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MGAG: Chapter 67 Part 2

The two of them sat on the edge of the playground for around ten minutes. Then once it became a bit late, Shen Yuhuai proposed to leave.

Chen Qizhao returned to his dormitory after separating from Shen Yuhuai. Then he noticed that the power bank and charging cable that Shen Yuhuai lent him were still in the backpack. He took a photo and sent it to Shen Yuhuai.

[You forgot to take something.]

In the security room of S College, Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stopped on the pale man in black in front of him. The security guard on the other side checked the memory cards on the man’s body and said, “Student, thank you for calling to report it. We just found a few memory cards on this person and it is all photos of a student. This situation is too bad.”

“It’s okay,” Shen Yuhuai said. “He secretly photographed my friend and I noticed something wrong with him on the playground just now. He followed us for a long time.”

The security guard asked, “Do you want us to call the police to deal with this matter?”

He handed the memory card to Shen Yuhuai. “Here are the photos of your friend. I don’t know what quirks this person has to secretly photograph some boys. The photos can be handled by you. Have your friend be more careful when going out in the future.”

Shen Yuhuai took the memory card and his eyes stayed on the man for a moment. “I’ll have him pay attention.”

He saw the message popping up on his phone and his fingers moved slightly to reply.

[It’s okay. Next time.]

In the bedroom, Chen Qizhao held the power bank in his hand. His eyes stayed on his fingertips where a certain touch seemed to linger. He wrapped the charging cable around the power bank and put the power bank in the drawer.

He read the card data of the memory card and imported all the photos.

There were shots of him and Shen Yuhuai in the library, in the cafeteria and walking on the paths. However, the shooting angles were relatively biased. It could be seen that this man didn’t dare to get too close when taking photos. In particular, in the photos of the library, their figures could only be seen in the distance.

Chen Qizhao frowned and picked among the pile of photos. Finally, he selected a few high-definition photos to export.

He looked at Shen Yuhuai in the photo for a while. Then he casually threw the other photos into the pen holding on the desk along with the memory card.

To distract himself, he opened his inbox.

Tonight’s inbox was much richer. In addition to the list of aromatherapy store customers sent by Xiao Zhou.. the other matter he had been investigating had finally come to fruition. In his previous life, he brought down Lin Shizong mainly because of Lin Shizong’s unclean accounts and some illegal transactions that he engaged in. After his rebirth in this life, he had been collecting information about Lin Shizong from these angles and the time between investigations was regular. It had been half a year and a while ago, he received some suspicious points on the accounts of two of Lin Shizong’s companies.

These suspicious points involved some illegal transactions in medicine. Releasing them might hit the Lin Group hard but it might not completely destroy Lin Shizong. Therefore, Chen Qizhao kept investigating and this investigation found something deeper.

He found that some of the Lin family’s companies overlapped with their family’s business.

For these overlapping points, some were things that Jiang Yuze was responsible for and some were the responsibility of others. Logically speaking, the Lin Family had always had its main business in medicine and there should be relatively little overlap with the Chen Group. However, following this line of investigation, he accidentally found that these overlaps did exist but the time was very long ago… it perhaps even stretched back to 30 years ago.

The Chen family and Lin family had long been friends and this had existed since the previous generation.

In this generation, Chen Jianhong and Lin Shizong had been friends since they were young.

30 years ago, the Chen family wasn’t as strong as it was now and so was the Lin family.

In addition, 30 years ago, the main power of the Chen family was his grandfather, not Chen Jianhong.

“30 years ago…” Chen Qizhao was slightly puzzled and continued to read the document. He suddenly found that the Lin Group had participated in the competition for a piece of land in the southern district in the early years, but at present, the main business of the Lin family didn’t involve the southern district.

On the surface, the Lin Group’s business avoided the southern district but part of the information was from the southern district.

Meanwhile, part of the Chen Group’s main business was in the southern district.

Looking at one piece of information, he could find two things from it.

The first point was that the businesses of the Chen family and the Lin family overlapped many years ago, which was something that wasn’t found in his previous life. It indicated that the entanglement between the Chen family and Lin family had gone on for much longer than Chen Qizhao expected.

The second point was that Lin Shizong had likely sought out long-term benefits for himself through these overlapping parts. Simply put, he used the Chen family’s business as a springboard to expand his interests, markets and channels for a long time.

Chen Qizhao hadn’t delved into Lin Shizong’s reason for targeting their family in the past, but judging from the outcome of his previous life, Lin Shizong was undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary of the Chen Group’s bankruptcy. His benefits were received by many people, including Jiang Yuze, who had been doing things for him. They rose up and revealed a much wider background than what could be seen now.

Lin Shizong had planned for many years and arranged many things in the Chen Group. It wasn’t just to bankrupt the Chen Group. It was so that these things could become pawns he could use at any time for him to expand his business territory.

it was simply killing two birds with one stone.

Chen Qizhao sat up straighter. He pulled up the information again and sorted out the beginning and end of this matter from the timeline.

