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MGAG: Chapter 59 Part 1

Uncle Lin…? Chen Shiming was a bit surprised when he saw the person Chen Qizhao was referring to and he frowned slightly. “Why him? It isn’t necessary.”

If Old Lin replaced or arranged these toxic aromatherapies then what exactly was he planning? It was the same confined space and Old Lin drove in the driver’s seat. He would ingest far more of the aromatherapy than Chen Jianhong and his body would be affected by being in such an environment for a long time. Chen Shiming considered several suspects. To be honest, Old Lin was the least suspicious.

“He is the one who has been in contact with the car for the longest and has been in the space of the car for the longest.” Chen Qizhao looked at Chen Shiming and expressed his guess. “You have found that the aromatherapy has been replaced for at least half a year. He drives the car with these fragrances every day. As the person closest to the aromatherapy, it is doubtful that he can’t find the problem.”

Perhaps Uncle Lin really didn’t find a problem with the aromatherapy but it didn’t make sense if someone else replaced the aromatherapy. First of all, the aromatherapy was prepared at home. As far as he knew, Zhang Yazhi liked many scents. There were around ten types of spare aromatherapy scents placed in the storage room. The culprit needed to know in advance the scent of the aromatherapy installed in the car and replace it with aromatherapy prepared in advance. Otherwise, the difference in scent would immediately cause others to suspect…

If the suspect was from the car yard, how could they determine the aromatherapy scent when other maintenance workers might be present, make the aroma and then replace the aroma? Or the people in the car yard didn’t take into account the aromatherapy scent and randomly prepared a similar-looking box. Then Uncle Lin’s suspicion was even greater. He should definitely be able to find the difference as the driver.

“There might be a problem with the aromatherapy store, but these aromatherapy boxes were accurately installed in Dad’s car. Don’t you find it strange?” Chen Qizhao said. “There are so many servants and drivers who might come into contact with the cars at home, but it is Uncle Lin who is driving those cars.”

Perhaps Zhang Yazhi was the one who arranged the aromatherapy but Old Lin often went to the garage and had the opportunity to arrange the problematic aromatherapy in the target vehicle before Chen Jianhong or the others could touch the aromatherapy. He could also act as an intermediary and tell Zhang Yazhi what scent Chen Jianhong preferred… it was a simple matter for Old Lin to control the fragrance to the exact location without arousing the suspicion of others.

Chen Shiming knew that Old Lin was a person who worked in the Chen family when he was young and had been a driver for his father Chen Jianhong for many years. He often picked them up to and from school when he was a child. The person who had the longest contact time was indeed Old Lin. However, it was precisely because it was Old Lin that Chen Shiming couldn’t figure it out. He hoped that the suspect would be an employee of the car yard who received money. He didn’t want the suspect to come from the Chen family’s villa.

There was Jiang Yuze, Lin Shizong… and now Old Lin.

Such a result was hard for even him to believe, let alone Chen Jianhong who had trusted them for a long time.

At this time, a voice was heard from outside the door. It seemed to be Zhang Yazhi.

The conversation between the brothers stopped tacitly and Chen Shiming said, “I will investigate the rest.”

The door opened and Zhang Yazhi came in followed by a maid. Chen Qizhao’s dinner was placed on a tray. She urged Chen Shiming to go down to eat while she sat on the edge of Chen Qizhao’s bed, seemingly planning to feed him by hand.

Chen Qizhao was already sober and he wasn’t so sick that he couldn’t even hold a spoon. “I can do it myself.”

Zhang Yazhi was a bit regretful but she had to pass over the tableware. “Are you uncomfortable? There might be no taste in your mouth after a fever but you need to rest. I have already helped you take a leave of absence from school.”

“I’m not uncomfortable.” Chen Qizhao was eating and he was still thinking about the topic he had talked about with Chen Shiming.

