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MGAG: Chapter 51 Part 1

The surface was calm but there were turbulent undercurrents in the Chen Group.

Chen Qizhao didn’t go to the company much due to class. He happened to have time to go to the company this Friday and saw Chen Liyao, the child of Uncle Chen’s family, doing an internship at the company.

“So you compromised in the end? When do you have time to be a teacher for others?” Chen Qizhao sat in Chen Shiming’s office and played with the Rubik’s Cube on the table, his tone casual. “It seems that you don’t have enough work.”

“It wasn’t my idea. Third Uncle directly brought him to the office to find Dad yesterday and begged at the door of the office. Do you think Dad can ignore him?” Chen Shiming looked at Chen Qizhao and continued. “I have no time to teach him and found a job for him in a simple department. I won’t care about him as long as he doesn’t appear in front of me.”

Chen Qizhao put down the Rubik’s Cube. “He is in this department today and tomorrow he will come to you to sell misery.”

Chen Shiming glanced at Chen Qizhao when he heard this. Other people’s children knew how to show weakness in front of the elders and to ask for candy. His younger brother was particular and didn’t show weakness. No matter whether he irritated people or not, it was a big improvement.

“Jiang Yuze isn’t here today. It isn’t interesting so I’m leaving.”

Chen Shiming asked, “Do you have a big opinion about Special Assistant Jiang?”

“You still want to ask?” Chen Qizhao didn’t hide it. “I said it before but I don’t like him.”

Chen Shiming said, “Chen Qizhao, it isn’t advisable to judge people by their appearance.”

He saw Chen Qizhao preparing to go out and asked again, “Where are you going? You don’t have class in the afternoon, do you?”

“I’m going to work. I’m going out in the field.” Chen Qizhao’s voice was isolated outside the door.

Chen Shiming asked Special Assistant Xu beside him, “What type of field work does he have?”

“It is probably the Shen family,” Special Assistant Xu replied. “Recently, Xiao Zhou has been running to the Shen family and there are probably things that haven’t been dealt with.”


Chen Shiming lowered his eyes and continued to deal with official business. Chen Qizhao hadn’t been so diligent when he went to Feihong. Was Chen Qizhao’s relationship with the Shen family so good?

After leaving Chen Shiming’s office, Chen Qizhao asked Xiao Zhou a question and found out that Jiang Yuze hadn’t returned after going out. Sheng Ming’s side wasn’t quiet. Several high-level management had been making trouble recently. It would be strange if Jiang Yuze was free.

He asked Xiao Zhou to prepare a car and headed toward the Shen Group.

Some things were arranged and he had to handle Feng Ruyi’s side by himself.

By the time he arrived at the Shen Group, it happened to be the afternoon. Xiao Zhou was already familiar with the Shen staff members. After coming, he said he wanted to see Director Feng and the department manager immediately went to call him.

Feng Ruyi arrived in the office and saw Chen Qizhao sitting on the sofa and talking to their manager.

He glanced at Assistant Jiang, who often visited them these days. Then his scrutinizing eyes stopped on Chen Qizhao. Feng Ruyi had met Chen Qizhao before. As early as when he was working in the Chen Group, he had heard about the little overlord of the Chen family.

The Chen father and son had excellent abilities. At that time, Chen Shiming had just joined the Chen family for two years and his skills and courage had already convinced many people. Feng Ruyi used to envy the colleagues who were deployed to Chen Shiming but his own abilities were limited. He could only gradually become familiar with the business under the guidance of his teacher.

He got to know his colleagues around him and naturally heard the story of the other prince of the Chen family.

It was said that he was a prince but this was actually the ridicule of his colleagues. Chen Shiming’s excellence was nothing more than announcing his status as the heir of the Chen Group. Meanwhile, the underage overlord of the Chen family was arrogant and self-willed. He skipped school and didn’t return home at night… there were all sorts of rumors.

Seeing Chen Qizhao now, especially his still immature face, Feng Ruyi thought that it was probably his own matter. He had been strict with the Chen project these days. This hot-tempered little overlord was the person in charge and would inevitably come to trouble him.

Sure enough, not long after coming in, the little overlord let the others go out and only the two of them were left in the office.

Chen Qizhao gazed at Feng Ruyi in front of him, who was younger than in his previous life and was more promising.

After departing from the Chen Group, he could achieve the position of director in a group the size of the Shen Group. Feng Ruyi’s own ability was good. It was a pity that in his previous life, he rushed due to his master and the appeal process wasn’t smooth. He also resigned.

Chen Qizhao looked at him. “Do you want to sit?”

“No,” Feng Ruyi said. “There are other things to do later.”

“If you don’t know how to be tactful then you will suffer.” Chen Qizhao laughed. “I heard that you reviewed the Chen project even though this matter isn’t the responsibility of your department. I know there is your handiwork behind it being reviewed in your hands.”

Feng Ruyi stopped slightly when he heard this. “President Chen, if you have something to say then say it directly.”

“I have no objection to a strict review. It is beneficial for both of us, but…” Chen Qizhao pushed a document to the other side of the table. “It won’t be good if Director Feng uses his power for personal gain.”

