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MGAG: Chapter 54 Part 1

Downstairs at the Ruihong subsidiary, a police technician analyzed the locator and determined that it was a special locator.

“This thing is now active and your location is being monitored in real time.” The technician continued, “I’m not sure what the other person is planning for now, but the battery of this thing can only last around nine days.”

The police were registering the situation. Due to the special location of the GPS transmitter and to not alert the enemy, the situation was registered at Ruihong Company. After communicating with the police, Chen Shiming talked to Special Assistant Xu. It was only after confirming that there were no abnormalities at the company that he continued to talk about the current arrangements.

Chen Shiming thought about how the battery had a short duration, but the time point when the other person would take action couldn’t be confirmed. It was very simple to dispose of the battery, but Chen Shiming thought about the purpose of the person who put this in his car. Was it just to follow him or was there another plan?

As he was thinking, he saw Chen Qizhao standing not far away.

Chen Qizhao was on the phone. “Is Chen Jianhong at the company?”

Xiao Zhou had already inquired about the news in the company and returned to his work station. “Yes, Chairman Chen arrived half an hour ago and has entered his office to handle official business.”

He didn’t understand why his boss suddenly asked about this matter, but he still followed the boss’ instructions and said what he saw.

“During this time, you will reduce your field work and leave it for the people of Feihong to do.” Chen Qizhao’s eyes were slightly heavy as he looked at the police officers stopped near the vehicle to take samples. “Pay attention to Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming. If they go out or if there are other situations, report to me as soon as possible.”

Xiao Zhou had just finished replying affirmatively when the phone was hung up.

After Chen Qizhao hung up, he looked at Chen Shiming’s position and found that this person was also looking at him. He had to walk over and ask, “Why are you looking at me?”

Chen Shiming wondered, “Who are you calling?”

“Xiao Zhou.” Chen Qizhao shook the call record in front of him. “I can’t go to the company so I had Xiao Zhou find it for me.”

He listened to Special Assistant Xu and Chen Shiming discussing this week’s itinerary.

Special Assistant Xu continued to talk to Chen Shiming about this week’s itinerary. Then after talking about a business trip, he mentioned the special meeting next week. “The two projects that our team is going to take on this year should be put on the agenda next week. The development of the Longcheng District project and the acquisition of Sheng Ming are planned to be discussed at the meeting next week. Our team has several projects this year and the special meeting at the beginning of the year can determine the project plan for the first half of the year.

Chen Shiming nodded. “Summarize the materials of the two projects that I mentioned before and put them in my office for the meeting next week.”

Special Assistant Xu replied, “Okay, I will arrange it immediately after returning to the company.”

Chen Shiming finished speaking and noticed Chen Qizhao’s thoughtful appearance beside him. He asked, “What are you thinking? Listen carefully at the special meeting. Once the Feihong project is finished, you can use your ability to also take on a project as the new project leader.”

Chen Qizhao suddenly asked, “What projects are you planning?”

“Rongcheng District and Sheng Ming,” Chen Shiming replied.

Chen Qizhao asked again, “Are there many people competing with you for the position of the project leader?”

“There will be special meetings for the development of projects within the company. The project team within the group will be chosen or compete according to the situation,” Special Assistant Xu explained. “Rongcheng and Sheng Ming are both big projects and there are naturally many people competing for them.”

Chen Qizhao turned and stared straight at Chen Shiming, speaking in a somewhat naive tone, “Then if you can’t attend this meeting… won’t they have one less competitor?”

Both Chen Shiming and Special Assistant Xu stopped when these words came out.

“Haven’t there been things like this in dramas? Just cause a car accident or something so that the competitor can’t make it to the scene.” Chen Qizhao’s tone gradually flattened. “It is just like putting the locator in your car. Once the time comes, the car will hit you and won’t they have one less strong competitor?”

“I’m just joking. Why do you look so serious?” Chen Qizhao shrugged. “It is also possible that you offended someone in the company. The other person can’t see you doing well and is making trouble for you.”

Chen Shiming glanced at Special Assistant Xu who immediately walked over to communicate with the police. He seemed to say something before the police officer hurriedly walked over, intending to talk to Chen Shiming.

Chen Qizhao saw more people around them and took a few steps back. His tense body relaxed at this time.

He had made Chen Shiming notice the car accident and all the aromatherapy at home had been sent to Shen Yuhuai for testing. It would take some time for results… but basically, things had been settled. Chen Shiming knew about this matter and would inevitably be vigilant. As long as Chen Shiming told Chen Jianhong about this, their father would also notice this problem and it wouldn’t be easy for Lin Shizong to take action against them…

Then after a while, Chen Qizhao’s eyes suddenly became cold again.

The timing was just right. It was time for something to be released at this stage.

After the police were dealt with, Chen Shiming returned to the company’s headquarters in the afternoon.

Not long after he arrived, he went directly to Chen Jianhong’s office.

Chen Jianhong had heard Chen Shiming’s brief explanation on the phone. The moment Chen Shiming arrived at the company, he immediately called this person over. “Is the incident this morning okay?”

“It’s fine. We called the police immediately after Qizhao found the locator and this matter has been handed over to them,” Chen Shiming explained. “I’m not sure if it is only my car with the problem and I’m not sure who put the locator in the car. For the sake of safety, I asked the police to go to the car yard disguised as someone from the city bureau to check. If there are results, it should come out soon.”

