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MGAG: Chapter 54 Part 2

Time flew and a few days passed quickly.

The Chen Group had many meetings at the start of the year. The development of large projects meant the work of each project team was about to be confirmed. The meeting itinerary was distributed to all the senior executives of the Chen Group. The Sheng Ming acquisition meeting would be held at headquarters tomorrow morning. It had long been rumored within the company that there might be many candidates competing to be in charge of the Sheng MIng project but the most competitive one should be Chen Shiming.

In particular, President Chen had been resolute during this period and had a lot of achievements last year, which brought huge profits to the group.

The various high-level executives with voting power were secretly discussing suitable candidates for the interests of the group.

Jiang Yuze had just finished a phone call with someone when he received the itinerary sent by Xiao Jiang.

“Chen Shiming often goes to Chairman Chen’s office recently and their exchanges are frequent. He should be preparing for the Sheng Ming acquisition.” Xiao Jiang report. “I saw that Assistant Xu has been busy with this matter for the past few days.”

Jiang Yuze looked at the information of the shared itinerary on his phone and asked, “Why did he go to Ruihong last Thursday?”

“I inquired and heard there was a small problem with the Ruihong project. Chen Shiming went over to take a look,” Xiao Jiang replied. At that time, he only stayed in Ruihong for the morning before returning to the company.”

Then he added, “There is also the Sheng Ming matter. Many shareholders of the group want Chen Shiming to be the person in charge.”

Jiang Yuze suddenly laughed, his tone a bit gloomy. “Then he has to be able to attend tomorrow’s meeting.”

“Do you think a person who can’t even attend the meeting can submit a proposal? What do you think those attending the meeting will think?”

Xiao Jing was stunned like he didn’t understand Jiang Yuze’s meaning.

He came out of Jiang Yuze’s office and saw Xiao Zhou coming out of the corridor on the other side of the meeting room. He walked in a hurry and gave a greeting when seeing Xiao Jiang.

“What is the rush?” Xiao Jiang wondered.

“I’m helping the boss get something.” Xiao Zhou held the documents bag and smiled apologetically. “Assistant Jiang, I have to go and do some work or the boss will scold me later.”

Xiao Jiang had seen a lot these past few days. Chen Qizhao’s assistant was an errands runner at most. He had even seen this person being instructed by Chen Qizhao to print things. He glanced at the meeting room and guessed that Xiao Zhou was probably in the office over there. He didn’t think much of it and quickly left.

The Sheng Ming acquisition was scheduled for 9:30 in the morning. The shareholders attending the meeting entered the meeting room one after another. The seats in the meeting room gradually became full. Chen Jianhong sat in the chairman’s seat while Jiang Yuze stood at the door of the meeting room. His eyes roamed over the people gradually entering before lowering to the real-time positioning on his phone.

It was soon 9:25 and the meeting room was basically full. However, the president’s seat where Chen Shiming’s sign was hung was empty.

“Strange? What about President Chen?”

“I guess he hasn’t arrived yet.”

“No, Xiao Chen is always early for meetings. He rarely arrives late.”

Jiang Yuze came in from outside the meeting room. He noticed Chen Jianhong’s gaze and walked over. “Chairman Chen, I just had someone go check. Xiao Chen isn’t at the company.”

Chen Jianhong looked at Jiang Yuze. “He left before me this morning. Why hasn’t he arrived at the company yet?”

Jiang Yuze’s expression remained unchanged. “I called but Xiao Chen didn’t answer.”

Chen Jianhong ordered, “Go out and try again.”

Jiang Yuze took the order to leave the meeting room. He stood in the corridor and opened a certain program on his phone. The shared real-time location had stopped at an intersection. His eyes were cold as he deleted the program from his phone. He erased all traces and pretended to call Chen Shiming’s phone again.

However, he knew that Chen Shiming wouldn’t come.

