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MGAG: Chapter 129

Parallel World - Previous Life (1)

TL: This is an IF line that explores what happens if Shen Yuhuai didn’t die in his previous life.

On a rainy night, heavy rain poured down. The whole city was plunged into the noise of the wind and rain.

Thunder and lightning refracted on the French windows along with the rain. The sudden flash of light and the sound of thunder and rain hit the heart directly.

In the bright office, the people present were silent, and the only noise was the rain and thunder outside the window. Several senior executives and assistants stood next to each other, waiting silently for the man sitting at the desk.

The man looked a bit thin. His eyes were very cold and there was an indescribable solemnity around his body.

The information gathered from all over the place was placed in front of the man, but no one dared to interrupt the man’s train of thought. They just felt the cold climbing little by little, along with the wind and rain outside. The silent and quiet atmosphere didn’t make them feel any comfort.

The Chen Group experienced a decline ten years ago. The person in power and the heir passed away one after another. There was the bankruptcy and collapse of the family business. The powerful people in S City were watching the jokes of the Chen Group. Then the person in front of them stood up, led some scattered old people, and walked step by step to the present.

He was ruthless and ungrateful. From a trash that the business circle laughed at to finally making the business circle of S City afraid of him. The outside world had different opinions of him, and the evaluation of him in the business circle of S City was even worse. It went to the extremes. Not everyone could do what he was capable of. He supported the Chen Group, cleaned up the old Chen family, and destroyed Lin Medical, regardless of feelings. He sent Lin Shizong to prison in a vigorous manner.

Now he had set his sights on the capital. He challenged the Gu Group head on. Together with Gu Zhengxun, a remnant person in the Gu family, he exposed the Gu family’s illegal business. This aroused the attention and follow-up of relevant departments. The Gu Group fell into turmoil.

“Send the information to the Shen family. Don’t rush to give it to Gu Zhengxun.” Chen Qizhao handed the document to the assistant beside him. He glanced at the other people in the office from the corner of his eye. “What’s the matter? Continue.”

There was a brief meeting in the office. Soon, the people left the office one after another.

In the end, only the assistant Xiao Zhou remained. Xiao Zhou took the document and saw the boss sitting in front of the computer again. He swallowed down the words in his mouth. He knew that today was another night of working overtime, and he couldn’t persuade the other person.

After walking out of the dull office, several high-level executives started to discuss things in a low voice. In the beginning, Chen Qizhao mobilized all his strength to deal with the Gu Group, and many of them voted against it. However, Chen Qizhao didn’t let the situation fall into a disadvantage. He united with the Shen family, overthrew Gu Zhengsong, and supported Gu Zhengxun to rise to the top… letting their group gain new dividends.

“It is enough to submit all the evidence and let the Gu side solve the matter. Why did Chairman Chen hesitate at this time?”

“Don’t worry about these things. The way Chairman Chen does things… Ah, I don’t know what to say. Have you forgotten about that time in the suburbs?”

At the mention of the suburbs, everyone else fell silent.

Two years ago, the Gu family’s father and son found someone to attack Chen Qizhao. This triggered a chase battle on the suburban West Road. In the end, the car was destroyed. Chen Qizhao was covered in blood and escaped death.

Everyone in the outside world thought that Chen Qizhao had provoked desperadoes and it was hard for him to escape from death. Meanwhile, those who followed Chen Qizhao knew that Chen Qizhao was a desperado himself. He had long known about the car being tampered with. Nevertheless, he dared to take the risk of calling people out. Together with the police and Gu Zhengxun, he planned a series of layouts.

Chen Qizhao’s right hand was almost disabled due to this, and he had to recover in the hospital for half a year.

Due to this incident of deliberately hurting people, everything about the Gu father and son were overturned in the gutter, and they suffered a complete defeat.

“It is almost impossible for Chairman Chen to make the Gu Group’s life better. There isn’t just this account that should be settled. Have you forgotten the matter of the Shen family?”

Speaking of this, the others immediately realized something and stopped talking.

Xiao Zhou didn’t feel strange when he heard the discussions of these executives. It was too simple to release all the evidence and let the Gu family’s father and son go to prison… What the boss wanted was the feeling of lingering death. He wanted the Gu family’s father and son to feel their expectations being disappointed bit by bit. This way, the feeling of defeat could accumulate to the peak, and they would finally go to hell with nothing.

The surrounding voices gradually faded away. Xiao Zhou paid attention to the messages on his VX. There was a message from Mr Shen Yuhuai an hour ago. He immediately replied. Then he soon received a call from Shen Yuhuai.

“Mr Shen.” Xiao Zhou hurriedly picked up.

Shen Yuhuai’s voice was gentle. “You just finished the meeting?”

