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MGAG: Chapter 26

Zhang Yazhi heard the doctor’s words and her face immediately tensed up. “Is there something wrong?”

“Don’t be nervous. There are no problems in the current situation. It is just that he reacted too strongly to the drug so I wanted to ask about any abnormal actions he has shown.” The doctor showed her the details of the report. “Chen Qizhao isn’t allergic to the drug and there are no related diseases or changes in his brain. In addition, he had no history of genetic diseases. It is very likely that the big reaction is due to his own physical condition. If he has a psychological problem then he will be stimulated and the reaction amplified.”

At this point, Zhang Yazhi realized the purpose of the doctor’s inquiry.

She thought about it for a moment before briefly describing Chen Qizhao’s personality to the doctor. “However, recently he has had fewer emotional ups and downs. He has quarreled with his family less often.”

“The change in mood may be part of the reason for his personality change. As a family member, you should pay more attention to this problem.” The doctor was very patient. “However, it might also be our illusion. Even if he isn’t allergic, the side effects the first time a patient has contact with this drug are different. I am just reminding you of this so you can pay more attention to his psychological changes in the next few weeks.”

He added, “You don’t have to be too nervous. I’m just analyzing the possibilities with you.”

Zhang Yazhi thanked him. An hour had passed by the time she returned to the ward.

Chen Qizhao was already asleep when she arrived and Shen Yuhuai hadn’t left. He was sitting in the chair next to the hospital bed and looking at his phone. He saw her coming in and put it away. “Aunt Zhang, are things okay?”

“Yes, I’m sorry to trouble you by delaying things for so long.” Zhang Yazhi smiled at him.

Shen Yuhuai nodded. “He fell asleep not long ago and the IV has just been changed by the nurse.”

Zhang Yazhi asked, “Yuhuai, your relationship with Qizhao isn’t bad, right?”

Shen Yuhuai had originally planned to give Zhang Yazhi his seat but paused after hearing this. “Yes, we have met several times at school.”

Zhang Yazhi asked again, “Did he say anything about his family or how did he behave when he was away from home?”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t understand why Zhang Yazhi was suddenly asking about this but he still replied, “Qizhao is quite well-behaved.”

“Okay.” Zhang Yazhi glanced at the child sleeping on the hospital bed and felt a bit uncomfortable. She hoped that everything was an illusion.

“I’ll watch him. If you are busy then you can go first.”

Chen Qizhao was hospitalized for a few days and the results of the investigation of the drugging at the charity party also came out. Lin Shizong came to the door on the day and solemnly apologized to the Chen family. He also brought the results of the investigation on his side. The waiter was hired to make trouble at the venue but didn’t know who was behind him. It was just that based on this person’s transaction records and bank account information, it could be found that he was related to a company called ‘Yicheng’ but there was no direct evidence.

Coincidentally, Chen Qizhao also heard Lin Shizong’s words in the hospital room. It was very similar to what he guessed and he wasn’t surprised at all. The absence of direct evidence meant that the only person who could be dealt with was the one who drugged him. All other speculations without evidence couldn’t represent an additional result.

Lin Shizong took the matter in a big circle before finally getting to the point.

Lin Shizong sighed. “Yicheng recently had a conflict with my family. The charity party was organized by the Lin family and they most likely hired someone to make trouble at the charity venue. You also know that there were so many people at the venue. What would happen to the reputation of my Lin family if there was an accident? The man gave a small explanation that he took a fancy to Xiao Zhao’s table. He had been watching the group of second generations drinking fiercely and casually used them to make trouble. His mission was accomplished.”

He smiled bitterly. “There were so many people at the party. If it was messed up and rumors spread, our follow-up application procedures will be strictly reviewed. This matter is a problem on my end. It would be good if it was directed at me but this… Xiao Zhao was innocently involved.”

The explanation didn’t say anything on the surface but he was actually implying that Yicheng was doing things through drugging in order to mess up Lin Shizong’s business, only for Chen Qizhao to be accidentally affected.

“Yicheng…?” Chen Jianhong frowned.

Jiang Yuze saw that Chen Jianhong hesitated and whispered in his ear, “Chairman Chen, Yicheng had a project conflict with us recently. There have been several disputes in Y City due to the bidding.”

Chen Jianhong listened to these words and told Lin Shizong, “I’m afraid this matter isn’t just directed at you. We also had a conflict recently and it is likely that the other person was really aiming at Qizhao. They took this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone.”

Lin Shizong showed surprise and seemed puzzled. “…What does this mean?”

Chen Qizhao sat on the hospital bed and watched coldly as Lin Shizong and Jiang Yuze did a double performance in front of him. It was no wonder why Chen Jianhong wasn’t suspicious. Lin Shizong went around in a big circle and took the blame for the matter. Then through Jiang Yuze’s reminder, he directly transferred the contradiction to Chen and Yicheng. He wanted to use the Chen family to get rid of his enemy Yichen. That way, he was the fisherman reaping the benefits.

This was indeed Lin Shizong’s usual means and it did happen in his previous life.

Yicheng wasn’t the local capital of S City but Y City. The Chen Group had a conflict with Yicheng in the market due to a project expanding outwards. In fact, there weren’t many contradictions and it could be resolved through negotiations. Meanwhile, there were more conflicts between Yicheng and the Lin Group. There were so many market contradictions that broke out that it was said to be impossible to talk about them all… In his previous life, he didn’t know what happened but the Chen Group got involved in this competitive storm. In the end, the two sides basically fought and both lost. The Chen Group gained the upper hand but it still lost a lot.