Jiang Yuze really admired Chen Shiming but Chen Shiming had repeatedly damaged him. For his own interests and Chairman Lin’s plan, he had to attack Chen Shiming. Hey, blame Chen Shiming’s ignorance of villains. If he had stopped, he wouldn’t have fallen into the current situation.

He listened to the unresponsive sound on the other end of the phone and stood there for five minutes before finally going in to report to Chen Jianhong.

It was 9:30 a.m. and it was time for the meeting.

The other people in the meeting room saw that a certain seat was empty and looked at Chen Jianhong, who was in the chairman’s seat. They seemed to be waiting for him to have an idea. Some high-level executives were puzzled and asked around for the reason. After inquiring, they found out that Chen Shiming hadn’t arrived at the company.

There was such an important meeting regarding Sheng Ming’s acquisition this morning. Chen Shiming was the most likely one to become the person in charge but he hadn’t appeared at group headquarters.

There were people secretly criticizing him while others gloated. They had long been unhappy with Chen Shiming. Now a big project like Sheng Ming hadn’t been decided and Chen Shiming hadn’t come. This meant they might have a chance of turning around the originally ironclad matter. They just needed to get enough votes and it was enough to intercept this project.

For a while, Chen Jianhong didn’t speak but others already had new ideas.

Among them, those who wanted to compete for the project were even more enthusiastic.

Jiang Yuze’s eyes lingered on one of the candidates for a moment. Then he quickly withdrew his gaze and reminded, “Chairman Chen.”

Chen Jianhong looked around. His serious face showed no extra emotions, but he was dragging out the time little by little.

“No, why hasn’t Chen Shiming come yet?”

“This isn’t normal… look at Chairman Chen’s dark face.”

“Could it be that something happened on the road?”

Finally, someone spoke up.

“Chairman Chen, the time has exceeded 10 minutes…”

The man boldly suggested, “Isn’t it time to start the meeting?”

Chen Jianhong closed his eyes slightly before opening them. “Then start.”

Jiang Yuze secretly smiled when he heard Chen Jianhong let go. Then he raised his hand to signal the person controlling the computer in the meeting room, so he could prepare to start the meeting. He glanced at Chen Jianhong and the others in the meeting room before staying, “I will start today’s meeting. The content of this meeting is…”

Chen Shiming hadn’t arrived in the meeting room. He just needed to promote the meeting process according to the plan and let the prearranged people in the meeting room cast their votes during the final voting session. Originally, there was Chen Shiming and some diehards in the top management were difficult to shake. Now Chen Shiming was absent and he even blatantly missed this type of meeting without asking for leave. Chen Jianhong had no right to call this meeting again to open the path for his son. Those who had the right to vote must either abstain from voting or vote for a new person to take charge of the project.

At this time, it was very important to incite others. Jiang Yuze had prepared in advance. As long as Chen Shiming wasn’t present, everything would go according to his plan with Chairman Lin.

At this moment, there was a sudden uproar in the meeting room.

Jiang Yuze’s back was to the projection and he was still reading the draft of the meeting. Then he looked up and found that everyone’s eyes were on him. He was slightly surprised but his many years of hosting meetings allowed him to stay calm and continue to host according to the script prepared in advance. However, he had only read two sentences when the assistant closest to him trembled and pointed to the screen behind him. “Assistant Jiang, take a look behind you..”

Jiang Yuze was surprised when he heard this. He had just turned his head when he saw his figure appearing on the huge projection in the meeting room.

The PPT that was originally expected to display the acquisition process of Sheng Ming was replaced by another PPT and a photo was displayed in full-screen mode. It contained two people. One was Jiang Yuze, who was presiding over the meeting, and the other was an executive from Sheng Ming.

Chen Jianhong looked sideways and frowned. Then after seeing the PPT content, he stared directly at Jiang Yuze.

