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MGAG: Chapter 34 Part 1

He Shuhang believed that the plan was foolproof because he had been preparing for it since he received the invitation to cooperate with the company. He had a good relationship with the administrator and paid attention to the time arrangement of every laboratory. He had been observing the progress of Shen Yuhuai’s laboratory…

This time, the institute’s regular equipment maintenance was an excellent opportunity for him. There were more people coming in and out and the institute’s security wasn’t as strict. There were more ways to shift the blame in the event of an accident. He even entered the administrator’s office several times to confirm the schedule and to fiddle with the surveillance.

However, he inexplicably felt a bit flustered when he heard Chen Qizhao’s words.

“The USB drive you are holding contains my experimental data. How long will it take me to repair it if it is damaged?” He Shuhang forced himself to calm down. “Why shouldn’t I be nervous?”

The place he was being questioned was the hall of the Ninth Research Institute. In addition to the guards and officers from the police station, there were also several people from the research institute.

They did research so they were nervous about damage to the experiment’s data. They could naturally understand He Shuhang’s agitation.

“Hey, if it is a problem of the USB disk then it is probably just a misunderstanding.”

“You are also too impulsive. You should just say it if you find something wrong. Why are you fighting?”

“Young people shouldn’t be too extreme.”

In order to deal with the matter of He Shuhang, he couldn’t simply beat the person unconscious, drag him to the car and snatch away the USB disk. This incident had happened suddenly. The simplest and quickest method might be able to get a smoother result but it couldn’t change the fundamental problem. There was one He Shuhang today and there might be another He Shuhang tomorrow.

Hu Shuhang’s success was inseparable from the failure of the institute’s management. Therefore, Chen Qizhao had to make this matter big and create a large turmoil in order to raise the vigilance of others.

In the other plan, he found a male student who had a grudge with He Shuhang to make trouble and also prepared another set of words to deal with people’s inquiries, shifting the matter itself to the male student’s personal grudge with He Shuhang.

However, this incident happened suddenly and He Shuhang’s actions couldn’t be estimated.

He Shuhang came out with his friend and the student he found failed to arrive on time.

Therefore, he could only let people see the situation and call the police in advance. He originally planned to use the excuse of the male student being his friend to fight but there was an accident.

Shen Yuhuai was present so many things couldn’t be explained in front of him.

The fight happened and the police were called.

He couldn’t use the original plan if he wanted to make a big fuss so he could only make up words on the fly.

Chen Qizhao heard the voices of the people around him and He Shuhang’s hilarious explanation. He was just about to open his mouth when a hand suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

The hair over his forehead was pulled up and a cold hand pressed against his forehead. This was followed by a slightly tingling sensation.

A cotton swab dipped in iodine touched the wound. Chen Qizhao was very close to Shen Yuhuai and noticed the slightly cold eyes under the glasses. His words got stuck and as he was distracted, a band-air was placed over his wound.

“Okay.” Shen Yuhuai released his hair and straightened it slightly with his fingers. “The wound is very close to the eye.”

Chen Qizhao lowered his head and simply said, “I will pay attention next time.”

He Shuhang heard the whispers of the people around him and gradually relaxed. He wasn’t afraid. He just had to stubbornly stick to this matter and say it was experimental data. He didn’t know why Chen Qizhao appeared in that place but this matter had nothing to do with Chen Qizhao. This person couldn’t know his plan. As long as this matter was put to rest, there wouldn’t be any big problems…

“We were impulsive. This thing happened too suddenly. Nothing happened. Junior Brother, why don’t we…” He was thinking about how to end the incident when he heard Chen Qizhao speak.

Chen Qizhao opened his mouth at this time. “However, the strange thing I was referring to wasn’t the USB disk.”

“I said they were strange because when I saw them, they were walking against the wall. From time to time, they would look back like they were worried or avoiding something.”

Chen Qizhao looked at He Shuhang. It was time to bring out the male student as a cover. “I have a friend who had a small conflict with Senior Brother He a while ago. Senior Brother He is a friend of Brother Huai so I originally thought about taking a chance to talk and fix the relationship between them. Then I saw Senior Brother He’s strange behavior and thought something was wrong, so I approached him to greet him.”

He Shuhang’s expression stiffened. He had looked back but it was only once.

“Oh yes, I was waiting for my friend at that intersection. We had agreed to play nearby but he was delayed by something.” Chen Qizhao took out his phone. It had the chat record he prepared in advance with the male student that had been agreed upon, explaining why he was at that intersection.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze stopped on He Shuhang’s body. He saw the other person’s gradually lost expression and continued to speak. “I greeted them and noticed that Senior Brother He’s hand was shaking the whole time in his pocket. He seemed very nervous about something. Therefore, I went to grab his wrist. Who knew that the two of them would react so violently? They didn’t explain to me what was on the USB disk. They just acted like they were avoiding something.”

