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MGAG: Chapter 69 Part 1

The person in the surveillance video was wearing a suit, carrying a cup of coffee and was well tidied up.

If only this person didn’t have a familiar face.

In a busy office area, there weren’t many people who used their leisure time to relax with a cup of coffee. However, if one walked around with a cup of coffee and followed someone with obvious purpose for three days then it was completely certain.

The person in the surveillance wasn’t just anyone. He wasn’t a supervisor, manager or ordinary employee of the Chen Group. He was someone very familiar to the Chen family—Chen Liyao.

Chen Jianting’s son, who worked in the Chen family recently. He was arranged to study in an easy department of the administrative area.

Special Assistant Xu left the office with this inexplicable order and suddenly thought of something after he left.

No, Assistant Zhou was Second Young Master Chen’s subordinate. Could this leave be done casually?

Once Special Assistant Xu left, Chen Shiming called Chen Qizhao.

The latter was still in the office. Chen Shiming spoke directly after the call was picked up. “It is most likely Chen Liyao. He is indeed a person that we wouldn’t suspect.”

The internal tightening of the Chen Group recently caused many middle and senior managers to walk around with their tails between their legs. They were afraid that the fire of the internal review would burn on them.

Combined with the wave of layoffs in the Chen Group and most of the employees were conscientiously staying at their posts. Previously after Jiang Yuze’s computer accident, Chen Shiming’s focus was on the review of key people. He felt that Jiang Yuze’s computer at that time might have been done by people on the known list, so the targets were also those people.

He never paid attention to Chen Liyao.

It was more like Chen Liyao wasn’t worthy of his excessive attention. This person’s behavior in the company was similar to his useless father who couldn’t support the wall. He had been in the Chen Group for so long and did ordinary work every day. He occasionally worked overtime and found someone to cover him. On the surface, he was a person with a relationship who came to fish in troubled waters.

Chen Qizhao sat cross-legged on the office chair. His fingers scraped against the mouse and he said in a relaxed tone, “His office is on the same floor as mine and he can see wherever Xiao Zhou goes with his sharp eyes. The location of his workstation is close to the entrance and he can observe the elevator to judge the destination… he doesn’t look like a rich second generation who has achieved nothing at all. His actions are very purposeful.”

“However, Chen Jianting’s relationship with the Lin family is average and I haven’t seen much contact between them.” Chen Shiming frowned. Their family had a good relationship with the Lin family but it was mainly Chen Jianhong. The rest of the Chen family had no relationship with the Lin family. When he checked Lin Shizong, he didn’t find the records of Chen Jianting’s relationship with Lin Shizong. “It is doubtful that he will help Lin Shizong.”

“If I stuff someone around you, it must be someone who is insignificant or someone you won’t care about.” Chen Qizhao turned on the surveillance and his eyes stayed on the man playing with his phone in the administrative area. His tone was ordinary. “Achieving nothing is the easiest way for people to relax their vigilance. No one will care about someone useless.”

Chen Shiming stopped slightly when he heard this and he suddenly wondered, “Are you talking about you?”

“I’m an idiot and I haven’t achieved much.” Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes and clicked on the surveillance of another place. “What do you plan to do with Chen Qizhao? We should keep him. It is rare for the other person to think of such a subtle move. It is a pity not to keep him.”

Chen Shiming didn’t plan to attack Chen Liyao either. The nature of Chen Liyao’s work wouldn’t pose much of a threat to the Chen Group’s projects. On the contrary, Chen Liyao was a special person who wouldn’t arouse anyone’s suspicions. Perhaps Lin Shizong would instruct him to do other things. It would be much more useful to keep such a person.

The main thing was that Chen Liyao was now staring at Chen Qizhao. If they wanted the other person to suspect Chen Qizhao less, they could use Chen Liyao to deliver fake information.

“Oh, and…” Chen Qizhao changed the subject. “I checked the surveillance of the meeting room on that day.”

The surveillance of the meeting room was examined by Chen Shiming and his assistant some time ago. However, the location of the meeting room wasn’t in a remote area. There were several important offices inside and there were many employees passing by. There were many employees who could notice the movement in the meeting room.

However, as a relevant person of the administrative area department, there were personnel arrangements for that day near the meeting room. Chen Qizhao knew that this arrangement must’ve been ruined by Chen Shiming, but now looking at this schedule again, he could always find something new and interesting. “There were many people from the administrative side that day. There were a total of 15 employees. It is interesting that Chen Liyao is on the list but there is very little surveillance footage of him appearing near the meeting room that day.”

“He was removed from the investigation list that day.” Chen Shiming frowned. Chen Liyao was fishing in troubled waters in the company and he didn’t do much work. But as a related household, his direct supervisor in the Chen Group still arranged a job for him. He probably wanted to add a bit more work experience for Chen Liyao. However, Chen Liyao didn’t do much despite the arrangements.

