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MGAG: Chapter 4

Chen Shiming, “……”

“Chen Qizhao, are you hungover and haven’t woken up?”

“Wake up.”

Chen Qizhao lowered the brim of his hat and didn’t look over there again.

Chen Shiming endured it. “Show me your wound.”

Chen Qizhao raised his hand to show it. He thought that it was all bandaged up. What could be seen?

He removed the blood-stained coat. His white arm was wrapped in bandages and there was still the injury left from the bar last night.

Chen Shiming examined it for a while and knew that the cut made by the trafficker wasn’t small. He couldn’t help saying, “What did the doctor say? Follow me to Dr Li to have some anti-inflammatory medicine prescribed. His knife probably wasn’t clean so go and get a tetanus shot.”

He saw that the person in front of him was absent-minded and his voice became a bit heavier. “Chen Qizhao.”

Chen Qizhao sighed and explained, “I just got the tetanus shot.”

The corridor on the other side of the hospital.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you to wait for me over there?” A capable looking woman in suit trousers walked over on high heels. She handed over the information pack in her hand to the young man and neatly put on her suit jacket. She asked the silent young man, “Shen Yuhuai, are you listening?”

Shen Yuhuai retracted his gaze. “I’m listening.”

Not far away, the young man in the beige coat quietly lowered his head. The brim of his hat covered most of his face and hid his well-behaved and delicate face. Only the slightly childish lower half of his face could be seen. The obedient and quiet appearance at this time was different from the previous sharpness used to subdue the trafficker. It was surprising that he restrained the man so cleanly.

Shen Xuelan wondered, “Did something happen just now? I heard a loud noise outside the clinic.”

Shen Yuhuai replied, “Something happened and the police came.

“Really?” Shen Xuelan glanced lightly at the movement on the other side and fastened her cuffs. She asked again, “Do you have anything to do at the research institute in the afternoon? If there is nothing, go home for dinner at night. Mother said she hasn’t seen you in a few days.”

The young man had always walked away, leaving only a slightly thin back.

“I can’t leave.” Shen Yuhuai looked down at his watch. “After picking you up for a meal, I have to go back for a meeting in the afternoon.”

“What are you looking at?” Chen Shiming noticed that Chen Qizhao was absent-minded. “You are distracted when walking. Do you want to fall and hurt your arm again?” He looked around casually. The matter of the traffickers behind them was already being handled by others and most of the liveliness in the lobby was dispersed. “This is a private hospital. The hospital will be worried about the impact if there is an incident here so they will take care of the follow-up.”

Chen Qizhao was wearing a hat and his expression under the hat couldn’t be seen.

“No, I thought I saw an acquaintance.”

He didn’t know if it was an illusion but he seemed to have seen Shen Yuhuai.

In the big circle of S City, every time they talked about the children of other people’s families, they would always mention a few mixed people. If Chen Shiming was mentioned, it was often accompanied by Chen Qizhao’s negative example.

It was different when it came to the Shen family.

The two children of the Shen family were both excellent and highly praised in the circle.

The eldest, Shen Xuelan was a strong woman whose skills and talent weren’t inferior to Chen Shiming. She started to take over the family business from a young age and if there were no accidents, she should be the future leader of the Shen family’s business. The youngest son of the Shen family, Shen Yuhuai was a talented genius who was famous in the field of chemical industry in the future. The only regret was that he experienced a laboratory accident at the age of 31 and died.

Chen Qizhao had met Shen Yuhuai in his previous life. However, at this point in time, the incident in his previous life hadn’t happened yet and he didn’t have much of an intersection with Shen Yuhuai. Shen Yuhuai should’ve gone to college in the capital… perhaps he saw incorrectly.

The two of them were still strangers and there probably wouldn’t be much intersection when meeting in the future. However, if possible…

Chen Qizhao looked down at his injured arm and suddenly smiled.

The incandescent light in the consultation room was very bright and it shone a bright white when it hit Chen Qizhao’s body. Even if the wound had been urgently treated, it still looked shocking at first glance.

The 18 year old boy still had an unfading childishness on his face. He might be wearing a hat and pretending to look indifferent, but there were no traces of blood on his face. At this time, he sat obediently in a chair and he looked a bit smaller.

