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MGAG: Chapter 25

Chen Qizhao opened his mouth slightly, bit the apple and stared at Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai turned sideways without looking at him and continued to cut the apple with lowered eyes. The fruit knife was extremely flexible in his hand and it didn’t take long for another piece to come.

He stuck the fruit knife in the apple and handed him the sliced apple.


Chen Qizhao chewed hard but it was just after eating another piece. He had no time to speak and even accidentally bit Shen Yuhuai’s finger.

“Sorry.” Chen Qizhao’s words were unclear.

“It’s okay.” Shen Yuhuai commented, “Your teeth are quite sharp.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

There was less time spent on nonsense and an apple was eaten very quickly.

Shen Yuhuai sliced the last piece of the apple and glanced at the other fruits in the fruit basket. “What else do you want to eat?”

“…I’m full.”

Shen Yuhuai nodded and took off the gloves on his hand. Then he went to the bathroom to wash the fruit knife. Chen Qizhao watched the other person’s movements. Once Shen Yuhuai returned, he sorted out his words and asked, “Chen Shi… my brother said I was talking nonsense yesterday. Is it true?”

“Yes, you said a lot.” Shen Yuhuai wiped his hands and looked over.

Chen Qizhao paused for two seconds before asking, “Did I say any nonsense?”

Shen Yuhuai saw Chen Qizhao’s current appearance before thinking about the other person’s actions in the confusion last night. Thinking about it carefully, Chen Qizhao had many speech loopholes at the time and his thoughts jumped quickly. However, the emotions shown outside and inside the words were very chaotic. In particular, when the other person stated a fact in an almost determined tone, he brought people to think about the so-called truth in the eyes of the other person, even if he was out of control.

At that time, Chen Qizhao was very sure about something Shen Yuhuai didn’t see and also hoped he would see something. However, there wasn’t this scene imagined by Chen Qizhao in his memory.

Even if it was a scene that might’ve been in Chen Qizhao’s fantasy, Shen Yuhuai to hear some type of truth from Chen Qizhao’s tone. It was a very strange feeling.

“No, your statement in the first part is quite clear. I could communicate with you.” Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak about Chen Qizhao in that state but instead said, “In the second half, your consciousness was a bit unclear and there were no complete sentences. After that, we went to the hospital.”

“Oh.” Chen Qizhao sighed with relief. “Then did you hear anything?”

Shen Yuhuai saw that he was curious so he replied, “Yes.”

Chen Qizhao looked at him.

Shen Yuhuai thought for a moment before explaining, “It seemed to be a person’s name. You said it a few times but I didn’t hear it clearly.”

He finished speaking and added, “I don’t remember anything else.”

Chen Qizhao lowered his head. The names he mentioned were probably the old guys in his previous life. Now it seemed that he didn’t say much at that time. Fortunately, Shen Yuhuai took him to the lounge. In his chaotic state, he had no idea what he would say or do. In addition, Lin Shizong was still present at that time. It would’ve been a waste of effort if his gibberish made the other person suspicious.

He was relieved in his heart. Then he looked up to meet Shen Yuhuai’s eyes and inexplicably felt a bit uncomfortable in his heart.

He couldn’t tell how he was feeling.

Chen Qizhao attributed this feeling to the aftereffects of the drug and added another strike to Lin Shizong’s account.

Shen Yuhuai noticed that Chen Qizhao’s mood was a bit low. He observed Chen Qizhao a bit. There wasn’t the redness on the side of his ears like there was last night, but out of caution, he still reached out and tested the temperature of Chen Qizhao’s forehead.

Chen Qizhao shrank back when he was touched by the cold hand. He could smell the mint scent from Shen Yuhuai’s sleeve more clearly.

“Your temperature is normal.” Shen Yuhuai added, “Your body temperature rose last night. Don’t drink too much next time.”

Chen Qizhao paused and wanted to explain it with a few words.

Shen Yuhuai told him, “It is good to drink more juice.”

