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MGAG: Chapter 21 Part 1

In a high-end hotel in the center of the city, the private rooms for the evening party were spread over the two story exhibition hall.

Under the hanging crystal chandelier, there was a dazzling champagne tower. Proper and modestly dressed waiters walked around while formally dressed men and women raised their glasses, drinking and laughing.

At this time, in a private room on a second floor of the exhibition hall, a middle-aged man in a gray suit snuffed out his cigarette in the ashtray and casually stared at the scene of the party below through the invisible glass room.

He looked to be in his 50s and his face was already covered with the marks of age, but his eyes were exceptionally shrewd.

A charity evening brought together the upper class of S City.

The elite man in a suit and leather shoes was reporting the situation of a certain incident. “There is news about the Chen family’s recent internal investigation. After the Ruizhen Electronics incident was revealed, Chen Jianhong handed over almost full power to Chen Shiming. The investigation and review exposed many of our people and it wasn’t easy to act in the current situation.”

“Let him wait first. We have been planning for over 10 years so there is no need to be in a hurry.” The middle-aged man played with the lighter in his hand. The open flame that flickered and went out was very obvious in the darker room.”Wait until they relax their vigilance before starting.”

As he spoke, he suddenly noticed a young man in the crowd and his tone slowed down a bit. “That is the second eldest son of the Chen family, Chen Qizhao right?”

The elite man followed his gaze. “Yes, it is him.”

Ruizhen Electronics was indeed a breakthrough in their plot. They selected the useless one of the Chen family, Chen Qizhao as the starting point and used him to implement the next step. Calculating Chen Qizhao was much simpler than calculating Chen Shiming. They almost tailored a trap for Chen Qizhao and used Ruizhen Electronics for this game. Originally, the implementation of this plan went very smoothly. Chen Qizhao signed a contract and they even got a channel for the science and technology park. They hadn’t expected for Chen Shiming to kill them at the critical moment.

In their original prediction, in order to provoke the relationship between the two brothers, the grumpy Chen Qizhao would inevitably become their most advantageous knife. They just hadn’t expected that Chen Qizhao would actually explain the matter of Ruizhen Electronics to Chen Shiming and even found Chen Shiming’s assistant to help.

Their routines were enough to deceive Chen Qizhao but in order to deceive Chen Shiming, it was just displaying one’s small skills in front of an expert. This was also their negligence. Chen Qizhao didn’t reveal that he asked Chen Shiming for help and there was no news from the Chen family. In addition, Chen Jianhong’s attitude toward it was ordinary and this led them to relax their vigilance.

The loss of the chess piece called Qin Xingfeng was a small matter. Unfortunately, Ruizhen Electronics got involved and they lost part of their layout in the Chen Group.

The elite man said, “We didn’t expect Chen Shiming to be able to hold his breath and wait until Ruizhen Electronics was checked before closing the net.”

“Chen Shiming is really like Chen Jianhong when he was young… In other words, the seeds of the Chen family are very enduring and they will bite back if we aren’t careful.” The middle-aged man wasn’t moved by this at all and his tone was as usual. “It isn’t a waste for me to plan for so many years. It seems I will have to add more fire in the future.”

The elite man looked at the middle-aged man. “Chairman Lin, are you preparing a plan?”

“Naturally, we can’t take the Chen family lightly.” There was a bit of coolness in Chairman Lin’s tone. “Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming are really powerful. The Chen family has an unlimited scenery in front of them because the two of them are supporting the Chen family. Once Chen Jianhong abdicates and Chen Shiming takes over then it will be a perfect succession. In the end, the Chen Group is firmly in the hands of the Chen family.”

The lighter in his hand snapped and lit up. “However, how can there be any impermeable walls? What if something happens to them?”

The elite man was in awe.

The lighter’s fire was extinguished again.

Chairman Lin stared at Chen Qizhao through the see-through glass. Then he stood up and sorted out his suit jacket, his tone relaxed. “Let’s go and see the waste of the Chen family.”

At the charity party, guests entered the venue one after another and greeted each other.

Zhang Yazhi chatted with the people she knew and pulled Chen Qizhao to be introduced to the people next to her. She really planned to pave the way for her child. During her conversations with people, she would have Chen Qizhao follow her. At the same time, she privately explained to Chen Qizhao what this person did and what industry they had in S City.

It was just that sometimes Chen Qizhao was very cooperative while other times, he lacked interest.

Later, Zhang Yazhi asked, “Just now, your Uncle Zhou talked to you. Why didn’t you say a few sentences?”

Chen Qizhao’s eyelids were half drooping and his eyes glanced in front of him before he quickly retracted his gaze. “Did you notice what he just said? On the surface, he was talking to you about family affairs but he kept inquiring about other things. I saw that the company surnamed Zhou is recently looking at a piece of land and has collided with Chen Shiming.”

