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MGAG: Chapter 77 Part 2

“It should be Grandpa. At that time, various business opportunities appeared frequently and the Lin Group became a thorn in the side of others. Therefore, the matter where the southern district almost bankrupted the Lin Group was a deliberately planned conspiracy. A small part of the assets sold by the Lin Group after the incident went to the Chen Group, so our guess is that the previous generation was also involved in that incident.”

Chen Shiming continued, “Later, the Chen Group separated. The other uncles got their assets, sold them and went abroad. This left only us and Third Uncle in S City. Dad used part of the assets he got to collect our uncle’s assets and quickly brought the Chen Group to its current scale… finally, the achievement of the Chen Group in the southern business was achieved.”

In short, the previous generation of the Chen family might’ve participated in the conspiracy against the Lin Group and profited from it. Then the Chen family stepped on the Lin Group to make a quick fortune. Those assets passed into the hands of Chen Jianhong with his inheritance. Finally, it became part of the core business of the southern district.

“This matter was done thoroughly. Dad and I had to check for a long time to know about this matter, including Grandpa being behind the Lin Group’s accident back then. Not many people have found out about it or we wouldn’t have been such good friends with the Lin family.”

Chen Shiming continued, “It is just that I found out about a few companies that were involved in the business in the southern district. In the past 20 years, these companies have either gone bankrupt or been acquired. Xiao Xu checked the flow of assets and found that most of them reached the Lin Group.”

There were too many things involved in this matter. The things that Chen Shiming could find out were relatively scattered. It was probably such a result when they pieced it together.

Chen Shiming said, “According to Lin Shizong’s current arrangement, if we couldn’t stop it in advance… it would be enough time for Lin Shizong to silently disintegrate the Chen family and finally go bankrupt like those people.”


In four or five years, the Chen Group collapsed when he was 23 years old.

Once Chen Qizhao heard about this from Chen Shiming’s mouth, he found that his mood was actually very calm. He probably expected Lin Shizong’s layout, so he wasn’t surprised by Chen Shiming’s words.

On the contrary, he was actually in a good mood. Perhaps it was due to the necklace matter or because there was nothing to be afraid of after seeing Lin Shizong’s so-called plan become full of holes… In Chen Qizhao’s mind, the three gravestones in the rain curtain suddenly appeared. All three people stood alive in front of him in this life. At least this time, he could see them with his own eyes. He replied, “It is pretty good.”

Chen Shiming was puzzled. “What?’

Chen Qizhao suddenly said, “I’ll go back first.”

The corridor was quiet. After Chen Qizhao left the corner, Chen Shiming kept looking at this position in the corner. He recalled Chen Qizhao’s expression just now and always had a strange premonition in his heart. He thought back to what Chen Qizhao had just said about the necklace. If this was the case, they should probably catch the olive branch of the Gu family.

Chen Qizhao didn’t see Shen Yuhuai when he returned to the living room.

After sitting for a while, Shen Yuhuai came back from outside.

At the dinner table, the three families didn’t mention the necklace but Chen Qizhao knew that this matter was basically a foregone conclusion.

In fact, it didn’t matter whether they helped the Gu family or not. The Chen family didn’t have to entirely rely on the Gu family to win. However, he didn’t like Gu Zhengsong. This person had helped Lin Shizong in his previous life. He didn’t have time to calculate the hatred in his previous life but there was a chance to calculate it in this life. It was a pleasant thing if he could pull Gu Zhengsong.

Many of the things said at the dinner table were about daily matters. The Gu family couple weren’t that upright and could also talk about daily life.

Shen Yuhuai listened to his elders. He took the time to wash his hands and walked to the bathroom. He cleaned up the messages accumulated in his phone’s VX and saw the documents sent by Yan Kaiqi just now.

Yan Kaiqi found several companies in the capital related to several institutes on S City’s side. He followed this line to check and… Unexpectedly, he found that these institutes and companies in the capital had hidden businesses that cooperated with Lin Medical. These things weren’t public and something obviously wasn’t quite right. In addition, the capital behind these companies in the capital city hadn’t been found. Judging from the current situation, it was likely to be related to several large groups in the capital.

This wasn’t good news for Shen Yuhuai.

The more private the things investigated, the more it was consistent with his guess. He just talked to Yan Kaiqi about this matter. For the sake of safety, he let Yan Kaiqi stop investigating. There were too many things involved in this investigation and it was easy for Yan Kaiqi to be caught.

Shen Yuhuai’s attention stopped on the email. If he followed this information and made other breakthroughs, they should be able to find more clues. It was best to confirm which capital was behind these companies in the capital, so as to dig out how many mysteries were involved behind the aromatherapy.

It was just that the Lin family…

Shen Yuhuai became even more skeptical when he thought about the crisis that broke out in Lin Medical some time ago. Someone should be secretly targeting the Lin Group… some things couldn’t have happened so coincidentally.

He thought so and inexplicably thought of Chen Qizhao.

Shen Yuhuai paused for a while. He downloaded the email and switched to reply to some of the messages.

Liu Sui asked him if he would go back to the dormitory at night and he replied with a ‘no.’

[Liu Sui: Why aren’t you coming back? I wanted you to bring me something when you came back from S College.]

[S: I’m not at S College.]

[Liu Sui: Huh? Aren’t you chasing a girl at S College?]

[S: No.]

In the bedroom, Liu Sui saw Shen Yuhuai’s message and made a sighing sound.

During this time, Shen Yuhuai often entered the dormitory at night and occasionally brought him snacks from S College. Liu Sui thought about how Shen Yuhuai said that he was chasing someone and he could probably guess the purpose of Shen Yuhuai’s outing during this time. However, the other person didn’t say it and he didn’t ask anything else.

