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MGAG: Chapter 40 Part 1

The popularity of Mind Eyes was sudden. Among the similar TV dramas in the same period, the original Free and Unfettered was a xianxia drama that could attract long-term popularity. However, in the middle of this xianxia drama, the main plot suddenly collapsed. It changed from the protagonist group facing the weird xianxia world to the love between the protagonist group and the villain. Even the relationship between a supporting actor and the female villain could last for three episodes.

Now netizens didn’t buy it any longer. They had to search for other TV dramas and online dramas. It was just that Free and Unfettered dominated too many channels and there was nothing else to watch during the same period. Finally, Mind Eyes appeared in the public eye.

To be honest, Mind Eyes wasn’t very popular. It was on the same video platform as Free and Unfettered. Compared to Free and Unfettered, which was promoted on various advertising channels, the only promotion of Mind Eyes was the last one among the video website’s carousel filled with advertising posters. It was really cold.

However, those who followed dramas were more or less in the same circle. Unknowingly, some bloggers started writing about Mind Eye and the evaluations had their own point of view. The most important thing was that the production of this small online drama was too sophisticated. The production team was very attentive and the casting of the actors was reasonable. The average age of the actors might be higher than 25 years old but the group of old, handsome guys acted too powerfully and the rhythm plot lines were almost effortless. The hard work and intentions of all the staff members could be seen from the episodes.

[Woo woo, I don’t have to look at a dubbed mouth. I’m really happy.]

[It is so close to the face, it is really close to the face. I got goosebumps all over my body when the villain spoke.]

[The acting skills are online for everyone in the drama and the IQ is online. Help, I dare to say that this is the best drama this year!]

[This is my first time watching a suspense drama and I was a bit dizzy. This is the first time I found that in addition to fighting and killing, the love-hate pull of suspense dramas can actually be done so well!]

[Don’t say it. I admire the original author and screenwriter too much. After watching it, I feel like my god’s perspective is in vain.]

[Who doesn’t think this? I think I’m the dumbest person in the world. The IQ of one of the security guards in this drama can hang and beat me.]

Feihong’s staff members were stunned stupid when they went to work on the first day of the hot search. They were still immersed in yesterday’s darkness when they received a call from the crew. The next moment, the person in charge shouted and the group of people stopped to do the follow-up work.

“Be steady, be steady. Don’t push too fast. It isn’t normal to explode quickly.” The person in charge said patiently. Then in the blink of an eye, he saw a hot search appear in the afternoon. “What is going on? Tell the drama side to calm down and to not get carried away when they see the profits in front of them. Why buy a hot search?”

The staff in charge of the liaison ran back after making a phone call. “Boss, the drama side said they didn’t buy it.”

The person in charge wondered, “Which company bought a black hot search?”

“It seemed like no one bought it… It was Mind Eyes that rose by itself.”

The explosion of Mind Eyes came quickly and fiercely. After the first hot search appeared, it was on the hot search for several days, either in the morning or evening. The views volume on the video platform was also increasing rapidly. Bloggers spontaneously wrote reviews about it. At this time, both the producers of Mind Eyes and Feihong knew one thing. Mind Eyes really exploded and this wasn’t an ordinary explosion. They didn’t need to push it at all. The reviews could continue to make Mind Eyes appear in the public eye.

The publicity teams of both sides didn’t dare to break such a good atmosphere. They modified the original publicity plan and followed behind netizens to push Mind Eyes to the top. The dividends brought by this explosion of popularity were visible to the naked eye. The most obvious one was the various actors in the drama. In particular, the ones who acted really well attracted countless fans in just a few days.

[I watched Nie’s works as a child and I am still watching Nie’s works as an adult.]

[The update of Mind Eyes is too slow so I ran to see his previous works. Brother Nie is really powerful.]

[It is really unbelievable that such an actor hasn’t become popular. Thanks to Mind Eyes, I found a treasure.]

There was no need to talk about Nie Chenxiao. As the protagonist, his appearance and acting skills were online. Thanks to this suspenseful male protagonist drama, he reappeared in the public eye and became the person who enjoyed the most direct benefit of traffic from this explosion. As a spokesperson, the endorsement information he released during the drama was also viewed by many new fans. Feihong’s Glory Series appeared in the fans’ vision, bringing unexpected sales from the fan group with a strong purchasing power.

In addition to the fans, there were also drama fans.

The timing of Mind Eyes was quite satisfactory. It was a short drama and only aired four episodes a week. Once the popularity exploded, it attracted the attention of netizens and the number of people urging to add more episodes was increasing. The crew had to discuss with management to arrange the order of the episodes airing. On the days when it didn’t update, netizens had to replay the first few episodes a few times. They even watched the advertisement at the end several times.

[The advertisement in the middle is very interesting. How did they find an electrical appliances company to be the wealthy backer?]

[This advertisement is well done. Isn’t it good to get some electrical appliances into the crew for advertisements?]

[I heard that the drama and the advertisements were filmed separately… the electrical appliances was an advertisement that was supplemented later.]

[I heard from my friend in the industry that the Mind Eyes crew had no money to do publicity. In the end, it was funded by Feihong. If it wasn’t for Feihong, it is estimated that Mind Eyes wouldn’t even have an advertising page on a certain platform.]

[In fact, Feihong’s electrical appliances are quite easy to use. They are niche but there are no problems. Many services such as their after-sales service are also done well. The most important thing is that their appliances are very affordable, functional, practical and have a long warranty!]

[I seem to have bought their electric fan before. IT was really good!}

[Is it affordable? Then I’m going to take a look!]