In fact, the more subjective reason for doubting Uncle Lin was Chen Shiming’s car accident in his previous life. He wasn’t sure if there was such a thing as the GPS transmitter in his previous life. Jiang Yuze had placed people in Chen Shiming’s assistant group early on. He wasn’t sure how much Jiang Yuze did in his previous life, but he was certain that Jiang Yuze had hired a truck driver.

Assuming that there was no GPS transmitter, Jiang Yuze’s route of action was likely to be learning Chen Shiming’s itinerary for that day through Chen Shiming’s assistant, let the driver prepare in advance and hit Chen Shiming’s vehicle when it appeared. This plan sounded feasible but the chances of success were only half. First of all, the truck driver needed to maintain a certain speed so as to not arouse suspicion. Secondly, he needed to hit Chen Shiming accurately at the Panshan intersection…

The plan was feasible but the chances of succeeding were only half.

In this life, Chen Shiming had planned for the car accident to take place in a location with a wide field of view where it was easy to control. The use of the GPS and the road timing judgment made it completely feasible to carry out a man-made accident. Meanwhile, in his previous life, there were many obstacles near the winding mountain intersection and the truck driver wouldn’t be able to judge the location from a distance… then what if it wasn’t just the truck driver? Even Old Lin was arranged by Jiang Yuze, so there was the opportunity to create an accident that Chen Shiming couldn’t notice in his previous life.

Later, there was the accident investigation into the steering wheel changes. Most people, including Chen Qizhao, believed that the steering wheel changes at that time were due to the driver instinctively turning it to avoid some injuries. However, what if the driver hadn’t subconsciously avoided the head-on impact but deliberately adjusted the steering wheel to ensure that the truck could hit it… the result would be completely different from their guess.

Chen Qizhao hadn’t thought about these things at first, or perhaps he was just inclined to trust the driver, Uncle Lin. Now the signs made him question that trust. The driver had many years of driving experience and could rely on instinct to avoid an injury when the accident occurred. It was also possible to predict the arrival of the accident in advance and bring Chen Shiming there with the determination to die.

However, Chen Shiming was lucky and survived.

The driver died.

People always felt compassion for the dead and they believed that the dead didn’t lie.

The death of the driver turned the man-made accident into an accident.

“What are you thinking about?” Zhang Yazhi suddenly asked.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned. “Nothing.”

“The porridge is cold.” Zhang Yazhi said with a smile. “Eat the porridge and drink some soup.”

She watched Chen Qizhao drink porridge with his head lowered and the smile in her eyes gradually faded.

Zhang Yazhi had been paying close attention to the child and she noticed when he was in a daze just now. She watched the child scoop up porridge for a few minutes, but she didn’t see him speak or move. Therefore, she just stayed there quietly as if thinking about something, thoughts wandering.

Regarding Chen Qizhao’s fever this time, she had specifically asked the doctor. Chen Shiming had said he caught a cold and developed a fever because he didn’t pay attention to keeping warm when sleeping in the office. However, she was more inclined to believe that the child had something on his mind, especially during this period of time. The thinner he was and the more time he spent in silence, the more suspicious she became.

Chen Qizhao finished eating and sleepiness rose again.

There were many side effects to a fever such as sore limbs, headaches, fatigue… Chen Qizhao waited two days before going downstairs to eat. He was ordered by Zhang Yazhi not to go out, so he would talk to Yan Kailin who came to visit or stay in the living room with Zhang Yazhi to watch dramas the rest of the time.

“Aren’t you going to work these days?” Chen Qizhao asked.

Zhang Yazhi changed the channel and said, “Mom is watching you at home these days and I can’t go anywhere.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

Various popular dramas were playing on the TV. Zhang Yazhi liked to watch these dog-blooded dramas in her free time. Chen Qizhao was wrapped in a blanket and accompanied her. He hadn’t watched TV in ages but now he accompanied Zhang Yazhi to watch it for a full two hours.

Zhang Yazhi said, “That man is really hateful.”

Chen Qizhao nodded. He thought about how this person had been on the hot search due to domestic violence in reality, so he said, “This person is a domestic violence man.”

Zhang Yazhi asked with surprise, “When did he commit domestic violence? Is he married?”

