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MGAG: Chapter 75 Part 2

Father Sun held his phone and his heart was cold as he read the text message.

The Lin Group’s side had already contacted reporters. Father Sun clicked on the news report. Lin Shizhong was about to hold an emergency press conference to explain the investigation of the product channels and he was going to shift all the responsibility to the Sun family.

Lin Shizong wanted him to shut up and carry this blame. Then Lin Shizong would find a way to help him get rid of his guilt afterward.

Ever since getting on the other person’s boat, the Sun family had gone smoothly to the present. Now the boat was about to capsize. Having done so much business with the Lin Group over the years, he knew Lin Shizong’s skills. The method proposed by Lin Shizong was indeed the best way at present. The Sun family relied on the Lin Group to do things. If he wanted to keep the Sun family… he could only grit his teeth and bear it.

Father Sun’s hand trembled and he was about to delete the text message he received and contact his subordinates to deal with it.

Suddenly, a notification popped up on his phone, alerting him to a new email in his inbox. The title of the email was a smiling face composed of characters. Once it appeared in the pop-up window of the phone, Father Sun’s heart fell and he hurriedly clicked to check the email.

He opened the email and found it was densely packed with words.

The text attached to it coldly expanded on what happened, as if it spied into the truth of everything and showed it through the form of text narration. Father Sun looked at the message while sweating. Then once he reached the bottom, a photo appeared in the email.

The person in the photo was an important high-level executive of the Lin Group. However, this executive was happily chatting with the Sun family’s rival with a satisfied smile on his face.

There was a sentence attached to the bottom of the photo:

[The cunning fox is looking for a substitute to blame. You are happily following his arrangement.]

Father Sun’s phone fell to the ground. He looked at the phone on the ground with the screen still on, his face pale. A terrible fact circulated in his mind. It wasn’t only his competitors who engaged the Sun family during this time… rather, it was a trusted ally.

Lin Shizong didn’t want him to live.

Within the Chen Group, Chen Shiming got the test report of the pills. After seeing the test report, he immediately went to Chen Jianhong’s office, placed the report in front of his father and calmly narrated. “There are two samples of AB testing of the pills. Sample A is the one at home. It is similar to the pills prescribed by the doctor. However, Sample B from the office has something wrong detected.”

The two pills looked exactly the same on the surface and there was no difference when compared together. For patients who took them, it was too hard to tell the difference in the medicine from the surface appearance. When Chen Shiming got the pills, he also wondered if he was thinking too much. Still, he sent it for testing just in case…

Then after testing it, the ingredients found were completely different. Sample A was indeed a prescription drug to inhibit and treat hypertension. However, Sample B had a weak effect on blood pressure and contained other ingredients.

“No harmful compounds were detected from Sample B, but the sample contains ingredients for sedation and sleep. Simply put, the effect on inhibiting blood pressure is weak and the drug reaction will make people drowsy and dizzy…” Chen Shiming found the wrong result and thought there were toxic compounds like the aromatherapy. He didn’t expect that this medicine only replaced part of the antihypertensive medicine.

Chen Jianhong didn’t take this oral medicine often. It was only occasionally.

The medicine wasn’t harmful and just caused drowsiness. But for Chen Jianhong, if there was drowsiness or fatigue at work then his work efficiency would be reduced. The probability of errors when dealing with transactions would also increase. Therefore, it was specially explained when the doctor prescribed medicine that the medicine shouldn’t have these aspects.”

Chen Jianhong frowned. “This is a bit strange.”

First, there was the chronic poisoning from the aromatherapy. Now there was the incomprehensible strangeness in finding that this medicine only made people sleepy after taking it.

“Ever since the car accident, we have been sending people to keep an eye on the villa. Last time, I got your permission to check the hidden surveillance in your office and no one did anything to the medicine in the drawer,” Chen Shiming explained. “So it is impossible to change the medicine during this period.”

After the accident, Chen Shiming was particularly concerned about this problem and installed surveillance and bodyguards at the company and at home.

Finding the problem with the medicine now showed one thing. The medicine exchange had happened long before they became alert. After Chen Jianhong’s blood pressure stabilized during this time, the number of times he took these pills decreased. The original bottle was full but now there were around ten pills left.

Calculating it according to the time, Chen Jianhong started taking this bottle of medicine at the end of last year. This meant the medicine might’ve been switched last year.

“There are very few people who can enter your office. Ordinary people, even assistants, can’t stay here without anyone else present,” Chen Shiming said. “The matter of replacing medicine is easy but it must be swapped be someone when you weren’t present and they need to have the opportunity to swap it… in the end, it can only be him.”

Chen Jianhong pinched the test report. “Jiang Yuze.”

Jiang Yuze was Chen Jianhong’s special assistant. Many things were handled by him and he was the only person who could freely enter and exit Chen Jianhong’s office. If he wanted to replace the medicine without being discovered by others, he was the only one who could do it.

