The two of them were silent for a moment. Then Shen Yuhuai said, “I have a sense of proportion. You deal with things first. I won’t involve you.”

Since the other party’s capital could track down the IP, they would inevitably find that the IP belonged to Yan Kaiqi.

In any case, the Yan family couldn’t be involved in the next investigation.

After hanging up the phone with Yan Kaiqi, Shen Yuhuai immediately made a backup of the data on the computer. There was a lot of capital in the capital city but there were only a few that could cover the sky with one hand.

The data in the computer was quickly encrypted. According to the information available now, it was basically determined that the raw materials for the aromatherapy involved in the Chen family’s aromatherapy incident weren’t simply controlled items purchased on the market, but materials extracted by special institutions of unknown origin. This was made into aromatherapy by people with bad intentions and accurately sold to the Chen family in aromatherapy stores.

Behind this specially manufactured aromatherapy was a hidden industrial chain. Some illegally extracted compounds were put on the market and it was even possible that they had already made a profit.

This industrial chain involved B City and S City. What they hadn’t found was who was colluding with whom in this industrial chain.

B City was relatively difficult to investigate… while S City was likely to be Lin Medical.

The information on Yan Kaiqi’s side had been processed and the other party’s capital shouldn’t know how much progress they had made. They just wanted to determine what Yan Kaiqi had found, so they used actions like hacking into the computer to warn Yan Kaiqi… it was best that the other party wasn’t sure about their progress. If they were sure, the danger level around Yan Kaiqi would increase.

Shen Yuhuai sat in front of the computer and put away the USB flash drive where the data was stored.

Could this be related to the people who followed Chen Qizhao some time ago?

The sun was shining and the weather was just right.

Chen Qizhao got up in the morning and went to the computer first to confirm the progress of the recent cooperation with Feihong with the Shen family. Once he found that there were no problems with the review, he headed toward Chen Shiming’s office.

Before entering the office, he saw Chen Liyao holding a file in an office not far away. It seemed that he came here to deal with work and his behavior was very normal.

Chen Qizhao raised an eyebrow slightly. Ever since knowing that Chen Liyao was the spy planted by the other party in the company, Chen Shiming used Chen Liyao to transmit wrong information. This made the other person mistakenly think that the Chen Group’s current progress was slow and to fire a few smoke bombs in a row to direct the focus of the matter to other places.

Due to this, they followed Chen Liyao’s line and found a small number of people who originally weren’t on the list.

This brought a lot of convenience to Chen Shiming to investigate the Chen Group’s internal problems. Not long ago, Lin Shizhong’s clean-up traces were also found according to the people Chen Liyao contacted. Now the Sun family had an accident that dragged Lin Shizong into the water. Lin Shizong’s progress in cleaning things up had slowed down and he was especially concerned about the Chen Group’s recent actions. Therefore, Chen Liyao’s recent actions had also increased.

Special Assistant Xu saw Chen Qizhao coming in and paused while reporting work for two seconds. Then he soon resumed his report as usual.

As he spoke, he noticed that Second Young Master’s gaze was on him from not far away. He was even more uncomfortable and always felt that there was something wrong with what he reported.

This was strange to say. After all, he had been following the boss for so long and had long been immune to Chen Shiming’s rhetorical questions and doubts.

But for Second Young Master Chen, no matter how many times it happened, he was afraid the other person would start to criticize him if he disagreed. He didn’t know how Xiao Zhou flattered the other person.

Chen Shiming listened to the report while his gaze had already fallen on Chen Qizhao.

After separating in the study last night, they went to the living room for a while and Chen Qizhao had gone back to his room. He was probably used to the scene where Chen Qizhao quarreled with them when encountering a problem and he was used to the aggressive Chen Qizhao. Thus, Chen Shiming felt a bit depressed for no reason when Chen Qizhao decisively chose to avoid them.

The idea of having a dream was really unbelievable. Chen Shiming didn’t believe in these mysterious theories. So last night, he had the preconceived notion that Chen Qizhao was joking. Then later, he thought back to Chen Qizhao’s performance at the time and his reaction was real… this was also the point of his contradiction from last night until now.

Was there really such an absurd dream?

Chen Shiming didn’t believe the dream statement but he knew that Chen Qizhao had something hidden in his heart.

“The matter of this necklace has been told to the Gu family and they have already sent someone to take the necklace this morning. It is said that a professional appraisal agency has been contacted.” Chen Shiming waved his hand to ask Special Assistant Xu to stop the report. Then he continued once Special Assistant Xu left the office, “For the situation on the Gu family’s side, Dad has also communicated with Uncle Shen. The Gu family is indeed opposing each other now. Gu Zhengsong is very strong and Old Master Gu has a tendency to favor Gu Zhengsong’s side.”

“However, Gu Zhengsong has a disadvantage that has always made Old Master Gu hesitate,” Chen Shiming continued. “The Gu family is a very traditional family. Gu Zhengxun has sons and daughters but Gu Zhengsong only has two daughters. I also inquired about the illegitimate son you mentioned. Gu Shen is Gu Zhengsong’s son but he basically has no power in the capital. Therefore Gu Zhengsong has been suppressing the news of his illegitimate son. Everyone knows about him but it hasn’t been spread.”

“Does Old Master Gu know?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“The affairs on the Gu family’s side are complicated and each side has their own reasons. Old Master Gu isn’t stupid. The matter of the illegitimate child is estimated to be known but it isn’t explicitly said.” Chen Shiming thought for a while before continuing, “For a family like the Gu Family, they care more about certain things. Even though Old Master Gu is biased toward Gu Zhengsong, Gu Shen’s illegitimate identity means he can never appear in public. There are still people in the Gu family’s faction and those people might not agree with Old Master Gu’s decision…”

Halfway through speaking, he noticed Chen Qizhao’s expression. “What do you want to do?”

