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MGAG: Chapter 61

The Chen family’s physical examination had been arranged in advance. By the time Chen Qizhao woke up the next day, the rest of the family was ready. Due to the aromatherapy matter, Chen Shiming arranged all the items early even if Chen Qizhao didn’t ask for a physical examination. In addition, their parents were middle-aged and a detailed examination was indispensable.

Chen Qizhao’s main concern was Chen Jianhong and Zhang Yazhi’s health. Zhang Yazhi was fine during this time. It was mainly that Chen Jianhong’s three high values were difficult to stabilize, which was his main concern. After finishing his routine physical examination, he waited for the reports of Chen Jianhong and Zhang Yazhi. Long-term intake of poisonous substances might lead to visceral lesions. Zhang Yazhi’s malignant tumor in his previous life was probably caused by this.

However, before the report could come out, a doctor came to call him.

“What examination is this?” Chen Qizhao frowned slightly. “Didn’t I finish the routine ones?”

Chen Shiming glanced at the physical examination form. “It was probably arranged by our parents. It might be because you had a fever a few days ago. Go over there and check the situation.”

The moment Chen Qizhao entered the consultation room, he noticed that the interior layout was different from other consultation rooms. Before he came, he looked at the situation and all the places further in were consultation rooms of the psychology department. He thought of Zhang Yazhi’s concern from time to time during this period and suddenly understood what was going on.

Chen Qizhao had seen a psychiatrist in his previous life. He also saw a psychologist when he had insomnia for a while.

He didn’t resist much. In order to make Zhang Yazhi feel at ease, he simply cooperated when filling out the doctor’s form.

It was just that his answers were a bit deliberate when the doctor asked him questions.

“How has your sleep quality been during this time?” The doctor asked.

Chen Qizhao answered without hesitation, “It is pretty good.”

The doctor had a gentle attitude, “Do you have many dreams or do you sleep lightly at night?”

Chen Qizhao frowned slightly. “Yes, but not much.”

The doctor glanced at him thoughtfully. However, Chen Qizhao was thinking after hearing the doctor mention his sleep problems. He asked, “Will there be drowsiness during the recovery period after a fever?”

The psychiatrist heard this and the pen recording notes paused slightly. “Have you been drowsy recently?”

“I have been sleeping a lot and am prone to sleepiness.” Chen Qizhao answered honestly. He had indeed been sleeping a bit too much in the past few days. He had inquired with the housekeeper about this and found it might be related to his fever medicine. However, he found that he was also occasionally sleepy when he didn’t take medicine.

The psychiatrist smiled. “There is indeed this possibility. Wait for your other reports to come out and let the attending doctor take a look.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t intend to get any answers from the psychiatrist. He finished the consultation and left to see the other reports. Chen Jianhong and Zhang Yazhi’s bodies didn’t have any major problems. Fortunately, the things he was worried about didn’t appear. There was no worrying cerebral infarction or tumor. There were just common middle-aged illnesses, which could be stabilized after a period of recuperation.

“It is good that our parents are fine. What type of expression do you have?” Chen Shiming looked at him suspiciously.

Chen Qizhao pinched the reports and his expression slightly relaxed. “No, I’m just a bit happy.”

He felt a type of indistinct joy. The things that seemed to be time bombs had finally fallen to the ground. Now he just needed to solve Lin Shizong’s problem and their family wouldn’t end up like in his previous life.

Chen Shiming hesitated slightly. Then he saw Chen Jianhong coming from a distance, so he asked in a loud voice, “What about Mom?”

“Your mother stayed with the doctor to ask something. You know she doesn’t feel at ease if she doesn’t ask questions clearly.” Chen Jianhong was a bit tired after the set of physical examinations. Once he finished speaking, he glanced at Chen Qizhao, who was still reading the report, with complicated eyes.

Chen Qizhao raised his head. He noticed Chen Jianhong’s gaze and wondered, “Is there something on my face?”

Chen Jianhong’s voice was a bit heavier. “…Can’t I just look at you?”

Chen Qizhao continued to lower his head and focused his attention on the report.

Chen Jianhong said again, “Once you get better, come to the company. I can arrange that entertainment company you asked for last time.”

Chen Qizhao answered casually. His interest in the company had passed. “Let’s talk about it.”

Chen Jianhong: “……”

For a while, he didn’t know if this child was active or not.

Chen Shiming didn’t pay attention to the conversation between these two people. He said something to Special Assistant Xu next to him and went over to Zhang Yazhi to see the situation. However, the moment he entered Zhang Yazhi’s consultation room, he noticed his mother’s slightly serious expression.

“He has a certain degree of anxiety and isn’t like other people his age. He is very vigilant and it is difficult to get answers to questions from his mouth.” The psychiatrist continued to analyze it. “He is very cooperative with my questions and knows my purpose, but it is like he is coping with work. He is very defensive. Once I asked a more hidden question, he could immediately react and find another answer to deal with me.”

Chen Shiming stopped slightly and continued to listen.

Zhang Yazhi was a bit nervous. “Then the child’s psychological condition…”

“A single inquiry can’t confirm anything. In connection with the situation you have told me about before, he should have drowsiness and a lack of concentration…” The psychiatrist hesitated a bit. “But you didn’t mention if he has other violent or extreme emotions.”

“Yes,” Chen Shiming suddenly said. “It appeared once last year.”

Zhang Yazhi wondered, “Shiming?”

