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MGAG: Chapter 134

Later (2)

The party guests clinked glasses together, and celebrities gathered together.

There were a lot of guests coming to socialize. Chen Jianhong just finished greeting an old friend when someone else introduced themselves to him. Tonight’s party was hosted by an old friend of his. Most of the people who came were acquaintances, but this was still a social scene. He rarely interfered with Chen Shiming’s decisions in the past few years, but there were still some people who tried to test his attitude. There were also those who wanted to take advantage of him to build a good relationship with Chen Shiming.

The purpose was too obvious.

“I heard that Shiming is attracting investments for that project in the bay. What are Mr Chen’s plans here?”

Chen Jianhong clinked glasses with others, his tone as usual. “The project in the bay is Shiming’s doing. I don’t care about these things.”

These people wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to get closer for profit. Now they smiled awkwardly.

“Now Xiao Chen is famous in S City. His methods are extraordinary.”

“That isn’t all. Both of Mr Chen’s sons are excellent. I heard that the child Qizhao has taken good care of the company in the east district. Last time, he cooperated with our company, and our director was full of praise.”

Chen Jianhong’s expression didn’t change much, but his brow relaxed a bit. “They are still young. They need more sharpening.”

Chen Jianhong started to hand over tasks to his sons in the past two years. Everyone in the S City business circle had seen it with their own eyes. It had become difficult to get close to them. In the past, Chen JIanhong’s two sons were notoriously at odds. In particular, the oldest son was excellent while the youngest son was useless. Many people didn’t say it on the surface, but in fact, they didn’t take Chen Qizhao seriously.

However, after the Chen family brought down the Lin family a few years ago, the Lin family’s industry collapsed. This also caused earth-shaking changes in some industries and relationships in S City. Originally, there were still people who planned to wait to make a move after the Chen and Lin families were both injured in the battle. Who knew that the Chen family wouldn’t fall into a slump after experiencing such fluctuations? Instead, they became more and more courageous.

The area in the east district was a planned emerging development area. When Chen Jianhong handed over the business to Chen Qizhao, they felt that Chen Jianhong was spoiling his son. Rather than handing it over to his oldest son with an outstanding ability, he handed it to his youngest son… Who knew that under his operation, it would become a major emerging force in the east district? There was the faint aura of being number one.

Some people were moved and wanted to make friends with Chen Qizhao. However, Chen Qizhao didn’t act like a young boy who had just entered society. His ability and skills weren’t inferior to his older brother, Chen Shiming. It wasn’t easy to get closer.

Once one person brought it up, others responded. There was a bit of temptation in their compliments.

As they talked, they mentioned the marriage of the two sons of the Chen family. A few years ago, someone tried to match Chen Shiming with others. Their family wasn’t bad, and they had been in contact with the Chen family for several years. They could almost talk about marriage. In addition, the Chen family now had two sons, both of whom were excellent. Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of the trend to become a shareholder of the Chen Group?

Chen Jianhong was indifferent to the mention of Chen Shiming. Then someone next to him thought about it and turned to Chen Qizhao.

“Qizhao isn’t young. He is now in graduate school, right? Does he have a girl he likes? My daughter is also studying at S College this year, and she usually hears…” The boss of a building materials company said. “If there is time, the two children should eat together…”

The moment these words came out, someone next to him stopped him.

The two sons of the Chen family appeared to be single, but in reality, only Chen Shiming was single. The Chen family didn’t publicize the matter, but Chen Qizhao had been getting very close to Shen Yuhuai, the youngest son of the Shen family, these past few years. Those who were familiar with the Chen and Shen families knew that these two were friends, and the parents of both parents had already agreed for several years. It was said they would get married abroad soon.

But just because they agreed didn’t mean it was publicized. Not only were they two men, but there might be many secrets mixed in it.

The faces of the other people became cold. The face of the person who introduced the building materials boss to Chen Jianhong was also a bit ugly, and he said. “Marriage depends on the wishes of the children.”

The boss of the building materials company was stunned when he heard this. Then he listened to the words of the others before him and seemed to realize that he had made a mistake.

Chen Jianhong and his friend were originally talking about something. Once he heard others mention this, his face was very normal as he smiled. “This isn’t bothering me. Qizhao already has a friend.”

The others laughed to calm the atmosphere. Chen Jianhong didn’t change much. Then soon, he saw his wife come over. He exchanged a few more words with his friend before leaving with her.

The party lasted until 9 o’clock. The driver of the Chen family arrived, and Chen Jianhong got into the car with his wife.

