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MGAG: Chapter 67 Part 1

Chen Qizhao received a call from Xiao Zhou after eating. He would ask Zhang Yazhi for further confirmation about the aromatherapy situation and get some clues from Chen Shiming’s side as well.

Zhang Yazhi wasn’t told about the aromatherapy situation at the beginning but Chen Shiming had already considered part of the relevant details of the aromatherapy store… it was just that it was unlikely to get information from Zhang Yazhi.

“President Chen said that the store has long-term activities of giving back to customers and contacting customers.” Xiao Zhou continued. “However, it has been too long and it is unlikely you will be able to learn information from Ma’am.”

“I see.” Chen Qizhao also had reasonable expectations. Even if he asked for other details from Zhang Yazhi, it was just narrowing the scope. He couldn’t completely rule out anyone’s suspicions. What if the other person used Zhang Yazhi’s friend and there was no contact with Zhang Yazhi? “You give me the list.”

Xiao Zhou said he would send it immediately. The list was soon sent to Chen Qizhao’s phone.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Is it finished?”

“Hmm.” Chen Qizhao paused slightly. “As far as the aromatherapy store is concerned, my brother has a list. I asked Xiao Zhou to send it to me.”

Shen Yuhuai raised his eyes slightly to look at the school road full of scattered pedestrians. “We just finished eating. Do you want to take a walk to consume food?”

“Okay.” Chen Qizhao put his phone in his pocket.

The campus of S College was very extensive. Chen Qizhao had been in school for so long and he hadn’t finished exploring the whole school.

There were only a handful of people walking after dinner. Shen Yuhuai followed him and the two of them walked side by side. They could see some companions or couples walking together on the school road. Chen Qizhao’s eyes moved slightly sideways and stayed on a couple passing by for a second, sweeping over their interlocked fingers.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Don’t you usually go out with Yan Kailin?”

“No,” Chen Qizhao replied. “He usually has something to do at night.”

“I found that you haven’t talked much recently.”

“Is that so?” Chen Qizhao wondered.

“It is intuition.” Shen Yuhuai looked at him. “You can ask me if you have any questions.”

The other person’s eyes were very dark and looked like quenched ink in the night. It was exactly the same as the video.

Chen Qizhao met Shen Yuhuai’s eyes before calmly avoiding his gaze. “Intuition is sometimes inaccurate.”

They walked near the playground and the originally quiet road became lively.

A student riding a bicycle quickly passed between the two of them, creating a small gust of wind.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze shifted slightly like he noticed something.

At this time, he was suddenly pulled to the side and accidentally bumped into Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai grabbed Chen Qizhao’s arm and pulled him closer. There was the feeling of touching clothing under his hand.

As if touching the bones of his elbow joint, he frowned inadvertently and quickly let go. Then he explained, “Stick to the side. There are many people riding bicycles here.”

The strength on his arm was removed. Shen Yuhuai had let go of him.

Chen Qizhao glanced over slightly and took a step closer to Shen Yuhuai. “Oh.”

The playing was very lively and young men were playing basketball on the court.

Chen Qizhao looked up slightly and noticed a road reflector by the side of the road. Under the reflection of the street lamp in the distance, he could faintly see a person following behind them not far away.

The man was dressed in black so it wasn’t easy to see at night, but he didn’t behave like a student.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

“I need to tie my shoelaces.” Chen Qizhao crouched down. As he was tying his shoelaces, he paid attention to his surroundings. The person who had been following them had disappeared and also hadn’t passed by them. He stood up. “Okay.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him and said nothing. He didn’t expose the subtle action of Chen Qizhao, who had undid his shoelaces and retied them.

Soon, Chen Qizhao got up.

The two of them had just arrived at the resting stone chair by the playground when Shen Yuhuai’s phone rang. He saw the number displayed on the phone screen and paused for a moment. “I’ll answer the call.”

Chen Qizhao nodded and pointed to the vending machine in the distance. “I’ll go and buy some water.”

Shen Yuhuai nodded. He glanced at the position of the vending machine before saying to the person on the other end of the phone, “Yes, I’m here. I’m not busy. You can say it.”

There were many people on the edge of the playground and their noise muffled some small sounds.

A man in black stood by a certain roadside sculpture, his eyes fixed on Shen Yuhuai and Chen Qizhao. He saw Chen Qizhao walking away from Shen Yuhuai and was about to take a photo of Shen Yuhuai when he saw the man on the phone glancing at him.

The man in black was taken aback and hurriedly shrank behind the sculpture.

He was forced to give up taking photos and turned around to follow Chen Qizhao.

This person wasn’t his target. He was given the task of taking photos of another person.

He pretended to be a student and mixed in with the pedestrians walking by the vending machine. However, he didn’t see Chen Qizhao when he reached the vending machine.

“Where is he?” The man in black panicked. He looked to the left and right but didn’t see Chen Qizhao.

He walked around the vending machine and looked at the crowd on the playground. “It is impossible. He was here just now…”

The man hadn’t finished speaking with a strong force struck from behind.

