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MGAG: Chapter 43

There was a lot of traffic on a holiday night. Fu Yanyu’s video immediately went viral in the Weibo circles once it was released. As one of today’s actors with a lot of traffic, Fu Yanyu had never lost topicality. However, the topic this time was too explosive. In the videos from the marketing account, there were scenes of Fu Yanyu getting high, eyes blurred as he swallowed smoke. His ugly posture was undoubtedly revealed, unlike his glamorous appearance in front of the screen.

[Oh my god? Fu Yanyu took drugs?]

[Which paparazzi is so powerful that they can take this type of photo?]


[Don’t you know? Fu Yanyu has a lot of black materials and there is a wealthy backer behind him!]

[More than that, where do you think the black hot search for Free and Unfettered came from previously? He picked himself clean and the black materials all belonged to someone else.]

[Do you still remember the sponsors of Mind Eyes? It is said that Fu Yanyu talked with them for more than a month before signing with someone else, tsk tsk tsk.]

The netizens ate melons one after another. Fu Yanyu and the studio’s Weibo were scolded and it also affected the ‘Free and Unfettered’ that was being aired. A lot of capital was used to withdraw the hot search but this piece of information was too explosive. It was directly released around the New Year and the hot search couldn’t be suppressed at all. The moment Fu Yanyu had an accident, all types of scandals about Fu Yanyu came out one after another.

Netizens were stunned. They hadn’t expected that Fu Yanyu, who had a good person character setting, was actually like this. Taking drugs, acting arrogantly, buying black searches, breaking agreements… all sorts of black deeds completely fermented through this incident.

Fu Yanyu looked at the comments on the Internet with a pale face and asked his manager angrily, “Didn’t you say that all of this could be suppressed? This is what you mean by suppressing?”

“I should ask you about this matter. I told you last time to control yourself. Did you take my words to heart?” The agent’s eyes sank slightly. “As a result, you didn’t control yourself and ran around on variety shows. I won’t even talk to you about privately contacting others to buy the black hot search? Do you cherish your reputation?”

“What about President Fang? Contact President Fang and ask him to help me. Free and Unfettered is still being aired and he has invested so much money. He won’t do anything.” Fu Yanyu wouldn’t listen at all. “This matter can still be suppressed. As long as it is suppressed, we can say that the black materials were bought by those next door…”

“Fu Yanyu, do you still remember that Free and Unfettered is currently airing?”

The agent sneered and showed him the messages from various contacts in the chat history. “See for yourself. This matter can’t be suppressed. Now you should figure out how to pay the huge breach of contract fees. During this time, you will be strictly investigated. Don’t talk about the company. Even President Fang won’t dare to protect you. You should just wait to be blocked.”

At the same time, the management of Yicheng Medical was working overtime due to the sudden outbreak.

Yicheng’s boss had been holding people accountable one after another. There was such a big incident with the spokesperson and there were many publicity channels related to Fu Yanyu. If they encountered this type of thing, it could only be removed overnight and the impact was completely immeasurable.

“This person Fu Yanyu has such a big problem. Who reviewed it in the first place?”

“Boss, the person who originally pushed Fu Yanyu’s plan resigned a few days ago.”

“In addition, when we checked, these were just gossip. Which star doesn’t have gossip about them? Who knew if the black materials were real or not?”

Someone suddenly wondered, “Could this matter be the Chen family’s hand? We had a conflict with them some time ago…”

“It isn’t the Chen family. During this time, the Chen family has been busy dealing with internal matters. As for the previous contradictions, Chen Shiming dealt with it later. This matter wasn’t done right and this is more like the handwriting of the entertainment industry. It isn’t like Chen Shiming’s actions.”

“That isn’t necessarily the case. They almost had a big problem in the beginning. The explosion of Mind Eyes was originally an accident.”

Yicheng’s senior executives had dark faces and held remote meetings with other people. Fu Yanyu had caused them too much trouble. It was only after signing the contract that they discovered that Fu Yanyu had a bad relationship with the Chen family’s Feihong. Later, the Chen family didn’t take the initiative to find fault. Nothing else happened apart from the drama they invested in competing with Fu Yanyu.

At this time, they received an anonymous email in their inbox. It was filled with various photos and some unknown things.

Fu Yanyu’s agent and investor, Fu Yanyu and a certain entertainment boss and… President Fang and Lin Shizong. There was really no need for the Chen family to do this. Meanwhile, Lin Shizong had been staring at Yicheng for a long time. They thought of the employee who retired and Lin Shizong’s calm during this time and they weren’t idiots.

