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MGAG: Chapter 14

Qin Xingfeng looked at him with a lingering fear.

Chen Qizhao sneered. “It is boring.”

He opened the door and directly got out of the car. There wasn’t the glass to block the various sounds.

The security guard who was waiting around came up and spoke to him, “Second Young Master.”

“It feels good.” Chen Qizhao threw the key to the other person and continued to communicate with those present. “The sound is good, right?”

“F*k, this sound wave!”

“It is more energetic than Brother Rong’s.”

Qin Xingfeng watched Chen Qizhao get out of the car and close the door, leaving him alone in the car.

He looked at the position of the handbrake in hindsight and frantically pressed the door switch. This time, the door was unlocked. He pushed open the door to get out of the car. Just as he stepped on the ground, his legs went soft and he knelt forward uncontrollably.

A young man holding up a phone to record a video saw him. “Brother Xingfeng, what happened?”

Qin Xingfeng’s face was a bit pale and he reluctantly explained, “I accidentally tripped when I came out.”

Yan Kailin was standing next to him and smiled when he saw the situation, “Isn’t it because you have soft legs?”

The people in the surroundings laughed loudly and Qin Xingfeng’s face was ashen.

Cheng Rong had the same ugly expression as him. Chen Rong had asked the people in the parking lot to drive his car into the indoor field not long ago. He originally wanted to take away Chen Qizhao’s prestige. Who knew that this person would suddenly take away everyone’s attention and some people even compared his car with Chen Qizhao. His car was parked alone in the outer lane without anyone caring, just like a jumping clown.

Chen Qizhao went back to the sofa and sat down after testing the car. The others had already run to play in the other parts of the racetrack one by one. He played with his phone and found that Yan Kailin had also walked back. “Didn’t you say you wanted to play?”

Yan Kailin didn’t know why but he was quite happy.  He had played for a while before seeing Chen Qizhao sitting here alone. “Brother, why don’t you go over?”

Chen Qizhao’s gaze stopped on Cheng Rong’s body not far away. He saw that the other person was blue in the face as he talked to other people and inexplicably felt amused. Chen Qizhao withdrew his gaze and asked, “Yan Kailin, what do you think about your group of friends?”

Yan Kailin found it strange. “It’s okay. We can play together.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were indifferent but his words were sharp. “Then do you think they are with you because of the status of the Yan family or do they simply want to make friends with you?”

Yan Kailin heard these words and didn’t seem to have thought about this question.

He hesitated again and again before vaguely replying, “Probably both.”

Chen Qizhao added, “If one day the Yan family goes bankrupt… do you think they will take you in, a brother in distress?”

Yan Kailin had never considered this issue and was stunned.

After a while, he asked, “They will?”

“Is that so?” Chen Qizhao grabbed a bottle of cold drink and threw it to him. “Drink some water to wake up your brain.”

Yan Kailin paused for a long time and suddenly asked, “Brother Zhao, will you take me in if my family goes bankrupt one day?”

Chen Qizhao put his fingernails at the opening of the cold drink. The next second, he snapped open the beer and his tone remained unchanged. “No, I will only give you money and let you go to the hotel.”

Yan Kailin thought for a moment. “That isn’t bad. Staying in a hotel has more freedom!”

Chen Qizhao looked at Yan Kailin like he was mentally disabled. “I know why your brother had you stay in Shen Yuhuai’s house.”


Chen Qizhao didn’t explain and closed his eyes slightly to think about things.

When it came to Shen Yuhuai, Yan Kailin had something else to complain about. “Speaking of Shen Yuhuai, he seems to have started to be busy recently. He hasn’t returned to the apartment in a few days. Last time, I went back to the city to get something and didn’t see others.”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes opened. “Busy with what?”

“I don’t know. It should be his mentor’s project. I am more comfortable since he is busy. Ever since adding him as a friend, I didn’t dare send anything in my Moments.” Yan Kailin flipped through his VX contacts. He clicked on Shen Yuhuai’s VX and said, “However, it isn’t like he will often stare at my Moments. Just in case, I block him and my brother every time I post on my Moments. I’m afraid that something will happen.”

Chen Qizhao instructed, “Show me your mobile phone.”

Yan Kailin handed it over obediently. “What are you looking at?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak but looked at a certain profile picture that looked consistent with the results of the previous search on his mobile phone. He conveniently clicked on Shen Yuhuai’s Moments and found the other person’s Moments. He was a young man who hadn’t graduated but his Moments didn’t show his friendship situation at all. He either forwarded articles of the institute of a variety of competition photos. There was very little about his private life.

He could only see up to a year in Shen Yuhuai’s Moments and he soon looked through all of them.