“This type of occasion is tiring. I was just talking to my friends, and they all recommended the daughters of their relatives and friends.” Zhang Yazhi looked at her VX. There were many people wanting to introduce a wife to Chen Shiming. She hadn’t urged the children in the past two years. However, Chen Shiming was too dedicated to his career. He only ate two meals with other girls before there was nothing.

Zhang Yazhi said, “Shiming ate with some girls and had a straight face from beginning to end… I thought he didn’t get along with girls very well, but it wasn’t like this when he ate with Xuelan. The two of them talk quite well.”

Chen Shiming really didn’t get along with other girls, but he chatted well with Shen Xuelan.

Originally, Zhang Yazhi thought that Chen Shiming was a bit interested in Shen Xuelan. But he hadn’t heard that they had become more than friends in the past few years.

Chen Jianhong also looked down at his phone and frowned slightly while listening to his wife. “How can that be the same? He talks to Xuelan about business.”

Chen Shiming couldn’t be moved. Zhang Yazhi followed the child and frowned as she deleted a few chat records. “There is also Qizhao. Didn’t I say it last time? Qizhao and Yuhuai have been in a relationship for several years. Just because they haven’t gotten married doesn’t mean they broke up. These people are really…”

In the car, the husband and wife were talking.

“It’s okay to settle down.” Chen Jianhong’s tone was flat. “Last time, I talked to Yuhuai. He said he wanted to wait for Qizhao to graduate from graduate school. Right now, he is busy studying. Yuhuai is still considerate.”

Zhang Yazhi glanced at her husband and noticed the electronic magazine on his phone screen. “These things are so difficult. Can you understand it every time you read it?”

It was an artificial intelligence journal magazine. Some time ago, Chen Qizhao’s paper appeared in a well-known foreign journal. She heard her husband mentioning it when talking to a friend. But this person rarely read these at home. It took so much effort to be able to understand a few sentences and talk about the child’s studies at the dinner table.

Chen Jianhong’s eyes swept over the English. “I can’t talk about professional things, but I can at least know how far this field is currently going.”

Zhang Yazhi said helplessly, “So you donated a laboratory to his school two days ago?”

Chen Jianhong’s face remained unchanged, and he said unhurriedly, “The Chen Group has always been invested in supporting scientific research of local colleges.”

“I heard Old Xu say that you have been investing in some college student competitions recently? Is this training talent for the group?”

Chen Jianhong didn’t speak much and was serious. He had the image of a strict father for so many years.

Most of Chen Shiming’s personality came from him. He cared about his children, but he wouldn’t say it clearly. After the incident a few years ago, Zhang Yazhi knew that her husband realized there was a disconnect with communication with his children. He was also trying to slowly change his problems over the years. He would talk to his two children about the development of the group, but he would also care about their hobbies.

Chen Qizhao was studying in graduate school. Chen Jianhong was the first person in the family to support it.

He didn’t say it, but the next day, he asked his assistant to compile a list of graduate supervisors.

Chen Jianhong glanced at her but didn’t speak. “Qizhao will come back this week?”

“He will come back. He’ll be home in the evening,” Zhang Yazhi replied.

Chen Jianhong said, “Then call Yuhuai tomorrow. For that place we went to last time, the fish caught were quite large.”

Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai had lived together for several years. He usually lived outside when studying. He occasionally came home on weekends. Sometimes, he brought Shen Yuhuai home to live for a few days. After Chen Jianhong resigned from some positions over the years, he had more free time. Every time his children came home, he was usually at home.

The idea of fishing was originally brought up by Shen Yuhuai. During the time when Chen Qizhao was preparing for the exam, there happened to be a big lake in the suburbs. Several people were resting on weekends. Chen Jianhong followed Shen Yuhuai and Chen Shiming over there. After going a few times, he fell in love with this activity. He occasionally went fishing by himself when resting on weekends. Every time he caught a big fish, he would bring it back to be cooked in the kitchen.

Chen Jianhong would always call Shen Yuhuai with him when Shen Yuhuai came home.

Later, Chen Qizhao would follow. But when Shen Yuhuai was fishing with Chen Jianhong, he would occasionally stay by their side.

Recently, Chen Jianhong found a good place to fish. He waited for Shen Yuhuai to go over to him when free.

Zhang Yazhi said helplessly, “There is probably no way for Yuhuai to come. He is on a business trip this week.”

Chen Jianhong paused. “Then next time.”

The car soon arrived at home. There was no one in the living room when the couple arrived home.