“The Lin family…!”

There was an uproar in the last meeting of the Chen Group. Chen Shiming vigorously submitted some evidence and held the directors who used power for personal gain accountable. He even extended his hands to Chen Jianhong’s assistant group and the evidence submitted held two assistants accountable. Even the chief assistant Jiang Yuze couldn’t absolve himself of blame.

Assistant Yu stood in the office and watched as investigators looked through his work computer. He didn’t know when Chen Shiming started suspecting him. Obviously, everything he did was very clean. It could be said that he didn’t show his identity at all. Some evidence and traces had long been processed by him but these pieces of evidence reappeared in front of the public. Chen Shiming even found evidence about him contacting Fu Yanyu’s agent.

He had a pale face as he looked at Jiang Yuze in the distance. This person’s eyes were cold and completely ignored his pleading eyes for help.

“It is a big issue this time. Yu Jie is related to two previous projects and he probably had contact with some companies outside.”

Jiang Yuze’s tone was normal as he spoke to other people. “Our side will definitely cooperate. We will also submit the materials that need to be submitted.”

Yu Jie listened to the discussions around him with a dead face. He didn’t have a chance to defend himself at all.

“Brother Jiang, help me… I Still have use.” Yu Jie was unwilling to give up. After the computer was removed, he pulled Jiang Yuze aside and begged quietly.

Jiang Yuze stared straight ahead and his tone was cold. “Yu Jie, if you keep your mouth shut then you will come out of prison in two years. However, if you don’t keep your mouth shut then I have a way to make you unable to get out.”

Yu Jie’s expression froze. “Brother Jiang, I…”

Jiang Yuze said again, “You don’t want your wife, children and mother to be chased by loan sharks every day to collect debts, right?”

Yu Jie saw Jiang Yuze like this and knew he was completely doomed. His handle was still in Jiang Yuze’s hands so he could only grit his teeth and bear it. Due to his exposure, part of Jiang Yuze’s previous achievements were wasted and he was already Jiang Yuze’s abandoned son.

Yu Jie’s voice trembled. “I know.”

Jiang Yuze was implicated in the Feihong project this time and this made Chen Shiming reach his hands into Chen Jianhong’s assistant group. Yu Jie being discovered was a trivial matter. The most important thing was that Jiang Yuze was held accountable by Chen Jianhong for this matter. In addition, two people were found in the assistant group and the loss could be called very large. After he left the office, he received another message. “What did you say? Fu Yanyu was exposed?!”

“Mr Lin has invested a lot in the matter. Why didn’t you suppress the news first?” Jiang Yuze’s voice was slightly deep. “Who released this matter? Check it carefully.”

“It just happened last night and I couldn’t control it at all. Not long ago, news came out saying that a strict investigation will be carried out during this period. After the incident broke out, people noticed it immediately. It is beyond our control.” The person on the phone was anxious. “All the marketing accounts on the Internet have received emails and it is an anonymous email. We checked and the emails came from foreign countries, but we can’t find any information other than that. We don’t know who did this at all.”

Jiang Yuze said, “What about President Fang? What did he say?”

“President Fang was investigated and someone followed Fu Yanyu to investigate him, saying he was illegally selling drugs.”

The person on the phone hesitated to speak. “There is one more thing… something happened on Chairman Lin’s side. I don’t know where Yicheng got the news but they found out about Chairman Lin and Yicheng is biting us like a mad dog.”

Jiang Yuze’s expression changed slightly. “How is it possible?”

It was true that President Fang had something to do with Chairman Lin but their communication had always been hidden. Fu Yanyu’s incident was done by President Fang and it could be said that Lin Shizong was completely out of the matter. Yicheng couldn’t find the Lin family… their direct suspect should be the Chen family that they had a conflict with.

“But it turned out this way… Yicheng thinks that we planned to let them sign Fu Yanyu. The moment the news of Fu Yanyu came out, our side was completely overwhelmed. Mr Jiang, Chairman Lin is very angry right now. The loss caused to us by this plan is very large!”

Yicheng was a mad dog. According to their plan, they should’ve confronted the Chen Group.

However, this time the Chen family escaped unharmed while their side was completely entangled by Yicheng.

In the midst of the turmoil, New Year’s Eve arrived.