Zhang Yazhi was stunned when she heard these words. “Is there such a thing? Didn’t you hear your brother mention it?”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes narrowed. “Look, isn’t he talking to Chen Shiming?”

Zhang Yazhi looked over. Sure enough, he saw that the surnamed Zhou had spoken to Chen Shiming.

Chen Qizhao shook his champagne glass in his hand and continued carelessly, “There is also that Mrs Wang. She was happy when talking to you but her husband’s capital chain is broken and he is worried about finding someone to borrow money. She is happy with you today and will ask you to eat and talk another day. That is the time to borrow money.”

Zhang Yazhi looked at Chen Qizhao with surprise. “How do you know so much?”

“If you drink alcohol and listen to people then you can clear up any mines in advance.” Chen Qizhao looked at her. “Are you interested? Should I tell you more gossip? I also know about the infidelity of the surname Zhou…”

Zhang Yazhi glanced at him. “You can’t talk nonsense like this.”

Chen Qizhao smiled while his eyes explored the area. “Then I won’t say it.”

There were people who had a good relationship with the Chen family and would extend a helping hand once or twice. However, most of them were acting for their own interests and even stepped on the Chen family during the Chen family’s most difficult period. He had dealt with many people in this game. The personalities who loved to drink, the clubs they often went to… he knew all these things.

After all, after the Chen family went bankrupt in his last life, he had drank with these people in order to ask for help. He had to understand the personalities of the other people and find a breakthrough in their business… Chen Qizhao wasn’t interested at all in the thoughts and interests hidden under these hypocritical faces. At this time, they wanted to curry favor with the Chen family in front of him?

Get lost, they were an eyesore.

He was thinking about it when he heard Zhang Yazhi whisper from next to him, “Is he really cheating?”’

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He said helplessly, “Yes, why would I lie to you about this? I heard that she was the goddess he had a crush on during his student days and she is also raising an illegitimate child.”

Zhang Yazhi was shocked.

After listening to a bit of gossip, Zhang Yazhi finally let Chen Qizhao go and dragged a little sister she had a good relationship with to the outside garden to talk. Chen Qizhao was planning to find a corner to sit and watch the play when he glimpsed his scoundrel friends. They came over and pulled him to sit down on the sofa beside the middle wine table, looking like good brothers with him.

Chen Qizhao treated it as a joke, especially since these people liked to bring jokes that he liked to hear.

“Qin Xingfeng is completely cold. Once the verdict is passed, he will have to be imprisoned for at least four or five years,” Cheng Rong said. “I heard that he is still looking for a lawyer everywhere. He had been bragging about how big his company is. I didn’t expect there to be so many private things inside. I heard he also laundered money with that Mr Wang of Ruizhen Electronics. F*k, he is broken.”

Liu Kai agreed. “Yes, I thought he was the god of investment before. Who knew that his money wouldn’t be clean?”

Chen Qizhao listened. This person was being used as a scapegoat.

After all, some people were willing to sacrifice their lives for others and brave any danger for the sake of benefits. They didn’t even think about whether there would be any blessings in the second half of their lives.

Now thinking about how Qin Xingfeng was imprisoned for fraud in his previous life, it might be Lin Shizong’s handwriting. Throwing a person away after using them up was in line with his usual methods.

Yan Kailin had a hard time getting rid of his brother and managed to hide here. Now he heard Qin Xingfeng being discussed. “F*k, why are you still talking about him? Don’t mention him, okay?”

“Why bring up trouble?” Liu Kai raised a glass. “It is time. Let me say, this Lin family is really big at holding parties…”

Chen Qizhao slightly raised an eyebrow and toasted with the others.

Not far away on the other side, Chen Shiming’s eyes stayed on Chen Qizhao. He watched Chen Qizhao drink a glass of champagne before taking another glass. He originally thought Chen Qizhao was really motivated when coming today, but in the end, he thought too well of Chen Qizhao. He could even drink with Cheng Rong’s group on such an occasion and didn’t know how to follow him around to meet people.

Special Assistant Xu stood by and watched his boss’ expression become gloomy.

He thought his boss was going to go over and arrest this person, but his boss didn’t move.

“Boss, do you want to…” Special Assistant Xu tried asking.

“Drinking at such occasions is better than going out and fooling around.” Chen Shiming retracted his gaze. “Keep an eye on him. If he drinks too much then drag him back…”

Before he could finish speaking, his attention was drawn to the other side.

“Uncle Lin is here.”

There was a lively noise at the entrance of the exhibition hall. At this moment, the host of the party, Lin Shizong appeared.

It wasn’t a secret that this charity party was being held by the Lin family. One of the reasons why this evening party had so many people gathered was because many famous people from the upper class of S City were present. Many people came uninvited in order to join in the middle and the others received invitations from the Lin family to come support the Lin family.


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