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MGAG: Chapter 58 Part 1

A fever?

Shen Yuhuai’s coat covered Chen Qizhao’s body and the mint fragrance made Chen Qizhao’s brain crash for a moment. He slowed down before he understood what Shen Yuhuai’s words meant.

Chen Qizhao touched his forehead after realizing it. A fever? How could he have a fever?

The word sickness was a bit unfamiliar to Chen Qizhao. After being alone in his previous life, he only had a handful of illnesses except for drinking gastric bleeding and being admitted to the hospital. It was because the consequences of being sick were that he couldn’t handle his work for a few days or even weeks. His life had too few fault tolerances and he couldn’t be sick.

He had a certain understanding of his body. After being reborn, he retained some habits of exercising. So in the face of this menacing fever, his brain didn’t react at all.

Chen Shiming had also noticed Chen Qizhao’s strangeness after turning on the lights. He left the office and asked Special Assistant Xu to prepare the car. He went to the rest room in the company to find a temporary thermometer. Then once he returned to the room, he saw Shen Yuhuai wrapping Chen Qizhao in his coat. He held warm water and was asking Chen Qizhao to drink more water.

“The thermometer.” Chen Shiming handed over the things.

Shen Yuhuai put the warm water cup on the table. He slightly undid Chen Qizhao’s coat and said in a gentle voice. “Raise your hand. We will measure the temperature.”

Chen Shiming stood by and watched. Chen Qizhao lowered his head. He quietly followed Shen Yuhuai’s movements to clamp the thermometer under his armpit. His hair was a bit messy and his cheeks were burning red. Judging from the performance of the other person, he should’ve just had a fever for a short time. Chen Shiming lowered his eyes slightly and regret welled up. Just now, he had been discussing the aromatherapy matter with Chen Qizhao and all he thought about was what role Lin Shizong and the Lin Group played in these things. He didn’t notice anything wrong with Chen Qizhao’s state.

He should’ve stopped discussing it to turn on the light and notice Chen Qizhao’s fever, or he should’ve noticed earlier. He thought that Chen Qizhao was like before and spoke with strange sarcasm. Now he recalled the content of the conversation and found that Chen Qizhao’s words were a bit illogical. Perhaps at that time, his body was already uncomfortable.

Shen Yuhuai’s coat was large, almost wrapping around Chen Qizhao’s entire body.

The more Chen Shiming looked, the more he found that his younger brother seemed a bit thin. He closed his eyes slightly and quickly examined the various changes in Chen Qizhao during this period of time, trying to find traces of his changes under the cover he usually put on. However, there was nothing. It seemed that Chen Qizhao suddenly grew up to his current appearance at some point.

“39.2 degrees Celsius.” Shen Yuhuai took out the thermometer, his face serious.

“I asked Xiao Xu to get the car ready. We can head to the doctors at the nearby hospital.” Chen Shiming simply unbuttoned one of his suit jackets and bent down in front of Shen Yuhuai. “I’ll carry him. Pass him over.”

Chen Qizhao’s reaction was half a beat slower. By the time he knew that his fever had reached 39 degrees, he was already lying on Chen Shiming’s back.

The side of his head rested against Chen Shiming’s neck. He could smell the men’s cologne that Chen Shiming commonly used. He wasn’t very stable when moving. His entire body was covered by Shen Yuhuai’s coat and nothing could be seen. He could feel the vibration of Chen Shiming’s body when he spoke and he heard noises getting further and further away.

He suddenly remembered that Chen Shiming hadn’t carried him for a long time.

It seemed to be long ago. He broke his knees when playing with other people. Chen Shiming, who always liked to be stern, came back from school and scolded him. Then Chen Shiming crouched in front of him and carried Chen Qizhao on his back to find the housekeeper and bandage the wound.

After arriving at the hospital corridor, Chen Qizhao sat in the emergency corridor for an infusion while Chen Shiming was talking to the doctor about the follow-up care for the fever.

