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MGAG: Chapter 72 Part 1

Chen Qizhao had the smell of alcohol all over his body. As Shen Yuhuai walked over, his mind was already spinning at high speed to find a suitable excuse.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stayed on Chen Qizhao for a moment. He saw the clothes on Chen Qizhao’s body. Perhaps due to drinking, the corners of his eyes were a bit red and even the tips of his ears were tinged with red. He stood in front of Shen Yuhuai without saying a word, looking well-behaved and helpless. It was the complete opposition of Yan Kailin, who was still scolding behind him.

He didn’t ask any questions and just quietly looked at Chen Qizhao.

Facing Shen Yuhuai’s eyes, Chen Qizhao immediately became nervous and he was about to blurt out an excuse.

The drunk man had already slipped off the hood of the car to the ground. He also had to use a lot of strength while sitting. Yan Kaiqi pulled him up but he couldn’t pull this drunk person for a while. Yan Kaiqi sat in the office all year round and it was really difficult for him to support a drunk. He had to ask for help from the person next to him. “Come and help. This brat is drunk like this.”

Shen Yuhuai nodded toward Chen Qizhao. “I’m going to help him.”


Shen Yuhuai didn’t see it…?

Yes, he just drove over so he might not have seen it.

Chen Qizhao accepted his thoughts and turned around in order to help. Then he saw Shen Yuhuai easily lifting the drunk Yan Kailin. Together with Yan Kaiqi, he pulled up Yan Kailin from the ground. He had no choice but to run and open the back door so they could stuff Yan Kailin into the back seat of the car.

Yan Kailin entered the car and shouted, “Stupid Yan Kaiqi!”

The tired and panting Yan Kaiqi sneered when he saw this.

Chen Qizhao: “……”

The two brothers of the Yan family were sitting in the backseat. Yan Kaiqi seemed to dislike his younger brother but he still took off his coat when getting into the car and pulled the car pillow to cushion him. “Open the rear window. He is drunk and smells of alcohol, which will suffocate people to death.”

Shen Yuhuai closed the rear door and turned around to see Chen Qizhao still standing by the side of the car. He opened the door of the front passenger seat. “Get in the car. I’ll send you back.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes paused slightly. Cheng Rong’s name appeared on his vibrating mobile phone.

He refused Cheng Rong’s call and said directly, “Thank you, Brother Huai.”

The moment Chen Qizhao got into the car, Shen Yuhuai walked by him and entered the driver’s seat, opening the window.

The alcohol smell inside the car was heavier. It was filled with the smell.

Chen Qizhao drank a bit too much tonight. At the very least, it was more than the last time Shen Yuhuai came to pick him up. Fortunately, there was also Yan Kailin and their attention was on Yan Kailin.

He was about to put on the seat belt but missed the buckle the first time.

At this time, Shen Yuhuai in the driver’s seat leaned forward. He put his hands on his legs slightly and directly pulled Chen Qizhao’s seat belt to fasten it for him. Shen Yuhuai still smelled of mint and it was especially clear in the car that smelled of alcohol. Chen Qizhao’s eyes rested on him for a while, as if the other person’s hand that had been resting on his leg just now was still there, rubbing against his skin through his clothes.

The other person had left but he always had a slightly strange feeling on the skin of the side of his leg.

“Go straight home.” Yan Kaiqi looked at Yan Kailin beside him with a headache. “It is estimated that he won’t be able to get up tomorrow in this situation.”

“Can you do it alone?” Shen Yuhuai started the car.

Yai Kaiqi answered, “If it doesn’t work then I’ll call the aunt at home to help.”

“What about Qizhao?” Shen Yuhuai looked at Chen Qizhao. “Where are you going?”

Chen Qizhao blurted out, “The school.”

Shen Yuhuai was silent before saying, “At this point in time, doesn’t S College have access control?”

“…Then the small hotel in front of the school.”