He Shuhang’s friend was a bit flustered when he heard the words and hurriedly retorted, “You are talking nonsense!”

“What are you so agitated about? I didn’t say anything…” Chen Qizhao suddenly remembered something and added, “Are you agitated because you have the guilty conscience of a thief? Did you steal something from the research institute and it is on the USB disk? Oh yes… looking back now, I think you were avoiding the surveillance, right?”

He looked at the guards of the institute. “There seemed to be several surveillance cameras in that place, right?”

“Yes,” a guard replied.

Shen Yuhuai had been listening from the side. The emotions of both sides weren’t calm, especially He Shuhang. From the time he arrived at the scene, He Shuhang seemed very resistant to calling the police. Generally speaking, people would be in a hurry to seek justice when such a thing happened but He Shuhang seemed worried that the matter would escalate. He was always looking for a way to calm things down.

Due to this, it seemed very strange.

“Then why don’t we take a look at the surveillance?” Chen Qizhao followed the guard’s words and continued. “You will know when looking at the surveillance. If there is no problem then I will definitely apologize to Senior Brother.”

He asked He Shuhang, “Right, Senior Brother? We can just look at the surveillance to solve the problem.”

The expressions of He Shuhang and his friend suddenly changed at the mention of surveillance.

No, they couldn’t watch the surveillance… if they watched the surveillance at this time, they would find that it was manipulated.

“There is no need… it is just a USB drive,” He Shuhang hurriedly said. “We misunderstood Junior Brother. Since it is like this…”

Chen Qizhao looked at him doubtfully before suddenly smiling. “Senior Brother, why don’t you want to watch the surveillance? You are so strange. I said you stole something and you just want to forget about it?”

He Shuhang’s words abruptly stopped.

Shen Yuhuai suddenly said, “If I remember correctly, the student laboratory in Building A should be closed at 2 o’clock today, right?”

“Yes.” The researcher next to him suddenly remembered. “In the afternoon, the maintenance workers came over and most of the laboratories on the side of Building A were closed. The student laboratories were also closed. You are from S College, right? Today, only three laboratories were open for S College. You should’ve stopped working at 2 o’clock, right?”

He Shuhang’s face turned pale. “Yes. After the two of us finished the experiment, we looked at the other laboratories… that is why time was dragged out to his point.”

Shen Yuhuai asked again, “Which laboratory?”

He Shuhang’s expression became even uglier. They had waited until the students of their laboratory left before directly sneaking into Shen Yuhuai’s laboratory to copy the data. Who knew which researchers were in the next laboratory and what experiments were being done? His brain was chaotic and he randomly found an experiment. “I don’t remember. It seems to be nano…”

Chen Qizhao frowned slightly and glanced sideways at Shen Yuhuai.

He was just about to continue bringing up the surveillance when Shen Yuhuai opened his mouth.

Shen Yuhuai looked directly at the researcher next to him. “Researcher Liu, I want to apply to check the surveillance.”

He glanced at He Shuhang. “I will bear all the consequences if there are no problems.”

The officers from the police station hadn’t expected that a dispute between students would end up involving the researching institute. Since they wanted to check the surveillance, they naturally had to go to the surveillance room to check.

He Shuhang nervously followed them to the surveillance room. Then he was relieved when he saw the surveillance along the road of the institute.

Why did he forget that the surveillance system inside the institute was independent? The surveillance seen by the guards was only outside the laboratory building. At most, they would see the two of them coming out. It was impossible to see what was happening in the laboratory building. It was normal to look back when walking. Couldn’t they look back if they heard some noises?

Most of the surveillance screens showed the surveillance outside the institute. They checked the time when He Shuhang and his friend left. They did look back when leaving but there wasn’t much of a problem from the surveillance. It wasn’t strange at all.

The guard said, “There doesn’t seem to be a problem.”

He Shuhang smiled awkwardly. “Maybe it was a misunderstanding.”

Shen Yuhuai’s gaze stopped on the position of the surveillance and he suddenly asked, “Can you see the surveillance of Building A from here?”

He Shuhang’s expression suddenly changed.

The researcher said, “Internal surveillance should be checked at the administrator’s office.”

“Can we also look at this surveillance video?” Chen Qizhao couldn’t let the matter pass like this. He hadn’t expected the institute’s internal control system to be so complicated so he had to say, “You just spoke so strangely. If I really wronged you then I will definitely apologize to you.”

In his previous life, he heard that the surveillance was manipulated. Based on He Shuhang’s current performance, there must be a ghost. Then there was most likely a problem with this surveillance.

Shen Yuhuai glanced at Chen Qizhao. “Since Qizhao has wronged you about stealing information, it is necessary to look at the surveillance that best proves your innocence. This way, it will avoid other incidents in the future.”

Chen Qizhao also nodded but he secretly glanced at Shen Yuhuai when lowering his head.

Shen Yuhuai’s expression was more serious than usual and his face seemed to be covered with ice when he spoke.


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