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MGAG: Chapter 132

Parallel World - Previous Life (4)

The weather these days had been good. There were often students exercising in the school’s exercise field. The dense shade brought about a touch of coolness. Once the car parked in the temporary parking space, Xiao Zhou noticed that the boss’ attention was on the exercise field.

Seeing Chen Qizhao open the door to go out, Xiao Zhou couldn’t help calling out, “Boss.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. He just pushed open the car door and went down.

A luxury car stopped on the school road, and the students couldn’t help looking sideways at it. They saw the man in the suit coming down, and their eyes shifted to the man. Xiao Zhou saw his boss get out of the car and gave a few orders to the driver. He saw a school leader coming from a distance and hurriedly got out of the car to deal with it.

After leaving the refreshing air conditioning of the car, the summer heat rose little by little.

Chen Qizhao took off his coat and hung it casually on his arm. He walked to the exercise field and saw the students playing basketball on the court. The college students were young, and their faces were immature. The hot sun was meaningless to them. They couldn’t resist running on the court at all.

Chen Qizhao simply found a cool place to sit, and the stuffy feeling seemed to gradually disappear.

He looked at the people on the court. They were young… and full of energy.

At this time, a basketball came out of the court and rolled to Chen Qizhao’s feet.

His gaze moved slightly. He heard the shouts of the students on the court and hesitated. Then he picked up the ball and threw it inside the court.

The young student took the ball smoothly, and a hearty voice came, “Thank you!”

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly and glanced at the time on the watch.

The atmosphere in the classroom was active, and the teaching content had entered the final stage. Shen Yuhuai stood on the podium, explaining the last structural formula of this class on the electronic screen PPT. Professor Shen was a specially hired teacher of S College, and his classroom was full. He had very high professional achievements and was one of the most popular teachers at S College in the past two years.

Chen Qizhao entered through the back door of the classroom. This class was a big class, and the classroom could accommodate hundreds of people.

Standing at the back of the classroom and looking forward, Shen Yuhuai’s figure became very small. Chen Qizhao leaned against the door. Obviously, the face couldn’t be seen clearly, but he knew what type of clothes Shen Yuhuai was wearing, including how many buttons were done up on his shirt.

The voice through the microphone of the classroom spread out. Shen Yuhuai’s tone of speech was very flat. There weren’t too many ups and downs. It was gentle and distant. He always showed such an attitude outside.

How to say it? It was like the warm winter sun.

It was cold around him but hot when Chen Qizhao saw him.

Chen Qizhao recalled the time when he first met Shen Yuhuai. At that time, he had a very violent temper. He was under pressure from the world but would always lose control of his temper. Sometimes he couldn’t control it and would lose his temper in front of those close to him.

When he was young, he was used to becoming cross with his family. Later, no one listened to him. His temper became different with age and experience.

Some people said he was moody, and Chen Qizhao thought it was right.

He did have some problems, and he really couldn’t control it.

It wasn’t like that at the beginning. Once the two of them got along, he would express his negative emotions due to the company’s affairs and lose control of his emotions because he was tortured by the business world. But when he lost his temper with Shen Yuhuai, Shen Yuhuai would never refute it or argue with him.

This peaceful breath always reminded him at critical times and was like calm and soothing music. It gradually smoothed out the ups and downs of his irritability.

Shen Yuhuai never quarreled with him on trivial matters. Even if the problem of this matter came from Chen Qizhao himself, Shen Yuhuai could always judge his emotions. After the anger passed, he could reason with Chen Qizhao. After a long time, Chen Qizhao would no longer complain impulsively in front of Shen Yuhuai. It was as if seeing Shen Yuhuai would put some sort of shackles on himself. Before the outbreak, a long buffer zone would appear.

It was asking him for a meal in the middle of a busy day at work or staying in a quiet cafe in their free time.

Chen Qizhao’s patience was cultivated in such contact. He thought that his temper had started to improve, but in fact, it was only limited to a certain person. Once it was time to control it, he could still control it. But in front of Shen Yuhuai, he could no longer lose his temper.

Hearing his voice, all the anxiety seemed to stop.

