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MGAG: Chapter 75 Part 1

The videos sent by Yan Kailin were very comprehensive. Chen Qizhao immediately analyzed them after receiving all the videos. He spliced the movement trajectory of the man in the blue casual clothes in the videos of other people at the party venue. Then he used the surveillance videos to check the trajectory of those people.

It soon became clear that the person in contact with the man in blue casual clothes was a friend of Cheng Rong. The man in the blue casual clothes entered the party as an acquaintance of Cheng Rong’s friend. Chen Qizhao immediately sent the videos and surveillance data to the investigator after confirming this matter.

“So it is really this person who tipped off my brother?” Yan Kailin looked at his Moments and said in surprise, “I don’t know him.”

Chen Qizhao picked up his food and replied in his usual tone, “He went to Cheng Rong’s party that day. He didn’t post on Moments but he raised his phone in your direction many times in the videos.”

He finished speaking and added, “He is the son of a current partner of your brother’s company. He is the most likely one.”

Yan Kailin immediately reacted after hearing this. “F*k, I will stay away from him next time.”

“Yes,” Chen Qizhao responded while looking at the complete food strategy received on his phone yesterday. He was looking for interesting restaurants close to S College. He only had a few places where he went to eat and Shen Yuhuai definitely wouldn’t like the places he went with Yan Kailin. Therefore, this strategy was just right.

“Cheng Rong’s side seems to have encountered some trouble in recent days.” Yan Kailin was blacklisting some people in his friends list when he suddenly remembered something. “It seems that he had an accident with his brand store. I asked him yesterday what day he wants to play this week. My brother has been strictly watching me for the past two days and I wanted him to change the time. Then he said that he probably can’t do it for the next two weeks.”

Chen Qizhao raised his head slightly when he heard this. “A store?”

“Yes. Isn’t Cheng Rong also engaged in investment? He started a brand store and it is doing quite well. Then a few days ago, a consumer came there to make trouble and it went onto the hot search. He is now busy dealing with this matter.” Yan Kailin continued, “But it isn’t clear who did it. I guess he provoked someone. I asked him if he needed help but he said he didn’t need it for the time being.”

“Oh, something also happened to Liu Kai. His bar was smashed last night,” Yan Kailin spoke with outrage. “It isn’t a local gangster. It was two people with a criminal record. They rushed in to borrow alcohol and started smashing the store, causing him to close down for several days. Now they both feel that this matter isn’t simple. They suspect it was someone at the party that day.”

Chen Qizhao thought about how Cheng Rong sent him a message two days ago and asked if the surveillance matter had been figured out. It turned out that this incident had happened. If it was only Cheng Rong who had a problem, it could be called a coincidence. However, if Liu Kai was also involved then it could only be said that both of them were deliberately targeted.

“Then take a few days off this week. In any case, your brother is very strict and you can avoid going out for a while.”

Yan Kailin looked at him in a puzzled manner. “Brother, I went to your dormitory last night and didn’t see you. Don’t you have no evening classes lately? Why do you come back so late every day?”

Chen Qizhao paused. “I went out to eat with someone.”

“?” Yan Kailin was puzzled. “Why didn’t you bring me when going out to eat?”

Chen Qizhao directly said, “I can’t bring you.”

“Are you socializing?”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He didn’t want to explain too much. He walked back after eating takeout in Yan Kailin’s room and told Xiao Zhou to check Cheng Rong and Liu Kai’s matters.

Someone followed him at the party and then a few friends around him had problems.

Even if this matter wasn’t directly aimed at him, it was probably related to their group.

There was no class in the afternoon and Chen Qizhao stayed in the dormitory to sort out the information of the Sun family. The information of the Sun family was easy to check and the things that they encountered recently weren’t a secret in the industry. Chen Qizhao became even more certain after this check. Lin Shizong intended to abandon the Sun family.

In the previous life, the Lin family abandoned the Sun family a few years later. It was because the things transported by the Sun family for the Lin family contained prohibited items in China. The Lin family placed all the responsibility on the Sun family and got out clean. Now this matter was pushed ahead of schedule. Lin Shizong was probably worried that the fire would burn him and could only throw out the Sun family as an abandoned son.

The recent troubles in the Sun family were done by Lin Shizong.

However, the Sun family didn’t know about this and regarded the Lin family as a lifesaver. The people of the Sun family were still very close to the Lim family. They didn’t think that they were just being used by others.

Add in the things that he had checked in his previous life and Chen Qizhao knew that something had probably happened to this transport line… when he first checked the accounts of Lin Shizong, he also checked these companies.

The Sun family, Lin Shizong… perhaps it was due to the butterfly effect that things were ahead of schedule, but a good opportunity was right in front of him.

The light outside the window gradually dimmed. Before he knew it, twilight had arrived.

The two documents that had just been sorted out on his computer were uploaded to his inbox. Chen Qizhao’s eyes moved slightly and hesitated on the send button of the email for three seconds before quickly clicking to send.

