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MGAG: Chapter 71 Part 2

Shen Yuhuai opened the contacts and called a number directly.

The call was connected and he asked, “You aren’t resting yet?”

“You also haven’t slept yet?” Yan Kaiqi’s voice came from the phone. “Then I will tell you about the matter of the controlled substances. You asked me to check the customs before and I checked the channels for you. There is no suspicious situation. However, there is one thing I can remind you to pay attention to. Out of the agencies and companies you gave me, I found that two of them have cooperations in the capital.”

“The capital?” Shen Yuhuai hesitated.

He considered the matter of the extraction of the controlled substances and went to check the large-scale equipment and raw materials needed to extract them. It wasn’t difficult to check. He listed the institutions in S City who were registered to own such large-scale equipment and checked the companies behind the institutions.

It was just that some institutions belonged to foreign companies and involved relevant overseas channels. He had to ask Yan Kaiqi for help with this matter. The Yan family had a wider overseas market and it was easier for them to check some things. However, it was obvious that the overseas clue line was cut off.

“Overseas is basically unlikely. S City has strict investigations so I helped you focus on domestic affairs.”

Yan Kaiqi said, “I checked and the ones with a strange background were the ones cooperating with the capital. I want to tell you something else. The information of these two companies is very strange. It is compliant with the legal requirements but I can’t find out what company they are cooperating with. This means someone is helping them. It is difficult to find what you want and it is easy to expose myself.”

“So the focus isn’t on S City… it is the capital.” Shen Yuhuai asked. “Can you find any other information on the surface?”

“I can’t find things on the surface but I think you also know. If it is really someone in S City, do you think the Chen family can’t find it?” Yan Kaiqi said with a smile. “Chen Shiming is shrewd and he will definitely check a matter like the dangerous compounds. However, he probably isn’t thinking too deeply about it. Except for a professional like you, who would think about a labor-intensive thing like the extraction equipment?”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak but he was thinking about things.

“Then I thought about it carefully. Could it be that you are thinking too deeply?” Yan Kaiqi explained. “Businessmen pursue profit. According to what you said, it takes a lot of effort to extract a small amount of something used to make the problematic aromatherapy. It is like… using a sledgehammer. This inexplicably increases the cost and the possibility of extraction isn’t high. Therefore, a skilled technician has to be found.”

Shen Yuhuai suddenly said, “What if… it isn’t just this time?”

Yan Kaiqi was stunned. “What do you mean?”

“This type of compound is harmful to the human body but its use isn’t just that. It can also be used in the industrial chain of other industries. You are right. The extraction is really laborious. I assume that such technology is mature. For a user, he thinks that the extraction method is safer than buying it on the market, so he chose to extract it.” Shen Yuhuai pondered on it for a moment. “Of course, I am just guessing.”

There was so much that could be done… from the funds required for the operation of the equipment to the raw materials. If they really wanted to do such an industrial chain, they must have very mature technical personnel and operating systems. What couldn’t be found on the surface would only be dirtier behind the scenes.

“Your guess is terrible.” Yan Kaiqi raised his spirits. “If you say this, doesn’t it mean that someone is secretly engaging in these things behind the scenes without registering it? There is such a mature industrial chain. Who knows what they will do with these things.”

In the room, Shen Yuhuai said calmly, “I hope this is just my guess.”

He said, “After you send me the information, there is no need to check the rest. I will find a way.”

If this matter involved too many layers then asking Yan Kaiqi to investigate it would just put the other person in danger.

At first, he didn’t think too much about it. He just thought it was a special target made by a certain member of the Chen family. Then recently, things gradually expanded and the matter of the aromatherapy became more complicated. There were more people around Chen Qizhao who were following him and secretly taking photos. He always felt like a hand was stopped behind them and might reach out to the Chen family at any time.

“Yuhuai, you have already talked about this so I want to help you check it even more.” Yan Kaiqi stretched his waist. “Besides, this matter belongs to the Chen family. They saved Kailin when he fell into the water as a child. Our family also owes the Chen family a favor. If it hadn’t been for Chen Qizhao, Kailin would’ve been cold by the time the two of us arrived.”

Yan Kaiqi recalled that when he arrived with Shen Yuhuai, he saw Chen Qizhao grabbing Yan Kailin tightly. The two of them were lying on the side of the boat and he started sweating. His brother Yan Kailin didn’t know how to swim at all and he sank directly when he got into the water. He didn’t know where Chen Qizhao got the strength to lift him up.

He thought of this and was dissatisfied that his brother hadn’t made progress. “Then I won’t disturb your rest. I’ll tell you about other things tomorrow. I have to go and bring that stinky boy back. I haven’t seen him for a few days and he has learned to deceive me.”

Shen Yuhuai heard this and wondered, “How?”

“How else? He took a bunch of photos to deceive me. Just forget it. He told me that he is studying at school with Chen Qizhao and then he went to a pool party, drank from a bottle with people and brought women with him.” Yan Kaiqi didn’t care that much but he saw Yan Kailin drinking from a bottle with people, his face flushed. There were also a few sexy beauties around him. “I didn’t care about him and he made trouble for me the next day.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes froze slightly. “Who did he go with?”

Yan Kaiqi said angrily, “Who else? It is with Chen Qizhao. I found out for the first time that he could actually go to the pool to study. Traveling in a sea of books? I didn’t take him to travel like this.”

“I will stop talking. I’ll go and take a look first.”

Shen Yuhuai suddenly asked, “Are you at home?”

Yan Kaiqi stopped and asked, “Yes, what’s wrong?”

Late at night, Shen Xuelan came out of the study and heard a noise outside the house.

