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MGAG: Chapter 32

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai just nodded and didn’t ask any other questions. He glanced over Chen Qizhao’s computer desk and noticed a class schedule attached to the stand next to him.

“I’m not chasing stars. I’m just taking a look.” Chen Qizhao turned off the computer. He was about to explain further but he saw a flash of lightning. There was a bang and the entire dormitory instantly darkened. This was followed by a series of cries from the nearby dormitory building.

The thunderstorm had cut off the power in the dormitory building.

Chen Qizhao touched his phone that was on his desk. A light suddenly lit up in the room. Shen Yuhuai had turned on the torch of his phone.

“A power outage?” Shen Yuhuai walked to the window and saw that a large area of the campus was dark. “It might be a power line failure caused by the heavy rain. It is estimated that it won’t be restored until tomorrow morning.”

The darkness was filled with wind and rain and the sky in the distance was filled with lightning and thunder.

Chen Qizhao hadn’t expected the weather to suddenly become so bad. He found his phone and sent a message to Yan Kailin. Then he used the light of the mobile phone to his closet to find clothes.

Shen Yuhuai raised the light for him. “Can you find it?”

Chen Qizhao found his clothes. “The hot water should still be working. I will go to take a shower and change my clothes.”

The atmosphere became very quiet after the power outage. Chen Qizhao came out of the shower and saw Shen Yuhuai sitting on the chair and looking at his phone. The time was approaching midnight before he knew it. Chen Qizhao found the spare pillow in the closet. He had bought a whole set of bed covers but he hadn’t expected to use it at this time.

“I’ll sleep on the inside,” Chen Qizhao took the initiative to say.

Shen Yuhuai gave him the position.

There was no electricity and no other entertainment. In addition, the time was a bit late.

Chen Qizhao noticed that the bed next to him was slightly pressed down and leaned against the wall. The bed looked quite big but in fact, it was just right for two adult men to lie down. It was obvious that if he turned over then he would accidentally touch the other person.

Perhaps it was his delusion but he always felt like this person was around him. The tip of his nose was full of the scent of mint.

He casually thought that his shower gel had never been so fragrant before.

“Brother Huai, have you been busy during this time?” Chen Qizhao shifted his position. “You have been replying to my messages very late.”

“Yes, the first phase of the project is over. The team was catching up with the schedule so we were relatively busy.” Shen Yuhuai’s voice sounded a bit tired. “However, almost everything is done. The next period of time will be relatively empty.”

The light coming in from the window was slightly weak but it was enough to see people in the darkness.

Chen Qizhao let himself lie on his back. “Aren’t you getting ready for the competition?”

“Yes, I’m preparing for it. I am free because the research institute’s equipment needs to be inspected and repaired. The time we can use the laboratory has been adjusted.”

The laboratory equipment repair…? Chen Qizhao had heard about this before. Last time, he heard He Shuhang and Shen Yuhuai briefly discuss it during the open class. If the equipment was repaired then the number of external personnel entering the institute would also increase, right?

Chen Qizhao wondered, “Is the maintenance time very long?”

“Fortunately, it is just three or four days,” Shen Yuhuai patiently answered. “Some instruments need to be inspected more carefully.”

“I heard that Senior Brother He is also preparing for the competition, as if it is the same competition as you.” Chen Qizhao glanced at Shen Yuhuai and tentatively gave a reminder. “Will there be any conflicts between the two of you in this competition?”

After he finished speaking, he didn’t hear Shen Yuhuai’s reply. He glanced sideways and suddenly met Shen Yuhuai’s eyes.

Chen Qizhao avoided his gaze and brought up a topic without hesitation. “I am curious. I heard that the competition for the exam-free graduate school quota is quite fierce. Brother He is also preparing for this competition for the exam-free graduate school quota.”

Shen Yuhuai said, “He is indeed in the same competition group as me but the competition is just a reference factor. In fact, the graduate school quota on the chemical side pays more attention to the overall quality of the students, although the competition can indeed add a lot of points to the quota campaign.”

Chen Qizhao replied, “Oh, it is like this.”

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai’s eyes fell on the boy next to him. “Are you sure you don’t want to move over a bit? There is still some space in the middle.”

“Is it?” Chen Qizhao moved slightly toward Shen Yuhuai’s position and the foot that was moving under the quilt accidentally touched the other person’s clothes. He shrank back. “It is good to sleep like this.”

He paused for a moment before wondering something else, “My mother said that you often went to my house when you were a child? Is that right?”

SHen Yuhuai didn’t answer immediately. It was only a moment later that he answered. “I have been there when I was a child.”

Chen Qizhao noticed the sleepiness in the other person’s voice and didn’t speak again.

The night got deeper. The wind and rain outside the room didn’t stop and the bedroom gradually became quiet.