Chen Qizhao replied, “Gu Zhengsong has a taboo. Then what if Gu Shen’s identity as an illegitimate son is exposed… and widely publicized?”

Chen SHiming frowned. “What are you thinking? Yesterday, I just told you not to stir the muddy water of the Gu family. Are you telling me now that you want to enter this dirty water of the Gu family?”

“I might not be able to touch it but can’t others touch it?”

Chen Qizhao raised an eyebrow slightly. “If the matter of the jade necklace is true, Gu Zhengxun will have to start.”

Chen Shiming stopped slightly. “That is also the Gu family’s business.”

Gu Zhengxun wasn’t a fuel-efficient lamp. Chen Qizhao thought of the middle-aged man at his home yesterday. He didn’t look that aggressive but in fact, this type of person was the most scheming. In his previous life, Gu Zhengxun could fight against Gu Zhengsong for so long and he must have some means. Based on the degree to which the Gu family cared about the jade necklace, the effect of this necklace must be far beyond his expectations.

But the Gu family wasn’t stupid. Gu Zhengxun came to them secretly and the necklace was transferred to the Gu family in Zhang Yazhi’s name.

In the beginning, Lin Shizong wanted to get the jade necklace into his hands after some twists and turns. In his previous life, the necklace was probably given to Gu Zhengsong by Lin Shizong. It could be seen that the two family members didn’t dare to fight in the open because they hadn’t torn apart the pretense of cordiality yet.

Once the matter of the necklace was settled, Gu Zhengxun would have more chips than Gu Zhengxun and it wasn’t impossible to deal a preemptive strike. It was just a matter of timing.

What was the relationship between Gu Shen and Lin Shizong? Was there some other collusion between Gu Zhengsong and Lin Shizong?

It wasn’t clear yet. If they could borrow Gu Zhengxun’s hand…

“Don’t think about this matter and let them solve the Gu family’s affairs themselves,” Chen Shiming continued. “I found out a lot about Chen Jianting’s affairs.”

Following Chen Liyao’s line, Chen Shiming had asked people to check the situation of Uncle Chen’s family, including Chen Jianting and Sun Rouning.

“The projects that the Chen family gave to Chen Jianting were basically empty shells after our investigation. It seems that there is collusion with other people behind the scenes. Several real estate properties have changed owners while others have been built and turned into medical facilities, institutes or something similar. Since it is medical treatment, I suspect it has something to do with the Lin Group but no direct evidence has been found.” Chen Shiming handed a document to Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao opened the document. It was full of investigation materials of Third Uncle Chen’s family.

Once he saw the information that Uncle Chen was in debt for gambling, he said curiously, “He is gambling and owes debts. Every time, he sells assets to fill in the gap… the reason is very good. He isn’t afraid of people investigating at all.”

“Yes, the assets that changed owners were all sold by Chen Jianting under the pretext of filling in the vacancy. If there wasn’t the breakthrough of Chen Liyao, even if we found out about Chen Jianting, we would only think that he gambled and failed to pay off his gambling debts, so he sold his assets.”

Chen Should continued, “But it is certain that this matter of his gambling is true. It is estimated that someone taught him about selling assets. Perhaps because of this, he was used by others to take away several pieces of land from the Chen family. I said this but there are still some doubts. There must be other reasons for Third Uncle to rely on Lin Shizong.”

“As for Sun Rouning, there is something wrong with her going to the aromatherapy. I found out that she entered the aromatherapy store several times but she didn’t buy it. There is also Chen Jianting. He can know about the driver Old Lin since he can enter and leave the Chen family. Lin Shizong knows so many details and it is estimated that the credit belongs to his family.”

Chen Qizhao said, “Then there is a possibility that the aromatherapy store colluded with her.”

It was just a lack of evidence.


  1. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. cookhieee says:

    Shen Yuhuai probably died bcs he found something related to that weird aromatherapy/chemical/medicine, and investigated for Qizhao as well. I wonder what did the Chen fam did to get someone to target them and who is that mystery person. 🤔

    Thanks for the translation.

    1. Kisaki Tsubasa says:

      That’s what I’ve been thinking this whole time

    2. Yenna says:

      Add to the fact that Eldest Gu family and Shen family has some relationships.

      Anyway… Shen Yuhai please quickly tell Chen Qizhao your findings, it would help fill many missing links. It would also protect you if Qizhao knows it because he might be able to deduce your death in the past life os related to this matter. I worry that Yuhai would be in an accident, then the clues would be gone, then there would be no romance, then there would be no happy ending.

    3. Yenna says:

      Add to the fact that Eldest Gu family and Shen family has some relationships.

      Anyway… Shen Yuhai please quickly tell Chen Qizhao your findings, it would help fill many missing links. It would also protect you if Qizhao knows it because he might be able to deduce your death in the past life os related to this matter. I worry that Yuhai would be in an accident, then the clues would be gone, then there would be no romance, then there would be no happy ending….

  3. rip says:

    I can see why Yunhai didn’t tell Qizhao about this. Yunhai is getting into a large-scale conspiracy regarding the illicit distribution of dangerous substances being used to discreetly kill important people, etc. The moment he discovered this, there was no turning back. Qizhao is purely targeting the Lin family and part of the Gus, all of whom are people who can be cut off. Yunhai is in way deeper shit than Qizhao, and this has become a way bigger problem than just the Chen family. If Yunhai dragged Qizhao into this, the Chen family would not only be targeted by the Lins and Gus, but also the full force of those heading the conspiracy. It’d be a disaster.

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