Someone quickly and violently clamped his wrist, counter-pressed his arm and directly knocked him against a shaded tree. The sudden pain made him gasp and the camera in his hand fell and hung by the side of his neck.

The man in black was completely dumbfounded.

He realized something and was about to struggle, when he heard a cold voice behind him. “Do you still want to move?”

The pain hit and the man didn’t dare call for help. He begged for mercy, “I won’t move, I won’t move. It hurts. Please let me go.”

Immediately after this, his wrist was dislocated.

The huge force behind him was removed. The man crouched on the ground and held his dislocated wrist, his eyes black from pain.

A cold hand pulled the camera away from his neck. This person crouched in front of him and pressed the camera’s button to check the photos inside.

“Are you stalking me? A voyeur?” Chen Qizhao laughed and his gaze fell on the man’s other hand. “You took quite a lot of shots?”

The man hid his hand. “No.”

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly and scanned the photos. They were all photos of him and Shen Yuhuai.

“They are good shots.” His eyes stopped and instead of deleting the photos, he asked, “Where is the memory card?”

The man didn’t speak.

The boy in front of him seemed to be talking very normally but there was an indescribable sense of oppression.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on him.

The man hurriedly said, “The port on the left. Press it and it will pop up.”

Chen Qizhao listened to him and took out the memory card of the camera. Then he threw the camera back at the man. “I have a bad temper.”

“What?” The man was confused.

“But I’m in a good mood today.” Chen Qizhao patted the man’s face and his gaze stopped on the man’s arm. “The next time I see you, it will be more than that.”L

The man shrank back. The employer just told him to follow a student. How did he know it would be this type of student who could dislocate a person’s wrist? Fortunately, the other person just thought he was a voyeur. It was okay to lose a memory card. He had other cards and could explain it to his employer.

He watched as the boy in front of him took his memory card away and walked leisurely to the vending machine. He seemingly hesitated over which drink to buy before pressing buttons twice.

The man wanted to move. Then he saw the boy’s gaze sweeping over and he sat back again, not daring to move.

The boy took two cans of Coke from the vending machine and withdrew his gaze. Then he walked to the playground like nothing had happened.

Chen Qizhao was holding two cans of Coke in one hand while the other had the memory card that had just been taken from the man.

This person was hired to follow him. According to his behavior, it was most likely out of bad intentions. Someone was sent to follow him at this time and it was unlikely to be an unrelated person. It was very likely that Lin Shizong’s side suspected him and sent someone to follow him. He had previously detected such things before, but the previous people only followed him for a few days to confirm something before soon leaving.

However, there was the man following him today and the strangeness he noticed during this time. He had been followed for no less than five days.

Chen Qizhao didn’t mind continuing to play the image of a dandy in front of Lin Shizong, but if he pretended too much, it would cause the alarm of the other person. For this type of clumsy tracking, it might be tracking or a temptation. He could hit the man but not overdo it, or he would be responding to Lin Shizong’s wishes.

Still, this matter confirmed a problem. Lin Shizong had an eye on him…

Was it just eyeing him?

Chen Qizhao laughed silently. Given the old fox’s situation, it was probably more than that.

He placed the memory card in his pocket and had other plans in mind.

Chen Qizhao got to the playground and saw Shen Yuhuai talking on the phone in the distance.

The man was sitting on a stone chair by the side of the path. His long legs were slightly bent and he seemed to be watching the people playing basketball on the court. Chen Qizhao looked down at the Coke in his hand and felt the cold touch from his palm. Then he walked to Shen Yuhuai’s side and sat down. “Brother Huai, here. It is Coke.”

Shen Yuhuai was still listening to the phone. Once he heard this, his hand moved to the side and his wide palm covered Chen Qizhao’s fingers holding the Coke.

Chen Qizhao paused. He felt the warmth on his fingers, which was different from the coldness under his fingers.

His eyes stopped as he stared at the beautiful hand and the increasingly hot touch at the contact point.

Chen Qizhao noticed that his heartbeat was accelerating.

It was unknown how much time had passed.

It was maybe two seconds or maybe a dozen seconds.

“Okay, I see.” Shen Yuhuai’s hand left Chen Qizhao’s fingers. He held the Coke can and withdrew the Coke from Chen Qizhao’s hand. “Okay, let’s talk about it later.”

It was as if the other person’s hand covering his fingers just now was an ordinary yet unexpected move.

“You were there for a while?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

Chen Qizhao explained, “There was something wrong with the vending machine over there. I had to go to a more distant one to buy it.”

He added, “I didn’t pay attention when I bought it. I don’t know if Brother Huai likes Coke or not.”

Shen Yuhuai smoothly opened the Coke and there was a hissing sound from the mouth of the can. “It’s okay. Coke isn’t bad.”’

Chen Qizhao also opened the can. He raised his head and took a few sips. Then he suddenly realized something.

He tilted his head and noticed that Shen Yuhuai was looking at him.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Qizhao asked.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stayed on Chen Qizhao’s slightly messy hair for a moment. Then his gaze lowered and he said, “It dripped on your clothes, the Coke.”

Chen Qizhao looked down. He was wearing dark clothes and there were no traces of it in the night. “I didn’t pay attention.”


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