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MGAG: Chapter 66 Part 2

At this time, his hand paused slightly and he suddenly thought of a question.

Why did Zhang Yazhi go to this aromatherapy store?

Regardless of whether there was a problem with the store or not, they had to be someone very familiar with the aromatherapy store in order to make the exact same problematic aromatherapy. His original line of investigation was that Lin Shizong knew Zhang Yazhi often went to this store and asked people to make and exchange it specially.

But why this aromatherapy store? The premise of everything was that the other person had to let Zhang Yazhi buy the aromatherapy of this store.

The aromatherapy at home was replaced by the ones from this store only two years ago. Previously, Zhang Yazhi’s aromatherapy was purchased randomly and there were many stores involved.

The time when the problematic aromatherapy appeared was around last year. Connect this with his previous life and his parents would have physical problems after several years. A long-term change of stores, poor information, packaging problems or differences in the production process might cause Zhang Yazhi or Chen Jianhong to discover the problem of the aromatherapy. Therefore, the best way was to let Zhang Yazhi buy from this store.

In other words, they were familiar with the store and could make ‘aromatherapy’ that was completely similar on the surface. No problems could be seen.

Secondly, they need to let Zhang Yazhi go to this store to buy it and let Zhang Yazhi develop into a long-term customer of the store. They needed to know in advance what aromatherapy scents Zhang Yazhi wanted to buy and then have the driver switch them to implement this seamless plan.

It was impossible for the aromatherapy store to be free of problems… the person who had Zhang Yazhi go to the store should also have problems.

Old Lin was just the last link for precise targeting.

This had to be checked.

Chen Qizhao realized this problem. He just grabbed his phone when he recalled that his phone was dead.

He quietly closed the zipper of his schoolbag when a book was suddenly placed on the table opposite him.

Chen Qizhao’s hand paused slightly. He looked up and saw Shen Yuhuai softly pull away the chair, sitting down opposite him.

The movement to leave stopped.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on Shen Yuhuai’s face. He paused for a few seconds before asking quietly, “Why are you here?”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak. He glanced at the books in Chen Qizhao’s hand before writing a few lines in a notebook and pushing it over.

[I came to the library to return the book. I just saw you. Are you planning to leave?]

Chen Qizhao took it and wrote down on it.

[I was about to leave. My phone is out of battery.]

Soon, a power bank and charging cable was placed on the notebook and pushed in front of Chen Qizhao.

The man’s fingers were slender, especially the index finger and middle finger.

Just like in the dream, he had beautiful and delicate joints.

It was cold. He wanted to touch the hand.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes and saw the words on the notebook.

[Use this first if you are in a hurry. I remember that your phone model is the same as mine.]

Chen Qizhao had no reason to leave. He picked up the power bank to charge his phone and looked up to see Shen Yuhuai, sitting opposite him, opening the book.

The scene suddenly went back to the last time when the two of them were sitting face to face.

It was just that after the scene changed to the present, Chen Qizhao was a bit distracted. His eyes paused for a moment and it wasn’t known if he was looking at the phone that was charging or Shen Yuhuai’s words on the notebook.

The surroundings were quiet. Shen Yuhuai pinched the pages of the book with his fingers and looked at Chen Qizhao with his head lowered on the opposite side. He didn’t turn the pages for a long time.

The boy had his head lowered and a small swirl on his slightly soft hair could be seen.

Further down, he could see the young man’s loose collar and the protruding collarbone.

Shen Yuhuai looked away.

The two of them didn’t communicate any further. One was reading a book and the other was waiting for the phone to charge.

It wasn’t known how long it took before his phone turned on. Chen Qizhao opened his VX and immediately sent a message to Xiao Zhou. It was only after the message was edited and sent out that he looked at the message interface and noticed the message that Shen Yuhuai sent him 40 minutes ago.

Chen Qizhao typed and replied to the message.

[Just now, the phone rang out of battery. I didn’t see it.]

At this time, the screen of Shen Yuhuai’s phone on the table lit up.

Chen Qizhao glanced over and seemed to see the other person’s phone screen.

The next second, Shen Yuhuai picked up his phone.

The chat interface had a reply.

[Shen Yuhuai: Then do you want to go?]

The recent movements of the Chen Group were really big. In particular, the other issues left behind by Jiang Yuze were the key targets of observation. Add the list in Chen Shiming’s hand and a number of misbehaving employees were found one after another. The serious circumstances were submitted to the legal affairs department to prepare for problems… Special Assistant Xu was in a hurry every day. He assisted his boss to solve problems and was often too busy to find anyone.

The Feihong business that Xiao Zhou was responsible for was doing pretty well. In particular, business was on the right track during this period of time and he was freer. Now he only had to help his boss run errands to check things or listen to the boss’ arrangement to do some investments. The most important thing was the investments. After taking over part of the work from Special Assistant Xu, he realized that the boss had invested in the entertainment industry. The artists signed before were thriving and the income they brought was considerable.

Once these things were in his hands, he didn’t dare to screw up. Everything had to be done properly out of fear there would be a small problem.

Recently, there had been a lot of movements in the company and there were layoffs a while ago. Some things really needed to be handled well. Not long after he walked out of the office, he passed by the tea room and saw several people gathered together for a discussion. A few young employees saw him and came up to greet him warmly.

