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MGAG: Chapter 53

The car door opened and Chen Shiming looked at him suspiciously. “Have you eaten breakfast?”

“I’ve eaten.” Chen Qizhao passed him and ran to the back seat without hesitation. He even glanced at Special Assistant Xu as he passed by.

Chen Shiming watched him suspiciously but didn’t say anything. He asked Special Assistant Xu to raise the panel of the front seat and continued to discuss today’s work arrangement with him.

Special Assistant Xu carefully looked at the status of his boss and his boss’ younger brother. He noticed that the other person had no extra emotions, so he felt relieved and continued to advance the work content.

The atmosphere in the car was as usual. The driver in the front seat was a driver of the company. Special Assistant Xu took out a few things from the folder and handed them to Chen Shiming. Chen Qizhao sat in the back seat and carefully observed the situation of the car. Once he saw that the panel of the front seat was raised, his eyes sank slightly. Then he threw something in his hand into the crack of the seat behind him.

“Some projects are already on track. If there are no accidents, there will be a few special meetings next week that should focus on the details of the projects for this quarter…”

In the middle of Special Assistant Xu, he suddenly heard a sound from the back seat.

He stopped talking and noticed his boss’ gaze looking back.

“What is this thing? Do you want to hit people?”

The two of them looked back and saw Chen Qizhao, who was sitting in the back seat, suddenly take out a small black thing from the cushion. He squeezed the thing in his hand and frowned slightly as he looked at it. “What type of thing did you drop here?”

Special Assistant Xu stopped talking when he heard this and took a closer look. “Is it a part left over from yesterday’s car maintenance?”

Chen Qizhao glanced at Chen Shiming out of the corner of his eye. He squeezed it to take a closer look and his voice was a bit louder. “I don’t know. There is something inside that looks like a chip… Wait a minute, why does this thing look familiar?”

The black thing was around the size of an adult’s thumb and was cubic. It looked a bit like a plastic shell from a distance.

Chen Shiming hadn’t been paying much attention. Now he heard this and he took another look. He paused for a moment. “Show me.”

“I don’t know. It looks like a chip part.” Chen Qizhao simply gave him the thing. “You didn’t drop it? Then who lost it in the car?”

Chen Shiming took a look and his eyes sank. “This isn’t a car part.”

HE suddenly looked at Chen Qizhao. “Where did you find this thing?”

Chen Qizhao pretended not to know anything. He moved to the side and pointed to the gap in the seat. “It is here. It is quite similar in color to the leather seat and I accidentally bumped into it just now.”

He said pointedly, “How can there be such a part in a car? This thing is a bit like what I saw in a magazine… oh yes, an eavesdropping device.”

The GPS transmitter was placed on Chen Shiming. According to the battery time, the other person would probably act in the next half a month at most. Chen Qizhao couldn’t determine when the da*n truck would appear and he didn’t know which intersection that Chen Qizhao would go through… He also couldn’t throw it away directly. Lin Shizong had asked someone to put it in the car. If the GPS disappeared and was discovered by the opponent, Chen Qizhao wouldn’t be able to judge or predict what crazy methods they would come up with next.

Thus, the GPS transmitter couldn’t be thrown away. At the same time, he couldn’t sit still.

Thieves hidden in the darkness were hard to guard again. In the end, the only thing he could predict after his rebirth was that there would be a car accident. He couldn’t regard this as nothing.

His brother was a smart man. The best way was to make him realize the seriousness of the situation.

The car was quiet for a few seconds and the two of them looked at Chen Qizhao.

Special Assistant Xu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. However, he couldn’t refute it bluntly, so he could only say, “Second Young Master, ordinary bugs on the market won’t be so small…”

Chen Qizhao said again, “What if it isn’t ordinary? The magazine I read often shows small parts. This is enough to run on a button battery, right?”

Special Assistant Xu stopped and looked at the part again.

Chen Shiming knew that Chen Qizhao often liked to read those artificial intelligence or technology magazines, so it was indeed a bit strange after hearing him say this. Chen Shiming held the black thing, lifted it up slightly and saw three simple English letters printed on the plastic case using the light outside the car. “GPS…”

This wasn’t a bug but a locator.

