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MGAG: Chapter 40 Part 2

Jiang Yuze hung up the phone and looked gloomily at Chen Shiming, who was standing at the door of the meeting room. The latter was tall and vigorous and there was a proud expression on his face.

Who would’ve thought that Chen Shiming would find out so much information in such a short period of time? Before this, Chen Jianhong didn’t leak any information at all so by the time Jiang Yuze came out to save it, it was too late. Their layout was completely chaotic.

Forget removing Chen Shiming’s power. After this battle, Chen Shiming’s rights had been consolidated even more. If they wanted him to let go of power then it couldn’t be done simply by influencing projects. The beginning and end of this matter was the Feihong they thought they had in hand.

During the time when they thought Chen Shiming was still trying his best to save Feihong’s Glory Series, Chen Shiming was already secretly investigating behind their backs.

He thought of the evidence that Chen Shiming had just provided at the regular meeting and the other people who were implicated. In a short period of time, Chen Shiming had found so many problem projects and held them accountable one after another at the meeting. He stepped on all the people who embarrassed him in the past few weeks. Thanks to the documents that Chen Shiming showed, it could be said that he and Chairman Zhong had to abandon all their arrangements in the Chen Group in the past five years. It wasn’t just that. They also lost a lot of people in it.

Now they had to put an end to other matters while avoiding this Chen internal review from affecting their plans. However, there were too few places that could be saved. Some people had to be given up in advance and some plans could only be abandoned. It wouldn’t be a big problem if a few low level employees like Qin Xingfeng were exposed. The problem was that Chen Shiming aimed at the management level. Chief Xu, Chief Jiang… several people close to them were arrested.

The greatest power of the Chen Group still lay in the hands of the Chen father and son. Chen Jianhong hadn’t said anything for the sake of the feelings of the people who fought beside him in the past, but once it came to issues such as the foundation of the Chen family, Chen Jianhong had every reason to make a big move.

Chen Shiming found the knife for Chen Jianhong.

“Assistant Jiang.”

Jiang Yuze’s mind returned and he found Chen Shiming standing in front of him.

Chen Shiming still had his confident and steady expression. “This matter involves a lot of people. I will have to trouble Assistant Jiang in the next period of time. After all, there are many projects that are of great importance. If there is an issue in the review process then things will happen at that time.”

Jiang Yuze replied seriously, “President Chen, rest assured. I will handle this matter well.”

Chen Shiming nodded. “Then I’ll wait for Assistant Jiang’s good news.”

Jiang Yuze’s face completely sank at these words.

Chen Shiming was just testing him.

Jiang Yuze’s eyes sank slightly and he realized that this confrontation was a complete loss.

Was it really only Chen Shiming…? When exactly did their plan start going off course?

The Chen family’s follow-up actions were carried out at the same time that the popularity of Mind Eyes exploded. The silent smoke of gunpowder had already declared victory and defeat.

Lin Shizong smashed an ashtray at the door and the people next to him couldn’t speak. Lin Shizongs’ mood couldn’t be calmed down after he received Jiang Yuze’s call. “The Chen family has really good luck. Even a bad drama can catch up with the trends and become popular…”

“Chairman Lin, there is still room for recovery in this matter. We can’t do anything about the drama but we can calculate against the actors… there are too many dramas these days that have been implicated by the actors so it isn’t completely impossible.” One person stood up and came up with ideas. “There are so many people in their drama. There must be one…”

Before he could finish speaking, a glass shattered at his feet and his words stopped immediately.

“Do you think Chen Shiming is a fool? Now things are becoming bigger and Chen Shiming’s people are staring at the Internet. If we make up black materials at this time, do you think he won’t notice these actions? Or do you think the Chen Group’s capital can’t suppress these things? Do you think we haven’t been exposed enough?” Lin Shizong sneered. “In addition, by this time, Feihong has already made a profit. Do you think this will be useful?”

Several important people installed in the Chen Group had been exposed and their follow-up plans could only rot.

The man didn’t dare to speak any longer and lowered his head.

Lin Shizong’s face was gloomy. His previous kind appearance was gone. He glanced at the documents on his desk and another arrogant face appeared in his mind. “Chen Qizhao…?”