Last year, Chen Qizhao went to the car yard with someone for racing. Once Chen Shiming brought him back, he said a few words emotionally. It seemed like a topic that shouldn’t have been mentioned was touched with Chen Qizhao. His face was very terrible and his words weren’t very logical. Chen Shiming hadn’t thought much about it before. He just thought Chen Qizhao was emotionally agitated before he didn’t want to be disciplined… now looking back, his performance at that time really didn’t seem like ordinary anger.

Chen Shiming reviewed the situation at that time with the doctor.

The doctor heard this and frowned even more. “Then did he experience hallucinations?”

“Hallucinations?!” Zhang Yazhi was stunned.

“I’m not sure,” Chen Shiming said. “He doesn’t talk about such things.”

“Judging by your words, he seems to be stubbornly determined about a certain fact,” the doctor said. “You know that some patients received here will have hallucinations or even cognitive errors in serious cases. Then as his family member, you should pay more attention to his daily performance. If such a serious situation really occurs, it isn’t a simple problem that can be solved by psychologist counseling. It might need drug control.”

Zhang Yazhi was a bit absent-minded when she came out of the doctor’s office. Chen Shiming noticed that Zhang Yazhi’s face wasn’t good, so he said, “Mom, don’t worry.”

“Say, this child… he is usually so energetic. Why is he so good at hiding things in his heart?” Zhang Yazhi’s eyes were a bit red. “You shouldn’t act the same in the future. If your brother is naughty, let it go and don’t force him too strongly. If he really doesn’t want to go to the company to help, can’t we afford to support him?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t know about anything else. The physical examination went very smoothly so he was in a very good mood when he returned home. On the way back to the bedroom, he asked Chen Shiming for a progress document. He read the document in his room for a while. Then when he came downstairs, Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong had already gone to work in the company.

“Where is my mother?” Chen Qizhao asked.

The housekeeper replied, “Ma’am is sorting out the photo album.”

Chen Qizhao looked for her and found Zhang Yazhi in the audio-visual hall, surrounded by photo albums she had dug out from somewhere. She saw Chen Qizhao approaching and beckoned for him to come and sit.

The light in the audio-visual hall was a bit dim. Chen Qizhao sat down next to Zhang Yazhi and asked, “Why are you suddenly sorting these out?”

“I suddenly wanted to look at previous photos, so I pulled them out and I am sorting them.” Zhang Yazhi smiled, her voice a bit hoarse. “Look, this is a photo of you when you were a child.”

Chen Qizhao simply sat down with Zhang Yazhi to organize the photos. He picked up one at random and found that they were all photos of his childhood. Some photos he had no memory of at all. He could only recognize some people from the photos. After scanning a few photos, he saw Shen Yuhuai when he was a child.

He looked at one of the photos of a picnic. Among the children, he saw his stern-faced brother Chen Shiming, the small pudding Yan Kailin, Shen Xuelan of the Shen family… there was also Shen Yuhuai in elementary school.

Shen Yuhuai was standing next to him. He was over a head taller than Chen Qizhao but he stood there in an upright manner with a decent smile on his face. Seeing this, Chen Qizhao raised an eyebrow slightly. Did Shen Yuhuai look like this when he was young? He didn’t seem to have changed much when he grew up.

“This photo album…” Zhang Yazhi leaned over to take a look. “This is when our family used to have meals together when you were children.”

Chen Qizhao suddenly remembered what Yan Kailin said before. Their families used to love to get together… it turned out that the Shen family was also there at the time?

Zhang Yazhi flipped through the photos and pointed to the children in them. “Look, these are the two brothers of the Yan family, the brother and sister of the Shen family, the children of the Zhou family… your cousin. Then this is the child of Uncle Lin’s family.”

Chen Qizhao’s good mood came to an end when he saw the young Lin Shizong. He looked at Lin Shizong, who was hooking an arm around Chen Jianhong’s shoulder in the photo, and his hand holding the album tightened a bit. He looked away and suddenly glimpsed a strange child.

“Who is this child?” Chen Qizhao asked suddenly.

Zhang Yazhi followed his gaze and saw the child who was around the same age as Chen Qizhao. She paused for a moment before saying with a bit of pity, “That is Old Lin’s child.”

“Uncle Lin’s child?” Chen Qizhao recalled it. “I remember that Uncle Lin’s wife and child died a long time ago?”

“Yes, it was 11 or 12 years ago? I can’t remember the time.” Zhang Yazhi thought for a moment. “Aunt Fu was Old Lin’s wife and she used to take care of our garden. I remember that Xiao Yu was sick that day and the family doctor happened to be on a business trip and couldn’t come. Your Aunt Fu had to take Xiao Yu to the hospital, but died on the way.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes froze. “On the way? Did something happen?”

“A car accident,” Zhang Yazhi said. “I remember it was at the Panshan intersection. A driver ran through a red light on a rainy day and rushed straight to the sidewalk. Your Aunt Fu was walking with Xiao Yu on the sidewalk and they were unfortunately caught in it. Your Aunt Fu died on the spot. Xiao Yu was sent to the hospital but the rescue failed…”

She was halfway through when she noticed that Chen Qizhao’s face was a bit dark.

Zhang Yazhi was stunned and instantly became nervous. “Xiao Zhao? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” Chen Qizhao’s eyes stayed on the person in the photo and he noticed the young driver, Old Lin, standing in the corner. “The location of the Panshan intersection just sounds familiar.”


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    Thank you so much for translating! <3

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      It’s very well written by web novel standards. The mastermind is known but the trail is hidden, which is interesting.

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