His car has just been delivered back from the car yard. The biggest problem was likely from there.

Chen Shiming wondered, “What about Xiao Zhao? The child wasn’t scared, was he?”

“He is fine… now he is looking for something in his office.” Chen Shiming thought of what Chen Qizhao had said in the morning and his tone was slightly heavy. “I agitated too many people during this time and I suspect this matter is aimed at me. The person who is behind it might be someone in the company who is directly competing with me.”

He told Chen Jianhong about the duration of the locator and the results of the police investigation.

“Who do you suspect?” Chen Jianhong asked.

“If it is someone who wants to do something to me due to previous contradictions, it might be several departments I am investigating. If it is a recent dispute of interests, there can only be the two upcoming meetings.”

“My project team has two projects, Rongcheng District and Sheng Ming. Only the special meetings of these two projects are being carried out within the limit of the battery.”

Chen Jianhong pondered on it. “What do you want to do?”

“I want to set up a situation. The quickest way is to know who the ultimate beneficiary will be.”

Chen Shiming’s eyes became scary. “I hope you maintain the status quo until next week’s meeting and I will arrange the other things. No matter what happens, just follow the original process.”

Outside, Chen Qizhao glanced at Chen Jianhong’s office. Chen Shiming had been in there for at least half an hour.

He walked beside Xiao Zhou and passed by Chen Jianhong’s office, heading in the other direction.

“Sheng Ming’s meeting room is probably over here.” Xiao Zhou continued, “Boss, why did your things fall here?”

“I happened to pass by here last week.” Chen Qizhao pushed open the door of the meeting room. He saw the wide space inside and noticed the projection console in the meeting room. Then he quickly closed the door. “Which side is the computer room on this floor?”

Xiao Zhou pointed to a certain location. “Over there.”

Chen Qizhao glanced over before saying thoughtfully, “Okay, let’s go.”

Next Tuesday was the Sheng Ming acquisition meeting…

Once some things were confirmed, he suddenly lost the patience he always had.

Chen Qizhao glanced at the computer room in the distance out of the corner of his eye.

Why did he go this way…

It was naturally because he came up with a good idea that would ruin Jiang Yuze’s reputation.

A good show was about to start and the protagonist naturally had to appear in full costume.

On the eve of the storm, the Sheng Ming Company.

The news of the acquisition had spread and the hearts of the employees in the company were fluctuating. After the last meeting of the high level management, everyone came out of the meeting room with their own thoughts. They saw a middle-aged man with a face full of stubble and emotions. None of them paid much attention to him or his distraught appearance. Some were even inwardly gloating. It wasn’t known who this person listened to but he sold the shares in advance. Then he encountered problems and owed a debt.

Coming to the company now wouldn’t help at all. Did he still expect people in the company to help him?”

One person stared at the middle-aged man for a while. Then he returned to the office and made a phone call to report the details of the meeting.

Jiang Yuze received the notification from Sheng Ming and a satisfied smile finally appeared on his face after several days of hard work. “Tell the others to act according to the plan. I will tell you the person in charge after the meeting at the Chen Group next week.”

“Yes.” Then the person reporting to him spoke again. “By the way, Brother Jiang, that person came to the company to make trouble again. How should I deal with his affairs?”

“He isn’t a shareholder of your company now. Are your security guards getting paid for doing nothing? Just expel him.” Jiang Yuze’s tone was indifferent. “You don’t need to tell me about this type of thing. He made this situation himself.”

Then he hung up his phone and glanced at the project book on the desk.

Jiang Yuze’s expression became a bit heavy as he thought of the Sheng Ming plan. This was a game that they were sure to win. He didn’t know why he and Chairman Lin had to use so much effort to settle the matter on Sheng Ming’s side. Chairman Lin even invested a lot of money on it alone. The Chen side had already started to raise the agenda of Sheng Ming’s acquisition as planned… But some people weren’t obedient. Wasn’t it good to follow the crowd and profit? Why did they have to go against him and Chairman Lin? He could only teach the other person a lesson.

Jiang Yuze opened the project book. For the Sheng Ming acquisition project, he had chosen a good puppet to take charge of it.

On Sheng Ming’s side, the middle-aged man was thrown out by the security guard. He sat at the door of the company like he had lost his soul, attracting the sideway looks of many passersby.

He trembled and tried to pick up the documents that had fallen in front of him, when a man in a floral shirt and mask suddenly appeared in front of him. The man eagerly picked up the documents scattered on the ground and handed them to him.

The middle-aged man thanked him. Then after looking up, he found that the other person was still standing here.

“Brother.” The man in the flower shirt crouched down and handed him a cigarette with a hand covered in motorcycle gloves. Then he placed an envelope down. “My boss asked me to give you this.”

The middle-aged man looked at him in a confused manner and lowered his head to open the seal. “What is it?”

The man in the flower shirt smiled. “It is something that will help others. My boss hates bullying the most.”

The middle-aged man opened the envelope. As soon as he opened it, he saw several photos inside. All of them were photos of Sheng Ming’s high level executives meeting with someone in private.

His expression changed. He looked up at the other person, only to find that the man in the flower shirt had disappeared.

The man in the flower shirt went to the corner and sent the email to the special inbox. Then he got on the motorcycle while humming a small tune and left in a dashing manner.


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