Even if he was useless, Shen Yuhuai never seemed to have disliked him.

He couldn’t find another person like Shen Yuhuai who was patient with him.

There was a cool air conditioner in the classroom. The temperature wasn’t low, and it barely blew away the summer heat.

Shen Yuhuai raised his eyes slightly. His gaze stayed on the back row of the classroom, where he vaguely saw a person in trousers and a white shirt. It was exactly the same as how a certain person was dressed when he went out in the morning.

“Professor Shen’s class talks about many things.”

“Isn’t it good? Many of the things he talks about aren’t in the textbook… I heard from seniors in his laboratory classes that he teaches even more in the laboratory.”

“Ah! Does he take graduate students too? Do I have a chance?”

“I don’t know. Professor Shen seems to be very busy. I haven’t seen him participate in any other activities in the school. I heard that someone invited him to be a judge of a competition, but he refused.”

If there was a bit of discussion then it meant the lesson was nearing its end.

Liveliness seemed to follow the sultry heat outside, filling the corners little by little through countless slits. It was a lively and vibrant world.

Chen Qizhao listened. He listened not only to Shen Yuhuai’s lecture but also to other people’s discussions.

The students sitting in the back row suddenly saw a man standing at the back door. The man stood there casually, obviously wearing a good suit, but they could feel a different temperament from the other person’s standing posture.

The jacket hung from the crook of his arm, and the close-fitting shirt was unbuttoned a bit. His eyes looked ahead like he was listening to the lecture and as if listening to Professor Shen in the distance.

The students couldn’t help discussing it in low voices. They had never seen such a strange young leader, but they couldn’t tell who the other person was.

Finally, the school bell rang. More people noticed the man standing in the back of the classroom.

“Wow, who is that handsome guy?”

“It doesn’t seem like a leader… When did the Department of Chemical Engineering get such a handsome counselor?”

“Could he be a teacher? F*k, I just saw his watch. It seems to cost this amount.”

“Quiet.” Shen Yuhuai’s voice was slightly deep, and the classroom instantly fell silent.

Chen Qizhao looked at Shen Yuhuai. The distance was a bit far, but he knew Shen Yuhuai was also looking at him.

Shen Yuhuai finished assigning homework, and the class finally ended.

Chen Qizhao stared at the man on the podium. Shen Yuhuai had packed his suitcase and was about to leave. Then he was stopped by a few students. He had to stay in place to explain the problem to the students.

Excitement suddenly swelled up like a deflated ball. As the students left, they were isolated in the classroom.

Chen Qizhao stood up straight. Rather than staying at the back of the classroom, he took a few steps forward before stopping in the middle of the classroom. This position happened to be enough to see Shen Yuhuai’s face and his seriousness when explaining things to the students.

There were other students in the classroom. Once they saw that the man in the suit wasn’t leaving but was also entering the classroom, their attention shifted to him again.

Shen Yuhuai finished explaining the last question to the students and looked up to see a certain workaholic sitting in his classroom. At this time, Chen Qizhao should be in a high-rise building in the city center, sitting in the meeting room and listening to more talented people talking about project investment. He shouldn’t be here, listening to noisy voices and the materials of the class.

“What’s going on?” Shen Yuhuai picked up the briefcase and walked next to Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao raised his head slightly. “I seem to have arrived late. There weren’t any empty seats in the class.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him and said helplessly, “Then you stood in the back for half an hour?”

Chen Qizhao continued by saying, “I’m no longer a student.”

Shen Yuhuai opened his hand slightly.

Chen Qizhao took his hand and got up from his seat using the other person’s force. “After you started working at S College, I don’t seem to have picked you up from work.”

In the past, when Shen Yuhuai was in the Ninth Research Institute and wasn’t busy with the experiment, he worked from 9 to 5.

Chen Qizhao was different. He went to work early and left work late. The time was never fixed. Occasionally when he was free, he drove to wait outside the Ninth Research Institute. When Shen Yuhuai came out of the laboratory, he would see the messages on the phone, and the two of them drove to a restaurant for dinner.

When Shen Yuhuai was doing research, he often traveled on business. He visited research institutes all over the country and often disappeared when doing confidential experiments.

