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MGAG: Chapter 30

It was raining and a lot of muddy water was splashed by passing vehicles.

Assistant Yu stood at the agreed upon place and waited for someone. He saw a car in a fixed parking space and walked over to see Chen Qizhao. Chen Qizhao got out of the car in trendy clothes.

Before coming into contact with Chen Qizhao, Assistant Yu had received a lot of information about this person, including his personality, hobbies and weaknesses. To sum it up, Chen Qizhao was a person who was amenable to coaxing but not coercion. He especially liked to be praised by others and was a typical rich second generation in the circle. He was extreme and impulsive and could only go with the flow, not against it.

Assistant Yu retracted his gaze and walked quickly to the car door with an umbrella. He said in a friendly tone, “Second Young Master, this side.”

Chen Qizhao got out of the car and saw Assistant Yu Jieyu, whom he had been communicating with through VX. He also caught the other person’s flash of disdain.

The person in front of him hadn’t changed from his previous life. Chen Qizhao still remembered the important period when the Chen family went bankrupt. Assistant Yu was the person who always followed by Chen Shiming’s side.

At that time, Special Assistant Xu was no longer there. Chen Shiming’s side had long been replaced by another group of people under Jiang Yuze’s operation. For kind, conscientious and honest people like XIao Xu, most of them were directly transferred using the excuse of work mistakes.

Now it had changed in this life. The ‘left arm and right arm’ of Chen Shiming were actually sent to his side. This person’s heart was probably a bit unbalanced.

“Your umbrella is too small.” Chen Qizhao glanced at him with disapproval and entered Feihong with him.

The atmosphere of Feihong Electrical Appliances’ headquarters was a bit tense today. Yesterday, they received a notice from their superior that another prince was going to be parachuted in and the company became nervous.

Everyone knew that there were only two nominal heirs to the huge Chen Group. One was Chen Shiming, the true prince who was already thriving at headquarters. The other was Chen Qizhao, the second young master who was famous for eating, drinking and having fun.

Chen Shiming also started from a small company when he first entered the Chen family. In just a few years, he returned to headquarters to handle a big business. The project team who fought with him were basically doing well at headquarters.

Now this same situation was changed to the second young master, Chen Qizhao, and the effect was completely different. The managers of each company were worried when they heard that Old Chen had arranged for the second young master to go to a small company for training. The person coming over could bring a lot of capital but serving the person well was also a big problem.

Now this ‘honor’ fell on the managers of Feihong Electrical Appliances.

The moment Chen Qizhao stepped onto the office floor of Feihong, he could feel the tension in the surrounding atmosphere. He looked at the person in charge of Feihong. “The atmosphere of your company is quite good. No one is slacking off at work.”

The person in charge smiled awkwardly. “How can we slack off at work?”

“There are many people slacking off at work.” Chen Qizhao told him, “I’m not a man-eating tiger like my brother. You can do as you please. Don’t be so nervous.”

The person in charge: ‘How dare I do as I want?’

After receiving the notice, he knew that the second young master’s purpose was the Glory Project 2.0.

The preparations for this project had basically come to the final stages. Coming now was equivalent to coming to the project team that had been working for two months. Once the Glory series was launched, he could just sit back and enjoy a layer of gold plating. In the big Chen Group, they were just a small springboard for Second Young Master Chen.

Chen Qizhao arrived at the office and got the detailed plan of Feihong’s Glory Series 2.0. It was only when he saw that content that he knew the real progress of the project. This was the main series launched by Feihong Electrical Appliances so Feihong’s research and development time was several years while the plan had been prepared for half a year. It could be called the most important plan for Feihong this year and most of the plan had been completed. In other words, it had reached the final stage like his previous life.

“You are about to enter the publicity period, right?” Chen Qizhao looked at the person in charge. “I see that the position of spokesperson in your plan is still vacant?”

Assistant Yu explained, “We are still negotiating with people for the spokesperson role and have drawn up several candidates. It is in the next two pages.”

Chen Qizhao flipped to the back. Sure enough, he saw a familiar name.

He inadvertently swiped down on his phone and pressed to turn off the screen. He placed the phone face down on the table and started to carefully look at the file.