Chen Qizhao blinked and the feeling of confusion caused by the high fever became more serious. He didn’t think about other things. Now when he started thinking, there was always a sense of tearing that couldn’t be connected together. The feeling of dizziness and chills became heavier. Then a hand reached out to steady him.

“If you are sleepy then sleep while leaning on me.” Shen Yuhuai told him. “Your situation is okay. You can go home and rest after the infusion.”

Looking at it from this angle, he could only see the side of Chen Qizhao’s face. The other person’s eyelids were lowered. It seemed his eyes were only half open due to discomfort. He was like a small animal in urgent need of warmth, gradually shrinking in his direction.

Shen Yuhuai was worried that his movements would affect the hand with the infusion, so he had to slightly adjust the position of the coat draped over him. He fastened a few buttons and used his warm palms to warm Chen Qizhao’s arm which was slightly cool due to the infusion. However, this coldness wasn’t cold because Chen Qizhao was really hot from the fever. Even the heat that came out from his breath was frightening.

At this moment, Shen Yuhuai noticed that Chen Qizhao’s gaze was on the back of his hand.

Chen Qizhao felt the shortness of breath caused by a high fever. After the coldness, he felt the heat rushing around. The high temperature brought on by the fever made him feel a bit uncomfortable. Not only did he want to shrink into the warm clothes but he also wanted to find other sources of coldness. It didn’t take long for his attention to stay on Shen Yuhuai’s hand. The temperature of the other person was lower than his own body temperature, especially the back of his hand. It seemed very cold.

Without thinking about any offense, he grabbed the back of the other person’s hand with the hand that wasn’t receiving the infusion.

Shen Yuhuai looked stunned. He didn’t move as he quietly watched the hand that was holding his.

A hot feeling came from the place where they touched. In an instant, Shen Yuhuai couldn’t tell whether it was Chen Qizhao’s body temperature or his illusion. His faster heartbeat made Shen Yuhuai force himself to remain calm. He held his breath and asked softly, “Qizhao?”

His warm palm clasped the other person’s arm. A cold feeling seemed to come from his palm, making Chen Qizhao feel a trace of comfort.

Then he was soon dissatisfied with this small piece of coldness. He grabbed Shen Yuhuai’s hand and placed it against his hot cheek. He rubbed against it, liking this cold touch. He felt that his burning breath was a bit more comfortable.

Soon, the coldness from the back of the hand became less and less obvious and Chen Qizhao was completely confused.

He lowered his hand and his blank gaze stayed on the back of Shen Yuhuai’s hand for a moment. He seemed to be judging if the hand in front of him was still playing a role.

At this time, another hand reached out from the side.

The man’s voice rang in his ears.

“It is cold,” Shen Yuhuai said.

Chen Qizhao seemed stunned. He seemed to still be judging the other person’s words and didn’t move.

Shen Yuhuai raised his hand slightly. He imitated Chen Qizhao’s movements just now and placed the back of his hand on Chen Qizhao’s face.

Chen Qizhao leaned against Shen Yuhuai’s shoulder and felt the cold touch. However, he soon wasn’t satisfied again. He always felt that the cold touch could only stay on one side. His hot breathing became heavier and heavier.

“You touch me.”

Shen Yuhuai’s hands paused slightly. “What?”

“Touch me.” Chen Qizhao was confused. He hoped that the other person’s hand could be divided into two halves. He rubbed Shen Yuhuai’s hand against the other side of his face. “It is hot.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes darkened slightly. He was worried that the other person would pull out the infusion tube indiscriminately.

He fulfilled Chen Qizhao’s request. “Okay.”

Once Chen Shiming and Special Assistant Xu came back from taking the medicine, they saw Chen Qizhao sitting in the emergency hall completely asleep. He was leaning on Shen Yuhuai, half his face buried in Shen Yuhuai’s clothes. He was breathing heavily and his face was red.