Chen Qizhao was a bit different from what he imagined, but if what he thought was true, how could Chen Qizhao become the person in charge?

No matter what a dandy the other person was, there was still something he could do. Feng Ruyi looked down at the document. “I shouldn’t be reading the project document.”

Chen Qizhao smiled. “Director Feng, take a first look to see if you are interested.”

Feng Ruyi didn’t know what Chen Qizhao meant so he reached out and picked it up. His face changed drastically when he saw the content.

He looked at Chen Qizhao sharply and his hand holding the document was a bit shaky.

Chen Qizhao still had a smiling face as he asked again, “Director Feng, can we sit down and talk now?”

Outside the office, Xiao Zhou and the manager stood at the door, completely unaware of what the two of them were talking about.

“Xiao Zhou, why don’t we go to the next office for tea?” The manager suggested.

Xiao Zhou replied, “Thank you for your kindness. I will wait here for my boss to arrange things.”

He immediately felt awe when he saw the boss chatting with this person through the glass window.

Director Feng was so rigid that it wasn’t smooth every time he communicated with Director Feng. His boss was worthy of being the boss to be able to sit down and chat with this person.

Sheng Ming hadn’t been calm these past few days. The moment the rumors about the Chen Group’s desire to buy them came out, the internal high-level management had their own disagreements about this matter. In the underground parking lot, Jiang Yuze threw the documents onto the passenger seat with a face full of gloom. He didn’t know how the news was released but truth and falsehood were mixed in. Thus, the person he had originally negotiated with changed his mind. In order to deal with this matter, he had to personally explain it so that there wasn’t a mistake in the plan.

Even so, the fake news spread even more outrageously.

Sheng Ming was originally a plan that hadn’t been prepared yet. It was just that Chen Shiming’s move was too big and Chairman Lin was forced to use this chess piece. According to the original plan, they would’ve been able to arrange all the layouts before the Chen family acquired Sheng Ming. Now Sheng Ming was swayed by various gossip and the people who had already been determined were shaken. The contract couldn’t be signed.

Up to now, their layout hadn’t been completed but the contradiction in Sheng Ming had spread to Chen Jianhong’s side.

If this continued, the plan might not be successful.

“Who is behind it…?” Ever since the end of last year, their plans hadn’t been going smoothly. It was as if someone was pushing it from behind, but they didn’t know the identity of this person. Originally, he suspected the Chen family’s Father and son but if the other party discovered his identity, it was impossible to let him go about his activities. Yet besides the Chen family, who else could play tricks behind his back?

At this time, the phone rang. Jiang Yuze withdrew from his thoughts and picked up the call. “Chairman Lin.”

On the other end of the phone, Lin Shizong asked why he hadn’t settled this matter yet.

Jiang Yuze repeatedly explained that he would definitely launch the acquisition plan next month.

“Why haven’t you dealt with Chen Shiming’s matter yet? Are you waiting for him to come and keep an eye on this project? The person in charge of Sheng Ming must not be Chen Shiming, do you understand?”

“You know, things have been arranged…” Jiang Yuze confirmed it. “I won’t let Chen Shiming appear at the acquisition meeting.”

“You had better do it.” Lin Shizong hung up.

Jiang Yuze hung up and his eyes stayed on the call record for a while.

He took a deep breath, suppressed the irritation and anger in his chest and made another call.

“Hello?” Jiang Yuze said. “The driver has been arranged, right?”

“It is arranged. Tell me when you have determined the time and the location…”

“I will arrange the rest.” Jiang Yuze continued, “I will install a GPS in the other person’s car and arrange other things for you. Don’t kill him when running him over. I will send you the time and location later.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell the people to have a sense of proportion.”

In the office of the Lin company, Lin Shizong spat out a cigar and looked at the person sitting on the sofa.

“Did you call Jiang Yuze?” The other person spoke when seeing that he had finished the call. “He was quite quick in handling things before but hasn’t managed to settle the acquisition matter. This isn’t at his usual level. But if you force him so much, will he really listen to you? Even if he is repaying your kindness, I have seen…”

“I sponsored him to finish high school and personally sent him to the Chen Group, allowing him to reach his current status.” Lin Shizong laughed and his glasses reflected slightly. “This kindness is indeed very large. It is a pity that Jiang Yuze isn’t a dog who will repay kindness. He is a wolf.”

“A dog is loyal and will eat as much as his master gives.”

Lin Shizong said again, “Wolves are different. They are wild and if I’m not careful, they will bare their fangs at me.”

The person sitting on the sofa looked at him doubtfully.

Lin Shizong didn’t want to explain. Ever since he liberated Jiang Yuze from that family, he knew what type of character this child had. This man, like him, would endure and wait for an opportunity. At the same time, he was also a person who would get revenge and yearn to climb higher. Jiang Yuze’s goal never ended here. Compared to the position of assistant to the chairman of the Chen Group, Jiang Yuze’s goal would never stop there. Insecure people wouldn’t trust others. No matter how good their status and salary, it would never compare to the position of controlling everything from above.

Jiang Yuze was a wild person and would only resort to twists and turns in order to satisfy his wild desires.


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