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MGAG: Chapter 21 Part 2

Once Lin Shizong appeared at the scene, many people walked over with wine glasses to greet him.

This movement naturally attracted the attention of most people in the room. Even the rich second generation who were drinking and gossiping couldn’t restrain themselves. Yan Kailin looked over. “Who is here?”

Cheng Rong glanced at Yan Kailin. “Who else can it be?”

Liu Kai said, “Chairman Ling is really different. He is over 50 years old but he still looks like he is in his 30s.”

Chen Qizhao shook the champagne in his hand while his gaze passed through the crowd to fall on the middle-aged man in the center of the crowd in the distance.

Lin Shizong was wearing a gray suit today. His face that had some of the vicissitudes of life was carefully groomed and he looked decent and gentlemanly. His appearance wasn’t sharp and he didn’t have a sharp edge to him. He was gentle and kind when dealing with people. For young people, he was an easygoing elder. For business partners, he was a good negotiating partner. He seemed to know what type of face to put on for every occasion and was like a smiling fox. He used the most harmless and kind way to make others open up to him.

Chen Qizhao saw the other person’s touted appearance and his eyes were cold.

Perhaps it was because he had seen this hypocritical face when it was really torn apart and because he had seen Lin Shizong’s end. Now seeing this person again, Chen Qizhao was much calmer than expected. He sat on the sofa without moving, his eyes following the position Lin Shizong passed through. They swept over the people who greeted Lin Shizong one by one and he remembered the faces of these people.

Finally, he saw Lin Shizong walk toward his father, Chen Jianhong.

Lin Shizong and Chen Jianhong had been friends for many years. The two of them had known each other since they were young and supported each other during difficult times. In the blink of an eye, decades had passed and the two of them were the closest friends. Lin Shizong was a few years older than Chen Jianhong and he was amiable. The Chen family and Lin family might not have had close contact in recent years, but secretly, the relationship between Lin Shizong and Chen Jianhong remained unchanged. This was why Chen Jianhong was completely defenseless against such a person.

A friend he had trusted for decades played for more than 10 years to bring down the Chen family.

At the banquet, Lin Shizong and Chen Jianhong didn’t speak for long. The two of them seemed to say something and quickly walked in the direction of Chen Qizhao.

Seeing Lin Shizong and Chen Jianhong coming over, the drinking young people immediately restrained themselves. They tidied up their suit jackets one by one and put on the standard modest smiles that belonged to the younger generation as they politely greeted the two people.

Yan Kailin hurriedly pulled Chen Qizhao, who still wasn’t moving. “Uncle Chen, Uncle Lin.”

Chen Jianhong turned toward Yan Kailin.

“Yan Kailin?” Lin Shizong smiled. “I hugged you when you were a child but then your family went abroad.”

“I heard my father say that,” Yan Kailin replied.

Chen Jianhong looked at Chen Qizhao standing next to Yan Kailin. He was just about to remind Chen Qizhao to give a greeting when he saw his younger son put on a smiling face and accompany Yan Kailin to greet them humbly.

“This is Chen Qizhao.” Chen Jianhong told Lin Shizong.

Lin Shizong’s eyes fell on Chen Qizhao.

The younger son of the Chen family was no less famous than his brother Chen Shiming. However, Chen Shiming was known to everyone for his excellent ability while Chen Qizhao was known for his confusion. If it wasn’t for Ruizen Electronics being overturned, Lin Shizong would probably never even look at Chen Qizhao. Now this pawn he thought he could control had taken a step that surprised him.

“Are you Xiao Zhao? You’ve grown so big.” Lin Shizong told Chen Jianhong. “I haven’t seen him for several years. He looks like your wife.”

Chen Jianhong smiled when he heard this. “His appearance is indeed like Yazhi.”

Lin Shizong had a smile on his face. He was kind and friendly, which made the nervous young people around him relax.

Chen Qizhao silently observed him. Indeed, in terms of pretending, he could never be as good as Lin Shizong.

He had once been deceived by this face. When the Chen family had an accident, Lin Shizong was the first to lend a helping hand. He looked like a benevolent man and reached out at the most critical time. Even if it was just a drop in the bucket, Lin Shizong easily gained his trust.

The Lin family was so powerful. He naively thought that with the help of his father’s friends, the Chen family would definitely be saved.

It was just that Lin Shizong reached out to help while stabbing the Chen family with the last knife.

Lin Shizong opened his mouth. “Xiao Zhao, you’re not too young. What are your plans for the future?”

“Previously, he was clamoring to learn artificial intelligence but he listened to his brother’s persuasion and is studying finance.” Chen Jianhong seemed to be chatting with an old friend. “It is best to have some snacks.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at Chen Jianhong before quickly withdrawing his gaze. His tone was casual but full of willfulness. “Can’t you and Chen Shiming handle the affairs of the group? Chen Shiming thinks I am in the way every time I go to the company.”

He looked at Lin Shizong. “For the time being, I don’t have any plans. I want to get my diploma first. They won’t let me join the group if I don’t obey.”

Chen Jianhong frowned slightly.

Lin Shizong laughed. “This child is actually like you when you were young. There is a lot of playfulness.”

Chen Jianhong said, “Today, I brought him to recognize people but this child is impetuous.”