“It isn’t a bug?” Chen Qizhao approached and pretended to be curious. “GPS locator? Why do you have such a thing in your car?”

Having been in the business world for many years, Special Assistant Xu had seen many cases of cars or offices being bugged. He immediately reacted when he heard GPS. “Such a small locator…”

“It is specially made.” Chen Shiming frowned slightly. It didn’t look like a GPS locator on the market, nor was it a car locator. This thing was very small and looked like a specially customized special transmitter. He looked at Special Assistant Xu. “Do you think such a special thing will appear in my car for no reason?”

The use of the locator was naturally to report the position of the vehicle in real time to the person behind the locator.

Special Assistant Xu realized the seriousness of the matter and immediately said, “I’ll have the driver stop.”

Chen Qizhao frowned. They couldn’t stop at this stage. The GPS transmitter was turned on.

Short-term parking could be due to a red light or other reasons, but inexplicably parking for a long time on the road Chen Shiming took to work might cause the other person to feel suspicious and change the plan. This was contrary to Chen Qizhao’s original intention.

He was just about to stop Special Assistant Xu when he heard a voice beside him.

“Wait.” Chen Shiming suddenly said. “Let the driver continue to drive.”

Special Assistant Xu looked at his boss hesitantly and waited for the next instructions.

Chen Shiming said, “The nearest subsidiary to here is Ruihong, right? Turn and go there.”

Chen Qizhao’s words stopped and he looked at Chen Shiming.

Then he tentatively asked in an ordinary tone, “Why are you so serious all of a sudden? I still have to go to headquarters to get something…”

Special Assistant Xu looked serious and immediately lowered the panel to communicate with the driver and change the itinerary.

“Don’t go to headquarters now. The road is too far.” Chen Shiming pinched the GPS and looked at Chen Qizhao. This person’s performance wasn’t much different from usual and he reacted like he had discovered this locator by accident. However, Chen Shiming was puzzled. Such a small thing could be placed in a more concealed place. Why casually throw it on the back seat where it was easy to find?

Special Assistant Xu lowered the panel after communicating with the driver and said in a low voice, “I have asked the driver to change the road. This place is close and we will arrive in around five minutes.”

He asked, “Boss, what’s next?”

“Don’t alarm anyone.” Chen Shiming’s mind returned and he ordered in a cold voice, “Call the police after we arrive at Ruihong.”

The Chen house.

Zhang Yazhi and Chen Jianhong were still eating.

Chen Shiming and Chen Qizhao had already gone out. Zhang Yazhi looked at her husband, who was reading the newspaper, and hesitated whether to speak.

On the other side, Chen Jianhong put down his newspaper, looked at his wife for a while and asked, “What’s wrong? You’ve been absent-minded since I came down.”

Zhang Yazhi pursed her lips when she heard her husband’s question. “Jianhong, have you noticed that Xiao Zhao has been under too much pressure recently?”

“Why are you asking this all of a sudden?” Chen Jianhong wondered.

“I just feel that there is something on the child’s mind that he isn’t telling us…” Zhang Yazhi recalled the strangeness she felt from Chen Qizhao’s body several times. “I thought the child became filial because he grew up but… as time goes on, I always feel that there is something pressing down on the child.”

She spoke for a while but couldn’t summarize her feelings. “When I look at him, it is a bit uncomfortable. I can’t describe it.”

Chen Jianhong thought of Chen Qizhao’s silence last night and the changes in the child’s body. As a father, he could indeed feel the changes in his body. In the past, Chen Qizhao was arrogant and spoiled and would always argue with him at dinner time. Now this frequency had decreased and the arguing turned into silence. Something seemed to have changed. Chen Jianhong had taught two children. Chen Shiming had been sensible and intelligent since he was a child and there were many things Chen Jianhong didn’t need to worry about… even now, there were times when he couldn’t see clearly what his eldest son was thinking.

Chen Qizhao was different. The child was naive and sometimes his needs were written on his face. He directly expressed everything he wanted.

But lately, he couldn’t understand this child.