Later, something happened at the laboratory. He spent more time teaching at S College, but Chen Qizhao never came because he was too busy.

Shen Yuhuai smiled. “So you specially came over today?”

Chen Qizhao paused for a moment and replied, “Yes.”

Shen Yuhuai wanted to go to the office after class. Chen Qizhao followed him. Shen Yuhuai’s office was near the laboratory building, some distance away from the teaching building. As he entered the office to talk to other teachers, Chen Qizhao was standing in the corridor outside the office. He looked at the laboratory with lights on, as well as young students walking to the cafeteria after class.

Unknowingly, Chen Qizhao watched for a long time. He didn’t hate this feeling.

“Professor Shen, is the person out there your friend?” Another young teacher noticed the person outside. She seemed to have seen Professor Shen coming with someone just now.

Shen Yuhuai paused slightly when he heard the words. He followed the other person’s line of sight before finally saying in a gentle voice, “Yes, he came to pick me up from work.”

The young teacher froze for a moment. However, Shen Yuhuai had already nodded to her and soon left the office.

Her gaze followed Shen Yuhuai. She saw him walk to the man’s side. Finally, the two of them walked side by side, quickly leaving her field of view.

Was it a friend picking him up after work? Still, it was really strange. Shen Yuhuai didn’t seem like the type to have someone pick him up from work.

Shen Yuhuai was over 30 years old and had been teaching at S College for several years. He had talent, high education, and a good personality. There were several older professors in the nearby office who were keen to find Shen Yuhuai a partner. However, he refused every time… After many occasions, he said he had someone he liked. This made the old professors stop pestering him.

It was just that a few years had passed, and Shen Yuhuai wasn’t married.

The two of them walked downstairs. During this period, they met many students who all greeted Shen Yuhuai.

“There are all laboratory buildings here and many students of the chemical engineering department,” Shen Yuhuai explained in a few words. He saw Chen Qizhao’s gaze looking at several experimental buildings outside, so he said, “It isn’t the chemical engineering building over there. It is the computer laboratory building.”

Chen Qizhao hummed. No wonder why he saw a lot of computer rooms when he came here.

Shen Yuhuai noticed Chen Qizhao glancing over there a few more times. As he walked in the direction of the car, he deliberately detoured a bit farther and passed through the two computer laboratory buildings.

Xiao Zhou had already gone back. Chen Qizhao naturally got into Shen Yuhuai’s car. Once the air conditioning in the car cooled things down, he realized that he was sweating a lot due to the stuffy air.

The car drove steadily. Shen Yuhuai talked less after getting in the car. Chen Qizhao also felt a bit sleepy and half-closed his eyes to rest.

However, the road became a bit long today. At a certain turn, Chen Qizhao opened his eyes slightly.

Shen Yuhuai was still driving. His eyes stared straight ahead seriously.

Chen Qizhao secretly observed the other person’s side profile. Shen Yuhuai didn’t seem to have changed much over the years. Then when looking closely, he found that there were more lines at the corners of Shen Yuhuai’s eyes.

He thought to himself that after so many years, it turned out both of them were no longer young.

The traffic flow outside the car window was accompanied by a slight honking of horns. Then a familiar street scene appeared in his field of view.

Chen Qizhao closed his eyes again. Many scenes seemed to appear in his mind, but in the end, he didn’t think of anything…

The car turned into the underground garage, and Shen Yuhuai pushed awake the other person.

Chen Qizhao stretched his body slightly and followed Shen Yuhuai out of the car.

In the elevator, they discussed what to have for dinner.

“I’m going to take a shower. I sweated a lot in the afternoon,” Chen Qizhao said.

Shen Yuhuai replied, “Yes.”

After taking a hot shower, Chen Qizhao was in the mood to look at the messages that accumulated on his phone all afternoon. There were business calls he hadn’t answered and work that he didn’t have time to deal with… He came out of the shower, made a phone call, and walked toward Shen Yuhuai. He opened the door, and a fragrant smell spread from the kitchen.

Chen Qizhao stopped halfway through his words.

On the other end of the phone, Xiao Zhou was confused. He asked, “Boss?”

