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MGAG: Chapter 13

Yan Kailin and Chen Qizhao chatted well. Then they found out that Shen Yuhuai had checked out when he returned.

“I invited you, Brother Huai. You even came to guide me at noon,” Yan Kailin said. “I will invite you to a meal another day. You aren’t allowed to refuse.”

Shen Yuhuai smiled slightly. “Another day. I will go back to the library first.”

He left and Yan Kailin couldn’t wait to go out.

Shen Yuhuai’s figure disappeared around the corner. Then Chen Qizhao retracted his gaze and said, “Don’t worry. Go another day.”

He opened his mouth casually, “Why is Shen Yuhuai here?”

“Oh, the institute he came to with his mentor isn’t far from S College and his dormitory is also next to our dormitory building. Usually when he is free, he will come to S College’s library to read books. Occasionally, he will be a teaching assistant or something for a professor.” Yan Kailin said whatever came to his mind. “In short, his student life is incomparable with ours… in my brother’s mouth, he is an excellent man who is capable of everything.”

Chen Qizhao thought about it.

Yan Kailin asked, “Then when are we going out? Cheng Rong and the others are looking for me on VX every day.”

Chen Qizhao’s fingers typed something on the phone screen and it didn’t take long to delete the messages one by one.

His voice didn’t change. “Sunday is good. It is a good day.”

Just after a meeting ended in the meeting room, Special Assistant Xu knocked on the door to enter Chen Shiming’s office and he placed the new quarter plan document on the desk. Chen Shiming was reading a document and he frowned in response to some of the above matters. “Do you have anyone watching the Ruizhen Electronics matter?”

Ruizhen Electronics was a small company and it didn’t have much intersection with the Chen family’s business. If it wasn’t for Chen Qizhao’s sudden desire to engage in a project investment, he wouldn’t have noticed this small company with fairly good development momentum. However, Chen Qizhao was obviously more attentive to this project and many documents were forwarded to Special Assistant Xu without reading much of it. This made Chen Shiming notice the problem.

The cooperation project of Ruizhen Electronics was too good and the short-term profit was higher than the general market. It was just like a cake with bright colors and sweet tastes on the surface, which made people feel excited.

It was interlaced like a mountain. If it wasn’t for the Chen Group’s subsidiary transformation and his interest in the artificial intelligence causing him to do market research, he might not have been able to see the problems of this project at once. However, once he saw it, he realized that Chen Qizhao was most likely deceived by the boy from the Qin family.

Special Assistant Xu explained, “Ruizhen Electronics currently has several projects that have good feedback in the market. There are no problems on the surface, but a careful investigation will reveal that their business range is a bit wide. I have carefully checked the investment dynamics from the previous year to the last quarter and found that their source of funds isn’t completely transparent.”

Chen Shiming said, “The money isn’t clean then what about Qin Xingfeng’s company. Have you checked it?”

“Qin Xingfeng’s company has a very close relationship with Ruizhen Electronics. Second Young Master’s project has the shadow of Qin Xingfeng’s actions.” Special Assistant Xu handed two documents to Chen Shiming before continuing, “It is very likely that they want Second Young Master to get short-term benefits while putting out bait for a big fish, so as to obtain a higher amount of investment.”

“Keep looking.” Chen Shiming’s eyes were a bit displeased. “Carefully check Qin Xingfeng and Ruizhen.”

Special Assistant Xu was hesitant to say anything. Didn’t his boss say that he would let the Second Young Master eat a bit of a loss to remember it for a long time?

He said, “There is one more thing I need to report to you.”

Chen Shiming looked at him. “What is it?”

“I just received a message.” Special Assistant Xu looked at his boss’ expression. “Second Young Master took people to the suburban race track.”

On Sunday, at a private race track in the suburbs, there were all types of modified cars parked in the open-air parking lot.

At this time, several modified cars drove in from the road. They stopped sharply with a loud noise and young people opened the door to get out of the car, laughing and talking.

Qin Xingfeng also got out of the car. He handed over the car keys to the people on the side and looked around this space.

“Brother Rong, your car is really nice.”

“Did you modify it yourself? This engine sounds so powerful. Let me try it out later!”

“What nonsense.” Cheng Rong enjoyed the praise around him and slapped away the hands of others on his car. “Can my wife be casually touched by you?”

The young people around him laughed and became even more addicted to touching his car.

The moment he heard that he was coming to this place, Cheng Rong drove his precious car without even thinking about it. Last time, he was cheated by Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin at the bar. Later, he made several appointments with them only to be rejected several times. Many people saw his jokes.

Today, it was rare for Chen Qizhao to organize the party. The place they came to was none other than the Chen family’s private race track in the suburbs. Cheng Rong was happy to snatch Chen Qizhao’s glory in this game.

After enjoying a wave of praise, Cheng Rong drove his precious car around the outside track. Once he finished, he asked slowly, “What about Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin?”

“Let’s say it inside. Go in and find them.”

The air conditioning of the room was sufficient. The moment they entered the room of the inner field, it blew away the heat all over their bodies. The moment Cheng Rong entered the indoor room, he saw two people sitting on a large sofa. In addition, the table was filled with delicious iced fruits and cold drinks. Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin sitting there. One was playing with a mobile phone while the other was playing games on a tablet with a half a watermelon still in his mouth. He muttered something while cursing.

A sweaty group of people saw this and for a moment, they felt silly about racing against the hot sun in the outside track.

Chen Qizhao saw the people coming and his gaze shifted away from his mobile phone. “Come, sit.”

Five or six people went to the sofa and sat down. Chen Qizhao’s gaze shifted and paused on the briefcase next to Qin Xingfeng for a moment. Then he turned to the others without the slightest intention of mentioning it.

