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MGAG: Chapter 76 Part 1

The news of the incident spread quickly. By the time Lin Shizong learned about it at the press conference, the situation was irreparable. His face was still gloomy as he finished the press conference. He hadn’t expected that the Sun family would cause such an incident at this critical moment and it would happen under the circumstances where Lin Shizong had warned him in advance.

Back in the office, the negative effects of the press conference were felt in all directions.

Lin Shizong really wanted to give up the Sun family. After all, the partners targeted by the regulatory authorities were too unfavorable for them. This time, the Sun family was investigated too suddenly. He received the news two days in advance and only had time to withdraw part of the arrangement. In fact, there were three companies on the Sun family’s side that hadn’t been settled.

Originally, he planned to take advantage of the press conference to clear up the relationship and let the Sun family carry the blame. Now the Sun family bit back at him and the arrangement was almost lost… it might even involve several subsidiaries.

“Get rid of the responsibility, cut off the business with the Sun family as soon as possible and there will be no need to deal with the regulatory authorities. Dump all the trouble on the Sun family. The company that cooperates with those channels will be transferred immediately. Don’t let the fire burn on our side.”

Lin Shizong finished arranging things and directly dropped the internal phone.

In his heart, he resented the person who delivered the anonymous letter to the regulatory authorities at a critical moment. If it wasn’t for this anonymous report, he could’ve kicked away the Sun family after transferring the business. Now that it reached this point, he needed to pay more if he wanted to clear the relationship with the Sun family… it might lead to all his hard work over the years being wasted.

After a while, his phone rang.

Lin Shizong saw the mobile phone number and immediately answered. “This matter…”

“The Sun family bit back because they received an anonymous email and a report letter from the regulator,” the person on the phone got straight to the point. “The person who sent the email is intentional. He first reported it and then stimulated the Sun family. The purpose is obviously to come at you.”

Lin Shizong frowned. “It is impossible. I did this matter with the Sun family very carefully and it is impossible to leave evidence.”

“The other person is very clear about your movements. If you were really careful, where did he learn about you and the Sun family, accurately submit a report and instigate the Sun family to turn against you.” The person on the phone sneered and said bluntly, “Lin Shizong, do you think your words are credible?”

Lin Shizong heard this and became a bit unsure about this arrangement.

He was indeed cautious and he was very careful in every process during this period. Unless something went wrong with the people on their side, it was difficult for him to expect these things to be exposed. The other person seemed to know his layout from beginning to end. Every time, he was stuck at an important juncture, as if he had foreseen the future.

“Recently, we just started to wrap up the matter of the Chen family when the matter of the Sun family broke out. Do you think it is a coincidence?” The person on the phone said, “I gave you enough patience. It is very difficult for you to delay until now because you wanted to save all your assets. As early as last year when I told you to directly solve the Chen family, you were dragging it out. It is ridiculous to make a good game like this just for a bit of profit.”

Lin Shizong frowned. He had never made a mistake in the decades he had been doing this and he also didn’t agree with the other person’s actions.

His caution was to bankrupt the Chen family without affecting the Lin family at all. If he went too far, it was easy to ignite the fire on the Lin family’s side. He had used the Chen family for so many years and made so much profit. He didn’t want to overturn at the last moment and lost something.

However, the person on the other end of the phone didn’t think so. The other person’s actions were more extreme. He just wanted to quickly solve the Chen Group to eliminate all hidden dangers. It didn’t matter if he used criminal means.

“What do you want to do?” Lin Shizong asked.

“Since the other person hasn’t dealt with you harshly until now, it is likely that he isn’t certain he can bite you directly to death, so he is delaying time,” the person on the phone said. “Give up your original plan. What you want can be earned back in five or six years. There is no need to waste time on the Chen family’s side. Since the Sun family was used to bite back at you… that place should be done in a simple and straightforward manner, such as letting the Chen family really fall into crisis.”

The Sun family bit back at the Lin family during the press conference. The uncontrollable situation broke out instantly and the news of the Lin Group’s accident spread all over the place. The stock price of the Lin Group fell on the same day. Chairman Lin Shizong had to come forward to turn the tide. However, the public opinion triggered by the press conference and the Sun family still had a great impact on the Lin Group. It was even reported that the regulatory department had entered the Lin Group several times.

By the time Chen Qizhao received the news, the matter with Cheng Rong and Liu Kai had been resolved.

Cheng Rong said, “I finally found out a few days ago that it was the Sun family who caused the trouble with us. They lifted a stone and hit themselves in the foot. Now they are involved in illegal and criminal matters. Their family must not be arrogant for a few days.”

Liu Kai took a sip of alcohol and continued, “In addition, I heard that the child directly left the country and the father has been arrested. It is said that he is biting at the Lin family and it is now very lively outside. My father was discussing this when I went home.

The Sun family had an average status in S City but the Lin family was a big giant.

Now that the Sun family’s boat had capsized and it had affected the Lin family. The attention of the people who ate melons was basically attracted.

