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MGAG: Chapter 42 Part 1

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He had spent so long with Shen Yuhuai and this was the first time he encountered this embarrassing and passive situation.

The street lamp in the distance left a brief light on Shen Yuhuai’s glasses. The man’s words were direct and calm, as if this question was a very ordinary thing. There was an imperceptible smile in his eyes.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stopped on Chen Qizhao’s face. He scanned the body from a close distance. His eyes moved from the lips to the nose bone and finally to the other person’s eyes.

He stopped at these good-looking eyes. “Qizhao?”

Chen Qizhao’s head was against the car seat. The distance between him and Shen Yuhuai was extremely close and the smell of alcohol sprayed between his breaths seemed to spread between the two of them. He tilted his head slightly but didn’t directly answer Shen Yuhuai’s question. He blinked in a slightly blank manner and pretended to be drunk and vague. “…What blocking?”

Shen Yuhuai smiled lightly and leaned back against the driver’s seat.

The car window on the side lowered halfway and dissipated the smell of alcohol.

“It is nothing. I’ve rarely chatted with you lately and maybe I misunderstood.” Shen Yuhuai started the vehicle and stared straight ahead. “Yan Kailin said that it isn’t convenient for you to go home now. Do you want to go to a nearby hotel or to my apartment for one night?”

It was true that he had rarely contacted Shen Yuhuai recently due to Feihong’s matter. They only occasionally said goodbye to each other.

The main thing was that he didn’t know what reason he had to chat with Shen Yuhuai during the holidays. It seemed that without having a meal at S College, there were only a handful of reasons for the two of them to go out. He just hadn’t expected the topic of conversation to include the embarrassing situation of blocking the other person’s Moments. He couldn’t remember anything going wrong so it must’ve been that Shen Yuhuai saw his Moments from someone else’s phone.

Chen Qizhao felt like heat was lingering on his face. There wasn’t the approaching sense of oppression and his brain became a bit clearer. He quickly figured out the initiator of this matter in his mind. Shen Yuhuai didn’t have many mutual friends and it was self-evident who exposed him.

In just a few seconds, between deleting his Moments and continuing to pretend to be drunk, he chose the latter.

Drunk people were slow to react so he couldn’t answer this sentence.

He shifted his gaze slightly and pretended to be thinking. He didn’t take the initiative to respond to Shen Yuhuai’s words.

The car drove smoothly and the darkness of the night became the only cover here.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t ask any more questions. The question just now seemed to be his direct and simple inquiry.

Chen Qizhao slept in the direction of Shen Yuhuai. He relied on the cover of darkness and silently looked at Shen Yuhuai, who was driving. Then after calming down, the face of the other person who was close at hand appeared in his mind.

It was very comfortable to get along with Shen Yuhuai. In addition to his usual gentle attitude, there was also his sometimes direct and clear behavior. Chen Qizhao actually didn’t like to guess people’s thoughts and consider other people’s psychology. It was enough to test back and forth with that group of old foxes in the business field. This subconscious habit of speculating about others would bring him indescribable exhaustion at some moments.

At this moment, he suddenly remembered a sentence he had asked Shen Yuhuai in his previous life.

They were in a coffee store and he jokingly asked, “Why would you want to be friends with a bad person like me?”

“I don’t think you are bad.” Shen Yuhuai put down the coffee when he heard this and stared at the other person seriously with a pair of eyes. “If I really don’t want to get along with you then I think we can tell each other calmly. However, it is clear that both you and I are willing to take advantage of your precious break to spend the afternoon here.”

It was like then…

Chen Qizhao half lowered his eyes and looked at Shen Yuhuai unscrupulously with his drunken expression. He was already pondering in his heart how to appropriately delete some of his Moments or what excuse to use when Shen Yuhuai asked him again.

They passed several traffic lights and the light and shadow of high-rise buildings flashed by.

Shen Yuhuai’s face was calm. As he turned a corner, his eyes briefly stopped on Chen Qizhao.

Due to the smooth driving, Chen Qizhao gradually became sleepy.

This lasted until the car stopped. The passenger side door opened and someone stood beside him. “Qizhao, wake up. We’ve arrived.”

Chen Qizhao opened his eyes and saw Shen Yuhuai standing outside the car. “…We’ve arrived?”

It was an underground garage. They should be at Shen Yuhuai’s apartment.

Shen Yuhuai unfastened the seat belt for him, put an arm around his waist and easily helped him out of the car. Chen Qizhao stood still and Shen Yuhuai turned to the side again, letting his hand rest easily on the other person’s shoulder. “Put your hand away.”

Chen Qizhao snorted and obeyed. The next second, his entire body was carried up.

Shen Yuhuai neatly carried the other person on his back and said softly, “It is too light.”

Chen Qizhao was a bit at a loss and didn’t dare show too much strength. His attention was all on Shen Yuhuai’s hands around his knees.

Why was this person so strong?

He didn’t look at all like he was always in the laboratory.

Chen Qizhao’s head rested on Shen Yuhuai’s shoulder. The side of his ear was slightly against it and the other person’s words seemed covered with a layer of water. He couldn’t see Shen Yuhuai’s face but he could hear the sound of the other person closing the door and locking the car. Then Shen Yuhuai carried him into the elevator of the garage, his shoulder slightly touching the floor buttons.

The 10th floor.

Chen Qizhao thought, ‘1002.’

It was Shen Yuhuai’s urban apartment. He had been here in his previous life.

After getting out of the elevator, Shen Yuhuai put him down. He was seemingly worried that Chen Qizhao wouldn’t be steady so one hand was always wrapped around his waist.

“Take off your shoes.” Shen Yuhuai lowered him and untied his shoelaces.