After asking the housekeeper, he knew that the two brothers were in their own rooms. They were probably busy with other things. Chen Jianhong had nothing to do. He followed his wife to sit in the living room and watch TV. Tonight, an interesting show happened to be aired. The husband and wife watched until late. All the servants were resting.

As Chen Qizhao went to the kitchen, he happened to meet Zhang Yazhi. He originally wanted to pour some water for himself but found Zhang Yazhi cooking noodles.

“Your dad didn’t eat anything at night. I am getting him something for dinner. Do you want to eat? Should I make more?” Zhang Yazhi asked.

Chen Qizhao was also a bit hungry. “Just a little bit.”

He asked, “Why hasn’t he rested yet?”

“He watched TV with me at night. Then he got a phone call and went to your brother’s study. Don’t worry. His schedule during this time has been very good. Today is a special situation,” Zhang Yazhi explained. She glanced at her son standing next to her. “Don’t you have to go to the company tomorrow? Aren’t you resting?”

“It is fine this weekend. I don’t need to go out.” Chen Qizhao relaxed his brow. He saw Zhang Yazhi busy beside him and also went up to help.

Zhang Yazhi looked at his method of cutting things and asked with a smile, “Yuhuai taught you?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t respond. He just handed her the seasonings box. “Do you want anything else?”

“No need. It is almost ready.” Zhang Yazhi stirred it. “Your father thought that Yuhuai was coming over this week. He planned to invite you to go fishing in the suburbs.”

Chen Qizhao looked at her face and paused after hearing this. “He loves fishing so much recently? Is he so idle?”

“He is idle.”

The noodles were soon ready. Zhang Yazhi fished them up and said with a smile, “He found a place last time and bought new fishing tackle. It isn’t interesting to go alone. He is waiting for you to go with him. It is a pity that he has been waiting for weeks. You were busy some time ago…”

Zhang Yazhi looked at the child while speaking, but she didn’t see any changes on Chen Qizhao’s face. She didn’t know whether he heard it or not.

Chen Qizhao helped her with the noodles. “I bought you a necklace. I placed it in your room.”

“Why do you buy something every time you come back?” Zhang Yazhi wiped her hands. “Why didn’t I see it? Where did you put it?”

“In your dresser drawer.” Chen Qizhao grabbed some noodles. “I will go up to eat. There is a code I haven’t finished running.”

Zhang Yazhi watched the child disappear and simply cleaned up the kitchen. After tidying up, she brought the noodles to her husband. The two of them talked about work in the study, and Chen Shiming was preparing to go to rest. She chatted with them for a while. Then when she returned to the room, she found a beautiful jewelry box. Inside was a necklace with a beautiful ruby embedded in it.

Chen Jianhong asked, “Did the child bring you something again?”

“Yes. Does this look good to you?” Zhang Yazhi asked.

Chen Qizhao would bring her jewelry every time he came back. In recent years, she hadn’t brought anything for herself. Meanwhile, the things Chen Qizhao bought were almost piled up in her jewelry box. Zhang Yazhi tried on the necklace. She wore it for a while before taking it off. She put it in a dazzling array of jewelry boxes, only to notice another small box next to it.

“They are the cufflinks the child bought for you.”

Zhang Yazhi picked up the cufflinks. Every time the child brought something, he only mentioned one thing every time.

Chen Jianhong glanced at it before looking down at the newspaper. “It is? Put it away.”

Zhang Yazhi looked at him helplessly. “Then I’ll help you put it in the box from before.”

The next day, she woke up late. She went downstairs and didn’t see her husband, who used to read the newspaper in the living room. She called out to the housekeeper doubtfully.

“He went fishing alone?” Zhang Yazhi asked helplessly.

The housekeeper replied, “Sir went with the Eldest Young Master and the Second Young Master.”

Zhang Yazhi was slightly surprised.

The housekeeper explained a few words. She found out that the father and sons all woke up early in the morning. Chen Qizhao came down the latest and directly had a maid take out the fishing tools. He said a few words, and the three of them went out.

“What did that kid Qizhao say?” Zhang Yazhi asked curiously.

“Second Young Master asked to go. The master didn’t say anything. He just ordered us to get the things.”

The housekeeper continued, “It just so happened that the Eldest Young Master was free, so he went with them.”

The process was so simple that there were no unnecessary words. The group of people soon went out the door.

“That kid.” Zhang Yazhi’s eyes softened, and she ordered, “Then prepare something to eat. It’s estimated that they won’t come back today. I will send it to them.”


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