In his last life, he ruined Lin Shizong ten years later when there weren’t so many clues for him to find. Many clues were destroyed by Lin Shizong. The only things he could catch were from Lin Shizong’s actions in the Chen Group and his illegal accounts.

Therefore, he always felt doubts. If Lin Shizong wanted to bankrupt his family, why stay still for so many years?

As an old fox in the business world and judging from the scale of the Lin Group later, everything he did revealed that Lin Shizong was a profit-minded person.

According to the timeline, the overlapping places were quickly sorted out.

Chen Qizhao saw the text change from dense to sparse and noticed that this type of business contact had gradually decreased in recent years.

In recent years, the Chen family had encountered problems. The decline of real estate also made the Chen Group eager to expand their business and transform.

Leaving aside Lin Shizong’s initial motivation to bring down the Chen family, in terms of the timing issue, it could only be… the reason why Lin Shizong didn’t bring down the Chen family immediately was most likely because the Chen family was still profitable.

When it was profitable, raise it as a Gu and use the Chen family as a springboard to expand his territory.

Once there was no profit to be made, the Chen family was a discarded tool. Lin Shizong just needed to wave his hand to make the once high-rise building collapse in an instant.

Chen Qizhao looked at the documents on his computer. He saved this rearranged information and sent it directly to Chen Shiming.

Not long after the document was sent, Chen Shiming called immediately.

It was already late at night and Chen Shiming’s voice was a bit tired as he asked, “Where did you get this information?”

“I checked it,” Chen Qizhao replied. “The Chen Group’s database can be adjusted at will and it is relatively simple for you to check the matter of 30 years ago. It is best to check whether Lin Shizong had any entanglements with our family before.”

In the study, Chen Shiming stared at the file that had just been opened on the screen. The dense amount of text was shocking.

He listened to Chen Qizhao’s relaxed tone on the other side of the phone and his eyes were slightly heavy. “You asked Xiao Zhou to tell me something and I asked Mom about it when she came back today. As we expected, Mom doesn’t remember who recommended the store to her. However, she said that several friends recommended it at the time. The service in the store was good and she learned from the driver that Dad liked the aromatherapy from this store, so she bought it from here for a long time.”

“Then we can only start from the customers. Did you show the list to Mom?” Chen Qizhao asked.

Chen Shiming said, “I did. I selected some key people. Look at your VX. I will send it to you.”

Chen Qizhao clicked on the document he just received and saw a document that was more detailed than the list Xiao Zhou sent earlier. He actually didn’t know Zhang Yazhi’s friends very well but Chen Shiming’s document marked the simple information of these people, making it easier for him to judge their identity.

Chen Qizhao quickly scanned the names and stopped when he saw ‘Sun Rouning.’

He glanced at the information and hesitated. “Sun Rouning, Chen Jianting’s wife? Mom has a good relationship with her?”

Chen Jianting was Chen Qizhao’s third uncle.

Sun Rouning was his third aunt.

It was just that his family didn’t have much contact with Uncle Chen’s family. In other words, they were just superficial relatives who came to the door. He had never heard Zhang Yazhi mention Aunt Chen.

“It is just ordinary. They occasionally meet at parties,” Chen Shiming explained. “She is also a long-term customer of the aromatherapy store and Mom says that they occasionally meet at the store. Therefore, I didn’t remove her from the list. Do you suspect her?”

“I suspect everyone.” Chen Qizhao’s eyes paused for a moment on Sun Rouning’s information before he continued to read the rest. “If Mom bought it for a long time because of Dad then what about the other people? I doubt few people on this list are long-term buyers of the aromatherapy store.”

Chen Shiming didn’t speak.

“Do you think they are really buying something or are they staring at Mom buying it… or are they observing Mom’s actions in the aromatherapy store?” Chen Qizhao closed the document as he spoke.

“I will ask Xiao Xu to check this matter.” Chen Shiming hesitated slightly while his eyes couldn’t stop browsing the contents of the document. “You sent me this document. What are your plans?”

“My literal plan?” Chen Qizhao’s fingers clicked on the mouse and another document appeared in front of him. It contained things collected by him in both lifetimes and had the Lin Group’s vicious business expansion over the years. “I like to pay an eye for an eye.”

Since Lin Shizong liked to plan things step by step, he would let Lin Shizong experience the feeling of a lingering death step by step.


Chen Shiming disagreed. “This matter involves too much. It is too dangerous for you to investigate alone…”

“Chen Shiming, I want to ask you a question.” Chen Qizhao suddenly interrupted Chen Shiming’s words. “If you want to check someone, how would you check them?”

Chen Shiming frowned but still answered. “Check their past experience, their interpersonal relationships, their daily performance, etc. It is simple to check a person but it is also difficult. If the person has a wide range of interpersonal relationships then there are multiple levels involved in the check.”

He keenly discovered something after saying this. “What do you mean by this? Who do you want to check? …Or is someone checking you?”

“Are you interested in something” Chen Qizhao looked slightly sideways, his eyes staring at the computer screen with a slightly deep meaning in them. “Let’s play a game of catching ghosts and catch an inner ghost who can’t hold back…”

For example, inside the company.


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