He forgot about this. Every time he drank too much with Yan Kailin in the middle of the night, the two of them either climbed over the wall outside the dormitory to enter the school or they made do with spending the night at the hotel in front of the school. The access control had long been forgotten by him.

Shen Yuhuai said, “Yes.”

There were four people in the car. Not long after getting into the car, Yan Kailin’s snoring was heard from the backseat.

The drunk was already completely asleep and he was even sleeping soundly. Chen Qizhao’s rest last night wasn’t very good and he drank a lot of alcohol today. Yan Kaiqi and Shen Yuhuai occasionally talked in the car. He gradually became sleepy due to the steady speed and conversation. His head tilted slightly and he closed his eyes.

Shen Yuhuai glanced to the right. After stopping at a red light, he lowered his voice. “Grab the coat next to the car pillow.”

Yan Kaiqi pulled out the coat from the backseat. “Is he sleeping?”

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai took the coat and gently covered Chen Qizhao’s body. Then he raised the window next to Chen Qizhao’s seat.

Seeing his movements, Yan Kaiqi glanced at him with slight concern and keenly noticed something.

For the next journey, Shen Yuhuai’s speed slowed down a lot. By the time he arrived at the Yan house, it took ten minutes longer than when he had gone there. He helped Yan Kaiqi get Yan Kailin onto the elevator.

Once the others disappeared into the elevator entrance of the underground garage, Chen Qizhao opened his eyes.

The windows of the backseat were also raised. The only place for ventilation was his seat.

Shen Yuhuai had left a three finger wide gap in the window for him when leaving. Chen Qizhao didn’t move and just looked down at the coat on his body. He had woken up from the time Shen Yuhuai covered him with a coat.

The clothes carried the smell of Shen Yuhuai. Unlike the car mixed with the heavy alcohol, the smell of mint inexplicably made him feel at ease.

His eyes deepened a bit. Suddenly, he thought of something and closed his eyes again.

On the other side, Shen Yuhuai helped deliver the person to the door of the Yan house.

“That’s it.” Yan Kaiqi carried his younger brother on his back and said. “You came out with me tonight. It shouldn’t be because you were worried that I would be tired driving in the middle of the night, right?”

Shen Yuhuai pressed the button for the elevator door and didn’t deny it or admit it.

“I bothered you tonight,” Yan Kaiqi said. “Go.”

Shen Yuhuai returned to the underground garage and found that Chen Qizhao was still sleeping. He maintained the same posture as when Shen Yuhuai had left.

He opened the door and noticed that the sleeve of the coat placed on Chen Qizhao’s leg on the left side had slipped to the side.

Shen Yuhuai stared deeply at the person who was sleeping with his eyes closed. Then he lowered the back of the chair slightly and drove to his apartment in the city.

Once he arrived at the apartment garage, Shen Yuhuai opened the front passenger door and directly carried the ‘sleeping’ person on his back.

Chen Qizhao’s chin rested on Shen Yuhuai’s shoulder and all his attention was on the other person’s hand stuck in the hollow of his knee. The other person didn’t touch his leg directly but the wrist joint was against his inner thigh. There was also the friction when walking and an itch that he hadn’t felt before seemed to rise rapidly from the contact point. It was a tingling feeling, but also a faint itching.

He couldn’t help moving.

Shen Yuhuai, who was carrying him, felt the instant change and asked, “Are you awake?”

Chen Qizhao pretended to have just opened his eyes and asked, “Where are we?”

Shen Yuhuai explained, “You fell asleep so I took you to my place tonight. Tomorrow, I will send you to the school.”

It was okay when pretending, but once he took off his pretense, the friction feeling on the side of his legs became heavier again.

Chen Qizhao couldn’t help saying, “I can go by myself.”

Shen Yuhuai smiled and asked, “You aren’t drunk?”

Chen Qizhao explained clumsily, “I’m not drunk, I’m just sleepy.”

Shen Yuhuai spoke to him but didn’t put him down, “We are almost at the apartment.”

