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MGAG: Chapter 42 Part 2

In the middle of the night, Chen Qizhao suddenly woke up. The moonlight came in through the window. He lowered his head and stared at his white hands. His tense body soon relaxed and he glimpsed the empty space beside him.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t come in to sleep…?

He got up lightly and opened the bedroom door a crack.

He saw a man sleeping on the sofa not far away.

Chen Qizhao stood behind the door and watched the other man silently.

He watched for a long time before closing the door softly.

Later, Chen Qizhao didn’t know when he fell asleep.

The sun was shining when he woke up. He tripped over his pant legs when he got up and bent down to fold them up. After finishing this, he pushed open the door and smelled the fragrance coming from the kitchen. Shen Yuhuai was standing in the kitchen with an apron and cooking.

“The toiletries are in the bathroom and a change of clothes is also inside. Go and take a shower first,” Shen Yuhuai told him. “Breakfast will be ready in 10 minutes.”

“Okay.” Chen Qizhao stared at Shen Yuhuai for a while. He caught a glimpse of his clothes on the sofa before walking directly in the direction of the bathroom.

10 minutes later, Chen Qizhao returned to the dining room and saw the colorful and fragrant noodles on the table.

Shen Yuhuai told him, “Try it. I don’t know if it suits your taste.”

Chen Qizhao tried a mouthful of soup and replied without thinking, “It is delicious.”

This meal took a long time. Chen Qizhao stared at Shen Yuhuai while eating. He saw that the other person looked as usual and took the initiative to explain, “I don’t usually drink so much. Yesterday was an accident.”

Shen Yuhuai looked up when he heard this. “I know. Our project team occasionally drinks some wine during celebration parties.”

Chen Qizhao sighed with relief. Then he thought of the question Shen Yuhuai asked when he got in the car yesterday. “I didn’t do anything after I got drunk yesterday, right? I forgot…”

Shen Yuhuai answered, “You are quite well-behaved after getting drunk.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t want to hear this answer. Still, he saw that Shen Yuhuai didn’t mention it again so he didn’t ask.

The meal finished and Shen Yuhuai sent Chen Qizhao back to the Chen family’s villa. It was close to New Year’s Day so the streets were full of a new year atmosphere. Two red lanterns were hung at the door of the Chen family’s villa.

Chen Qizhao wondered, “Brother Huai, do you want to go inside and sit down?”

“Next time,” Shen Yuhuai answered. “I have something to do in a while.”

Chen Qizhao was forced to say, “Goodbye, Brother Huai. Let’s make an appointment for next time.”

“Yes, goodbye.” Shen Yuhuai sat in the car. He watched Chen Qizhao walk into the villa and finally disappear in front of him.

He leaned back slightly, picked up the phone and scrolled through it. Then he saw that Chen Qizhao’s Moments had been updated.

A picture of the celebration party was posted with a simple salute attached as an emoji.

Shen Yuhuai gave a low laugh and gave it a like.

“Little liar.”

Today was a weekend and there was nothing to do at home.

The moment Chen Qizhao entered the house, he saw Chen Shiming sitting on the sofa with several documents on the table. Chen Shiming saw him coming in and looked straight over. “Chen Qizhao, don’t you need to explain with a few words if you don’t return at night?”

“I went to a celebration party.” Chen Qizhao was suddenly stopped and looked at Chen Shiming like he was strange.

The housekeeper watched from the side. He was afraid that the two brothers would quarrel again if they disagreed.

After the second young master went out last night, the eldest young master didn’t go directly to find him as usual. Instead, he sat in the living room and waited for most of the night before finally making a call and going to sleep. Then this morning, he got up and waited in the living room after eating. He said that he was processing documents but he was actually waiting for the second young master to return.

Chen Qizhao was familiar with such a scene. How many times had he and Chen Shiming quarreled like this before?

He was thinking this when he heard Chen Shiming’s voice.

Chen Qizhao raised his head in surprise. “What?”

“I said it.” Chen Shiming’s gaze stayed on Chen Qizhao for a moment and finally looked back at the documents. “Next time you go out or don’t go home, tell your family.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned. “Oh.”

Chen Shiming frowned slightly. “Did you hear it?”

Chen Qizhao replied, “I heard.”

Chen Shiming turned the page without raising his head and continued, “Go and change your clothes.”

He saw that Chen Qizhao hadn’t moved and had to raise his head. “Can you stand the smell of alcohol?”

Chen Qizhao asked, “Are you in a good mood today?”

Chen Shiming’s voice was a bit impatient. “Do you think I’m in a good mood?”

He went out to drink in the middle of the night and didn’t return at night. If Chen Shiming hadn’t contacted someone and found out that Chen Qizhao left early, perhaps he would’ve gone directly to the bar to grab him. He tried to control his tone as much as possible. “Are you deliberately staying here to quarrel with me?”

Chen Qizhao suddenly smiled. “No, this is very good.”

Chen Shiming was about to speak when Chen Qizhao turned his head and went upstairs.

Chen Shiming just looked at the housekeeper after Chen Qizhao left. “Go and ask him if he has eaten. Then get him something to eat.”

