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MGAG: Chapter 57 Part 2

Chen Qizhao listened to Chen Shiming’s voice. He suppressed the irritability welling up in his chest and reached out for a glass of water on the table.

Then when he picked it up, he found that the water in the glass had already been drunk by him. He had to put down the cup of water, trying to sort out the logic in his chaotic brain. “What did you just say? You want to know about the aromatherapy?”

“The aromatherapy was discovered when I went to the car yard with Shen Yuhuai last week. Shen Yuhuai noticed that the aromatherapy in the car smelled wrong so he asked the staff member for a sample and sent it off for an inspection.

Chen Qizhao didn’t call Shen Yuhuai ‘Brother Huai’ like he did on the phone before. He was like a machine narrating a certain fact.

Chen Shiming’s eyes sank. “What do you mean? Is there something wrong with the aromatherapy?”

When mentioning the aromatherapy, Chen Qizhao suddenly remembered when Zhang Yazhi mentioned that his father was a bit dizzy some time ago. He thought that Chen Jianhong just wasn’t taking care of his body properly and wasn’t taking the medicine… but if he had discovered the aromatherapy earlier, would everything have been different?

No, this wasn’t his previous life. It was still early. It wasn’t a few years later.

Chen Qizhao found that he was thinking a bit too much and almost confused the things in this life with his previous life. He continued speaking, “Then when I got home, I found that there was more than one aromatherapy that produced a pungent smell. Some of them weren’t used while the rest were in the old man’s care. There were a total of seven, so I took samples of them and sent them to Shen Yuhuai for inspection.”

Chen Shiming had been listening to Chen Qizhao’s narration and he immediately realized what was going on. “Shen Yuhuai called you just now to tell you the test results.”

“Yes, there are many toxic compounds.” Chen Qizhao stared straight at Chen Shiming. “Do you think this is a coincidence? There were some aromatherapy containers and the compounds were detected in all of them. If this harmful compound was mixed in with the aromatherapy, what do you think will happen after a few years?”

Chen Shiming’s pupils shrank. This wasn’t a simple matter. If the transmitter placed in his car was to intentionally cause a car accident then what was the purpose of poisoning so many aromatherapy containers? If there was a problem with just one then it could be called a low-quality batch. Yet so many had problems at the same time… then the nature was different. If the compounds exceeded the standards of aromatherapy, the gas impact on people would be short-lived if they drove with the windows open for ventilation.

However, their car aromatherapy would be replaced every once in a while. The fact that there were so many problematic aromatherapy containers meant these toxic compounds would keep affecting the human body. In a few years, his parents would develop physical problems and they might just think it was a problem from getting older, rather than attributing it to the car aromatherapy.

“This is murder…” Chen Shiming’s voice was low.

It didn’t seem to be difficult to be honest with Chen Shiming. Seeing Chen Shiming’s surprised look, Chen Qizhao suddenly remembered the look in Chen Shiming’s eyes when he was just reborn. Today, he seemed to be different in Chen Shiming’s eyes. In the past, the two brothers wouldn’t have the patience to sit down and talk together.

Chen Shiming would treat him as an ignorant dandy while he would treat Chen Shiming as someone hard to communicate with.

Chen Qizhao stared at Chen Qizhao trying to vainly find a place on this person’s face that was from his previous life. Some fragments of his senseless quarrels with Chen Shiming in the past popped up. Then he was standing and looking down at Chen Shiming, who was sitting in a wheelchair with stubble on his face.

This was the first time there were no quarrels or arguments.

Chen Shiming was able to listen to him like this and he actually had the patience to explain it.

“Aren’t you wondering why I know so much… and who is behind these things? Then think again. if the transmitter wasn’t found and you were in a car accident.”

Chen Qizhao started talking about a hypothesis that seemed like a fantasy. “You were unfortunately paralyzed and I am a waste. Only the old man in the family could support us. However, he isn’t in good health and his high values in the three areas. There is also something wrong with our mother’s body… in the eyes of outsiders, won’t our Chen family fall as long as the old man is gone?”

Chen Shiming didn’t notice the problem with this assumption. His attention was all on the aromatherapy. He thought about the possibility behind the aromatherapy and found that this was a very frightening thing. Then his doubts rose again. How did Chen Qizhao come to know so many things?”

He asked, “Why didn’t you tell us about these things?”

Chen Qizhao retorted, “If there was no evidence and you had no suspicions… If I pointed to a car and told you that you would get into an accident in this car in the future, would you believe me?”

He finished speaking and added to himself, “You wouldn’t believe me. If it was myself then even I wouldn’t believe me.”

Chen Shiming didn’t speak. If there was nothing to use as a premise, he would even doubt it if Special Assistant Xu said it, let alone Chen Qizhao. There were many things he didn’t realize before the Feihong incident. Even last year, he maintained his previous impression. For some things, he wouldn’t believe it if Chen Qizhao told him without clues or evidence.

“How do you know this?” Chen Shiming wondered.

“Would you believe me if I said I accidentally overheard it?” Chen Qizhao smiled as he noticed Chen Shiming’s silence. “Look? You don’t believe it.”