Chen Qizhao didn’t fall asleep despite his closed eyes. He stayed in one position for a long time and felt a bit stiff. He carefully turned sideways. His toes rested against Shen Yuhuai’s calf but he didn’t move them immediately. Shen Yuhuai’s pajama pants were already short and his calves were mostly exposed when he bent slightly. Chen Qizhao was touching his skin.

He hurriedly took his feet back, his heart beating inexplicably quick.

Chen Qizhao whispered, “Brother Huai, are you asleep?”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t respond.

Chen Qizhao moved his position again, allowing his slightly stiff body to relax before closing his eyes and resting.

Once his breathing became stable, Shen Yuhuai opened his eyes and observed the person around him in the faint light.

Chen Qizhao’s body had shrunk back and he slept by the wall. Half his face was covered by the quilt and only half his head was exposed.

It seemed that he was afraid of the cold. Chen Qizhao was almost buried in the quilt and was a small lump. However, this sleeping position meant that most of his back wasn’t covered by the quilt.

Shen Yuhuai adjusted his position and pulled the quilt up.

After he withdrew his hand, he couldn’t hold back. He quietly rubbed Chen Qizhao’s head. The hair was soft and fine under his fingers. It felt like when Chen Qizhao was a child.

Late at night in the Chen house, there was still a light on in the study.

There were all sorts of papers on the table. The two people had just finished discussing the matters at the quarterly work meeting. The warm water cup next to them was filled with water that Housekeeper Zhang had just changed and the antihypertensive medicine had been given. Chen Jianhong glanced at Chen Shiming next to him. “I heard some rumors that you have been investigating things recently.”

Chen Shiming didn’t deny it when he heard the words. He paused for a moment before saying, “During my investigation, I found that the conflict between us and Yicheng in Y City was a bit strange. I had people check it. Dad, how do you know about this?”

“I was also paying attention to Yicheng’s matters. I passed by the office over there in the afternoon and saw Xiao Xu.” Chen Jianhong took the antihypertensive medicine. “If you want to investigate then find out if there is a problem as soon as possible. I gave you the power to do so in order to help me share the burden.”

“Dad, what do you think about Yicheng’s matter?” Chen Shiming’s eyes stayed on Chen Jianhong’s head where black and white hair was intertwined. He was far less involved in matters than Chen Jianhong so he still had time to investigate other matters. Meanwhile, his father was busy every day and encountered more problems and things. Sometimes it wasn’t that he didn’t notice the problem, but that he was powerless.

There were many business projects under the group. Chen Jianhong could see a lot, but he could actually participate in very few.

“We have business friction with Yicheng but it isn’t enough to drug your brother. It is probably a problem on the Lin family’s side.” Chen Jianhong looked down. “The Lin family’s charity meeting has many people mixed in. No matter from what point of view, Yicheng getting back at the Lin family is indeed the best explanation. However, if you have doubts about this matter then continue to investigate.”

Chen Shiming nodded. “Dad, I always feel that the inside of the group right now is a bit strange. If I find out something in the future…”

Chen Jianhong looked at him with deep meaning in his eyes. “Shiming, the Chen Group is from the Chen family but there are many people who want to use it. There are some stubborn old people deeply rooted in the group. It isn’t good for me to come forward but you can do it.”

He added, “Don’t worry about me. You can just act.”

Chen Shiming nodded.

Chen Jianhong told him, “It is late. Go and rest.”

Chen Shiming had just taken two steps when he looked back over his shoulder at Chen Jianhong. “Dad, what did you think of my little brother recently?”

“He has changed a bit.” Chen Jianhong paused for a moment as he drank the water. “He recently went to Feihong and has been exposed to Project 2.0. He also wants to touch the entertainment industry. Let him do what he wants. The family will support him. However, he must make real achievements.”

Chen Shiming hesitated when he heard this. Finally, he said, “You should rest early.”

Chen Shiming walked out and saw Zhang Yazhi coming over.

Zhang Yazhi smiled. “Go to sleep. I am coming to call your father. He really doesn’t take his high blood pressure seriously.”

Chen Shiming heard the sound of the door closing and he was the only one left in the corridor. Special Assistant Xu had recently sent Chen Qizhao’s investigation documents to his office. Apart from the matter of helping his classmates with their resumes, there were a few points that made him suspicious.

One of them was that Chen Qizhao’s investigations were repeated.

For example, the information about Feihong’s projects could be obtained directly from Feihong’s office or entrusted to Assistant Yu around him to investigate. However, Chen Qizhao had Special Assistant Xu investigate it, as if he trusted Special Assistant Xu more than the Feihong side.

There was also the information sent by Special Assistant Xu…

Why was Chen Qizhao’s interest in the Glory Project 2.0 so high? Was it really just a simple desire to make achievements?

In the room, Chen Jianhong put away the documents in the safe.

Zhang Yazhi wondered, “You talked to Shiming for a long time today.”

“We also chatted a bit about everyday things.” Chen Jianhong was a bit dizzy when he stood up and supported himself using the bookshelf.