The room still had yesterday’s furnishings. Chen Qizhao returned to the bedroom and sat down for a while. Then he remembered the scene before Chen Shiming’s death in his previous life, as if it overlapped with many nightmares. It was like a demon baring its fangs.

It wasn’t until the housekeeper came to ask him a question that he regained his senses and laughed.

“This is really good.”

“…Don’t die in this life.”

Chen Qizhao opened a certain page. The specially processed page was gray-white and several emails were sent regularly. The mouse stopped on the ‘send’ button. Chen Qizhao’s eyes were calm as he looked at the time and said regretfully, “It is too slow. Lin Shizong, your life is really long.”

Time gradually passed and it was soon a few days before the new year. Mind Eyes was also coming to an end. On the night of the finale, the crew of Mind Eyes occupied several hot searches and Feihong also held a celebration party. The happy scene announced the perfect end of the project. The explosion in popularity of Mind Eyes directly attracted a lot of people and the most profitable one was the male protagonist Nie Chenxiao. The publicity leader laughed even more when he saw the two year contract for the Glory products and he repeatedly praised Chen Qizhao.

Nie Chenxiao also came to Feihong. To be honest, he hadn’t expected such success and was even more grateful for Chen Qizhao’s appreciation.

Chen Qizhao told him, “It is all due to your own ability. I have long said that Teacher Nie is very powerful.”

Nie Chenxiao couldn’t say too many words of thanks but he had already taken Chen Qizhao’s kindness to heart. “Mr Chen, if you need help in the future then just ask.”

Chen Qizhao smiled. “That is for certain.”

“The Free and Unfettered drama is really bad. I went to watch a few episodes but I couldn’t even last five episodes.”

“Right now, it is all supported by the fans of the actors. You haven’t seen how ugly the reviews from critics are. I heard others say that this drama has attracted a lot of investment and it will probably be hard to gain back the capital.”

“They can definitely gain back the money but it just isn’t certain who will receive the money. Don’t think too much about the idea of profit. The fanbase is large. No matter how bad it is, the fans will pay for it.”

“I recently observed and found that Fu Yanyu’s team also bought a black hot search for the actors in the same crew. Why is he so vicious!”

Everyone in Feihong had a very bad impression of Fu Yanyu. None of them thought that Fu Yanyu would act in such a way that would tarnish their reputation. The other person had a high reputation in the circle and didn’t care about them at all.

However, the entertainment industry was sometimes so realistic. No matter how bad the reputation of the other person, there were still a large number of companies willing to find him to cooperate as long as there was traffic to make money from. In addition, Fu Yanyu was good at business. The moment this Free and Unfettered failed, he immediately shifted his focus to other supporting roles.

For example, buying a black search to say that an actor added scenes or buying a hot search that said the heroine acted arrogantly in the crew.

He picked himself clean in front of the public, as if the problem with the drama wasn’t his acting skills but the other members of the crew acting as demons.

Nie Chenxiao also heard the discussions of other people. He had worked with Fu Yanyu once so he already knew what type of personality Fu Yanyu had.

He knew that this Feihong endorsement was picked up due to Fu Yanyu’s mistake, but he had been in the entertainment industry for many years and his edges had long been smoothed out. He accepted this result well. At the very least, he had no complaints about this win-win situation based on mutual trust. He was even grateful for Chen Qizhao’s trust.

He was listening to the indignant words of the people around him when Chen Qizhao suddenly asked, “What does Teacher Nie think?”

Nie Chenxiao was stunned for a moment before quickly reacting. “Feihong’s products are of good quality. I think good endorsement products should promote each other. Fu Yanyu didn’t seize this opportunity and it is his loss.”

“Are you complimenting me?” Chen Qizhao slightly raised an eyebrow. “Teacher Nie speaks very well.”

“I’m telling the truth.” Nie Chenxiao’s gaze stopped on Chen Qizhao in front of him. “Mr Chen is indeed a good person.”


Chen Qizhao pondered on this word before suddenly laughing. “You are right, I am indeed a good person.”

His words changed and there was another deep meaning in his words. “Good people have to do good things in the end, don’t you think?”

Late at night, the hot search for Mind Eyes, which had been lively for several days, went down. At this time, many domestic marketing accounts and paparazzi studios received an anonymous file at the same time. Everyone was stunned when they opened the file and some looked panicked.

In the office of a paparazzi, a man with a cigarette looked at these photos and videos. Some were released by them before and some they didn’t know where they came from. There were also several documents. The men didn’t know who reorganized them and sent it to them.

“Boss, what is going on? Do you want to let it go?” A younger brother stood by and asked. “Do you want to inform Fu Yanyu’s studio and ask them how much they are willing to pay to suppress it?”

The man with the cigarette took a puff and his eyes stopped on a certain sentence in the email. “Their team can’t suppress it. I’m afraid it isn’t just us who received this email…”

At 2 o’clock, major marketing accounts moved in a hurry and a series of videos suddenly circulated on Weibo.

The words #Fu Yanyu# suddenly exploded onto the hot search!


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