Chen Shiming had asked him to stand still. Since Chen Shiming was late for today’s meeting, he knew that the development of this matter had gone in the direction that he and Chen Shiming expected. According to the original plan, he just needed to calmly wait for the process of the meeting and observe the reaction of others to determine the biggest beneficiary of this meeting. That person was most likely to be involved in it.

Chen Shiming hadn’t told him in advance that the PPT of the meeting would be replaced or about this plan.

Chen Jianhong’s eyes sank slightly and his scrutinizing gaze fell on Jiang Yuze. He saw Jiang Yuze’s panic for a moment.

“Please wait a moment.” Jiang Yuze’s composed and steady face finally changed. He pressed the electronic pen in his hand but he couldn’t change the content of the PPT. Therefore, he scolded Xiao Jiang, who was controlling the computer. “What’s going on? This isn’t the content of the original PPT.”

“Chairman Chen, I will explain this matter to you later.” Jiang Yuze added a few words for Chen Jianhong.

Xiao Jiang was busy operating the computer but he couldn’t change the page. He explained in a trembling voice, “I can’t change it… the computer seems to have been hacked.”

The computer was hacked? There was no alarm from the Chen Group’s network security center. Where did this hack come from?”

Everyone in the meeting room was exchanging looks when someone suddenly said.

“Isn’t this Assistant Jiang…”

“Who is the other person? It is a bit familiar…”

There were many high-level executives present who had investigated Sheng Ming. In particular, there was turmoil among Sheng Ming’s management not long ago. In order to reasonably evaluate and investigate this project, they naturally had a certain understanding of Sheng Ming’s senior many. Now they saw the photos on the screen and suddenly opened their mouths.

“Isn’t this President Liang on Sheng Ming’s side…?”

The moment these words came out, everyone in the venue looked at Jiang Yuze. This was a senior executive of Sheng Ming and Assistant Jiang was the assistant with the highest position under Chairman Chen Jianhong. His words and deeds had a wide impact. They looked at Jiang Yuze and then Chen Jianhong. They noticed the surprised look on Chen Jianhong’s face and looked back at Jiang Yuze.

What did this mean? It wasn’t Chairman Chen’s desire for Assistant Jiang to meet President Liang of Sheng Ming?

So what was going on? The meeting of Sheng Ming’s acquisition should have nothing to do with Assistant Jiang…

It seemed the hacker was worried those present wouldn’t understand the meaning of the photo. A strange, electronic synthesized voice suddenly came from the stereo of the meeting room. Every word was strange and penetrating and there were small printed notes under the photo.

“On February 16tg, Jiang Yuze met with Liang Rongchao of Sheng Ming.”

Jiang Yuze’s eyes sank slightly and he looked at Xiao Jiang at the console with a warning gaze.

Xiao Jiang was looking for the power source to turn it off directly.

“Wait,” Chen Jianhong suddenly spoke. “Let it play.”

Facing the questioning and puzzled eyes from all directions, Jiang Yuze kept calm and was about to explain. Then the projection suddenly switched to a video. It showed a car and the license plate number was clearly visible. Everyone knew Jiang Yuze’s car after being at the company for so long. This video was clearly of Jiang Yuze’s car.

Then after a while, the video skipped forward. Once Jiang Yuze paid the fee and left the parking lot, the camera captured Jiang Yuze sitting in the driver’s seat. This vehicle was different from the black car originally driven by Jiang Yuze. It was a white car.

At the same time, Chen Qizhao was sitting at his desk in an office at the headquarters of the Chen Group. The desktop computer was still noisily ringing with the notification sounds from VX. However, his eyes were stopped on the laptop in front of him where a program was running on one half of it. The other half was the same as the projection in the meeting room not far away.

After the video was played, Chen Qizhao smoothly pressed the enter key.

In the meeting room, the weird synthesized voice was heard again.

“On February 18th, Jiang Yuze changed vehicles in the underground parking lot of the Feihong Business Building and headed to Feicui Road’s Business Building.”


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