“He isn’t married yet? …I just think he looks like a man who commits domestic violence.”

Zhang Yazhi pointed to another actor. “What about this one?”

Chen Qizhao had no impression of him and replied, “Nothing much.”

The waiting housekeeper heard the conversation between mother and son and was speechless for a while. Finally, he asked, “Ma’am, should lunch still be prepared according to yesterday’s menu?”

Zhang Yazhi nodded before suddenly remembering. “Prepare enough for one more person.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t think much about it. He looked at the actors in the drama while looking through the files on his phone that Special Assistant Xu had prepared a long time ago. Previously during the Feihong matter, he only signed a cooperation contract with Nie Chenxiao’s studio. He originally prepared a lot of information about other small artists as an alternative for the project at that time. Now thinking about it, the materials were already prepared. It was better to sign people first. In the future, these artists could be used if they lacked a spokesperson and there was no need to go outside to cooperate with artists whose actions were uncertain.

He thought about this and counted the remaining spare money in his hand. Then he directly sent the document to Xiao Zhou, asking him to discuss cooperation with these people. The matter of the Feihong project had been re-investigated due to Jiang Yuze’s incident and Feng Ruyi had sent a special message to thank him. Chen Qizhao didn’t think much about this thanks. After all, he took what he needed from Feng Ruyi. However, he knew that after this incident, the project cooperation between the Chen family and the Shen family had the strict Feng Ruyi checking it. It was estimated that there would be no big problems…

He was playing with his phone while Zhang Yazhi was chatting with a little sister on the other side. She seemed to be talking about some type of party.

“What party is it?” Chen Qizhao asked casually.

“An evening party prepared by the wives in the circle,” Zhang Yazhi answered. “It is in two days and I have been wondering whether to refuse or not.”

It was the social gathering of those wives and ladies… Chen Qizhao remembered that Zhang Yazhi loved to go out to play in the past.

“Aren’t you bored and tired at home?” Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes and continued to play with his phone. There were no new emails in his private inbox in the past two days. He told her, “Then go. You haven’t gone out to a party this month.”

Zhang Yazhi was surprised. “How do you know that I haven’t gone out this month?”

Chen Qizhao casually made an excuse. “I listened to what the housekeeper said. Recently, you have been going home after work and didn’t go out.”

Zhang Yazhi glared at the housekeeper next to her.

The housekeeper thought about it. Did he say it?

“Then promise me that you won’t sneak out.” Zhang Yazhi frowned. “Your body isn’t well. If I don’t watch you, what if you run out and drink indiscriminately?” Then she added, “It isn’t that mom won’t let you drink alcohol. However, you have just been sick and need to take good care of your body.”

Chen Qizhao had to say, “Okay, I won’t go out.”

He really didn’t plan to go out these days. Even if he didn’t go out to do some things, Chen Shiming would give him the documents after investigating. Since Chen Shiming was focused on Jiang Yuze and Lin Shizong, he would definitely discover things riddled with holes in the Chen family. In the past, Lin Shizong’s layouts relied on Jiang Yuze to deploy his actions. Now Jiang Yuze was hard to protect. Lin Shizong should be thinking about how to protect himself after losing the general called Jiang Yuze.

Chen Qizhao scrolled through his phone aimlessly and pondered on Lin Shizong’s thoughts.

In his previous life when he sent Lin Shizong to prison, he hadn’t found all the details about how much hatred Lin Shizong had with the Chen family that he would spend all these years planning how to tear down the tall building of the Chen family. After all, the friendship between Lin Shizong and Chen Jianhong had been as early as over ten years ago when the Chen family hadn’t expanded to the current scale. Lin Shizong had every chance to bring down the Chen family but he never did it. It wasn’t until the Chen family grew into a monstrous size that Lin Shizong started the arrangements, causing them to collapse.

Chen Qizhao didn’t have time to think about Lin Shizong’s bad taste. He believed that this person was a threat to his family and there was only one thing he wanted to do. He wanted to make Lin Shizong pay.


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