Qin Xingfeng watched Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin with a bit of a headache. He listened to someone’s suggestion and asked Chen Qizhao out. He originally intended to find a clubhouse in the city to talk about the project well. Who would’ve expected that in the end, Chen Qizhao would make the appointment in such a place and called so many people of his own initiative.

He didn’t hate organizing games but he hated people ruining things.

Today, he came to talk to Chen Qizhao about things. The project had recently been launched through their channels and the Chen family had a company that was transforming into this area. He had to find a way to let this project become attached to the Chen family’s company in order to facilitate the follow-up plan.

The voices were lively and the people present had their own thoughts.

Qin Xingfeng was still thinking about how to make Chen Qizhao willingly clear the roadblocks for him when he heard Cheng Rong open his mouth.

“Xiao Zhao, I heard you have a few good modified cars here. Let us see it.” Cheng Rong had a smile on his face. “We have come to the race track and it is meaningless not to play with cars.”

Chen Qizhao casually ate a piece of fruit. “Yes, let’s do it in the infield.”

He looked at the others. “Are you interested?”

The others immediately started to agree. It must be seen or what was the point of being here.

There were all types of modified vehicles in the private race track and any workshops and masters doing vehicle modification. This place was formed by Chen Jianhong in his early years and he also invested in a racing team, which was well-known in S City. This race track usually wasn’t open to outsiders so the moment they heard that Chen Qizhao was coming, the manager immediately made preparations for the reception.

There were several cars on the track and two drivers stood next to them. They greeted Chen Qizhao when they saw him coming and gave up the driver’s seat. Many young people immediately took out their phones to take videos and the cool racing cars were posted on their Moments.

Yan Kailin saw this and questioned it. “What are you filming?”

A young man told him, “We’re just taking a few photos. Don’t worry, we blocked your brother after the last incident.”

Qin Xingfeng stood nearby. His eyes followed the focus of the crowd and he found that Chen Qizhao seemed a bit different. Chen Qizhao wore a hat and the slightly obstructive bangs were tucked into the brim of the hat, revealing a smooth forehead and a face that looked harmless. His gestures were casual and willful and he seemed more dazzling compared to the gloomy guy with his hair covering his face who mixed in with the crowd.

However, his personality was still the same and he was becoming harder to serve.

He was thinking aimlessly when he looked up and met the eyes of Chen Qizhao, who was standing next to a car. The latter had a calm and playful look in his eyes. His hands were on the car window and his posture was casual.

At this time, the people around them shouted, “Brother Xingfeng, why are you stunned? Qizhao called you over.”

“The modification of this sports car is really cool. It must’ve cost a lot of money.”

“This frame is probably worth that amount.”

Qin Xingfeng reacted. He might have some doubts but he still walked over.

He got closer and found the door to the front passenger seat open, as if waiting for him to enter.

Chen Qizhao sat in the well-modified car and only allowed Qin Xingfeng to sit in the front passenger seat.

Qin Xingfeng noticed the surrounding gazes. He saw Chen Qizhao’s move and felt an inexplicable sense of relief in his heart. It didn’t matter how good the other people’s family background was or if they held Chen Qizhao up. In the end, he was still the only one in Chen Qizhao’s eyes. He got in without hesitation and out of the corner of his eye, he glimpsed still Yan Kailin playing games on the tablet not far away. His heart became a bit happier.

He closed the door and found that the sound insulation in the car was very good. The voices of those outside were a bit smaller.

Qin Xingfeng said, “Qizhao, do you want me to accompany you to test the car?”

“Brother Xingfeng, why did you come to find me today?” Chen Qizhao was indifferent as his hands skillfully pressed on something.

Qin Xingfeng was stunned. He watched Chen Qizhao’s movements before continuing in his usual tone, “It is about the market. Old Wang wants to use this project to open up the market in the west but we have few channels in the west. He heard that your family has two subsidiaries in the west distract that are ready to transform and they are suitable for this project. Old Wang is a thin-skinned person and asked me if I could talk to you about cooperation…”

Halfway through his words, he noticed that the car had started.

“Qizhao?” Qin Xingfeng paused.

The young man sitting in the driver’s seat took a casual posture. The next second, Qin Xingfeng’s words were interrupted by the sudden sound of the engine.

Qin Xingfeng forgot to speak at the moment. His gaze shifted to Chen Qizhao’s side face. He noticed that the eyes were as quiet as stagnant water and it seemed to be a precursor to a crazy outbreak.

He instinctively pressed the button to open the door, but there was no response.

The car door was locked.

“Chen Qizhao?!” Qin Xingfeng exclaimed.

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. His hand rested on the operating lever and the louder engine sound caused a slightly muffled sound from inside the car.

This sound wasn’t right and the departure speed would be very fast.

Chen Qizhao was still stepping on the accelerator! Was this man crazy? It was indoors!

Qin Xingfeng’s heart was beating very fast. He suddenly recalled the broken wine glass in the bar and the irony in Chen Qizhao’s eyes at the time.

A strong sense of panic spread through his body from head to toe. He would die if the car drove out like this!

His trembling hands wanted to pull the seat belt of the passenger seat, only to find that his fingers were cold and his limbs were numb. He couldn’t even buckle the seat belt.

The roar of the engine stimulated everyone around them and the sound of coaxing through the sealed windows seemed to come from a great distance.

Just as Qin Xingfeng was going to step on the accelerator, the strong engine sound abruptly stopped. The boy in the driver’s seat put his elbow on the steering wheel and spoke in a voice that only the two of them could hear.

“What are you afraid of? I don’t have a driver’s license and I can’t drive.”


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