The end of the plan meant the next thing to do was the publicity advertising. Chen Qizhao remembered that in the original plan of his previous life, the spokesperson chosen for Glory 2.0 was a first tier bit star called Fu Yanyu. In the early stages, Feihong had a lot of contact with Fu Yanyu.

In the current entertainment circle, Fu Yan’s fan effect was good and his endorsements had a good selling effect. The most important thing was that Fu Yanyu had no endorsements related to electrical appliances at this time. Becoming the spokesperson for Glory 2.0 was a good cooperation for both Fu Yanyu and Feihong.

Feihong knew that this matter was a sure thing and waited until the contract was signed to start publicizing it.

This meant that in the early days, rumors spread on the Internet that Feihong and Fu Yanyu were about to cooperate. Many fans of Fu Yanyu maintained a wait and see attitude of expectation.

However, something went wrong in the early stage of signing the contract. Fu Yanyu turned to cooperate with Yicheng and pitted them at a critical moment. He even bought a black article to belittle Feihong on the Internet in order to abuse the fans. In addition, the fighting power of the fans was too strong. Feihong’s public relations was weak so they could only be blackened in the early stage. The Glory plan that they had spent half a year preparing for could only be postponed and a large amount of upfront expenditure was wasted.

Yicheng and the Chen Group had a conflict about this, but in fact, Yicheng received the information that Fu Yanyu and Feihong’s cooperation had collapsed. This was why they contacted Fu Yanyu. In other words, this matter was Lin Shizong’s plan from beginning to end. The Chen family lost first and transferred the contradiction to Yicheng. This made the Chen family and Yicheng end up fighting.

In addition, Fu Yanyu wasn’t clean and the capital behind him was complicated. Later, it was revealed that he was taking drugs and acting arrogantly. There was a strict investigation and he fell from popularity to being obscure. Yicheng basically lost money from their cooperation with him. In addition, the endorsement was a series of medical products and it became so dirty that they couldn’t defend it.

Lin Shizong used one Fu Yanyu to kill two birds with one stone. He made both the Chen Group and Yicheng lose.

Assistant Yu was observing Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao’s gesture of flipping through the documents was very casual. It was estimated that he didn’t even read the contents of the document. He just stopped on pages with pictures for a while, as if he was interested in the pictures rather than the text. Assistant Yu made judgments one by one as he was observing: this person wasn’t calm enough and was impatient. He was easy to handle.

Just as he was observing, he suddenly noticed that Chen Qizhao was looking up at him.

In an instant, sweat dripped down Assistant Yu’s back for no reason. It was as if he was standing in Chen Jianhong’s office and walking on thin ice. He had to restrain his actions under the eyes of the other person out of fear of being caught by a mature hunter.

The boy’s eyes looked a bit like Chen Jianhong’s eyes. They swept over and were full of coldness, as if he was staring at prey.

Then the next second, the boy’s nonsensical words broke the oppressive atmosphere.

Chen Qizhao suddenly asked, “Who among them is the most expensive?”

Assistant Yu and the person in charge were stunned. It seemed they hadn’t expected Second Young Master Chen to be so direct.

“The most expensive one should be Liu Yirou, the singing queen. However, she has endorsed products of the same type so we have given up contact with it.” The person in charge patiently explained the reason to Chen Qizhao before finally saying, “We are still in contact with the remaining two people. We are more inclined to Fu Yanyu. He is popular and his traffic is stable. His fan base is widespread and their purchasing power is very high.”

Assistant Yu observed Chen Qizhao and found that the gaze just now seemed to be just his illusion. Chen Qizhao looked more like Zhang Yazhi. Unexpectedly, his eyes were a bit like Chen Jianhong. Assistant Yu tentatively told Chen Qizhao, “Second Young Master, he is the second most expensive one at present.”

The person in charge looked blankly at Second Young Master Chen. Was headquarters originally so rich and powerful? Previously, they hadn’t been able to come to an agreement with Fu Yanyu because Fu Yanyu asked for too much. For example, the articles in cooperation with the publicity. They hadn’t even started the cooperation yet the other person was already bargaining about the publicity.