“Yes, Mr Shen. The meeting has just ended, and the boss is still in the office. I guess he didn’t notice the message you sent,” Xiao Zhou paused after speaking. “The boss didn’t leave. He might work overtime for a while.”

The person on the other end of the phone said, “It is raining heavily tonight. Pay attention on the way back.”

Xiao Zhou immediately said, “Okay, don’t worry.”

The other end of the phone was hung up. Xiao Zhou couldn’t help glancing over a few more times.

As long as it was a bit late getting off work, Mr Shen would send a message about the situation. This wasn’t the first time he had received a call from Shen Yuhuai.

Xiao Zhou sighed and looked down at the document in his hand. He waited for the boss to finish everything and give the last knife to the Shen family. It was probably due to the laboratory accident three years ago.

Three years ago, there was an accident at Mr Shen’s laboratory. It was big trouble. Mr Shen almost died in that accident. Fortunately, he was fine in the end. There was just a problem after the accident, and his health wasn’t as good as before.

However, the accident wasn’t an accident. Mr Shen found some collusion between Lin Medical and the Gu family. Before the evidence was sent, the Gu family knew about this matter and wanted to prevent it. Thus, there was the laboratory accident.

Mr Shen’s matter involved the old case of Mr Chen Shiming’s suicide… It was only then that the Gu family’s father and son, the real murderers, surfaced. His boss did everything to bring down the Gu family. He cooperated with Gu Zhengxun and planned everything… including the car accident on the suburban West Road three years ago, as well as the current noisy situation outside.

Time passed little by little. Then once the time reached 10:30, the thunderstorm outside seemed to have stopped and left only a light rain. Xiao Zhou walked toward the office.

There weren’t many people working overtime on this floor. He turned off the lights in several places, and when he opened the door, he saw the person still sitting at the desk.

“Boss, there are two documents to sign here.” Xiao Zhou knocked on the door, came in, and placed the documents in front of Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao took the documents and flipped through them at a glance.

Xiao Zhou’s eyes stopped on the boss’ left hand. Seeing him sign the documents, he couldn’t help saying, “Mr Shen just called you.”

Chen Qizhao remembered something and found the phone in flight mode that had been placed in the drawer.

Xiao Zhou said at the right time, “The rain outside is light. There might be a thunderstorm later. Do you want me to notify the driver to wait first?”

He waited patiently after saying this. It wasn’t until his boss replied to the message that he heard the arrangements. Then he immediately went to the driver to arrange the car.

The top boss left work. Some people, who were forced to work overtime, also rushed to leave before the thunderstorm came again.

The car was quiet. Xiao Zhou dutifully sent the boss to the vicinity of the community and got stuck at the traffic lights for a long time. A traffic jam was a common occurrence on rainy days. The boss used to live in an apartment near the company, but since Mr Chen Shiming died, he had been living here for several years.

In between the gaps in the traffic jam, the rain seemed to gradually become heavier.

In the quiet car, a bell rang. Xiao Zhou turned his head quietly and saw the man in the best seat, who had been resting tiredly with closed eyes. He opened his eyes, looked around for a while, and finally found the ringing phone next to him.

The ringing stopped, and the man answered the phone.

“I’ve left work… yes, I’m a bit stuck.”

Chen Qizhao sat up straight and looked out the window. “I’ve arrived at Changyang Road.”

“Can’t you get in the garage?”

“Why are you going to the supermarket so late?”

“Probably two minutes.”

The conversation continued for a while. Then Chen Qizhao reminded the driver to pull over at the intersection ahead.

Once the car stopped, there was a knock on the door outside the window.

“Come pick me up at 8 o’clock tomorrow.” Chen Qizhao explained and opened the back seat door.

A man in long sleeves was standing outside the car. He held an umbrella and secured it firmly over the door.

Chen Qizhao got out of the car through the back door and got under the umbrella.

The rain was falling and crackling on the umbrella.

The person who came to pick him up was Shen Yuhuai. He went out to buy something, so he was over here.

“Can’t you buy it tomorrow?’ Chen Qizhao leaned next to him. The latter slightly reached out to hold his shoulder.

Shen Yuhuai said, “It has been raining these days, and I haven’t bought anything. There is nothing in the refrigerator, and there isn’t enough for breakfast.”

Chen Qizhao avoided the rain, “Then go back after buying.”

There was a supermarket not far from where they got off the car. The two of them quickened their pace and soon entered the supermarket.

There weren’t many people in the supermarket, and the ground was a bit wet after the rain.

Chen Qizhao patted the rain off his body. He watched Shen Yuhuai push the shopping cart and followed with a few steps.

The two of them walked side by side in the supermarket, and Shen Yuhuai went to pick things.