Some netizens shifted their focus from the online drama to the advertisement. After they understood it, they found that Feihong didn’t act like a demon at all. They didn’t mess with the arrangements of the crew and didn’t carry out excessive marketing. It seemed that after the explosion of Mind Eyes, the wealthy backer slowly released things. The crew released filming behind the scenes videos and they also put advertising behind the scenes videos. They trembled and worked hard for business.

Netizens were idle while on holiday so some people even did an evaluation of Mind Eyes and Feihong. Therefore, Feihong took advantage of this to get on the hot search. This directly scared the people of Feihong’s PR department and they checked it to the end. They all saw the gradually increasing sales volume on the major channels and never expected that it would end up like this.

They didn’t dare to publicize so in the eyes of the netizens, there was a kind financial backer who paid money and didn’t make trouble.

They started to do publicity but netizens thought they were too slow and directly sent them on several hot searches.

They seriously publicized it and netizens started evaluating them, saying they could pull the actors back to film a few more advertisements during the publicity period of the drama.

In the final analysis, the fans wanted them to shoot a few more advertisements while the drama fans wanted to ship CPs and materials from their advertisements… the result was that Feihong’s sales volume increased. It was the publicity period of the Glory Series but even the electric fans produced by their company a few years ago had a resurgence of people rushing to buy them. The employees of Feihong originally thought the end of the year would be bleak and their year-end bonus was lost. Now they were saved!

Chen Qizhao, who ‘gambled in a fit of pique’, came to the company. He sat in the office, read Feihong’s report and raised his eyebrow slightly. “It seems to be good?”

The person in charge told him, “Mr Chen, this is very good.”

They had never been able to achieve such an effect with all of Feihong’s previous publicity activities.

The person in charge thought about Chen Qizhao, who was insistent on doing things his own way. This drama that no one was optimistic about really became popular as Chen Qizhao expected. If they had signed Li Yirou, they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy the profit brought by this explosion of popularity. In addition, high quality suspense dramas like Mind Eyes basically weren’t available in China. They could completely enjoy this unexpected traffic until the next similar work appeared.

Chen Qizhao closed the report and leaned back against his chair. “Then it is okay. What about Free and Unfettered?”

“The plot has collapsed but they are still buying hot searches and fans are controlling the comments. It is just that the episode ratings have plummeted.” The person in charge didn’t say anything too ugly but this was doomed to have no result. Mind Eyes would air the finale next week but Free and Unfettered still had half the episodes that hadn’t aired.

Chen Qizhao sat up slightly. “How long can the popularity continue after Mind Eyes ends?”

“A month is no problem and it should last until after the new year.” The person in charge asked doubtfully, “Mr Chen, do you care about this?”

“I’m just curious.” Chen Qizhao half lowered his eyes like he was thinking about something.

Special Assistant Xu looked at the boy sitting in the office with a casual posture and thought of Chen Qizhao, who had a smile on his face. Before Mind Eyes had exploded in popularity, Feihong signed the male protagonist as a spokesperson and funded the crew of Mind Eyes.

Feihong used the least money to achieve the most perfect publicity effect.

However, Chen Qizhao had signed a cooperation agreement with the male protagonist Nie Chenxiao long before these things happened.

Now thinking about what the other person said about a gamble, Special Assistant Xu’s back was covered with sweat. This was a huge gamble!

Some people rejoiced over the result while some were worried.

Assistant Yu stood in the office and looked at everyone who was delighted. He couldn’t interfere with such a result at all. Obviously, everything was still under their control two weeks ago. The only thing they hadn’t expected was that Mind Eyes would actually explode unexpectedly… this type of explosion was really difficult to control. Even if they hired a water army to blacken Heart Eyes, they couldn’t suppress its popularity at all.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes suddenly stopped on the assistant’s body. “Assistant Yu, why aren’t you speaking?”

Assistant Yu’s mind returned. “No, I’m just thinking about the follow-up publicity.”

Chen Qizhao smiled. “Is it? I thought you were upset.”

Assistant Yu looked embarrassed. “Second Young Master is joking.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at him meaningfully and continued to talk to Special Assistant Xu. “The rest will be left to you. It isn’t interesting to stay here. I’ll go home.”

Special Assistant Xu nodded. “I’ll inform the driver to send you back.”

Seeing the happy scene in the office, Assistant Yu couldn’t say a word. How could he be happy?”

He originally wanted to rely on the matter of Feihong to make a better impression in front of Brother Jiang, Therefore, once it was handled, he could have a better springboard to be promoted to other positions. Rather than staying by Chen Qizhao’s side and being angry, he could go to other management posts at headquarters to better play his role. Now this matter was messed up. Not only was their plan completely disrupted but he was likely to be implicated in it.

It shouldn’t be like this…

He waited until the people in the office were gone before he went to an unoccupied corner and called Jiang Yuze.

It just took a long time for the call to get through this time. Before he could speak, he heard Jiang Yuze’s slightly suppressed voice. “What’s the matter?”

“Brother Jiang, Feihong’s side is completely out of control and I can’t interfere with their decisions.” Assistant Yu’s voice was slightly anxious. “Do you still need me to do anything?”

Jiang Yuze was silent for a long time. “Let’s talk about this later.”

Assistant Yu heard this and became even more afraid. “Brother Jiang, you have to help me.”

“Wait for the specific results to come out. I can’t give you an answer to this matter at the moment. I am hanging up first. Something is wrong on my side.”

“Wait, Brother Jiang…”


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