Not long after he finished speaking, there was a knock on the door and Yan Kailin, Liu Kai and other people walked in. They hadn’t expected Shen Yuhuai to be here when they entered. The group of people looked at each other for a moment and narrowed their eyes. Yan Kailin took the lead in calling out ‘Brother Huai’ before he walked over to Chen Qizhao’s side.

“Brother Zhao, are you feeling better? You scared me to death . I was shocked when Brother Huai told me last night that it was an allergy.” Yan Kailin walked over and looked around. “Why are your ears a bit red? Isn’t your allergy better yet? Is it an alcohol allergy?”

Alcohol allergy? Chen Qizhao raised his head to meet Shen Yuhuai’s gaze. The latter nodded in greeting and sat down on an empty chair, giving up the position next to the hospital bed to Chen Qizhao’s friend.

Chen Qizhao said, “It isn’t an alcohol allergy.”

Yan Kailin wondered, “F*k, what type of allergy is it? Isn’t it too dangerous? You had to go to the hospital.”

Chen Qizhao was dumbfounded. “…The allergen wasn’t found.”

Another person said, “I was scared to death last night. Your brother’s assistant pulled me aside and asked me what you drank.”

Chen Qizhao secretly glanced at Shen Yuhuai. He saw that the other person wasn’t looking at this side so he looked at Yan Kailin again.

Yan Kailin didn’t notice Chen Qizhao’s hint. He recalled that the assistant’s expression was a bit grim at the time and said in a low voice, “It is good that it isn’t an alcohol allergy. If it is an alcohol allergy then we can only fight with milk instead of alcohol.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He wanted to skip the topic of drinking so he took the initiative to ask another question. “What was the situation at the venue last night?”

“It is good that you left quickly. Last night, the venue lost something and the police came.”

Cheng Rong saw him asking about last night’s incident and added a few words, “I heard that they took away two waiters in the end.”

Chen Qizhao could probably understand the beginning and end of this.

Only a small number of people knew about last night’s incident. Chen Shiming was very efficient and didn’t let the news spread. The police blocked the scene using the excuse that a few valuables were missing and his admission to hospital was said to be an allergic reaction. Since Lin Shizong dared to let people put something in his alcohol, the follow-up preparations were probably sufficient and the investigation results were easily found. It was the waiter who served him the wine and the people behind it was someone who had enmity with their Chen family. The source of the incident was successfully found.

Moreover, Lin Shizong was meticulous in his work. Perhaps this was already a conspiracy arranged by him but the beginning of the conspiracy was replaced from something else to drugging him.

At most, Lin Shizong wanted to embarrass him in public and shame the Chen family. However, Lin Shizong wouldn’t impulsively do meaningless things. Even if he did, there was a use to it.

Lin Shizong’s exact purpose remained to be seen.

Lin Shizong had always been good at doing things. He looked for a scapegoat to blame for the disaster or borrow a knife to let people get rid of certain targets. Next, he just had to pay attention to Lin Shizong and it wouldn’t be difficult to guess the old fox’s follow-up actions.

“Oh right, Brother. Did you get your jade necklace?” Yan Kailin asked.

“Chen Shi… my brother should’ve dealt with it.” Chen Qizhao almost called out Chen Shiming’s name directly. He wasn’t in a hurry about the necklace. The things won in the auction wouldn’t run away. He would let Special Assistant Xu handle it.

Cheng Rong looked at Chen Qizhao with a look like he had more money than sense. “I heard Lin Zai say that you put all the penalty damages into it to buy the necklace. Did you spend all your money?”

Liu Kai added, “It must be gone. Didn’t Qin Xingfeng ask Xiao Zhao to borrow money before? Didn’t Xiao Zhao say that all the money went into it?”

Shen Yuhuai had just poured him a glass of water. He heard this and glanced at Chen Qizhao with a bit of doubt in his eyes. “Did everything go into it?”

Chen Qizhao wondered how the topic jumped from his drinking to his auction bidding. He said euphemistically, “No, I bought something for my mother. I didn’t pour everything into it.”

“In addition, that villain Qin Xingfeng cheated Xiao Zhao of his money and came to pit us.” Liu Kai continued, “In addition, Chen Shiming usually deducts Xiao Zhao’s pocket money. Aren’t you poor after winning this necklace?”