“Fu Yanyu’s incident hasn’t died down in the past few days so he is probably going to be finished. I saw that all the official media have posted on Weibo to denounce bad artists. It is good that you didn’t sign him originally…” Yan Kailin chattered on the phone. “Are you going out to play tonight? In any case, your family must have a lot of people to pay New Year’s Eve greetings to. It isn’t interesting to deal with such people. Brother, are you listening?”

Chen Qizhao watched the Lin Group’s stocks plummeting and closed the webpage happily. “I won’t go out. I will stay at home for the new year.”

This year was doomed to be unsettled. The Lin Group and Yicheng had conflicts over a project and completely shed all pretenses of cordiality. It was very ugly. Chen Qizhao happily ate melons and stirred the muddy water from time to time, watching the fire intensify. Lin Shizong was tired. In previous years, he would come over on New Year’s Eve to pay greetings. This year, something happened so he gave the greetings over the phone early.

Chen Jianhong hung up the phone and said, “The problems that Old Lin encountered this time are very big. I’m afraid that it will involve the two bids next year.”

Chen Qizhao added a sentence. “Oh, then Uncle Lin must not have a very happy new year. Should we go to his house another day to give him the New Year’s greetings? Isn’t this a thoughtful New Year’s gift?”

Chen Jianhong glanced at Chen Qizhao out of the corner of his eyes. The latter was playing with his mobile phone casually like he was chatting with someone.

“Qizhao is right,” he said. “Uncle Lin isn’t celebrating the New Year but we should still be polite. Shiming, find a day to visit your Uncle Lin’s house in the new year.”

“I know.” Chen Shiming’s eyes fell on Chen Qizhao and his attention was on the mobile phone page. “Chen Qizhao, are you in a relationship?”

The moment these words came out, Zhang Yazhi looked toward Chen Qizhao. “Xiao Zhao? Really? Why didn’t Mom see it in your Moments?”

Chen Jianhong also cared and his eyes fell on Chen Qizhao. “Which family’s child?”

Chen Qizhao’s hand shook as he was chatting with Shen Yuhuai and he directly sent out several emoticons accidentally.

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He looked at Chen Shiming. “Where did you hear that?”

Chen Shiming’s eyes stopped on his phone. “It has been half an hour and your chat interface hasn’t changed.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t bother paying attention to him. “Oh, I’m chatting with Assistant Xu.”

Chen Shiming replied, “…Xiao Xu has a girlfriend.”

He added, “Besides, his profile picture isn’t this color.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at Chen Shiming. “Are you bored?”

Staring at his chat interface for half an hour?

“You guys talk,” Chen Qizhao said. “I’ll go out and make a phone call.”

Zhang Yazhi saw him go out and looked reproachfully at Chen Shiming. “Did you just ask your brother that?”

Chen Shiming watched Chen Qizhao’s back disappear through the door and repeated. “It is true that his chat interface hasn’t changed.”

There was a lot of cold wind outside the door. Chen Qizhao walked to a corner to call Shen Yuhuai for the New Year. He had just walked to the garden when he saw that the garage was lit up. He vaguely saw a figure standing next to the car. It seemed to be the driver Old Lin.

Old Lin had been the driver of their family for many years and had worked in the Chen family for as long as Chen Qizhao remembered. As a child, Old Lin picked him up and dropped him off at school. Old Lin’s wife and children died unexpectedly when he was young so Old Lin would stay in the Chen family every New Year and spend time with them.

“Uncle Lin?” Chen Qizhao asked.

The figure heard this and turned his head. “Second Young Master?”

Chen Qizhao approached him. “It is cold and don’t be busy. Eat the New Year’s Eve dinner later.”

“I’ll go in soon. I’m just finishing up here.” Old Lin stood with a wrench and there was a spare tire next to him. “The Oldest Young Master said today that the left side of the car is a bit bumpy. I just found that the tire does have a small problem so I want to change it as soon as possible.”

Bumpy? Chen Qizhao’s gaze lingered on the surrounding car parts for a moment. “Is it a flat tire?”

Old Lin had a lot of engine oil on his hands as he explained, “There was an iron nail on the road. Fortunately, there weren’t any big problems.”

“Then you should do your work.” Chen Qizhao nodded and didn’t continue standing there to disturb him.

He had just walked toward the garden when he heard a noise outside.

At this time, there was a light outside the villa.

Chen Qizhao glanced over. A New Year’s greeting? Who was coming?


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