“You’ve worked hard.” Chen Shiming sat down and used his hand to test Chen Qizhao’s body temperature. However, the other person’s body temperature didn’t seem to have dropped. “I contacted the family doctor. After the infusion here, we will go home directly. They have prepared the infusion medicine there and it is convenient for taking care of him at home.”

This was the first time Special Assistant Xu had seen the second young master sick and so obedient. The last time he saw his boss so anxious was when the little tyrant was drugged at the Lin family’s charity party. Today, the boss was obviously very anxious and had been urging the driver to hurry up on the road. He secretly sighed in his heart. The two brothers quarreled but became anxious as soon as the other got sick.

He was wondering if there was anything to deal with when he suddenly glimpsed the red ears of Mr Shen, who was sitting next to the second young master.

Special Assistant Xu asked suspiciously, “Mr Shen, are you hot?”

“It’s fine.” Shen Yuhuai was only wearing a sweater.

Special Assistant Xu nodded and looked at the closed glass door on the other side of the emergency room.

This place wasn’t too ventilated and it was probably stuffy.

The infusion lasted a total of three hours. It was past 9 o’clock when it finished. Special Assistant Xu took the initiative to go to a nearby restaurant to buy food. But after the food was delivered, the two people standing next to the second young master seemed to have no appetite. After the infusion, Chen Shiming drove him home. Chen Shiming didn’t notify his family in advance. It was only when he got home that the Chen parents knew about Chen Qizhao’s fever.

There were too many things happening in the group today and Jiang Yuze’s matter was also very troublesome to deal with. Chen Jianhong looked tired and he became faintly dizzy when he heard about Chen Qizhao’s fever. He hurriedly asked the housekeeper to get some antihypertensive medicine.

Zhang Yazhi’s anxious eyes were red and asked the housekeeper to prepare things. She watched Shen Yuhuai carry Chen Qizhao into the room and cover him with a warm quilt.

“Why did he suddenly get a fever?” Zhang Yazhi asked.

“I asked Xiao Zhou. He slept in the office for a day and didn’t put on more clothes.” Chen Shiming’s expression was a bit tired. “Maybe it was cold at the time. Blame me. I didn’t notice his problem soon enough…” He stopped talking halfway through. Sleeping in the office all day might’ve been an external cause but the changes in Chen Qizhao’s body during this time weren’t fake. They had done some blood tests and other small checks in the hospital. The doctor said that Chen Qizhao wasn’t in good health.

The family never treated Chen Qizhao badly when it came to food and drink. He didn’t know how Chen Qizhao’s body became like this.

“Let the child have a good rest,” Chen Jianhong said. “We should go out first. Did you call the doctor over?”

Chen Shiming said, “I have called him. He received an infusion in the hospital and we should check if the fever subsides tonight.”

He looked at Chen Jianhong standing next to him. Then he said after a slight hesitation, “Dad, come out. I have something to tell you.”

Zhang Yazhi’s mind was entirely focused on her child and she always went to his room to check on him from time to time.

Shen Yuhuai stayed at the Chen house for a while. Then he saw that Chen Qizhao was already asleep and got up to leave.

“Yuhuai, thank you so much this time,” Zhang Yazhi said. “Come to eat another day. You can’t refuse. Just agree.”

Shen Yuhuai nodded. Zhang Yazhi asked the driver to send him home.

At that time, he was in a hurry to go to the hospital and Shen Yuhuai’s car was still parked in the underground garage of the Chen headquarters building.

After sending this person away, Zhang Yazhi went back to the room to take a look. Then she came out and asked the housekeeper, “Jianhong hasn’t come out yet?”

“Yes, they said that no one is allowed to disturb them,” the housekeeper said.

“Oh, what is going on?” Zhang Yazhi sighed. The child was sick and her husband and son had problems with the company. “Who would’ve thought that Xiao Jiang was actually that type of person… why bother?”


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