Zhang Yazhi had thought many times that this child wasn’t as good as his brother. He hadn’t grown up and had a type of fearless innocence… However, once he was really hurt, he didn’t say a word to deal with the wound and didn’t have the previous mockery and disdain. She realized that perhaps the child who had grown up under her arms already had a shell of maturity.

She saw the bloody stains on his clothes and couldn’t help saying, “Don’t be so arrogant when encountering this type of thing. How can the little punches and kicks that you learned compare to the gangsters? This time, it is fortunate that you got someone else’s help. What if the knife stabbed someone else? This child, why do you always make me worry?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t respond. After yesterday, he knew he couldn’t be hard in response to Zhang Yazhi’s nagging. In the past, he used to like to be thoughtless when speaking but in fact, this response would only make Zhang Yazhi talk even more.

He listened to Zhang Yazhi’s nagging before asking the doctor, “Does her body need any conditioning?”

Dr Li replied, “There are basically no problems, but you need to pay attention to her liver and spleen. Pay attention to daily conditioning. I will write you some instructions. Her cold is almost better and she can just take the medicine on time.”

Chen Shiming watched from the side while looking through Zhang Yazhi and Chen Qizhao’s medical reports. He made certain there were no big problems with the two people’s bodies before his mind was at ease. Zhang Yazhi had some minor problems due to her age but why did Chen Qizhao say that his heart wasn’t feeling well for no reason?

He glanced sideways at Chen Qizhao, who was looking down at the report. Then a guess surged in his heart.

Could it be that this little bunny became enlightened? He knew that he should care about his parents’ health so he pretended to be sick to bring their mother to see a doctor?

Chen Shiming was thinking this when he suddenly met a pair of sharp eyes.

Chen Qizhao had looked like Zhang Yazhi since he was a child and his face wasn’t as aggressive as their father, Chen Jianhong. He was very obedient and quiet when he wasn’t talking. Even if he became angry and argued with others, his face alone would make him a bit inferior in momentum. Yet just now, Chen Qizhao’s eyes were full of aggression when looking at him. It was like the fearless and arrogant eyes of a fake tiger who found that prying eyes were looking at him.

Chen Qizhao asked, “What are you looking at?”

Chen Shiming replied, “I’m looking at your bangs. They look like they were chewed by a dog.”

Chen Qizhao wasn’t wearing a hat so he opened the camera of his phone. He saw the jagged and messy hair in the camera, which was different from what he saw in the mirror last night…

“……” He put on his hat with a blank expression.

It was rare for Chen Shiming to see this little bunny so deflated.

He saw this person ignoring him after wearing the hat and suddenly thought about Chen Qizhao’s abnormal behavior from last night to today. This caused him to pick up his phone and send a message to his assistant.

[Check who Chen Qizhao partied with last night.]

Chen Shiming’s assistant was surnamed Xu and he had followed his boss to the hospital after the meeting ended to pick up people. He had been chatting with the driver in the parking lot for half an hour. One moment, he received an order from his boss to check the second young master of the Chen family and the next moment, he saw his boss walking over with two people. He was silent on the surface but in fact, he noticed the atmosphere at this time.

He had been with Chen Shiming for a long time so it was inevitable that he would encounter some tricky things. One of the most difficult things for their assistant group was to deal with the boss’ household matters. Most of the time, these household matters were related to the Chen family’s little overlord.

Who was Chen Qizhao? He was the second son of the Chen family and the famous overlord of the Chen family in the S city circle.

The Chen family had a good education but Chen Qizhao was completely different from the Chen family’s style.

It was said that he only wanted to have a good time because he often mixed with the rich second generation in the circle. He was willful and arrogant and never considered the consequences of his actions. However, it wasn’t entirely right to say he was useless because he had good grades. He had been admitted to famous private schools in middle and high school and even got a good score in the college entrance examination based on his own ability.

Apart from his own personality, the reason why he was called a little overlord was because the Chen family couldn’t do anything with him.

The Chen family’s equal approach to education produced wildly different results for their two heirs. The rising star Chen Shiming was a role model to young people while Chen Qizhao was arrogant and domineering. He wasn’t afraid of Chen Shiming or Chen Jianhong.