At night in the Chen family, the family gathered for dinner.

Chen Qizhao picked at his meal casually. He was already listening carefully to Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming’s routine evening work meeting and judged the current situation of the group from their words. The father and son talked about today’s meeting and Chen Qizhao heard several familiar names being mentioned. Therefore, he was in a good mood.

He thought he would have to find some time to hand things over to Chen Shiming. Unexpectedly, his older brother’s ability to do things wasn’t bad. He could bite immediately after a small bait was thrown and brought out many familiar faces at one time.

There were internal and external troubles with the Chen Group. By this time, Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming noticed these old foxes who were always stirring up trouble on the board of directors. The major accidents with several projects in the future should also be able to be avoided in advance. It would be difficult for Lin Shizong to disrupt the situation remotely. Chen Qizhao was in a better mood and ate half a bowl of rice.

Chen Qizhao was still thinking about things but Chen Jianhong’s gaze had stopped on him for a long time.

Zhang Yazhi called out to him. “Xiao Zhao, what are you thinking about? Your father called you.”

Chen Qizhao recovered and looked at Chen Jianhong doubtfully. “What’s wrong? Have you finished talking?”

“This Feihong project was done well.” Chen Jianhong asked, “Do you want to come to headquarters after the new year?”

Chen Shiming had been reporting to him about this matter from beginning to end. Feihong’s victory was actually a very important thing, in other words, signing Nie Chenxiao and choosing Mind Eyes. Gambling was forbidden in business, even if the gamble was based on intelligence. He and Chen Shiming had been ready to act even with the failure of this gamble, but this seemingly messy decision made the Chen family the biggest beneficiary.

Outsiders might not know it but it was impossible for him and Chen Shiming to not notice.

The premise for the establishment of these advantageous conditions was all due to Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao’s mind spun and he replied, “Okay, but you have to give me a better assistant. Yu Jie is really not good.”

Chen Shiming looked at him. “What’s wrong with Yu Jie?”

“Didn’t Dad say last time that he would come to be my assistant and help me? His business ability is okay but he doesn’t understand what I am saying every time. This person is quite good at pretending. He couldn’t do anything for me compared to Special Assistant Xu.” Chen Qizhao had a distressed expression. “I could only record it and listen to it myself every time.”

His gaze stopped on Chen Shiming and he noticed the doubts in the other person’s eyes. “Why? You don’t believe it?”

Chen Shiming wondered, “What did you record?”

“Just the audio of every Feihong meeting.”

Chen Jianhong asked, “Why record this?”

“I wanted to record it to think about it. I know that people say I am useless so I wanted to record it and think about it myself.” Then Chen Qizhao unlocked his phone and played an audio file on the spot. “You don’t believe it? This is a section I recorded.”

The audio was indeed the content of the meeting and it contained the voices of Chen Qizhao and the assistant.

Chen Shiming said, “I do believe it. Send me a copy of the files. Yu Jie’s business ability in the group is okay and he shouldn’t make such mistakes.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at Chen Shiming with surprise but he followed the other person’s words. “I heard that this Yu Jie is Jiang Yuze’s right hand man. People keep saying how powerful he is.” Then he looked at Chen Jianhong. “Dad, I think your Assistant Jiang’s ability to teach people isn’t good. Last time when the matter with Fu Yanyu happened, I asked Assistant Yu to come up with a public relations plan. This person kept dawdling and pretending to be stupid. If I hadn’t scolded him with a few words, he probably wouldn’t have done anything.”

Chen Jianhong was thoughtful.

Chen Shiming took a sip of the soup before speaking, “It is really a problem if he receives a salary and doesn’t work. I have to check it.”

Chen Qizhao looked at Chen Shiming and thought about things in his heart.

After reminding Special Assistant Xu that time, Chen Shiming’s actions had become a bit strange. He was seemingly working against Chen Qizhao but things actually went toward the effect that Chen Qizhao wanted. Chen Shiming had been making insinuations with his words. There was seemingly nothing on the surface, but he was actually investigating something. Chen Qizhao didn’t know what Chen Shiming was suspecting but in this situation, it was better to maintain a balance.