The Lin family hadn’t seemed to have expected the Sun family’s retaliation. Thus, it wasn’t completely sealed off when controlling the press conference. This made the matter of the press conference directly come out. In addition, the Sun family did have some evidence in their hands. This made the Lim family fall into a passive situation.

It could be called the biggest crisis that the Lin Group had encountered in the past five years. In the five days since the incident, the Lin Group’s public relations department had published seven or eight versions and the press releases bought are even more overwhelming.

They could still rely on capital to suppress public opinion on the Internet but Lin Shizong was still busy dealing with the chain reaction brought about by the Sun family. It was a matter of time before Lin Shizong got out of the Sun family’s retaliation, but if he wanted to escape, he had to peel off at least one layer of skin… During the time when the Lin family was held back by the Sun family, the Chen family could speed up the process of collecting evidence.

Chen Qizhao looked down at the news on his phone. Chen Shiming had sent the latest investigation progress. He thought about the evidence he currently had. One was Lin Shizong’s private accounts and evidence of vicious competition and illegal collusion. The other was Chen Shiming’s evidence of Lin Shizong’s infiltration of commercial secrets and collusion within the Chen Group… but these weren’t enough.

These things alone were still a bit lacking to bring down a group as big as the Lin family.

Lin Shizong had an illegal drug smuggling transaction with Fang Chengjie and he colluded with the Sun family to illegally transport contraband… combined with the evidence that he used to take down Lin Shizong in his previous life, Lin Shizong had actually broken the law in many places.

But this person was very cautious. There were too few things exposed at present. The idea of using the same method as his previous life to force the Lin family out of power was completely unreasonable at this stage. It was likely to force the Lin family to abandon some things to protect their leader. It was impossible to completely beat Lin Shizong to death.

Chen Qizhao had investigated more things in this life and he spied some things that he hadn’t found out before. He always felt that at this point in time, he could find out more things that he failed to find out in his previous life. Did he only superficially expose the surface of Lin Shizong’s illegal drug smuggling? Was there something else he hadn’t checked yet?

“Brother, why don’t you drink more?” Yan Kailin said. “It is rare to have a good time!”

Liu Kai asked, “Didn’t you say that your brother has taken care of you a lot lately? Why do you look more relaxed than before?”

“He has been busy lately!” Yan Kailin, “I don’t know what he is doing but he is working overtime every night. He used to send messages to check me, but he hasn’t checked me much in the past two days. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have time to come out to play with you.”

Chen Qizhao looked at Yan Kailin when he heard this. Yan Kaiqi had been very busy recently…?

He inexplicably thought of Shen Yuhuai and Yan Kaiqi going to Cheng Rong’s villa that night. It was already midnight and Shen Yuhuai was usually asleep by that point. How did he happen to appear with Yan Kaiqi?

A few people next to him were still talking when Chen Qizhao’s phone suddenly rang.

Chen Qizhao saw the encrypted number on the phone screen and said, “I’ll take a call.”

“Go ahead, go ahead.” Yan Kaiqi waved his hand and continued to complain about Yan Kaiqi with Cheng Rong and the others.

Chen Qizhao didn’t go far. He stood outside the private room and answered the call.

The moment the man in the flower shirt on the other end of the phone heard the familiar changed voice on the earpiece, he immediately said, “Boss, I have checked for several days when you told me to check. The person in this phone is really difficult to check.”

Difficult to check? Chen Qizhao knew the person on the other end of the phone.

The other person was an intelligence dealer he had accidentally met when investigating Lin Shizong in his previous life. He was a mercenary abroad in his early days. After returning to China, he organized his own contacts and took a group of younger brothers to start a detective business. There was a wide range of business and confidentiality measures for customers.

After rebirth, the only channel he could think of was the other person. Right now, the other person’s business network hadn’t expanded to the scale of his previous life and it seemed to be just a small office. However, Chen Qizhao knew the other person’s ability and the price he gave was the price of his previous life. If even this person found it hard to investigate… it could only be said that the person he wanted to check had a deep background.

The man in the flower shirt continued. “It took me a while to contact a friend in B City to find this person. His name is Gu Shen and he is the son of Gu Zhengsong, a famous family of the capital.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes instantly sank when he heard about the Gu family. “The Gu family? Gu Zhengsong?”

Chen Qizhao was too familiar with the Gu family. When he wanted to deal with Lin Shizong in his previous life, the Gu family blocked him all the way. It was all because Lin Shizong used the jade necklace he bought at the auction to hook up with Gu Zhengsong, the second son of the Gu family.

After Lin Shizong’s accident, Gu Zhengsong helped Lin Shizong clean up the mess twice. Then due to Lin Shizong’s inability to recover and something happening in the Gu family, Gu Zhengsong withdrew and didn’t care about this matter any longer.

Then in this life, Lin Shizong didn’t get the jade necklace. It stood to reason that he shouldn’t be able to hook up with Gu Zhengsong.

The main thing was… Chen Qizhao had never heard of Gu Shen in his previous life. “I remember that Gu Zhengsong has no sons, only two daughters.”


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