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MGAG: Chapter 55 Part 1

Jiang Yuze’s face darkened when he heard the synthesized sound. The content on the projection was no longer a simple video. The others at the table looked at the silently standing Jiang Yuze. They had some doubts when looking at the photo but after seeing the operation of changing cars in the video… Some doubts went beyond just meeting a person in private.

“Assistant Jiang…” A shareholder looked at Jiang Yuze and asked. “What’s going on with the content of this PPT?”

After the video played, the PPT switched to the next photo. The person Jiang Yuze was meeting changed from Liang Rongchao to someone else.

Jiang Yuze calmed himself down. He watched the photos being placed on the projector one by one and found that these photos or videos were displayed in order of time. They all captured him meeting with some high-level executives of Sheng Ming, but there was no other evidence apart from the photos.

He was a cautious person. He wouldn’t have acted if it wasn’t for these Sheng Ming people being difficult to deal with and needing him to go out in person. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have deliberately changed cars and the roads he used to take to head to Sheng Ming.

He calmed down from the initial panic. Jiang Yuze ignored the PPT that was playing and looked at the deeply frowning Chen Jianhong, explaining it to him, “Shemg Ming’s acquisition plan is a plan that the group has had since the beginning of the year. When conducting project research and market assessment, I needed contact with some people from Sheng Ming. You also know what situation Sheng Ming was in a short time ago.”

“Sheng Ming had turmoil in its upper ranks half a month ago. They were affected by various fake news in the industry and the disagreement between the senior management would have a certain impact on our company’s acquisition plan.”

Jiang Yuze said this and some people in the meeting room understood. After he finished speaking, he added, “Sheng Ming is a key project planned for the start of the year. Chairman Chen instructed me to pay attention to this project.”

Eyes fell on Chen Jianhong. Could all of Jiang Yuze’s actions be orders from the chairman?

Chen Jianhong heard the meaning of Jiang Yuze’s words and frowned slightly. “I said that the Sheng Ming project is important and more attention needs to be paid to it, but these things aren’t within the scope of your responsibility.”

“This matter is indeed my problem.” Jiang Yuze smiled bitterly and looked at a certain project team leader in the meeting room. “When I was paying attention to this project, I noticed Sheng Ming’s problem. Manager Qi happened to be evaluating it at the time and I noticed a difference from the news spreading in the industry. It just so happened that I used to be classmates with Mr Liang of Sheng Ming. I saw it was difficult for Manager Qi and wanted to use my contacts to understand the entire story.”

Chen Jianhong glanced at Manager Qi sitting at the meeting table.

The latter hurriedly stood up and explained, “Chairman, Special Assistant Jiang did come to ask about Sheng Ming and he said he would think of a way for us.”

Jiang Yuze glanced at Manager Qi. Fortunately, in order to deceive others, he had done sufficient preparatory work. He didn’t know how the other person controlled the computer in the meeting room but the so-called ‘materials’ released were actually just some superficial things. He failed to record any of Jiang Yuze’s conversations with the high-level executives of Sheng Ming or other evidence. If this person wanted to use these photos and videos to kill him, they had underestimated him too much.

The others at the meeting room table were thoughtful. Jiang Yuze’s words did make sense. Then someone asked, “Since you just want to inquire about the situation, why did you deliberately change cars to go?”

“It was in order to avoid misunderstandings. The chairman didn’t give me orders in this matter and communicating with the high-level executives of Sheng Ming in private will have an impact on our company.” Jiang Yuze explained. “I was thinking that I was talking as a personal friend, not the special assistant of the group. Unexpectedly, my actions aroused the suspicions of others and they took these photos to mislead everyone. This is indeed my negligence. I shouldn’t have contacted the high-level executives of Sheng Ming without reporting it.”

There were indeed rumors of civil unrest among the high-level executives of Sheng Ming a while ago. The group had even considered temporarily waiting and postponing the acquisition plan.

Jiang Yuze’s actions were reasonable. As a member of the group, it made sense for him to inquire about Sheng Ming’s internal information. He just contacted people from other companies in private without reporting it. This violated the company’s rules and regulations and it was a breach of responsibility. However, it was too far-fetched to say that Jiang Yuze colluded with Sheng Ming. Everything that Jiang Yuze had done for the company over the years was obvious to all. The benefits he created for the company far exceeded this.

Chen Jianhong frowned slightly. The content on the projection was still playing but these photos really couldn’t be used as solid evidence.

Jiang Yuze noticed the expressions of the other people in the meeting room were slightly relaxed and knew that this matter had been passed over for the time being. At most, it was a dereliction of duty and a violation of the rules. He would have his bonus or salary deducted and the problem wasn’t very big. The key point was something else. Now that this matter had happened, it would be difficult for him to play tricks in this meeting. Chen Jianhong would inevitably be wary of him. In order to reduce others paying attention to him, he could only avoid the matter of Sheng Ming or even not participate at all.