Chen Qizhao had to kick his feet a bit, but he suddenly kicked his shoes a long way into the distance.

Chen Qizhao: “……”

Shen Yuhuai laughed and commented, “The legs are quite strong.”

Chen Qizhao avoided his gaze and chose not to look at the shoes.

After taking off his shoes, Shen Yuhuai helped Chen Qizhao sit on the sofa. Then he turned around and went to the kitchen to prepare hangover soup.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on the decorations in the place. It was just like when he came in his previous life except that the furniture was a bit newer. He looked around and finally stopped on Shen Yuhuai’s back in the open kitchen not far away.

Soon, Shen Yuhuai came out of the kitchen. He headed to the bedroom and took out a set of loose pajamas.

He saw Chen Qizhao leaning against the sofa and stopped beside him gently. “Don’t sleep here. Change your clothes and go to the room.”

He half squatted down in front of Chen Qizhao. “Qizhao?”

Shen Yuhuai saw that Chen Qizhao didn’t react and repeated again.

After a while, Chen Qizhao pretended to react and answered, “Yes.”

He looked at Shen Yuhuai. His mind quickly skimmed over the embarrassment when he had been drunk before and he thought about how drunk people should change their clothes.

There were very few fragments after becoming drunk so there was no comparison for this moment.

Shen Yuhuai saw that the other person wasn’t moving so he had to put the pajamas aside and directly unzipped Chen Qizhao’s coat. As if worried that Chen Qizhao would fall uncontrollably to the side, Shen Yuhuai’s other hand kept holding the side of his neck. The cold hand touched his skin, almost making Chen Qizhao shiver uncontrollably.

In the past, he would act at will when he was drunk. How could he change his clothes? It would be good if he could lie down on the sofa at home and sleep.

Chen Qizhao paused and obediently allowed Shen Yuhuai to unbutton his coat.

However, he froze all over when the other person’s hands touched the waistband of his pants. He looked at Shen Yuhuai’s white hands and the neatly stacked pajama pants next to him.


F*k, why did he have to change his clothes?

“…Brother Huai, I can do it myself.” Chen Qizhao pretended to be a little bit sober. He thought with an anxious heart that he had dug this pit so he needed to jump into it.

Shen Yuhuai asked patiently, “Can you do it yourself? Do you want me to help you?”

Chen Qizhao told him, “I can do it. I’m awake.”

The pants that he wore today were casually pulled out of the closet. They were a bit tight and were tied with two small silver chains. Chen Qizhao took a while to take off his pants and he had to maintain a drunken, slow motion. Then he slowly put on the pajama pants.

Shen Yuhuai saw that he could do it so Shen Yuhuai turned around and went to the kitchen to get the hangover soup.

Chen Qizhao drank a large bowl of hot soup after changing his pants and started sweating all over.

Shen Yuhuai’s clothes were too big and the sleeves covered his hands while the pants directly mopped the floor. Chen Qizhao thought in an expressionless manner, ‘There is indeed a small gap between my current height and Shen Yuhuai, but the problem isn’t big. My height also grew a bit when I was in college before.’

Shen Yuhuai was washing dishes in the kitchen. He looked slightly to the left and noticed the small movements of the boy on the sofa.

The other person was wearing his pajamas and his fair skin seemed to be stained with the red color of alcohol, making his skin even pinker.

The wide pajamas didn’t seem abrupt at all on the other person. There seemed to be an imperceptible cuteness.

Suddenly, a clear sound was heard and the boy’s gaze turned toward the kitchen.

Shen Yuhuai’s mind returned and he saw that the soup spoon had dropped into the kitchen sink.

His hand slipped.

By the time Shen Yuhuai cleaned up the kitchen and returned to the living room, Chen Qizhao was already curled up in the living room. His eyes were closed and he was seemingly asleep.

Shen Yuhuai gently pushed him twice. He saw that Chen Qizhao didn’t respond so he had to carefully pick up Chen Qizhao and send him to the bedroom.

The light in the room was turned off. Chen Qizhao waited until Shen Yuhuai left before quietly opening his eyes. It took a while to see all the layouts in the room.

There were no superfluous furnishings in the simple room. There was just a book with an English name and a spare pair of glasses was placed on the bedside table. The rest was the phone that Shen Yuhuai had just brought in.

Chen Qizhao paid attention to the movement outside the room. Once there was no sound, he took the phone from the bed and simply deleted a certain Moments. Finally, he put his phone back in place.

Pretending to be drunk in front of Shen Yuhuai was really hard work.

He sighed with relief and his tense body relaxed. Perhaps it was because he was surrounded by a reassuring smell that made him relax physically and mentally.

Gradually, he became sleepy and fell into a deep sleep.

Shen Yuhuai returned to his room after finishing his work and saw this person already asleep on the bed. He walked over softly and pulled up the quilt for the boy. Then he picked up the pillow on the other side and left the bedroom silently.

“I’m not going back tonight. I’m staying here in the city.” Shen Yuhuai took off his glasses and pinched his forehead in a tired manner. “Yes, I know. I will go back tomorrow… tonight? I picked up someone to stay at home. It isn’t good to go back.”

Shen Xuelan asked who it was, but Shen Yuhuai didn’t answer. He just said he still had something going on and hung up.

He hung up and sent Yan Kaiqi a message. Then he leaned back in a slightly tired manner.

After a long time, Shen Yuhuai glanced at the clothes that Chen Qizhao had changed out of. He just reached for it when a lighter fell from the coat pocket to the ground. He paused for a moment and smiled. Then he picked up the lighter on the carpet and placed it back in Chen Qizhao’s pocket.


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