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MGAG: Chapter 133

Later (1)

The weather was clear. The morning meeting was over, and the building was busy.

Special Assistant Xu finished sorting out the materials for the morning meeting. He sent them to his boss’ office along with the next items.

It could be said that the Chen Group had developed rapidly in the past few years. The transformation projects in the previous years had become another strategic goal of the Chen Group through the promotion and operation of the projects over the past few years. Several large projects had been completed in a row. The reputation at home and abroad had been completely established. The loopholes that were caused by Lin Medical had gradually been repaired with the increase in the group’s net profit in recent years.

These days, the Chen family was very famous in China.

With the development of these businesses, the Chen Group’s main business had been gradually transferred to Chen Shiming’s hands. Chen Jianhong handed over some rights. Now the biggest person in the Chen Group was Chen Shiming, followed by Chen Qizhao.

If it was said that Chen Shiming managed the Chen Group in an orderly manner, then the east district that Chen Qizhao took over from Chen Jianhong was now a force that emerged under the Chen Group. Under the impact of emerging industries in the past two years, it had successively occupied the entertainment market. It even cooperated with the Shen Group, which had a spot in the Internet industry.

However, due to this, the shareholders of the Chen Group had other ideas. Some high-level shareholders who weren’t in line with Chen Shiming wanted to encourage Chen Qizhao and use Chen Qizhao’s strength to compete with Chen Shiming.

“Mr Jiang is very angry. I heard he was just disciplining people in his office.”

In the morning, Mr Jiang tried to secretly provoke the relationship between the two brothers. Chen Shiming showed no mercy in the meeting and didn’t give the other party any room at all. Mr Jiang lost a lot of face at the meeting and was still a joke in the company.

“Yes, let him discipline them.” Chen Shiming listened to the words while his eyes stayed on the computer. His tone was as usual. “Next time, you don’t have to be polite with him. Directly release the things you have been suppressing.”

Special Assistant Xu added, “I need to go to Y City this week. The bay area project needs me to come out.”

Chen Shiming answered positively and didn’t look up.

Special Assistant Xu couldn’t help shifting his gaze to the boss’ computer. He noticed that it was a medical examination report.

In the past few years, the Chen family had undergone a health examination every six months. A copy of the physical examination report would be collected and sent to his boss.

“What’s wrong?” Chen Shiming looked away slightly. “Is there something else?”

Special Assistant Xu handed over a USB flash drive. “This contains the photos of last week’s trip to the island. It has been all sorted out. The developed photos have already been brought back to Madam by Housekeeper Zhang.”

The Chen family had more free time during the past two years. The whole family would take some time to travel.

Last week, the whole Chen family managed to find time and went on a three day trip to an island. Zhang Yazhi took lots of photos. After sending the photos to be developed, an electronic version was sent to Chen Shiming. The boss didn’t respond much on the surface, but in fact, for last week’s trip, he deliberately worked an extra week and came back in a good mood.

Chen Shiming took the photos. “He came to headquarters this afternoon?”

“He’s already arrived,” Special Assistant Xu immediately replied. “Second Young Master is still in the meeting room.”

In the past two years, the relationship between the two brothers had become much better. Occasional quarrels were inevitable, but the situation of big quarrels like before had never happened again. Chen Qizhao wasn’t much interested in the affairs of the headquarters. He was only in charge of the business of the east district. Except for meetings, he didn’t mix with the affairs of headquarters. He stayed in school for further study at other times.

At today’s regular meeting at headquarters, Chen Qizhao happened to be free to attend. He talked about the business interaction between several companies.

Special Assistant Xu passed the meeting room when he first arrived and saw the people sitting inside. He knew that things wouldn’t go well today.

Chen Qizhao used to be a well-known dandy. Many people said he had no ability and was incapable. Once Chen Jianhong handed over the eastern district business to him, there were several shareholders of the group who came out to oppose it… However, the following year, the business in the eastern district started to flourish. It became the most successful pilot area for the transformation of the group. Everyone who had previously been unfavorable to Chen Qizhao shifted directions and tried to stuff people into the eastern district.

It was a pity that Chen Qizhao was a stubborn person, a stubborn person that wasn’t easy to get along with.

Any high-level executives who wanted to interfere with his business in the east district returned in vain. Just like today’s meeting, some people wanted to take advantage of him but shot themselves in the foot.

“Second Young Master’s words were a bit ugly,” Special Assistant Xu coughed. “The project that was connected to the east district was criticized by him as useless. Now the marketing department… the plan has to be redrawn.”