The Chen family also started to be wary only after Jiang Yuze’s matter was revealed. If this was something Jiang Yuze had exchanged before he went to prison then everything made sense.

“Wait.” Chen Jianhong found a bottle from the drawer on the other side. “Check this as well.”

Chen Shiming wondered, “What is this?”

Chen Jianhong frowned. “Pills I took before taking the antihypertensive medicine. They were used to refresh my mind.”

Chen Jianhong had started to take antihypertensive medicine after Chen Qizhao found the problem with the electronic blood pressure device. Then Chen Jianhong started taking antihypertensive medicine at Zhang Yazhi’s request. The oral antihypertensive medicine was also prepared at that time. In the past, Chen Jianhong rarely took medicine during working hours… he only occasionally ate health products for refreshment. Then after the blood pressure problem was exposed, he stopped taking the health products.

If this was done by Jiang Yuze then it might not be just the antihypertensive medicine. The health products might have also been replaced.

“I will think about it again. It is very strange… According to the time inference, if there is a problem with the health supplements then it means the swap might’ve happened before the aromatherapy was changed.” Chen Shiming couldn’t figure out why Lin Shizong did this. If one of these things was exposed, it would inevitably increase vigilance. Why did Lin Shizong use the poisonous aromatherapy when there was already the medicine?

The father and son pondered on it and always felt that there were some things mixed in this matter that they couldn’t see through.

“Did you tell Qizhao about this?” Chen Jianhong asked.

“I haven’t said it yet.” Chen Shiming hesitated slightly. “His recent emotional pressure might be on the high side. I don’t want to tell him about this matter before it is concluded.” He looked at the health supplements in his hand. “If there is also a problem with this thing then we must let him know about this matter.”

“Earlier, you said that the business in the south district was secretly used by the Lin family and I thought of a problem.” Chen Jianhong put down the test report and frowned. “Using criminal methods such as aromatherapy and the car accident… the opponent’s means aren’t ordinary. I think they want to silence us.”

Chen Shiming looked stunned.

“The Lin Group is a pharmaceutical company. It is too simple for them to make antihypertensive pills that don’t look any different on the surface.” Chen Jianhong’s serious gaze stopped on the desk. He took out a document from the slightly chaotic desktop and handed it to Chen Shiming. “Lin Shizong has too many people infiltrated in the group. If it is just through commercial means, he is completely capable of bankrupting the Chen Group. However, he didn’t do this and continued to use the Chen Group to expand the production of his business empire for the sake of profit. He used the Chen Group as a pawn to make money…”

“If the Chen Group loses its benefits to Lin Shizong… If it was me, I would quickly dispose of all my traces in the Chen Group and withdraw immediately.” Chen Jianhong looked at Chen Shiming. “At this time, using other means will just make the Chen Group suspicious and they might find something. The fact that he does this means he has another purpose.”

Chen Jianhong continued, “The Chen Group is his money-making tool. If this money-making tool is exhausted, he has to do other things. He either wants to make the Chen family doomed or… there is something else in the Chen Group and he wants to extinguish it. There are some secrets that can only not be discovered if the Chen Group doesn’t exist.”

Chen Shiming heard this and realized that there might be a more serious side to this matter.

If this was the case, his investigation into the projects and market channels used by Lin Shizong during this time were likely to dig out deeper things. Therefore, the other person slowed down and started to destroy certain things.

He thought that Lin Shizong destroyed these things just to make the Chen family unable to find out about the Lin Group.

But if it involved more things, the strange behavior of the other person could be explained.

“However, now there are problems and we only know a limited amount. The other person is vigilant and it won’t be simple if we want to find these things.” Chen Shiming frowned. “If only something could hold back the Lin Group’s footsteps. In this situation, if I want to find out something before they cover it up…”

The two of them were thinking when there was a knock on the office door.

Chen Jianhong called out for the person to come in. Special Assistant Xu hurriedly walked in and whispered a few words into Chen Shiming’s ear.

Chen Shiming’s expression instantly became strange when he heard Special Assistant Xu’s words. “I know. Go and watch it.”

Special Assistant Xu left and Chen Jianhong looked at Chen Shiming. “What happened?”

Chen Shiming asked, “Do you know about the recent investigation of the Sun family?”

Chen Jianhong had little contact with the Sun family but he had heard about those things in S City. In particular, he knew that the relationship between the Sun family and the Lin family was very close. Due to this matter, the Lin family planned to get rid of their relationship with the Sun family. He heard that they would hold a press conference today.

Chen Shiming took out his phone and searched for it. Then he handed the breaking news to Chen Jianhong. “A certain channel of the Sun family that goes to B City was anonymously reported for illegal contraband. The regulatory department found this problem and the goods in the same batch belonged to the Lin Group… I don’t know why the Sun family went crazy but the head of the family directly said at the press conference that Lin Shizong asked him to transport the contraband.”

“It might be that we are lucky…”

Chen Shiming declared, “Something happened to the Lin Group.”


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