The elevator door opened and the two of them appeared in front of Shen Yuhuai’s apartment.

Chen Qizhao got off Shen Yuhuai and obediently took off his shoes. A pair of slippers were already placed in front of him.

“The guest room isn’t cleaned. You can sleep in my room tonight.”

Shen Yuhuai took him by the hand. He led this person to the door and pushed open the door.

Chen Qizhao had come to Shen Yuhuai’s apartment the last time he pretended to be drunk. However, he had been pretending at that time. Today was the first time he came here in such a sober state. He noticed the smell of alcohol on his body and took the initiative to say, “I usually don’t drink so much.”

“Really?” Shen Yuhuai asked, “How much do you usually drink?”


Chen Qizhao was shocked about digging a hole for himself and was a bit distracted when he replied, “I don’t usually drink much.”

Shen Yuhuai replied, “Yes.”

Chen Qizhao changed his words. “I want to take a shower first.”

The smell of alcohol on his body was too strong.

Shen Yuhuai entered the room, took out pajamas from the closet and handed them to Chen Qizhao. By the way, he also grabbed underwear for him. He went into the bathroom of the master bedroom and turned on the water. “The underwear is newly washed but not worn. The left is the hot water and the water temperature can be adjusted here.”

He looked back at Chen Qizhao, who was standing at the door. “Don’t yell for me. Once the bedroom door is closed, I might not hear you due to the sound insulation.”

“Okay.” Chen Qizhao hugged the clothes and looked down at the underwear that was tucked in the pajamas.

Shen Yuhuai told him, “I’ll make you hangover soup.”

Once he left, Chen Qizhao stood in the bathroom and stared at the bathroom that wasn’t much different from his previous life. His eyes stopped on the mirror in the bathroom and he saw a completely different self from his previous life.

In the quiet apartment, the sound of water dripping came from the direction of the bedroom.

Shen Yuhuai was cooking hangover soup and prepared ice cubes with the plan to lower the temperature later.

After approximately ten minutes, there was the sound of the bedroom door. Chen Qizhao came out of the bathroom and put his clothes on the chair in the living room. Then he looked sideways and saw Shen Yuhuai bringing the boiled soup over.

The young man was wearing wide pajamas. His slightly longer trouser legs were folded up by him and a towel was draped over his shoulders. His hair was wet and dripping.

Perhaps it was due to the loose clothes but he seemed a bit empty and very thin.

Shen Yuhuai withdrew his gaze and put the hangover soup on the table beside the sofa. “The soup is here. It is already lukewarm so it should be just right to drink.”

“Thank you, Brother Huai.” Chen Qizhao sat down on the sofa. Once he turned around, he found Shen Yuhuai walking toward the bathroom. He stared at the hangover soup for a while before finally picking it up and took a small sip.

Soon, footsteps came from behind.

Chen Qizhao drank the soup without turning his head. The towel draped over his shoulders was suddenly withdrawn. He was stunned for a moment and was about to turn his head.

A wide hand covered his head. Through the towel, knuckles pressed against his hair and gently wiped it.

Chen Qizhao said in a daze, “Brother Huai.”

“Drink the soup,” Shen Yuhuai told him. “You drank alcohol and washed your hair. If you don’t dry it, your head will hurt when you get up tomorrow.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. He lowered his head and drank the soup, feeling the slight pressure on his head.

Soon, the towel was removed and replaced by the whirring hair dryer.

Chen Qizhao stopped and didn’t say a word for a while.

All his senses were gathered above him.

Without the obstruction of the towel, the touch of Shen Yuhuai’s fingers on his hair became clearer and clearer. His nails scraped Chen Qizhao’s scalp several times. An indescribable feeling rushed straight to the top, making Chen Qizhao’s hand holding the hangover soup tighten a bit. The noodle soup shook twice and he couldn’t swallow the soup in his mouth.

Chen Qizhao pretended to be calm. His toes scratched slightly on the toes of the blanket in the living room and he resisted the tingling feeling that came from his bones.


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