Moreover, the relationship between Chen Shiming and Chen Qizhao was quite bad. It was common for them to quarrel when they met.

However, today’s atmosphere seemed good and the two of them didn’t seem to be fighting.

Assistant Xu sighed with relief and turned sideways to open the door for his boss. Then he noticed the gaze from behind him.

One of Chen Qizhao’s arms was wrapped in thick medical bandages and his sleeve was stained with blood. Yet Assistant Xu inexplicably felt that he was being stared at and the hairs on his back stood up.

The gaze was soon retracted.

Chen Qizhao got into the car as if he had just inadvertently glanced at Special Assistant Xu.

Chen Qizhao got into the car and wondered, “What is your assistant’s last name?”

“His surname is Xu.” Chen Shiming was curious, “Why do you want to know?”

“Oh.” Chen Qizhao answered, “I don’t have a good memory and I didn’t remember.”

He added, “I will remember this time.”

Assistant Xu, “……”

No, he didn’t want to be remembered at all.

They soon arrived at the reserved private box and the kitchen served the dishes after everyone was gathered.

Zhang Yazhi talked to Chen Shiming about work while eating.

Chen Qizhao listened to them while searching for financial news carelessly.

If he had to recall what happened at the age of 18, he could still remember some things related to himself. However, there was no exact information point about what happened that year. His brain wasn’t that good and the current conditions weren’t like they were in the future. If he wanted to seize the opportunity to start from scratch, watching the news was the main way to grasp the current market trends.

He had been reborn to such a good point and some things hadn’t happened yet. He couldn’t just sit still.

It would be too late if he really waited until Lin Shizhong brought down the Chen family.

As he was searching, chat software message notifications kept popping up on the notification bar on top.

Chen Qizhao had to switch to it to see and found that Qin Xingfeng had sent him more than 20 messages.

[Qin Xingfeng: Xiao Zhao, look at this document. It has the basic overview of the project. I’ve gone through it once and there are no problems. If you aren’t at ease, you can find a lawyer or professional friend to take a look.]

In addition to the group chats, the one who sent him the most messages was Qin Xingfeng. After Chen Qizhao replied to him last night, this person’s ‘warm-heartedness’ continued and he kept putting on the appearance of a good brother. He thought Chen Qizhao couldn’t understand so he added an annotated explanation and sent more detailed documents.

Chen Qizhao clicked on the documents sent by Qin Xingfeng. He skipped the nonsense words and directly looked for the key content. In fact, he overestimated Qin Xingfeng a little bit. This type of document was nothing more than discussing the development prospects of the project in an exaggerated manner. It just talked about the goal and didn’t talk about the method. In short, it was drawing a big pie and deceiving people without a good mind to invest as much as possible.

Looking at the document, there were only a few lines of information that were really related to the project.

It was extremely exaggerated but if he really asked a lawyer to look at it, there were no obvious traps.

Zhang Yazhi wondered, “What are you looking at? Why did you suddenly smile?”

“Nothing, I saw something very funny.”

Zhang Yazhi thought about the quarrel between the two brothers yesterday and saw that they only exchanged a few words while eating. This made her say, “The exam is over so you should relax. I heard you were reading books on artificial intelligence a while ago. I have a few friends who are familiar with this. If you are interested, you can visit their factory to take a look.”

Chen Qizhao responded in a simple manner.

In his previous life, he had a strong interest in these intelligent technologies. He studied a related major in college and even prepared to continue to specialize in the field of artificial intelligence as a graduate student. Unfortunately, things backfired. Before he could graduate, the Chen family collapsed. After that, he was forced to deal with the Chen family’s follow-up matters. 10 years passed before he closed his eyes and opened them in the present.

Chen Shiming saw his indifferent attitude and couldn’t help wondering, “Didn’t you say yesterday that you wanted to apply for this major at S College?”

Chen Qizhao looked a bit sleepy after seeing Qin Xingfeng’s document. “It is S College…”

He had just wanted to close the file as he spoke when he saw the signature at the end of the document and his voice immediately stopped.

The name of the company that was signed was ‘Ruizhen Electronics.’

It was related to Lin Shizong in his previous life.


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