Chen Shiming didn’t speak. In fact, he didn’t need Chen Qizhao to tell him. He could probably guess whose handwriting was behind this.

Leaving aside Jiang Yuze, who previously hadn’t been identified, he had been investigating the Lin family during this time due to Fang Chengjie’s matter. He followed some clues and found things, including the fact that the Lin Group’s handwriting was vaguely behind some of their previous frictions with Yicheng. There was also the matter of Fu Yanyu and Yu Ji, the role Jiang Yuze played in this and the relationship between Jiang Yuze and the Lin family… In fact, these were lines that could be connected only through evidence.

It wasn’t a layout that ordinary people could do, so he could understand why Chen Qizhao didn’t mention it before.

If he spoke without evidence then his actions would just be regarded as making trouble.

The light was getting darker. Chen Shiming suddenly found that after so many years, he didn’t seem to understand Chen Qizhao at all.

He couldn’t tell the difference between the person who used to make a fuss about volunteering and the person who was now talking about deadly aromatherapy with a smile.

They seemed to be the same person but there also seemed to be some differences.

Shen Yuhuai arrived at the group headquarters and found out what happened at the Chen Group today from just a few words. He didn’t ask and after expressing his intentions to the front desk, Chen Qizhao’s assistant, Xiao Zhou quickly came to pick him up and take him to Chen Qizhao’s office.

“The boss is in the office with President Chen.” Xiao Zhou had received orders from Chen Qizhao saying to bring Shen Yuhuai directly to the office if Shen Yuhuai came to the company to find him. It was just that the boss slept all afternoon and President Chen went in an hour ago and hadn’t come out yet. The boss didn’t respond to any messages he sent, so he could only bring Shen Yuhuai to the office according to the boss’ original arrangement. He knocked on the door and got a response to let Shen Yuhuai in.

Shen Yuhuai entered the office and found that it was dark. The Chen brothers were sitting on the sofa.

Once Chen Shiming saw him coming, he got up and walked over. “I heard about the aromatherapy. Is this the inspection report?”

Shen Yuhuai handed the document bag to Chen Shiming but he was looking at the person sitting on the sofa in the darkness. “All the test reports are inside. The samples are still at the laboratory of the institute. If you need them later, you can tell me in advance.”

Chen Shiming’s voice was a bit hoarse as he responded and took the document. He only discovered the problem of the lighting when he wanted to read it.

He went to turn on the light in the room. The sudden bright and harsh light made him squint slightly.

Shen Yuhuai’s gaze stopped on the sofa.

Chen Qizhao was sitting on the sofa wearing a coat and he seemed to be in a daze.

Chen Shiming was about to speak when he glanced at Chen Qizhao’s side profile and his expression changed slightly.

Chen Qizhao could actually hear the noises outside. He knew that Shen Yuhuai had come when he heard Xiao Zhou knock on the door, but his chaotic brain seemed to be filled with all types of information and objects of suspicion. He found that his brain didn’t work at all and it was difficult for him to react to Shen Yuhuai’s arrival. He suddenly felt very tired, so tired that his throat was a bit hoarse. Every time he swallowed, it felt like something was scratching at his throat.

He thought that there seemed to be a wind that blew in when the door opened. Was it cool outside?

He thought again, ‘If it isn’t the problem of the aromatherapy store, who else in the family could touch the car? The housekeeper? Old Lin? Other servants?’

In a daze, he heard the conversation between Shen Yuhuai and Chen Shiming. Then his vision in front of him brightened.

He reached out to grab the water cup on the table and to go get water, but he had just reached out when he was grabbed by another hand.

Chen Qizhao looked to the side in surprise. He met Shen Yuhuai’s eyes and the other person pressed a hand against his forehead.

It was wide and cold. From the corner of his vision, he saw Chen Shiming walking out in a hurry.

Chen Qizhao was thinking about where Chen Shiming was going when he saw Shen Yuhuai’s slightly serious expression.

“…Brother Huai?”

Shen Yuhuai frowned slightly. He looked at the person with red cheeks in front of him and directly took off the coat on his body.

“Chen Qizhao, don’t you know that you have a fever?”


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  4. Shrike says:

    Not surprising that CQ is sick.

    He’s been carrying the burden of saving everyone by himself for too long. Plus he has what I would guess is PTSD from his last life.

    I hope Baby Zhao is able to let go and have his family help him now that his brother basically knows and hubby has guessed a lot of it.

  5. Shrike says:

    Not surprised that CQ is sick.

    He’s been carrying the burden of saving everyone he loves by himself for too long. Plus he has, I think, some PTSD stemming from his last life.

    I hope now Baby Zhang is able to let go a little and let others help him now that his brother basically knows and hubby has guessed a lot of the truth.

  6. Shrike says:

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  7. Thecurious_soul says:

    This story until now is very carefully written, the clues, the suspicions…even MC not knowing stuff like his family actually being murdered, and not having as much of a natural death as he thought… The representation of him being in so much in pressure, pieces coming together. Him finally telling someone even tho he knows his brother won’t get the so called “possibility” he was talking about is actually what he experienced.

    And yes I also agree with comment above about him having PTSD and I think his mom is also right about a slight depression tendency.

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