She yawned and walked to the window. Suddenly, she glimpsed Shen Yuhuai’s car driving out of the garage and she frowned slightly. “In the middle of the night… did something go wrong at the laboratory?”

The road was quiet at night.

The direction of the Yan house happened to be along the way. Therefore, Shen Yuhuai went to Yan Kaiqi’s residence to pick him up and navigated to the address provided by the other person. Yan Kaiqi got into the car and said, “You seem to be sleeping late recently. You still have time to come out with me at this point.”

Shen Yuhuai saw Yan Kaiqi’s tired appearance. “The next time you come out late at night, it is best to call a driver.”

“I originally intended to call one but I would’ve forgotten about it if you hadn’t come,” Yan Kaiqi said. “I still have to trouble you to come out and be a driver for me. In fact, I can just call a driver.”

The car arrived at the traffic light and Yan Kaiqi was still talking about Yan Kailin to Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai opened his mouth at the right time. “At this age, people play a lot. Sometimes, you can leave it alone.”

Yan Kaiqi was angry. “Can you ignore this photo?”

The photo was a photo from someone’s Moments. It should be taken by a friend of Yan Kaiqi.

Shen Yuhuai glanced at it. On a sofa by the pool, Yan Kailin was drinking from a bottle. Chen Qizhao was sitting next to him, holding a glass of champagne in his hand. The sofa looked a bit crowded and the thighs of the people next to Chen Qizhao were almost attached to him.

Yan Kaiqi withdrew his phone and swiped to another photo to show Shen Yuhuai.

The photos were nothing other than the ones sent by Yan Kailin who had pretended to study. One of which was too familiar. It was the one that Shen Yuhuai liked in Chen Qizhao’s Moments not long ago.

Swipe further up and he could see several more.

The same scene, the same people…

Shen Yuhuai: “……”

He was silent.

Yan Kaiqi asked, “Do you think it is too much?”

The green light came on. Shen Yuhuai turned the steering wheel and responded, “Yes.”

By the pool, the young people ready to play all night were playing more and more.

Chen Qizhao sat down and glanced at the chair across the pool. The man sitting there had disappeared and there were no signs of him returning. His eyes sank slightly. He thought for a moment and looked away. The eyes that seemed to be following him were now gone.

He checked the messages on his phone. Unexpectedly, he didn’t see any messages from Chen Shiming.

In the past, every time he came out to drink, Chen Shiming either called or texted. It was rare that he was so quiet today. He skipped the messages and saw the dynamics of his Moments below.

He entered and saw the like that Shen Yuhuai had given him. His eyes were on the red heart for a moment. He noticed that the time of the like was an hour ago and stopped the hand that wanted to switch back to the messages.

It was almost 2 o’clock now.

By this point in time, Shen Yuhuai should be sleeping.

Chen Qizhao finished the champagne and said, “Let’s go.”

Yan Kailin was having a good time playing. He heard this and asked, “So fast?”

“There is a morning class tomorrow.” Chen Qizhao glanced at him and said, “Or do you want to skip class tomorrow morning and have your brother find you to settle the accounts?”

The moment the eldest brother of the Yan family was mentioned, Yan Kailin was stunned. Then he told Cheng Rong, “Brother, see you next time.”

Cheng Rong and Liu Kai were already used to it. They said, “I’ll ask someone to call you a car.”

He didn’t feel it when playing but Yan Kailin swayed a bit as soon as he came out of the villa. His steps were a bit slow and he said bad things about Yan Kaiqi while walking. He pressed on Chen Qizhao’s body halfway. It was only when holding Chen Qizhao that he didn’t walk crookedly.

By the time the car drove into the villa area, the sound of music from the villa had already reached outside.

Yan Kaiqi was looking for a parking space among the group of luxury cars. Then he suddenly saw two people standing in the distance. “There are people over there. Why does it look like Yan Kailin?”

Shen Yuhuai stared slightly. He looked in the direction pointed by Yan Kaiqi and saw the boy standing there in the night breeze. From a distance, there was a person lying on the hood of the car next to the boy. Shen Yuhuai adjusted his direction and drove over. He saw the person clearly after a while.

The boy stood in the cold wind and skillfully flipped open the lighter.

There was a snap and a flame lit up in the dark night. He stopped by the side of the road to smoke a cigarette.

There were a bunch of cars parked outside the villa and other people were still having fun inside.

Before the driver arranged by Cheng Rong came, Chen Qizhao asked Yan Kailin to lean against the side of the car. He looked toward the bright villa. He had just opened the lid of the lighter and saw the light coming from the opposite side.

The light turned toward this side and seemed to be looking at them.

Chen Qizhao squinted slightly. He was unable to see the people clearly due to the backlight and said to Yan Kailin, “Wake up. The car is coming.”

Yan Kailin exclaimed, “Let it come! F*k! Him!”

The drunk person was already delirious.

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He didn’t move at all. He lit a cigarette and planned to wait for the driver to come and pick him up.

It was just that after the car stopped, the light was still hitting this side.

Chen Qizhao squinted. The lights went out and he suddenly felt that the car was a bit familiar. His gaze couldn’t help moving to the position in front of the car, intending to look at the license plate.

“Yan Kailin!” A man got off the passenger seat and walked angrily in their direction.

Chen Qizhao was thinking about things. Once he saw the older brother of the Yan family, his mind returned. Soon, he saw the man in the driver’s seat get down.

The man was tall and revealed a familiar side profile in the slight light.

Soon, the man turned around. He looked at Chen Qizhao and closed the car door.

Chen Qizhao’s expression froze and he suddenly hid his hands behind his back. The cigarette between his fingers fell to the ground. He stared at Shen Yuhuai silently and took two steps back slightly, precisely stepping on the cigarette.

The back heel pressed down hard on the cigarette butt.


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