Chen Shiming inserted the USB drive and opened the folder full of travel photos. He looked at it and said, “Show me the case later. Who proposed the plan in the marketing department, and where are the problems? Summarize it and send a copy to Xiao Zhou.”

Special Assistant Xu knew that his boss wouldn’t interfere with the second young master’s decision. Instead, he would hand over the knife when the second young master needed it.

Special Assistant Xu received the order, quickly finished explaining things, and left.

Chen Shiming looked through the photos. He took a moment to look at it from beginning to end before finally closing the folder. After turning it off, what was presented to him was the physical examination report that hadn’t finished reading just now. He had read a lot of reports over the years, and he knew some indicators without a doctor’s explanation. He only clicked on the last report after learning that his parents’ physical health indicators were in the normal range.

Chen Qizhao’s mental condition wasn’t good. After finding out about this problem a few years ago, the Chen family didn’t dare ignore this problem any longer.

Even if he was later discharged from the hospital and stopped taking medicine… Every once in a while, the Chen family would tactfully persuade him to go to the hospital for a follow-up. Chen Qizhao never refused. On the contrary, he was very cooperative in this aspect of the inspection.

During the health checkup yesterday, it was also Chen Qizhao’s regular checkup.

The result was good, but Chen Shiming never dared to relax…

Last year, Chen Shiming was involved in a car accident on the way to work. It was just a small car accident. He was scraped by a turning vehicle and arrived at the company an hour or two late. Chen Qizhao’s expression was always ugly after receiving the news that day. He even deliberately contacted the traffic police to find out the cause and effect. Finally, it was confirmed that the driver who caused the accident was an ordinary person without any background information. Chen Qizhao’s expression improved a bit.

Later, Chen Qizhao didn’t say much, but Chen Shiming recalled the strange dream Chen Qizhao mentioned a few years ago. Even though he never had such a dream, he could imagine how serious the nightmare that repeated in this person had to be to make him feel reality because of a dream.

It could only be unforgettable.

In the turmoil caused by the Lin and Gu families, Chen Qizhao became more paranoid about some things than expected, but he wouldn’t tell anyone about it. Then after the dust settled over the past few years, the past ended without a problem.

Chen Qizhao’s mood was unstable, but sometimes he was an overly rational person. The words emotional and rational appeared in a contradictory manner in his younger brother. Rationality coexisted with emotion. If put on someone else, Chen Shiming would think that such a person was a lunatic.

When rational and calm, Chen Qizhao showed a maturity beyond his age. For example, his sensitivity to market trends, his response to emerging industries… or his mature and ruthless skills in the business field that allowed him to develop the business in the east district to this level in just a few days. Chen Shiming himself wasn’t completely sure of reaching this level.

Chen Shiming wanted to hand over more of the business to Chen Qizhao, but the other party obviously opposed and resisted it. It was as if he preferred the carefree environment of the overcrowded school computer room to these financial rights.

Chen Qizhao had never been ordinary, nor was he a madman.

The words on the health report entered his field of view one by one. Chen Shiming also relaxed after reading the report. Chen Shiming was rarely free after the work documents placed on the desktop were processed. He looked at the good weather outside the window, and his eyes looked at the electronic clock on the desk from time to time.

Today’s meeting had indeed lasted long enough.

Soon, Chen Shiming’s phone on his desk rang. It was Zhang Yazhi who called.

“Mom,” Chen Shiming picked up the phone.

Special Assistant Xu went out to finish the work and met Xiao Zhou when he went to Chen Qizhao’s office. Chen Qizhao had been working in the east district for several years and rarely came to the headquarters. Even so, his original office in the headquarters was still there. He occupied the best view and lighting on this floor.

Xiao Zhou was burying his head in sorting out the documents. Compared with the meeting last month, Xiao Zhou’s hairline seemed to have moved back a bit.

Special Assistant Xu put down the document. He had just said a few words to Xiao Zhou when he saw the door of the meeting room not far away open. People came out one after another. The first one to come out was Manager Wang of the marketing department. His face was ugly.

Soon, a group of people came out one after another. A boy dressed differently came out behind them, followed by two middle-aged people. They seemed to be discussing follow-up matters. Special Assistant Xu stopped discussing things with Xiao Zhou. He saw Chen Qizhao looking toward them and instantly straightened his back.

Chen Qizhao spoke a few words to the others before soon entering the office.

Special Assistant Xu noticed the young man’s gaze and immediately said, “The boss asked me to come over and deliver a document. It is from the marketing department.”