Zhang Yazhi saw this and hurried over to help him. “Are you dizzy again? Didn’t I tell you not to stay up late and work for so long? If the antihypertensive medicine doesn’t work then go to the hospital tomorrow for a detailed physical examination.”

“It isn’t a big problem. I’m just sleepy.” Chen Jianhong suddenly said, “Yazhi, I suddenly found that our children might be even better than we thought.”

Zhang Yazhi glanced at him. “Of course. Our children must be outstanding.”

“They are very good.”

“Why don’t you say it verbally? The children are working hard. Can’t you relax and praise the children?”

Chen Jianhong looked up when he heard this. Then he asked, “What do you think of Old Lin?”

“Isn’t he your good friend? He is really nice and helped us a lot.” Zhang Yazhi looked at him strangely. “Why are you suddenly asking about this? You have been friends for so many years.”

Chen Jianhong watched the heavy rain outside the window and heard his wife’s words.

“Yes, we have been friends for so many years. Maybe I thought incorrectly.”

After the rainstorm, the weather cleared up.

Chen Qizhao didn’t wake up until after 9 o’clock. He just woke up and was a bit confused. He looked at the empty position next to him and suddenly remembered something. He sat up and saw Shen Yuhuai coming in through the door. He was carrying a bag of things and breakfast in his hands.

“You woke up. I asked my friend to bring some breakfast.”

Shen Yuhuai closed the door and put down the bag in his hand. “Last night, my clothes didn’t dry. He was coming over to S College for breakfast today during his rest so I had him help bring me the things.”

Chen Qizhao paused for a moment. “Is it He Shuhang?”

Shen Yuhuai glanced at him. “No, it is a friend who lives in the same dormitory in the research institute.”

He put the breakfast on the table and said casually, “You seem to be very curious about He Shuhang.”

“No.” Chen Qizhao’s voice was a bit quieter. “…I’m just asking.”

Breakfast was simple soy milk and buns. The two people sat face to face and ate.

Chen Qizhao sat cross-legged. He looked down at the buns in the bag, picked one at random and threw it into his mouth, his eyes narrowed slightly in satisfaction.

It was a meat stuffing, not vegetable stuffing. He liked to eat meat.

Shen Yuhuai ate slowly. He raised his eyes slightly to see Chen Qizhao’s cheeks bulging. Then his eyes fell on the boy’s fingers holding the soy milk cup. Chen Qizhao’s fingers were very slender. When Shen Yuhuai came out of the bathroom last night, he had seen these hands typing on the keyboard in a brisk and beautiful manner.

Chen Qizhao suddenly noticed the gaze on his face. He looked up and saw the smile in the man’s eyes.

Shen Yuhuai was still wearing the light gray pajamas and the bear print on the chest was particularly obvious. He held the soy milk cup in one hand and his posture was somewhat lazy, which was a bit unusual for him.

Shen Yuhuai noticed his gaze and said, “The breakfast from the Second Cafeteria is very good.”

Chen Qizhao picked up a bun, lowered his head and took half a bite. “…It is pretty good.”

Not long after breakfast, Shen Yuhuai changed his clothes and left.

After the two of them spent this rainy night together, Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai chatted in a more relaxed manner. Shen Yuhuai would occasionally recommend to him which stores at the cafeteria had a better breakfast.

He was clearly an outsider to the school but he seemed to know more about the cafeterias of S College than Chen Qizhao did.

A week passed. It was a dull Wednesday and the whole day was filled with general studies classes that Chen Qizhao wasn’t really interested in.

Not long after the afternoon class started, the teacher’s voice in the classroom made people sleepy. Chen Qizhao casually flipped through the pages of the textbook with the information sent by Shen Yuhuai underneath it. He had some basics in science so he glanced at it a few times and found it a bit interesting. It was better than listening to the college English that he was hearing twice in his life.

He was seriously reading it when his phone buzzed under the textbook, causing his classmates next to him to look at him.

“Classmate, your phone.” The male classmate in the next seat whispered a reminder.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned. He picked up his phone and saw the name that appeared on the screen. Then his eyes suddenly froze.

He stood up directly, attracting the attention of the teacher.

“Student?’ The English teacher looked at him in a puzzled manner.

“I have to go to the bathroom.” Chen Qizhao ignored the whispers around him and passed by the seats to leave the classroom.

The frequency of his phone vibrating didn’t stop as Chen Qizhao walked out of the classroom.

“Boss, He Shuhang hasn’t come out for half an hour. The duration is a bit longer than before.” The voice over the phone was a bit rough and the sound of the road could be heard in the background.

Chen Qizhao walked quickly, his voice cold and stern. “What about the people in his group before? Did they come out?”

The laboratory of the institute had a specified time of use. The students of S College who borrowed the laboratory basically entered and exited together.

“They came out early,” the voice on the other end of the phone replied. “There are also many people going in and out of the institute today. It is as if they are repairing some type of machine. I think that the situation is a bit strange and it isn’t the same as what you said before. That is why I called you…”

“I know.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were cold.


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