Lin Shizong inadvertently looked at Chen Qizhao. He stared at the young and vigorous person in front of him as if judging something.

He paid attention to the people hanging with Chen Qizhao and looked them over. Then he said, “Didn’t Xiao Zhao do his own business? You should give your child a chance to try it.”

Chen Jianhong told him, “Last time, he was deceived when doing business with his friend. It was a mess that his brother had to clean up.”

Chen Qizhao was silent for a while but his face was a bit unconvinced. “If you gave me some projects to practice, would I have gone to Qin Xingfeng to cooperate?”

Chen Jianhong’s tone became a bit colder, “If you want to do business, study well first and practice. Do you want your brother to clean up the mess for you again?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak.

Lin Shizong retracted his scrutinizing gaze and came out to say, “Jianhong, you’re asking too much of Xiao Zhao. You can’t teach your child according to Shiming’s educational timetable.” He patted Chen Qizhao on the shoulder in a very kind manner. “Don’t make trouble for your father. The auction will start soon. Since you have come here to play, tell me if you like anything in the collection.”

Chen Jianhong looked at Chen Qizhao, not knowing why this kid suddenly had a temper.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze fell on Lin Shizong and he smiled. “Uncle, no need. I have money.”

He added a reminder, “Don’t listen to my father’s nonsense. I didn’t lose money in the last project. I earned a lot from the contract penalty.”

Lin Shizong’s smile stopped for a moment before he quickly returned to normal. “Really?”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao slightly cocked his head and his eyes fell on the display counter. He said with a smile, “Rest assured, Uncle. If I like anything, I will definitely bid for it.”

During the process of them greeting each other, the guests in the venue had already come over and the important part of this party finally began. The empty table in the center of the exhibition hall was ready and each guest received a digital card distributed by the waiter. There was the introduction of the exhibits on the screen in the middle of the display counter and the charity auction finally began.

“Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this charity auction. First of all, I will show our first exhibit tonight from Mr Zhou Liang…”

The VIPs offered bids one after another for the various treasures on the stage. The charity auction was carried out in an orderly manner and the venue unknowingly fell silent. Chen Jianhong and Lin Shizong were talking on the other side and it should be about business.

Chen Qizhao was bored and continued to stand with Yan Kailin. Meanwhile, the other young people headed to the front to join in the fun.

Yan Kailin handed him a pamphlet. “Brother, didn’t you just say that you wanted to bid for something? I got the pamphlet for you.”

Chen Qizhao took the pamphlet but didn’t look through it. His peripheral vision fell on Lin Shizong’s back in the distance and his heart was as clear as a mirror.

Talking about the penalty fees received was just for the sake of responding to Lin Shizong. Lin Shizong couldn’t act against him now but it wasn’t impossible to find someone to do something.

He had just exchanged a few words with Lin Shizong but the other person had tempted him many times. Chen Qizhao had long expected that Lin Shizong was a cautious old fox. The matter of Ruizen Electronics seemed simple and logical, but everything happened so quickly. Lin Shizong had lost a lot of what he had planned. How could the other person give up?

Lin Shizong couldn’t become suspicious.

If the other person became suspicious then the first object of suspicion must be himself.

Lin Shizong plotted so many things. The only problem was Chen Qizhao’s useless body. Lin Shizong wanted to judge if this was a coincidence or if there was something wrong with him. If it was a coincidence then Lin Shizong would follow the original arrangement. If something was wrong with him then Lin Shizong’s plan might change.

Therefore, not only did he need to be unmotivated but he also had to follow Lin Shizong’s guess.

It was the fact that Chen Qizhao was the trash of the Chen family and who played around everywhere he went.

Yan Kailin also had a copy of the pamphlet and he looked through it. “By the way, why bid for these things? We can’t appreciate them.”

Chen Qizhao looked down at the pamphlet in his hand. “Why shouldn’t I bid for it if I have money?”

Yan Kailin suddenly realized. “You are right. It is okay to pretend to be awesome. I was the one who was thinking too small.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

There were many things in the pamphlet. Chen Qizhao was planning to find something to bid for at random when he caught a glimpse of something slightly familiar.

It was an exquisite jade necklace. Based on the color in the picture, this should be a rare glass species and almost no flaws could be seen in the jade. From the outside, it was a piece of treasure jewelry that could be regarded as the best. However, Chen Qizhao’s eyes were focused on the name in the auction introduction. ‘Exquisite Full Green.’ He was surprised in his heart. It couldn’t be so coincidental…

Yan Kailin wondered, “Brother, do you like anything?”

He noticed the auction lot. “Hey, what type of jade do you want to buy? If you have free time then we can go to the Yun Market.”

“No.” Chen Qizhao raised his eyes slightly and stared at Lin Shizong in the distance. “Just bid for this.”


  1. Anon says:

    I wonder if that Lin guy will serve jail time or just go straight to hell. Betraying his best friend, tsk. He deserves to serve time in hell 🙂
    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Mndless says:

      One and then the other. Sometimes death is too kind a punishment when you can make them long for it and still refuse to let them have that easy release.

  2. Yui says:

    ha best friends partners in business more like depraved monsters who are ready to backstab at any moment have seen enough of those type of business people in real life they are just blood sucking leeches they drain the life out of innocents people.

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