Otherwise, with Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming’s level of vigilance, it would be very difficult for him to make any moves later once they started watching him.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuze’s eyes became gloomy. Before doing this, he had done many things to cover up. The fact that these photos and videos were taken indicated that the person playing the PPT had long noticed him. They carried out such tracking and secretly took photos of him. He felt that he had shown no flaws in his behavior and got along well with the people of the company. So who was paying attention to him and even chose to mess with him on such an occasion?

For the sake of the future, he could only temporarily abandon the previous Sheng Ming plan.

However, he had to catch the person who was staring at him behind the scenes.

Jiang Yuze thought of this and gestured with his eyes toward Xiao Jiang to deal with the PPT.

Then the PPT suddenly changed. The weird synthetic voice laughed briefly and it seeped into the meeting room in an eerie manner.

The synthesized voice asked, “Mr Jiang, do you think that is all I have prepared?”

Jiang Yuze’s body, which had just relaxed, suddenly stiffened. He looked up at the projector and found that the photos of him meeting with the Sheng Ming executives had disappeared. It switched to the next page and the PPT turned to red writing on a white background. This was particularly eye-catching in the meeting room.

[2011, Huanhong Project]

“2011, Huanhong?”

“What project is this?”

“I have a small impression of this project. Huanhong was the next smartphone project in the group and we invested a lot into it at that time.”

The people in the meeting room exchanged looks. Some people remembered the project while others were inquiring about it. Then within 10 seconds of the words Huanhong appearing on the screen, a paragraph of text appeared. The electronic voice also gave an explanation, allowing the people in the meeting room to know what type of project Huanhong was.

The transformation of the Chen Group took place as early as a few years ago and the Huanhong project was one of them. That time was when smartphones were rapidly developing and mastering certain advanced technologies could allow them to get a piece of the mainstream market. The Chen Group had launched the Huanhong project, which was indeed a pilot project in the early years of the Chen Group. The group had high hopes for it but in the middle of the research and development period, the smart technology being developed was stolen by a competing company in the market. A thorough internal investigation was conducted and they finally found that a technician in the research team had a problem.

The instigator who led to the technology leak and bankrupted the project was a deputy technical leader of the project team. Later, the project collapsed helplessly and the Chen Group gave up on the plan to attack the market and expand to other areas. They hadn’t expected that this project would be put in front of them again today.

Chen Jianhong frowned. He remembered this project.

This project had been solved at the beginning. The people who should be held accountable were still in prison…

After the content of the PPT helped people review the facts, this person quickly made the next move… the next thing released was some evidence that hadn’t been revealed in the Huanhong project, including internal data, personnel transfers and planning schedules of the technical department at that time.

In the office, Chen Qizhao leaned against his office chair while wearing earphones. The source of the sound in the earphones was the bug he left under the office desk of the meeting room. He could listen to all the noises in the meeting room and he naturally heard Jiang Yuze’s defense earlier.

Chen Qizhao had never underestimated Jiang Yuze. How many times had he fought with Lin Shizong? He knew how capable this chief protector who escorted Lin Shizong was. In a case where it was impossible to determine how many arrangements Jiang Yuze had, he could only use a preemptive strike to catch Jiang Yuze off guard. The photos of the conversations with Sheng Ming’s executives caused different people to have varying opinions. Even if Jiang Yuze was really conspiring with them, he could use justifications and the ‘witnesses’ he prepared in advance to get away with it.

But what if there was more than one thing… would the people in the meeting room still listen to Jiang Yuze’s sophistry?

Chen Qizhao narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at the PPT and audio that was playing on his laptop. The Huanhong project was the project of Feng Ruyi’s teacher back then. Jiang Yuze hadn’t participated in his but his connection to others in the project couldn’t be ignored. What Jiang Yuze was best at was standing on the outside, using words or benefits to induce the insiders to serve him. Then once things were revealed or there were problems, he would wave his hand and borrow a knife to kill others. He would find a suitable scapegoat among his many chess pieces.

The person who communicated closely with Jiang Yuze in the Huanhong project was the secondary person in charge of the project. Jiang Yuze tricked him into leaking the technology. Then once the matter was revealed, they placed the blame on someone who had doubts about them i.e. Feng Ruyi’s teacher. Feng Ruyi’s teacher was just a technician. Even if he wanted to do something against Jiang Yuze and others in such an environment, he would lose completely. The only useful evidence left was the records in Feng Ruyi’s hands.

Chen Qizhao relied on these records to follow the clues in the Chen Group’s database. Then he found some information left by the Huanhong project and the current situation of the researchers… allowing him to find the person who colluded with Jiang Yuze. The difference between Chen Qizhao and Feng Ruyi was that he had the experience of his previous life and knew the list of evidence that Feng Ruyi reported against Jiang Yuze in the future. Even though some pieces of evidence couldn’t be found right now, others were easier to find at this point in time.

Therefore, he found evidence that Jiang Yuze didn’t know about and didn’t have time to deal with.

Jiang Yuze thought that he used everyone and that he manipulated everyone… There were so many things that he did and so much evidence to destroy. There were always smart people who left behind one or two things.


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