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MGAG: Chapter 58 Part 2

In the study of the Chen family, Chen Jianhong listened to Chen Shiming’s report with a solemn face. He closed his eyes slightly and his heart was very heavy. “Is that so… then the matter of the aromatherapy hasn’t been found yet?”

“I’ve asked people to check it out. The aromatherapy involves a wide range of people and I didn’t tell Mom about this.” Chen Shiming didn’t dare to say it. He was afraid that if Zhang Yazhi knew there was such a big problem with the aromatherapy she prepared for the family during this time, she would blame herself.

The number of people who had access to the aromatherapy was actually very large. One was the aromatherapy store responsible for making it. There was also the driver and maids who could enter and exit the garage at home. The third was the card yard workers who regularly maintained the cars. It would take a while for things to be carefully examined. The only thing that could be known was that the other person really wanted the lives of the Chen family members. This person was also most likely to be Lin Shizong, his father’s long-time friend.

Chen Jianhong closed his eyes slightly, as if thinking about all the things that Chen Shiming just said. He asked, “Xiao Zhao has always known about this, right?”

He thought about when Jiang Yuze had come to the house several times and Chen Qizhao clearly expressed his dislike. At that time, he thought the child was just being stubborn but perhaps Chen Qizhao was already testing their attitude.

Some time ago, Chen Shiming talked to him about Chen Qizhao. At that time, he said that Chen Qizhao might not be as simple as he seemed on the surface. Therefore, he discussed with Shiming about letting the child come to headquarters to experience things. If Chen Qizhao was a smart child, this could let the child change his impetuous personality earlier. Now looking at it according to Chen Shiming’s words, the matter involving the car accident, aromatherapy… and also Jiang were likely to be Chen Qizhao’s handwriting.

He didn’t know how much the child had done but once the shell of the truth was peeled off, he realized that some things were shocking.

“Dad, perhaps the reason why Qizhao didn’t want to tell us this before was because Lin Shizong had a good relationship with our family.” Chen Shiming paid attention to his father’s face. “He directly said he was worried that we wouldn’t believe him. Now that the matter has reached this level, I don’t know what Lin Shizong has in mind but our relationship with the Lin family can’t go back to the past.”

The car accident and the aromatherapy were murder attempts.

Chen Jianhong had a complicated mood. From the time he accepted the betrayal of his assistant Jiang Yuze, he suddenly realized that he had been too trusting of his friends and subordinates who worked together with him in the past. Even if he didn’t want to believe it, the facts laid out in front of him couldn’t be disbelieved. Thus, he made up his mind. “Check and find out everything.”

Chen Qizhao had a fever for three days. In those three days, he was confused and the time he spent awake was far less than the time he was asleep. Zhang Yazhi was very anxious. Every time she saw Chen Qizhao’s temperature drop and rise again, so she wanted to install the family doctor next to Chen Qizhao to keep an eye on the child. Fortunately, on the third day, Chen Qizhao’s body temperature finally stabilized. It went from a high fever to a low fever and he gradually woke up.

After sleeping for too long, Chen Qizhao felt as if his body was about to fall apart. He could feel the soreness of his muscles with every slight movement.

Eating was tasteless and he had a headache when he sat up. He hadn’t experienced such a serious illness for a long time. Even on the fourth day, Chen Qizhao’s reaction was still a bit slow. He lay on the bed and listened to Zhang Yazhi’s nagging. For the first time, he didn’t have the strength to argue. He even had a feeling of nostalgia when he heard the other person’s nagging.

Chen Qizhao told himself that he should cherish it. At the very least, he could hear Zhang Yazhi’s nagging when he was sick in this life.

“Yuhuai came to see you two days ago, but you were sleeping. The child stayed for half a day before leaving,” Zhang Yazhi said. “He also told me some ingredients and communicated with the housekeeper for a while. He said that you should eat this to make up for it after you recover from your illness. You haven’t even seen how much weight you lost during this time.”

She couldn’t help saying, “Mom has been very worried during this time.”

Chen Qizhao nodded slightly. “I’m sorry.”

“What are you apologizing for?” Zhang Yazhi patted his hand in a dissatisfied manner. After the pat, she couldn’t bear it any longer. She looked at the pinprick mark in the back of his hand due to the infusion. “Look at you. The back of your hand is blue after you got sick. Do you dare be like this next time? Can’t you pay more attention to your body? How anxious is your family when you are sick?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak and just quietly listened to Zhang Yazhi’s nagging.

“Once you are fine in two days, the entire family will go for a physical examination,” Zhang Yazhi said. “This time, your brother and father have strongly asked for us to go together. It seems that you getting sick has scared them. This year’s physical examination hasn’t been done. We must take a good look this time.”

Chen Qizhao listened silently and the burden in his heart was inexplicably relieved.

The car accident was settled and the matter of aromatherapy was also found out. The only one left was Lin Shizong. He pondered on the next matter. Jiang Yuze was exposed and Lin Shizong must be eager to cover up all the information about Jiang Yuze. An old fox like him couldn’t only have Jiang Yuze as a chess piece. This time, Lin Shizong was greatly injured. The other person should be waiting for an opportunity to act and reorganize.

Then this was a good time to take advantage of when Lin Shizong was busy to follow Jiang Yuze’s line to dig out everything Lin Shizong did. Chen Qizhao had done such a thing during his previous life. How else did he discredit and make Lin Shizong be imprisoned in his previous life? He could do it again in this life and let Lin Shizong go in ‘beautifully’ to accompany Jiang Yuze.