Yan Kailin realized after a moment. “Brother, I found that you are quite concerned about Shen Yuhuai.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. He was just about to quit the Moments when he saw a person standing side by side in a certain photo. In the photo, the two people were standing beside each other and wearing competition cards on their chests. They seemed to be ‘good teammates’ who had participated in a cooperative competition. The photo looked similar to many other photos but Chen Qizhao suddenly remembered a college scandal involving Shen Yuhuai. Even many years later, there were some rumors about it in the circle.

Yan Kailin wondered, “Brother?”

Chen Qizhao quit the Moments and returned the phone to Yan Kailin.

Yan Kailin felt strange.

At this time, Chen Qizhao suddenly said, “You told me last time that Shen Yuhuai likes those who are more well-behaved… what else does he like?”

Yan Kailin looked confused. “Huh?”

Inside the car, Chen Jianhong had just finished an online meeting. The only thing that remained in the quiet car was the sound of the man’s nails tapping on the armrest. Finally after more than 10 seconds of long silence, the elite man in the front seat opened his mouth.

“Has the aromatherapy in the car been changed” Chen Jianhong pinched between his eyebrows and there was a hint of imperceptible tiredness in his voice.

The driver said, “Yes Sir. Madam picked it and said you like the smell.”

“Chairman Chen, are you still going to the meeting in Y City?” Chen Jianhong’s assistant, Jiang Yuze spoke.

“It smells really good.” Chen Jianhong closed his eyes slightly and said to the assistant, “I’m going. Let the people in Y City prepare in advance. I need to see the follow-up plan before the meeting starts. I will give them a week.”

Jiang Yuze quickly noted down the next itinerary.

Chen Jianhong looked at Jiang Yuze in the front seat and said, “How has Shiming’s work been recently?”

Jiang Yuze replied, “The last two projects of the Eldest Young Master have created a profit of 2 percentage points for the group. The Xinrui Project in K City that he took over last year won 2.5 points.”

He added, “The Eldest Young Master is very powerful.”

Chen Shiming was naturally very powerful. In just a few years, he had already established a firm foothold in front of the elders after entering the group. Now his project team was thriving. He was a new force in the group that couldn’t be ignored.

“Shiming is very powerful.” Chen Jianhong’s eyes widened and there was a bit of relief in his eyes. “What about Qizhao?”

Jiang Yuze paused slightly when he heard the words. “The Second Young Master is still young.”

Chen Jianhong said, “He isn’t young. He also has ambitions.”

“He wants to open up the way in a new industry instead of following the old path of the Chen family. The idea is good.”

Jiang Yuze knew about the project that Chen Qizhao recently invested in. The incident was widely circulated in the group and many people were looking around. “Second Young Master has the courage. It is better to let him try it.”

Chen Jianhong didn’t speak. He thought for a while before asking, “Is there a suitable project in the suburban industrial park for him to practice?”

“There are several subsidiaries that are trying to transform.” Jiang Yuze thought about it for a moment before saying, “There are none in the industrial park but there are software and hardware companies in the science and technology park.”

Chen Jianhong told him, “Look at it again. This child has an unstable temperament and is only enthusiastic about things for three minutes.”

“Okay, I understand.” Jiang Yuze heard this and his heart was already clear.

The boss didn’t say it explicitly but it was obvious that he was already letting go of Chen Qizhao.

As evening approached, Chen Qizhao didn’t return to the school dormitory but changed his route back to the Chen family. It was in order to take some of the information he left at home last time. After arriving home, Zhang Yazhi happened to be at home and pulled him to talk about school.”

Chen Qizhao’s focus was on another matter. “Did you eat the medicinal food that I asked Uncle Zhang to arrange for you every day?”

Zhang Yazhi heard these words and replied, “Yes.”

Chen Qizhao noticed her expression and waited until the end of the conversation to go to the housekeeper to ask about it. He learned that Zhang Yazhi didn’t follow his instructions. She ate it obediently for the first few days. Then she started to find reasons like weight loss for why she couldn’t eat at night.

Zhang Yazhi’s body needed to be nourished. After going to the hospital for the physical examination, he had been watching her when he was at home and made her eat medicinal food for conditioning.

Uncle Zhang looked at Chen Qizhao helplessly.

Chen Qizhao frowned. “Have you prepared it for the evening?”

Uncle Zhang said, “I’ll go and prepare it.”

Chen Qizhao returned to the living room and intended to reason with Zhang Yazhi.

At this time, there was a sound from the yard. It seemed that a car had entered the garage.

Chen Shiming came in from outside the house and happened to see Chen Qizhao in the living room. He suppressed his tone, “Chen Qizhao, come here. We have to talk.”


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