When the personnel had been investigated that day, Chen Liyao’s supervisor made this known. Chen Liyao’s suspicion level was sharply reduced and he was ruled out as an important suspect.

“In fact, he doesn’t need to do anything,” Chen Qizhao continued. “You and I both know that there are other people related to Jiang in the meeting room at that time. It was inconvenient for them to move so they didn’t use their phones or communication tools. This doesn’t exclude the possibility of them passing on signals to people outside.”

“Chen Liyao doesn’t need to stay outside the meeting room often. He just needs to receive a signal that there is a change in the meeting room and spread this matter. Naturally, someone will attack Jiang Yuze’s computer,” Chen Qizhao continued. “As a shift worker on that day, he can freely confirm the situation in the room and quickly analyze the problem from the signal sent out. This way, the information about Jiang Yuze’s accident can be accurately transmitted and it will allow the person behind the scenes to make a judgment, choosing to destroy the information on Jiang Yuze’s computer as soon as possible.”

The thing that Chen Qizhao suspected before was that the person’s actions in this matter were too decisive.

The deletion of the computer was determined by the police and Internet center to be a remote virus operation. As long as Jiang Yuze’s computer was turned on, the people outside could do anything to the computer.

The problem was how the other person judged the situation. After all, Jiang Yuze’s computer was deleted too thoroughly. What if Jiang Yuze didn’t have an accident? Then the deleted data would be a big loss for them. The chief assistant’s computer having such a big flaw would only make Jiang Yuze passively fall under suspicion.

The Chen Group’s network center wasn’t working in vain. If the traces of remote intrusion passed through the company’s Intranet then it wasn’t impossible for them to find out.

Therefore, the decisive operation of deleting the computer had to be done after careful consideration and knowing that Jiang Yuze would be hard to keep. Thus, they chose to do it. However, if it was a seemingly unrelated personnel scheduled on the day, the degree of reasonable suspicion was low and he wasn’t on a key suspect list then cooperating with other people in the meeting room would indeed allow him to confirm the situation in a short time and make a response to the situation. They made a correct judgment and rushed to delete the information before the computer was confiscated by the police.

Chen Liyao was really a very good chess piece.

With a smooth use, it was completely possible for him to transmit information without a reasonable working range without arousing anyone’s suspicion.

If they hadn’t been following Xiao Zhou too closely or were too relaxed at this time, they wouldn’t have focused on Chen Liyao at all. They would’ve only wondered whether Lin Shizong had arranged a deeper chess piece rather than Chen Liyao, who had only been in the company for a few months and had a very low attendance rate.

“In this way, Chen Liyao was a very useful pawn.” Chen Qizhao turned off the surveillance and said in a relaxed tone, “The other person is using Chen Liyao so confidently. Then shouldn’t we use this opportunity to expose more of who is working against us?”

The sky outside the glass window was clear and there were many documents accumulated on his desk.

Chen Shiming frowned slightly and said, “Leave this matter to me. Don’t interfere.”

Chen Qizhao was about to exchange more ideas with Chen Shiming, but he stopped slightly when he heard the other person’s words. “Why?”

“Since you know that the other person has found you, meddling in this matter will only further deepen the other person’s suspicions.” Once Chen Shiming finished speaking, he immediately knew Chen Qizhao’s next words. “I know you want to say that this matter won’t be exposed if you handle it well and I also know that you have your own way of concealing many things, but I don’t want you to take the risk.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak.

Chen Shiming had actually had this idea in his heart when he heard that someone was following Chen Qizhao the other day. He didn’t know what Lin Shizong’s purpose was in doing things to the end, but since the other person could plan the aromatherapy and car accidents, it was possible for him to cut the weeds and eradicate the roots when forced. After he told Chen Jianhong about this, his father’s first thought was to remove Chen Qizhao from this matter first.

On the surface, Chen Qizhao was the least threatening person in their family. However, often when suspicion deepened and the other person lost patience, Chen Qizhao would become the most vulnerable person in this family.

“Trust Dad and me.” Chen Shiming said in a deep voice. “If there are any problems, you can discuss it with us. At the very least, you don’t have to take the risks alone?”

Chen Qizhao suddenly said, “Then what if I talk nonsense? Will you believe it?”

Chen Shiming answered, “I believe it.”

There was silence on the phone for several seconds.

Chen Qizhao suddenly turned off the computer. “You are thinking too much. I don’t have that much time to investigate anything else. You can take care of the rest. I am off work.”

Chen Shiming asked, “Where are you going?”

“Class.” Chen Qizhao picked up the school bag on the sofa. “If I don’t go to class, will you help me take the exam next week?”

Chen Shiming: “……”


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    It’s so lovely to see how the Chen family, especially Shiming, sees the fierce devotion and care Qizhao has for the rest of them and reciprocate even more fiercely, they care for each other so much ;-; Chen Qizhao is taking on such a huge load on his shoulders even with the help he gets from people around him, I’m just so glad to see people being protective of him because it’s truly what he deserves

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