“That child isn’t saying anything.” Zhao Zhang Yazhi was a bit anxious. “Jianhong, the more I look, the more uneasy I become. I had a friend’s child who was like this before and then it was discovered that the child has depression. Do you want to take Zhao Zhao to the hospital to check? I’m just worried that I’m being too nervous. That child is so stubborn. What if I make a mistake and the child reacts sensitively?”

Chen Jianhong was silent for a long time before finally saying, “Aren’t you going for a physical examination in two weeks? Once the time comes, we will go together. I will ask people to contact the doctor in advance and let the doctor take a look.”

Zhang Yazhi couldn’t wait to take her child to the hospital now. “It is still two weeks away. You haven’t finished dealing with matters?”

“Yes, a small problem became more serious recently.” Chen Jianhong thought of the topic he discussed with Chen Shiming yesterday. Then he noticed his wife’s anxiety and comforted her. “It will be fine, Yazhi. Can I arrange the rest?”

Chen Jianhong talked with Zhang Yazhi for a long time before calming his wife’s emotions. However, the issue raised by his wife really concerned him.

“Sir.” The housekeeper handed the briefcase to Chen Jianhong.

“If Qizhao is at home recently, pay more attention to him and tell me if there is anything wrong.” Chen Jianhong instructed the housekeeper. He was just thinking about letting the school counselor pay more attention to Chen Qizhao when he sat in the car and noticed the change in the car aromatherapy. “Did you change the scent?”

The housekeeper replied, “Yes, the ma’am changed it in the morning. She said that the original one smelled a bit heavy and she didn’t like it very much.”

In fact, this was a problem caused by the Second Young Master. Yesterday, the Second Young Master lost something and didn’t find it after searching through the garage for a long time. He ran out to look for it again at night. Then as he was searching through the car, he kept saying that the aroma in the car was too stinky. He went to talk to his mother and asked her to change it to another scent with a lighter smell.

Chen Jianhong nodded after hearing this. “Let’s go.”

The housekeeper took a few steps away but the car didn’t start.

Chen Jianhong looked at the driver, Old Lin suspiciously. “Old Lin? What’s wrong?”

“Sorry, Sir. I didn’t rest well last night.” Old Lin smiled apologetically before starting the car.

Chen Jianhong frowned slightly. “How is your condition? Can you drive?”

“Don’t worry, Sir. I was just a bit distracted.”

“It has indeed been troublesome for you during this time.” Chen Jianhong lowered his eyes and continued to read the documents while saying casually, “Go to the lounge to lie down after arriving at the company. I don’t need to use the car in the afternoon so you can rest more.”

Old Lin looked at the newly replaced aromatherapy before looking at Chen Jianhong flipping through the documents in the rearview mirror.

His voice was a bit hoarse. “Yes, Sir.”


  1. Perr says:

    Why are you acting so suspiciously Old Lin? ( • ̀ω•́ )

    Thank you for the update~

    1. sodapop says:

      ikr y u gotta be a so sus man like is everyone around the chen fam a traitor 😩

  2. KatieM says:

    I knew Old Lin was suspicious. Idk why mc didn’t investigate him. Anyone & anything that got close to the cars was a prime suspect

    1. SunBao says:

      Cuz he died in the brother crash. It’s a bit hard to predict that someone in a comfortable job, where he was for years and is an old man now would do something to kill himself. He’s not a suspect because he was dead.

      1. KatieM says:

        But Jiang Yuze was in such a comfortable position & noone would suspect him either. Even from the beginning, mc found out his friend Mr Qin and Mr Lin were in cahoots. After rebirth, I wouldn’t base anything on a past life in which I lived blindly. Everyone is suspicious.

  3. Liena says:

    No not old Lin 🙁 I was feeling sorry that he died in the car accident in the previous life but now I think it was planned to shut him up

  4. DemonKing49 says:

    Oh nooo. It’s not brother chen who’s gonna be in the accident but it’s dad chen who’s going to have an accident!!!! Ohlh mooooooooooooo!!??!

  5. 3am.thoughts says:

    damn. even the old guy who had been in the chen fam when father chen was young have problems. so i guess, practically everyone around them are traitors right? like what did the chen family even do to warrant such a situation and such an ending😭 this novel is giving me trust issues

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