Days passed in the blink of an eye.

The Sun house.

Young Master Sun’s expression improved a lot when he received the news. He sat on the sofa, made a phone call and spoke in a very relaxed tone, “This is the fault of that Cheng Rong. Since he likes to support people so much, let’s see who comes out to support him.”

“It’s okay. I’ve become close to the people of the Lin family recently and my relationship with Lin Xuyan is also quite good. Lu Xuyan is Lin Shizong’s precious son. Why else would my father ask him to follow him? I just showed my face in front of Lin Xuyan a few times and the business was taken care of by someone.”

Young Master Sun’s words were full of confidence. “I privately heard that Lin Xuyan is very concerned about Chen Qizhao. Most people don’t like Chen Qizhao’s personality and naturally won’t fight for Chen Qizhao. The relationship between the Lin family and the Chen family is quite good. If I make trouble for Cheng Rong’s group, Chen Qizhao will definitely care if he treats them as his friends.”

Chen Qizhao’s personality in the circle wasn’t good.

Earlier, someone deliberately approached Chen Qizhao to get in touch with the Chen family. After knowing him for a long time, he even slightly criticized Chen Qizhao’s character. The two brothers of the Chen family weren’t harmonious and outsiders were only friendly to Chen Qizhao for the sake of the Chen family. In fact, there were many people who didn’t like Chen Qizhao.

However, Chen Qizhao was soft-hearted and easy to deceive.

For example, Chen Qizhao. He had inquired about it and Cheng Rong had used Chen Qizhao as an ATM for a while.

The two of them seemed to have a good relationship but behind the scenes, Cheng Rong might dislike Chen Qizhao.

This time, he made trouble with Cheng Rong and the others. Not only did he relieve his anger but he could watch these plastic friends make trouble among themselves. This would indirectly cause trouble for Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin. The most important thing was for it to spread to Lu Xuyan and he might be able to claim credit for it.

After Young Master Sun finished calling his friend, he saw the door at the entrance opening. He was about to tell his father about this matter but he saw his father coming in with a pale face and hurriedly had the maid move things. He didn’t pay attention to Young Master Sun and went straight to the study.

“Dad?” Young Master Sun saw this and also became nervous. He watched Father Sun hurriedly dispose of the contents of the safe. “What happened?”

“Someone sent an anonymous whistleblower letter to the regulator and there are already investigators on the company’s side.” Father Sun looked nervous. “I received the news in advance and can only rush back to deal with these things first. They must be disposed of immediately or something serious will happen.”

Young Master Sun looked stunned. “The regulatory authorities came but didn’t they come last time? Didn’t you say that the matter of the channel contraband has already been dealt with? The rest of the company is clean and there is no need to be afraid of them checking it.”

Father Sun couldn’t care for his son. He put away all the documents in the safe and packed them in a suitcase. He immediately handed it to his assistant beside him.

Young Master Sun saw this situation and had a bad premonition. “No, what is the regulatory department here to investigate? The channel last time? No… what else is going on with your company?”

“Son, don’t ask too much about some things.” Father Sun handed the things to his assistant and said, “Someone must be messing with us behind the scenes. Some of the times have been deployed in advance. It should be settled as long as the regulatory department doesn’t find out about the matter.”

There was the anonymous report letter and the country’s accurate investigation of the transportation line he cooperated on with the Lin family. This matter must have someone behind it. The previous channel incident could be counted as a coincidence once. Then there was the matter of the bidding in business these days and now there was a direct, anonymous report. The person behind it was trying to force the Sun family to death. If there was really a problem, it wasn’t something that could be solved simply through relationships. He could go to jail for the things he did.

Father Sun finished dealing with the documents. He looked at his dumbfounded son in front of him but didn’t have time to explain too much. “I asked the assistant to arrange a car. Immediately go and pack your luggage. If something really happens, go abroad and avoid the limelight. You can come back after Dad has dealt with the matter.”

He was arranging things in an orderly manner. Once he saw his son leaving the study, he remembered to call his friend Lin Shizong.

It was just that when he made the call, the other person directly refused to answer the phone. His face instantly became ugly. However, he thought about how this matter involved a lot and could only find a way to solve it himself.

The regulatory authorities soon came to the door to strictly investigate and some of the relevant computers were removed.

Father Sun might’ve processed some documents in time but there were some traces that couldn’t escape the eyes of the regulatory authorities. The regulatory authorities dealt with them impartially. Seeing that things were becoming more exposed, Father Sun found that the regulatory authorities were coming at him and investigating the channels where some things were wrong… He had no choice but to contact Lin Shizong. Now he could only rely on Lin Shizong’s connections to save the situation.

Yet not long after his call, the other person still rejected it. This was followed by an anonymous text message on his phone.

[You know how to deal with this if you still want to come out of it.]


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