This was also one of the reasons that later led to the Chen Group’s bankruptcy. There were internal and external troubles and the mad dog Yicheng was provoked for no reason.

However, this was all deliberately done by Lin Shizong. It was just that the beginning of the conspiracy was changed from something in his previous life to the drugging at the charity party. Under the manipulation of Lin Shizong, he became the beginning of this vicious competition.

“This is strange. If they involve others in the incident, isn’t Yicheng afraid of offending others?” Chen Qizhao nibbled on the fruit and said carelessly. “Yan Kailin was sitting next to me at the time and the wine glass was close. He might’ve accidentally taken the wrong thing. Yicheng’s courage is really big.”

Lin Shizong’s eyes fell on Chen Qizhao and he explained his nonsense, “Their goal is the Lin family. No matter who was involved, they probably wanted to transfer the conflict to our side.”

“However, that is because our family has a good relationship with Uncle Lin.” Chen Qizhao’s gaze stayed on Lin Shizong. “It seems that Yicheng’s side thinks it is common for us rich second generations to drink and take drugs so they want to confuse us with this matter. Am I right, Uncle Lin?”

Lin Shizong’s expression lightened up a bit. “This child, leave the matter to me. Take care of yourself. I can see that you have no color on your face.”

Zhang Yazhi added, “This child is a picky eater. I’ll have to make up for it when we go back.”

However, Chen Jianhong listened to Chen Qizhao’s nonsense this time. He thoughtfully looked at his oldest son, who had been sitting silently on the sidelines. “Shiming, what do you think about this matter?”

Chen Shiming replied euphemistically, “Uncle Lin’s words are reasonable. We have to see the movement on Yicheng’s side about this matter first.”

Chen Jianhong instructed Jiang Yuze beside him, “Arrange this matter and inform me if anything happens.”

Chen Shiming had just finished talking to Chen Jianhong when he saw Special Assistant Xu standing at the door of the ward. He had something in his heart so he said, “You guys talk. I have to take care of work.”

He went outside and closed the door on the way. As he closed the door, he suddenly saw Chen Qizhao’s eyes as he sat on the hospital bed. There weren’t many waves in this person’s eyes.

Chen Shiming’s movements stopped for a moment. The next moment, Chen Qizhao turned his head, picked up the fruit knife on the bedside table and cut an apple for himself.

The door closed. Special Assistant Xu looked around and saw that the boss was still at the door, so he wondered, “Boss?”

Chen Shiming looked away and asked, “What happened with the results of the investigation?”

Special Assistant Xu made sure there was no one around before whispering to his boss and briefly explaining the results of the investigation.

“The company has been unregistered?” Chen Shiming looked at Special Assistant Xu. “Are you sure?”

“I’m sure. It is said that the application was submitted the day after the party. I checked again not long after and it showed that it has been unregistered.” Special Assistant Xu realized the seriousness of the matter after investigating. These two companies had been developing quite well. Why did they suddenly shut down? There was no reason to stop. This time, the boss suddenly wanted to investigate these two people so he put some effort into it. In particular, he rushed to inform Chen Shiming of the investigation results when he found that these two companies were related to the Lin Group.

Just as Chen Shiming ordered him to continue the investigation, the companies of these two seemingly unrelated people were unregistered one after another. Traces of news about them on the Internet were also deleted, as if they were eager to destroy something.

Chen Shiming heard this and glanced at Lin Shizong, who was still talking to Chen Jianhong in the ward. He thought about what Chen Qizhao had told him before.

He had been skeptical when hearing Chen Qizhao’s words. After all, there were so many people with a similar body shape at the venue. There was a higher possibility of Chen Qizhao being drunk and seeing the wrong person. Now he found out that the Lin Group was related to these two people and the credibility of Chen Qizhao’s words went up.

“Did you deal with the jade necklace?” Chen Shiming asked.

Special Assistant Xu replied, “It has been handled. It will be delivered to the villa according to your orders.”

Why did Lin Shizong want to grab an ordinary jade necklace from his brother? If he liked it then he could say it directly. There was no need to arrange for someone to grab it in secret. Moreover, after the party, he was anxious to destroy his connection to these two people. If Chen Qizhao hadn’t suddenly mentioned these two people and he only checked after a few days, he might’ve only seen another layer of information. He might not have been able to find out the relationship between these two people and the Lin Group.

Was the matter of drinking and being drugged really that simple?

“Who is in charge of the project in Y City?” Chen Shiming asked in a low voice.

Special Assistant Xu hesitated. “It should be another project team. We haven’t talked about the Y City project here but it seems to be someone arranged by Chairman Chen. I have seen Brother Jiang go to that office floor several times.”

Then he wondered, “Boss, do you want me to check this matter as well?”

“Go and check the reason for our competition with Yicheng.”

Chen Shiming hesitated for a moment before adding, “Don’t tell anyone, including Chairman Chen.”

This matter wasn’t so simple. He felt that something wasn’t right.


  1. Ann says:

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    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Mndless says:

      It also helps that CQZ has figured out how to make his brother suspicious of things without directly feeding him the information, and his assistant is incredibly capable.

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    It helps that CS doesn’t have the same close relationship to LZ as opposed to CJ who sees him as a longtime friend but him to be able to suspect this conspiracy.

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    I like that CQZ plays a bit two-faced and doesn’t rush things.
    Thank you for translating this novel :3

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