“It’s okay,” Chen Qizhao continued speaking while his eyes kept looking at the kitchen.

He didn’t see Shen Yuhuai come out. He only heard the sound of some pots and pans.

By the time Chen Qizhao finished the call, Shen Yuhuai had come out of the kitchen. He saw the other man sitting on the sofa. Perhaps it was due to the hot weather, but he wasn’t wearing long pajamas today. He wore loose home clothes, such as shorts and short sleeves. He only wore a thin jacket to block his scarred arms.

Shen Yuhuai hadn’t seen such an outfit for many years.

Chen Qizhao seemed to be a person who had been forced to mature. Since he put on the shackles of hatred, he had always treated others with a mature appearance. He always wore a suit when he worked, and his usual attire was more mature… he was fully armed to face the world.

Shen Yuhuai glanced at it a few more times.

Chen Qizhao noticed his gaze. “Are you busy?”

“I am letting it simmer for a while. It is almost ready.” Shen Yuhuai sat down for a while. He opened the drawer and took the remaining plaster from the previous two days. “Why didn’t you stick it on after taking a shower?”

The plaster on Chen Qizhao’s hand was torn off by him due to taking a shower. Since it didn’t hurt, he didn’t stick it on. “It doesn’t hurt.”

Shen Yuhuai insisted on holding his hand. He tore off the plaster and stuck it on the original injury. “The weather has changed a lot recently. You have to finish at least one cycle of sticking it on. If you don’t take good care of it, it will hurt the next time the weather becomes cold.”

Chen Qizhao was holding his hand, and his gaze involuntarily followed Shen Yuhuai.

“Xiao Zhou told me that the doctor suggested you go for physiotherapy?” Shen Yuhuai continued to ask while sticking on the medicine.

Chen Qizhao answered while thinking of the doctor’s instructions, “He said so.”

“It was too busy at work… Now it is over. Take some time every week to go to the hospital for physiotherapy.” Shen Yuhuai rolled up the sleeves of the coat and looked at the scars. He tore off the plaster and stuck it on. “You have to raise it well so that it won’t hurt badly in the future.”

It was already evening. The setting sun outside came in through the French windows of the living room, casting a beautiful orange light on the floor.

It was like a light that broke through the haze, illuminating the corner where the lights hadn’t turned on. The sky was dyed red-orange and was like burning clouds.

The two people sat on the sofa. One was cross-legged, and the other was sitting sideways.

Chen Qizhao’s hand was held by Shen Yuhuai. He straightened up. Once the other person lowered his head and pressed on the wound, he leaned over from the side. His thin cool lips were pressed to the corner of Shen Yuhuai’s mouth.

Both sides stopped moving. They didn’t dare to presumptuously cross the line. It was as if they were both testing the boundary that was about to collapse.

The light seemed to be climbing it before stopping.

Once Chen Qizhao got close to him, the mint smell of the other person got closer. He asked, “Will you accompany me to physiotherapy?”

Shen Yuhuai looked into his eyes. “There is always time on a rest day.”

It was too close. The darkness in the eyes of both sides could be seen at a glance. Their faces were close to each other, intimate and ambiguous.

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao lowered his head, watching the other party holding his hand. He didn’t let go. The temperature of contact passed through the fingertips, gradually penetrated into the bone marrow. “Every time I look at it, I feel it is so ugly. Say, if one day I wear a wedding ring…”

Shen Yuhuai turned sideways and kissed him. First, he touched the corner of Chen Qizhao’s lips before completely covering his lips.

Before the sentence was finished, the sudden response prevented more words.

It was a restrained and gentle contact, little by little breaking through that layer of boundary. Years of armor crumbled, and unspeakable emotions poured out.

The room gradually darkened. The orange light gradually receded. The setting sun was about to disappear, and the night was coming.

The two of them sat on the sofa and kissed each other.

After kissing and separating, they stared into each other’s eyes.

A long time later, the man’s restrained and deep voice appeared in his ears.

“It must be beautiful when you put it on.”

The scars were beautiful medals, and love was like fireworks in the night sky.

In the years to come, they were free and courageous, ordinary and gorgeous.


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