In addition, the current Lin Shizong wasn’t as difficult to deal with as he was ten years later. The Chen Group was still a big business with capital.

It was even easier to kill Lin Shizong.

Chen Qizhao was thinking about it when his forehead was hit by an external force.

Zhang Yazhi flicked her son’s forehead. “What are you thinking, child?”

“Nothing.” Chen Qizhao said smoothly. “I want to invite Brother Huai for a meal in two days.”

The moment Shen Yuhuai was mentioned, he suddenly found a fragment of memory in his mind. He thought about how he grabbed Shen Yuhuai’s hand and let Shen Yuhuai touch him when he was confused. He had such a high fever that he had no lower limit. Shen Yuhuai actually indulged him and switched hands to touch him.

Thinking back now, the cold touch seemed close at hand.

Chen Qizhao inexplicably felt his heartbeat increase.

“Why are you blushing?” Zhang Yazhi asked.

Chen Qizhao glanced at the closed window and said, “It might be that the air isn’t circulating and it is a bit stuffy.”

“I’m worried that your health isn’t good these days, so you might get sick again if the cold wind blows in.” Zhang Yazhi walked over to make a small opening. “I can only open it a slit. Lie down well. Mom will go down and see if the soup is ready.”

Chen Qizhao withdrew his gaze and stopped on Zhang Yazhi’s healthy face.

Zhang Yazhi had just opened the door when she suddenly turned around. “ Xiao Zhao.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned.

Zhang Yazhi told him, “Remember to tell Mom if you have anything on your mind. Don’t hide it in your heart.”

She added, “It isn’t good to hold back. Tell your family if there is anything. You can say bad things about your brother. If he bullies you in the company, you can also tell me.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were slightly dazed before he agreed.

Once Zhang Yazhi left, quiet returned to the room. Chen Qizhao propped up his body. His eyes stayed on the door for several minutes. Then he slowly used his phone to check the messages he had missed in the past few days. Many people in the VX came to ask questions. Yan Kailin and the others heard that he had a fever and sent him messages for several days to ask if he was okay. Chen Qizhao simply replied to some messages and scrolled to the top of the chat list. Shen Yuhuai’s name was followed by a red bubble with the number 17.

The first message was asking about his health. Later, all the messages were links to consultations on how to maintain his health.

Chen Qizhao didn’t know how to reply to him. He stayed in the chat interface for a long time. Finally, he withdrew to save one of Yan Kailin’s emoji and sent a cute ‘thank you’ to the other person.

After cleaning up his daily messages, he went to check his private messages.

The moment he discovered the problem of the aromatherapy, he entrusted other people to investigate it. The day before yesterday, he received a message from the other person. Since he didn’t reply, the other person sent it again. Chen Qizhao first replied to the email and carefully checked the survey results. He focused on the source of aromatherapy. From the investigation data of the other party, the aromatherapy store served a large number of customers. It wasn’t like a store that deliberately manufactured toxic aromatherapy.

The sky was already dark when Chen Qizhao finished reading the email.

He casually turned on the bedside light. Once he got out of bed, his legs were a bit soft. He felt a bit of pain like needle pricks from his head. He casually put on a coat and as he walked to the window, he happened to see the cars of Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong entering the villa one after another. His eyes stayed on the two cars for a while and watched them enter the garage… as well as the driver Old Lin who briefly appeared in his field of view.

The sound of the car disappeared and the lights outside also weakened.

Chen Qizhao returned to bed and heard footsteps outside the door for a while.

The footsteps slowed down and stopped abruptly when they came to the entrance of his room.

The moment Chen Qizhao covered himself with the quilt, Chen Shiming pushed open the door and walked in. He walked in while still holding a document in his hand.

“Are you awake?” He saw Chen Qizhao sitting on the bed and casually turned on the light in the room.

Chen Qizhao looked at him and saw the document placed on the bedside table. “The aromatherapy?”

“Yes, it isn’t easy to check. There are many people involved.” Chen Shiming reached out his hand slightly. He was about to touch Chen Qizhao when he saw the other person shrink back.

“Why are you hiding?” Chen Shiming forcefully touched his head and noticed the gentle temperature against the palm of his hand.

Chen Qizhao glanced at him. “Do you test body temperature like this?”

Chen Shiming wondered, “…What’s wrong with me testing your temperature?”

Chen Qizhao was puzzled. “You can ask me first.”

Chen Shiming didn’t want to quarrel with the patient. He glanced at the document and said, “I don’t know what progress you have made over there but I made a copy of the information that I have found. You can see if there are any missing problems.”

Chen Qizhao picked up the documents and read through them. He knew Chen Shiming’s investigation speed well. Once he saw the information in the data, he knew the other person had checked it very carefully.

Chen Shiming paid attention to Chen Qizhao’s expression. He saw that Chen Qizhao had seen the page with the suspects and said, “There are many people involved so it isn’t simple to check them one by one. The people who have contacted them are mixed. If I have to list the suspects, I can only say there are more than ten.”

To put it simply, it would take too much time to investigate these ten suspects one by one and he was likely to startle the enemy.

Chen Shiming was a bit hesitant while speaking but he still asked, “Among these people, do you have any important suspects?”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao directly turned to one of the pages. A certain ID photo was very familiar.

He pointed to the person. “The family’s driver, Uncle Lin.”

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