[Liu Sui: It is okay for you to tell me. I won’t talk about it outside. Are you coming back this month? I really want to eat the grilled fish that just opened at the entrance of S College. I originally wanted to treat Chen Qizhao but I heard that S College students have a discount.]

Shen Yuhuai was about to end the conversation when he saw Liu Sui’s message and stopped slightly.

[S: Did you ask him?]

[Liu Sui: Chen Qizhao? I asked. I also wanted to call him to dinner but he said I should call you if I have something at night.]

[Liu Sui: My vacation is precious! I finally finished writing the thesis. As a result, everyone else is busy for half a month!]

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes darkened a bit when he saw the words. He thought about the few words that Chen Qizhao had casually asked when sitting next to him not long ago. He moved his fingers slightly to type and ask a question.

[Does he know that your thesis is finished?]

After eating, the others were still chatting about things and moved to the living room.

Chen Qizhao listened for a while but he wasn’t interested in what they were talking about. He turned and headed to the kitchen next to the dining room.

In the evening, there was red wine at the table. Chen Qizhao didn’t drink much when he saw Shen Yuhuai was present and he was a bit thirsty at this time.

He opened the refrigerator and suddenly thought about how Shen Yuhuai didn’t seem to drink alcohol at night and there was orange juice on the table. He didn’t seem to know what Shen Yuhuai’s drinking capacity was. The number of times he saw Shen Yuhuai drinking could be counted on one hand… was his drinking capacity bad? It didn’t seem to be the case.

Thinking of this, he suddenly wondered what it would be like for someone like Shen Yuhuai to get drunk. He thought aimlessly and inexplicably, the legs sitting next to him in the living room came to mind, as well as the intimate act of tapping him on the leg.

Chen Qizhao felt that his throat was a bit itchy. He inspected the drinks in the refrigerator and his eyes couldn’t help stopping on the cold beer. He just wanted to take a bottle when he suddenly heard footsteps.

He paused slightly. Then when he turned his head, he saw Shen Yuhuai walking into the kitchen.

“Brother Huai?” Chen Qizhao was surprised.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stopped on him. “I heard the housekeeper say that you are over here.”

Chen Qizhao noticed Shen Yuhuai’s gaze and asked, “Is there something on my face?”

“Are you in a good mood?” Shen Yuhuai asked suddenly.

“It’s okay.” Chen Qizhao withdrew his gaze and continued to look at the drinks in the refrigerator.

He looked away from the cold beer and was about to grab the Coke underneath while asking casually, “Brother Huai, do you want to drink anything?”

The sound of footsteps in the distance seemed to be getting closer. Chen Qizhao had just picked up the Coke when he noticed the person standing behind him.

Shen Yuhuai stopped behind him, bringing a great sense of oppression when he moved forward slightly. Chen Qizhao paused for a while with his hand on the Coke. Shen Yuhuai didn’t move forward and seemed to be standing behind him, looking at the contents of the refrigerator.

The man’s breath was very close to him. There wasn’t the smell of alcohol and there was the faint scent of mint.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes and glanced at the person behind him from the corner of his eye.

His eyes moved. He judged the distance between him and Shen Yuhuai at this time and suddenly felt an itch from his ears.

Shen Yuhuai lowered his head slightly. His eyes half lowered and his gaze stopped on Chen Qizhao’s ears.

A warm breath spread over Chen Qizhao’s ears, as soft as a whisper. It was a whisper between lovers.

“Chen Qizhao, your eyes will move when you lie.”

At this moment, a sound came from outside the door. The maid walked through the kitchen door and saw the two people standing in the kitchen. He looked at Shen Yuhuai and said, “Mr Shen, Miss Shen said that she is ready to go.”

Chen Qizhao blinked while the person behind him took a step back.

“Don’t drink cold things at night. Warm water can quench your throat.” Shen Yuhuai finished speaking and looked at the person at the kitchen door. “Tell Shen Xuelan that I’ll be right there.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped at a certain point. He put the Coke in his hand back in its place. Once he turned around, Shen Yuhuai was looking at him.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t avoid the gaze and just said, “I’m going first. Good night.”


Chen Qizhao closed the refrigerator door and saw Shen Yuhuai walking away with the maid.

He raised his hand and touched his ear. His slightly frozen eyes seemed to hide some type of understanding.

Night deepened and the Gu family’s car left first.

Chen Jianhong was still talking to Father Shen.

“In the matter of the necklace, you don’t have to worry about us,” Father Shen said. “Then we’re going first.”

Chen Jianhong said, “I’ll have the driver send you back.”

“No need. Yuhuai drove today and he didn’t drink.” Father Shen patted his old friend’s shoulder, opened the car door and got in.

Chen Jianhong looked at Shen Yuhuai and instructed, “Drive slowly on the way back.”

“I know.” Shen Yuhuai nodded and looked up to see Chen Qizhao standing behind Chen Jianhong.

The latter’s gaze passed through the others and straight to this side, making Shen Yuhuai’s movements stop for two seconds.

At this time, Shen Xuelan’s urging voice came from the side. Shen Yuhuai’s hand accidentally touched the open car door and the key in his hand fell to the other side of the car door.

Shen Yuhuai wanted to turn around and take it, but he saw a figure crouching low in front of the car door and picking up the dropped key.

Shen Yuhuai looked at Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao handed him the key.

The moment their fingers touched, itchiness was felt from Shen Yuhuai’s palm.

Chen Qizhao’s nails seemed to follow the lines of his palm. When he handed over the key, he gently scraped it over Shen Yuhuai’s palm.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes deepened as he looked at the initiator.

Through the car door, Chen Qizhao let go of the key. His eyes were calm and straightforward.

“Brother Huai, good night.”


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