Chen Qizhao tapped his fingers on the table. His eyes were cold but his voice was smiling. “Assistant Yu, what do you think?”

Assistant Yu replied, “Second Young Master, expensive is expensive but his publicity effect is also good. In addition, he has a movie and TV series to premiere in the New Year’s period.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes curved slightly as he looked at the other person with a smile. “Oh, is this right? Money isn’t an issue if the effect is good.”

He added, “If the money isn’t enough then ask Chen Shiming for it. He has money.”

The person in charge hadn’t expected the matter to be finalized like this. “Second Young Master, we need to carry out the risk assessment and interest estimation for the spokesperson. Our team needs a bit more time.”

“Don’t worry.” Chen Qizhao looked at Assistant Yu. “I promise that this project will definitely make a lot of money.”

“Aren’t I right, Assistant Yu?”

Assistant Yu’s expression remained unchanged. “There should be no major problems if we proceed according to the plan.”

Chen Qizhao went to the project team after he finished reading the project plan. He walked around, joined the VX group and left the company.

The person in charge sent this ancestor away. Then he held an emergency meeting with the project team to arrange the rest of it.

Assistant Yu saw the situation in front of him that was going according to their plan. Then he found a quiet corner to call Jiang Yuze and informed this person about Chen Qizhao’s performance today.

“Qin Xingfeng’s intelligence is indeed correct. Chen Qizhao’s personality is a bit strange but fortunately, it is within the controllable range. He has already decided on Fu Yanyu according to our plan.”

Jiang Yuze’s voice was only heard after a long time. “Did he choose it himself?”

“Yes, I just made a proper suggestion,” Assistant Yu replied. “The person in charge of Feihong was also present. It can be confirmed that Chen Qizhao chose it himself. We can withdraw later.”

“Then follow the original plan.” Jiang Yuze instructed, “Bring a message to Fu Yanyu’s side that they can relax.”

In S College’s student dormitory, Chen Qizhao returned to his dormitory to check the information given by the private detective today. He Shuhang was still going in and out of the laboratory within the specified time and there were no unnecessary actions. However, based on the other information given by the private detective, He Shuhang had gone to the company he cooperated with in his previous life last weekend. It showed that he was planning to do it.

Chen Qizhao left a message for the private detective, asking him to pay more attention to He Shuhang’s actions in the next few days.

Then he poured out the recorded files on his phone. He stored it on a disk and made a backup.

At this time, Yan Kailin carried takeout into the room. “The takeout came early today. It is so dark outside. I don’t know if it will rain this evening.”

Chen Qizhao told him, “There is a thunderstorm weather warning. It should happen.”

“This is probably just a bluff. When have we really experienced a thunderstorm?” Yan Kailin noticed the recording files on Chen Qizhao’s screen. “Huh? Are you listening to a song?”

Chen Qizhao casually explained, “I’m not listening to a song. I went to the company in the afternoon and recorded something. I came back to listen to it.”

Yan Kailin was in awe. “Brother, you have become different after starting your career. You can still record things you don’t understand from the meetings. It is the same for the top student in my class. He carries a recording pen with him. It is amazing.”

Chen Qizhao carelessly closed the computer files. If he didn’t record something then it wouldn’t become fun at the later stages.

He sat next to Yan Kailin to eat.

Yan Kailin asked, “Do you want to go out for a drink at night?”’

“I’ll go.”

In order to prevent Lin Shizong from becoming suspicious, he often went out to drink with Yan Kailin, Cheng Rong and the others. It was easy for the people watching him to let down their guard.

“Okay, I’ll make an appointment with Cheng Rong.”

Chen Qizhao was playing with his phone while eating. Then he opened his VX to read the messages and suddenly saw a message sent by Shen Yuhuai 15 minutes ago.

Yan Kailin said, “Cheng Rong told me it will be a bit late. His old man went home today and it will take some time for him to come out.”

Chen Qizhao suddenly said, “I’m not going.”

Yan Kailin’s typing hand slowed down and he looked over suspiciously. “?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t raise his head as he sent a message to Shen Yuhuai. He briefly explained, “I have an appointment in the evening.”


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