“Put it away.” Chen Qizhao said while handing the document to Xiao Zhou. “Is he in the office?”

“Yes,” Special Assistant Xu replied.

Chen Qizhao picked up the coat that was thrown on the sofa. After speaking, he walked out, seemingly going to Chen Shiming’s office.

Once the others left, Xiao Zhou said, “Last week, the marketing department wanted to push the responsibility to our one subsidiary. It happened that the boss went to inspect it.”

Special Assistant Xu said, “This person surnamed Wang was just transferred here last month. This is the first project he has taken over.”

Xiao Zhou suddenly realized. “It is really miserable. Our boss is very short-sighted.”

Special Assistant Xu knew that his boss also protected his weaknesses. “Then I will go back first.”

After he finished speaking, he stopped slightly and gave a reminder, “Xiao Zhou, I have a Chinese medicine hair car formula… I will send it to you later.”

Xiao Zhou: “?”

The corridor was quiet. The discussion in part of the office could be faintly heard.

Once Chen Qizhao arrived at Chen Shiming’s office, the other person was on the phone. He simply sat on the sofa and waited for Chen Shiming to finish calling.

Chen Shiming noticed it when Chen Qizhao came in. He hung up the phone and said, “You aren’t going back over there?”

Chen Qizhao looked at his phone without even raising his head. “There is nothing to do. The rest is handed over to Xiao Zhou. I will go home for a few days this week.”

Chen Shiming asked, “What about Shen Yuhuai?”

“He’s on a business trip this week to G City.” Chen Qizhao finished speaking and added, “It’s just me.”

Chen Shiming looked slightly sideways. “Mom just called. She and Dad are going to a party at night. Do you want to go out to eat or to eat at home? I’ll explain it to Uncle Zhang.”

Special Assistant Xu was busy planning to go to the boss’ office to deliver documents. Once he arrived at the office door, he learned that the boss had left work on time today.

Today, the atmosphere of the company was sluggish after two meetings, but the two initiators turned around and left work like it was nothing.

The restaurant was booked by Xiao Zhou. It wasn’t far from the company, and Chen Qizhao drove the car.

It wasn’t a high-end restaurant but a small restaurant called Huang’s Restaurant.

Chen Qizhao often came here, and the waiter recognized him.

There was air conditioning in the place. Chen Shiming simply took off his coat, and Chen Qizhao was replying to a message that seemed to be regarding school.

Chen Shiming looked down at the menu. He selected some of the special dishes of the store and picked out a few that suited his and Chen Qizhao’s taste. Once he finished ordering, the waiter remembered the dishes and was about to go out. Then Chen Qizhao called him back.

Chen Qizhao glanced at the menu with a slight frown. “I don’t want these two. This one also isn’t good. Change it to vegetables.”

The waiter finished noting the changes before asking again, “Are the drinks still the same.”

“Coconut juice,” Chen Qizhao had driven at night and couldn’t drink.

Once the waiter left, Chen Shiming looked at him with a frown. “Don’t you like to eat these things very much?”

“You ordered a few spicy ones, and the beef is also marinated.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at him slightly. “Don’t you have a stomach ache? Nourish your stomach and eat lighter. Do you want to end up in the hospital?”

When traveling to the island, Chen Shiming had gone to the clinic halfway. He had fatigue and stomach pain caused by an improper diet. In the end, he didn’t eat anything.

Chen Shiming couldn’t help saying, “…This is too bland.”

Chen Qizhao handed the menu to him. “There is a clinic nearby. It is nearly 300 meters away.”

Chen Shiming: “……”

The food came, and it wasn’t as bland as expected. Chen Shiming had an inexplicably good stomach.

The two brothers didn’t have talkative personalities. They would occasionally say a few words during the meal about work and Chen Qizhao’s school arrangements. Chen Qizhao recently participated in some competitions with the school’s team and occasionally went out of S City. The results he achieved weren’t bad.

After going back and forth, they basically finished the ordered food.

On the way back, it was still in Chen Qizhao’s car.

Halfway through, Chen Shiming turned his body sideways and squinted. The exhaustion of the day seemed to surge up.

Chen Qizhao glanced to the side and didn’t say anything.

He just slowed down the speed and drove for an extra 15 minutes.


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    Oh back to the present timeline? Fitting to end with the brothers, their bond is so interesting.

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    Thanks for the chapter! “Care” comes in so many different ways, sometimes so awkward and clumsy, sometimes invisible or so very practical.

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