The more Chen Shiming doubted him, the more Chen Shiming would pay attention to anything he said.

Zhang Yazhi looked at the father and son and told them peacefully, “Hey, eat your meal first. If you want to talk about work then go back to your study to talk.”

Dinner finished and Chen Qizhao wasn’t interested in talking to the two of them about work.

Not long after returning to his room, he received news from Cheng Rong. Cheng Rong said he was holding a celebration party for Chen Qizhao and invited him to come join.

Recently, he had rarely gone out to drink due to Feihong’s matter. In order to prevent some people from suspecting him, he still had to put on an act.

Chen Qizhao deliberately avoided people when he went out to avoid Zhang Yazhi saying anything to him.

Chen Shiming came out of the study after talking about work and planned to talk to Chen Qizhao.

However, he knocked on the door for a long time without receiving a response from the other person.

He looked at his watch suspiciously. “It is only 10 o’clock. Did he go to bed so early?”

The housekeeper happened to pass by. He saw the eldest young master at the door and had to say, “Eldest Young Master, the Second Young Master might have gone out.”

“Might have?”

The housekeeper paused before finally saying, “Not long ago, I saw the car of the young master of the Cheng family at the door.”

Chen Shiming: “……”

The lights were bright and a group of young people were sitting in the booth of a bar.

There was a clinking of glasses and the scoundrel friends spoke a few celebratory words.

“Your brother really let you go out?” Cheng Rong wondered.

“Of course. I did such a big thing this time. Does Chen Shiming dare to stop me?” Chen Qizhao clinked glasses with him with a smile. Then he asked, “What about Yan Kailin? Didn’t you call him?”

“I called him. He said he would come later.” Cheng Rong explained, “I heard he was taken by his brother to a friend’s house as a guest and won’t be able to leave for a while. You know that it is almost the new year. The Yan family hasn’t returned to S City for a long time and it is inevitable that they would have to go visit to pay their new year’s greetings.”

“Drink. Xiao Zhao is good this time! My friends say that you earned a lot this time!”

“Why call him Xiao Zhao? It is time to call him President Chen.”

“President Chen, inform me when you do business in the future. If you have any good investments then pull your brothers in.”

Chen Qizhao nestled in the booth and listened to these people.

New Year’s Eve… he hadn’t had a decent new year for many years. Looking at the colorful New Year’s decorations on the streets, he only remembered a deserted apartment and gravestones in the suburbs. The meaning of the new year to him was probably that it brought him one day closer to the Tomb Sweeping Day. Then he would bring his family’s favorite food and sit in front of their graves for half a day.

Chen Qizhao rolled his eyes and sneered in his heart. So many people stood on the sidelines to watch the Chen family’s joke and Feihong’s joke… did they want to sit back and receive the profit? He played on his mobile phone. In the chat record with another person, the screenshot of a compressed package called ‘Fu Yanyu’ could be seen.

For some people, they shouldn’t even think about the New Year’s holiday.

He had to give Lin Shizong a New Year’s gift. How else should he repay Lin Shizong for taking care of him over the years?

Chen Qizhao exited the chat interface and pressed the recording button. He recorded the celebratory champagne tower in the center of the wine table.

Before sending it to his Moments, he skillfully clicked to block Shen Yuhuai from seeing it.

“Are you posting in your Moments?” Cheng Rong wondered.

Chen Qizhao laughed and there was a deep meaning in it. “Of course. I have to let other people see when I am happy. I like to show off the most.”

In addition to showing off, he loved to see people being unlucky.

Want to make money? Don’t even think about earning money.

It wasn’t over yet.


  1. Ethereal Rainbow Canvas says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Neverending plotting

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    LS is catching on that there is a young fox sabotaging him XD

  3. urqueen says:

    ‘The meaning of the new year to him was probably that it brought him one day closer to the Tomb Sweeping Day. Then he would bring his family’s favorite food and sit in front of their graves for half a day.’

    u know im crying, he had been through so much in his previous life… i really wanna hug him like 😭

  4. Kisaki Tsubasa says:

    I find it incredibly cute how he pretends to be a good boy for Huai because he thinks Huai likes good boys lol. It’s so obvious he has a crush, but I don’t think he realizes

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