Xiao Zhou had seen this situation a lot recently.

It seemed that Chairman Chen favoring his boss during this time had spread throughout the company. He even planned to hand over several subsidiaries to his boss, so there were more and more people approaching him. After all, his boss had no team compared to President Chen’s elite assistant group. The boss’ assistant was only him…

Previously, these people had whispered about his boss’ temperament and there were a lot of criticisms about his boss’ uncertain personality. Chairman Chen hadn’t shown much favoritism before. Now they saw Chairman Chen’s movements and didn’t discuss the boss’ temper any longer. Instead, they came to him to inquire about the boss’ preferences.

Xiao Zhou also dealt with it. He didn’t dare mention anything in front of the boss, nor did he mention the boss in front of these people.

However, the boss seemed less interested in the company than before. The boss had him check some pharmaceutical companies, making him wonder if the boss planned to give up on the entertainment industry and invest in the medical industry. Strangely, the boss actually said that this matter shouldn’t be mentioned in the company and he wasn’t allowed to use public printers or other company equipment.

Once he was about to leave work, Xiao Zhou suddenly received a message from his boss. He took a look at it and took a detour toward the elevator.

The elevator soon arrived. He pressed the elevator button and went to the floor of Chen Shimng’s office.

It was only when the elevator doors closed that someone came out around the corner and looked at the floor where the elevator stopped. Then they turned to leave.

“It will take a bit longer to investigate this matter. The collection of evidence, the aftermath of related problems and Uncle Lin’s confession and related evidence might take time to analyze.” Chen Shiming had a bit of a headache. The driver Old Lin’s mental state wasn’t right. In the case where he had a mental problem, he still provided two clues about the man behind the case. One was a mobile phone recording and the other was a photo.

The recording was a call recording, which was evidence that he had been contacted by a strange phone number over the years.

The photo was very strange. It was blurry and showed a person talking to someone in a black car. The license plate of the car wasn’t photographed. The person didn’t take a photo of the face and only the model of the car could be judged. It was completely impossible to tell what this photo meant.

Reviewing the recording and analyzing the photo were all things that needed to be done at this stage.

“From the interrogation, it can be found that Old Lin is very certain the person behind it is a madman. He likely knows who the person behind it is. However, we didn’t find such a person when investigating his connections,” Chen Shiming explained. “There are only these two clues left. From the current mental state of Old Lin, it is difficult for us to ask anything else from him. We can only check the photo and phone recording.”

“But one thing is certain from the information obtained in the group so far.” Chen Shiming affirmed it. “The Lin family is indeed inseparable from this. There is one thing. The location of this photo is likely the Yunning Road near the Lin Group. However, Lin Shizong doesn’t own this car model. It is impossible to link the photo with Lin Shizong.”

The evidence was covered in clouds.

Chen Jianhong frowned slightly. He suddenly felt dizzy for a moment so he opened the drawer and took out antihypertensive medicine.

Chen Shiming looked at him with worry. “Dad?”

“It’s fine. It is just that my blood pressure is a bit high.”

Chen Jianhong added, “Continue to check.’

Just then, a knock was heard on the office door.

Chen Shiming shouted for the person to come in. Special Assistant Xu came in and said, “Boss, Xiao Zhou said we might have to re-check the matter of the aromatherapy store.”

Special Assistant Xu finished speaking and Chen Shiming frowned slightly. “We really need to ask Mom about this.”

“Let’s ask when we go back this evening.” Chen Jianhong took the blood pressure lowering medicine and said, “But it might have to be later. She will go to a party tonight and might be late going home.”

At a high-end hotel in the center of S City, ladies in formal clothing moved around.

Zhang Yazhi was holding a glass of champagne and talking to a little sister when he glimpsed the movement at the entrance. Her voice stopped for a moment. “Is there someone over there?”

“It should be Mrs Gu, right?” A noble lady in a cyan dress said. “You haven’t been to gatherings in this time so you must not have heard that someone from the Gu family in the capital has come? The host invited Mrs Gu tonight. We should go over and talk to her later.”

Zhang Yazhi had heard of this Mrs Gu. “Let’s talk about it later.”

“You’ve had a lot of trouble during this time,” the noble lady continued. “Since you have come out to relax, don’t keep sulking.”

Zhang Yazhi’s mood relaxed slightly when talking to her.

The two of them were chatting and didn’t get involved in the excitement over there.

After a while, the host of the dinner, Mrs Jiang, led a beautiful woman in a black dress over.

Mrs Jiang was very enthusiastic as she made the introductions to the beautiful woman. “This is Zhang Yazhi, Mr Chen Jianhong’s wife.”

Zhang Yazhi looked up at Mrs Gu in front of her and clinked glasses in greeting. “Hello.”

“Mrs Zhang, I’ve heard people mention you.” Mrs Gu spoke generously.

The two of them clinked glasses and chatted for a while, quickly becoming familiar.

Mrs Gu suddenly noticed the jade necklace around Zhang Yazhi’s neck and her eyes paused slightly. “Mrs Zhang’s jade necklace is really beautiful.”

Zhang Yazhi looked down at the necklace and said with a smile, “Really? It is a gift from my child.”


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