Chen Qizhao: “……?”

Cheng Rong agreed. “Right right. Xiao Zhao has said this before.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He seemed to have his pocket money deducted by Chen Shiming when he was 18 years old. It seemed to be due to excessive consumption.

Yan Kailin listened with a confused expression. He still remembered that Chen Qizhao clearly told him that he was very rich at the auction. Now Yan Kailin was convinced by Cheng Rong and said, “Brother, tell me if you don’t have money.”

Chen Qizhao missed the opportunity to reply. Cheng Rong and Liu Kai had already told about the ‘tragic incident’ of him being cheated with the investment. There was also Yan Kailin adding fuel to it. The speed of the topic changing was very fast. These people seemed to be worried that he was too bored in the hospital and tried to find various topics. If it wasn’t for Yan Kailin showing restraint in front of Shen Yuhuai, these people would’ve disclosed everything in detail.

Shen Yuhuai stood by the window after delivering the water. He looked down at his phone and occasionally glanced at them.

The group of people talked for a long time. Finally, Chen Qizhao said he wanted to rest and drove away the noisy group.

Once Yan Kailin and the others left, Shen Yuhuai walked over to help him adjust the flow rate of the IV, reminding him, “Your lips are a bit dry. You can drink more water.”

Chen Qizhao took two sips from the water cup and suddenly started to explain, “Don’t listen to their nonsense. It isn’t as exaggerated as they said.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him and sounded confused. “Did they say anything?”

“No.” Chen Qizhao shut up.

One of them sat on the hospital bed and the other in the chair by the bed. Neither made a sound and the ward fell into a brief silence.

Shen Yuhuai saw that the other person didn’t speak and lowered his eyes to continue reading the contents of his phone. Only the slightly clear sound of Chen Qizhao drinking water could be heard.

Chen Qizhao’s speed when drinking the water wasn’t slow. In the quiet ward, the sound of his swallowing was very obvious.

After a while, the water cup was placed on the bedside table.

Shen Yuhuai slightly looked up and glanced over. He had just withdrawn his gaze when he heard a sound from very close to him.

He raised his head and saw Chen Qizhao, who happened to be peeking over.

Chen Qizhao turned his body slightly sideways. Shen Yuhuai had been looking at his phone when Chen Qizhao had been speaking with Yan Kailin and the others.

Shen Yuhuai showed him the contents of the mobile phone. It was densely packed English letters. Chen Qizhao couldn’t understand several words in every three sentences.

Shen Yuhuai explained, “I am reading a journal report.”

He asked again, “Are you interested?”

Chen Qizhao paused when he heard this and tried to find a common hobby with Shen Yuhuai. “I’m a bit interested.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him with a bit of surprise and added one more explanation, “It is a material analysis report.”

Chen Qizhao could understand it if he needed to read financial information but once it came to professional papers in other fields, some words really couldn’t be understood.”

Chen Qizhao euphemistically told the other person, “I don’t understand it.”

Shen Yuhuai handed him the phone. “Which part don’t you understand?”

Chen Qizhao hadn’t expected this person to ask so he had to point to one at random.

“Flame retardant polymers.” Shen Yuhuai paused slightly and he patiently explained the meaning of the passage to him. Then he asked, “Is there anything else?”

Chen Qizhao: “……”


Shen Yuhuai turned his phone so that the other person could see better. “Which one?”

Another part of the hospital.

Zhang Yazhi originally went to get the laboratory report. After receiving the report, the attending doctor asked her to go to the office.

The office was relatively quiet. Zhang Yazhi arrived and happened to see a CT image of part of the brain hanging on the board.

Chen Qizhao had a serious reaction to the drug so Zhang Yazhi had thought it was safer to do a full examination. She basically did all the relevant tests.

There were several reports on the doctor’s desk. Once he saw her coming, he drew a medical record from the side.

“Madam, please sit. I have a few questions about Chen Qizhao’s situation.” The doctor handed her several reports. “Can I ask, has Chen Qizhao been showing any other abnormal behaviors during normal times?”


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