After Shen Yuhuai finished picking up the daily necessities, he noticed that the person not far behind was pushing a shopping card. His hand was casually placed on the handrail, and he walked very slowly and a bit carelessly.

There weren’t many things left in the supermarket so late. Some things in the fresh area had already been taken away.

“Do you want something to eat?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

Chen Qizhao was a bit distracted. Once he heard this, he reluctantly raised his spirit. “Noodles.”

He watched Shen Yuhuai standing in front of him and picking things. Shen Yuhuai skillfully found what he wanted from a pile of fresh food. He had come to the supermarket with Shen Yuhuai many times, but Chen Qizhao never remembered anything.

He pushed the cart and slowly followed behind Shen Yuhuai.

Chen Qizhao’s suit jacket, an expensive high-end suit, was hanging casually from the shopping cart rail. Shen Yuhuai wore a thin, long-sleeved shirt and looked elegant. The two of them walked through the supermarket, and many people looked at them.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Why are you working overtime at this point again? Isn’t this matter over?”

Chen Qizhao replied, “It is almost over. Tonight didn’t last long. It was just that it was raining and there was a traffic jam. This made it slow.”

The supermarket wasn’t far from the community. It was just a few hundred meters away.

The two of them paid the bill, and the rain outside became heavier. They were crowded under the same umbrella. Their shoulders touched as they held the bags in their hands. Chen Qizhao silently tilted the umbrella to Shen Yuhuai’s side so half his suit was wet by the time he entered the community.

“Give it to me.” Shen Yuhuai took the things in his hand. “Next time, don’t use your right hand to carry it. It is too heavy.”

Chen Qizhao had nothing in his hand. Only the umbrella remained. He pressed the button of the elevator and said, “Oh, my hand is fine.”

Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly and looked at this person’s hands.

The elevator arrived, and Shen Yuhuai stepped through the open doors. “Go take a hot shower. Then come over for dinner later.”

Shen Yuhuai had only moved to this community last year. The security of this community wasn’t as good as that of the villa area. Chen Qizhao hadn’t recommended for him to move here at first. However, the other person insisted on buying a house here. It happened to be bought opposite Chen Qizhao’s place.

The two of them were close. Chen Qizhao asked his assistant to order fewer meals, and he was often fed by Shen Yuhuai.

For a long time, Shen Yuhuai would make him a late-night meal if he occasionally worked overtime and Shen Yuhuai wasn’t resting.

Shen Yuhuai’s rest and work were normal. He stayed in S City after the laboratory accident. Now he was a distinguished professor of S College. In addition to giving classes to students every week, he went to the Ninth Research Institute.

Usually, the two of them went out at the same time, but the way to work was the opposite.

After opening the door and entering the house, Chen Qizhao casually threw his coat on the sofa before going to take a hot shower. There were many things today. After taking a shower, he replied to some messages on his mobile phone. He explained tomorrow’s itinerary to Xiao Zhou and then went to Shen Yuhuai’s house.

There was a sound from the kitchen. Chen Qizhao didn’t go to the kitchen. When he was sitting on the sofa, exhaustion surged all over his body. He sat cross-legged, watching the wind and rain outside the French windows in the living room. The sound of the whistling wind could be heard.

It was only when Shen Yuhuai came out in a hurry that he noticed the person who had fallen asleep in the living room.

Chen Qizhao came here often. Sometimes, Shen Yuhuai didn’t have time to open the door for him. Later, Chen Qizhao’s fingerprints were recorded. The kitchen wasn’t an open plan, and it was a bit far from the living room. Occasionally, he didn’t notice when Chen Qizhao came over.

The wind and rain seemed to be getting heavier. The face of the person resting with his eyes closed was a bit tired. His face was no longer as immature as when he was young. His eyes were deeper, and the contours of his face had become sharper. The only thing that hadn’t changed since childhood was his good bones.

The person with good bones wasn’t old, but at this moment, he had been tired for many days, and his eyes were a bit blue.

Shen Yuhuai received a call from Shen Xuelan not long ago and knew that Chen Qizhao had been busy for half a month. People’s appearance would change with the years. Over the years, the child who was flamboyant in his youth had grown into a restrained and silent one.

The whistling wind covered the other sounds in the room. Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly. He noticed that the other person had rolled up the sleeves of his pajamas. There was a scar across half his arm, and his right hand could no longer regain its former flexibility.

Shen Yuhuai looked at the person calmly and didn’t make a sound.

Time passed for around a few minutes, but it seemed like a long time had passed.

There seemed to be thunder outside. The disturbing wind and rain were a bit noisy.

Chen Qizhao opened his eyes and saw Shen Yuhuai sitting next to him. He sat up straight, and his tone was a bit tired. “Why didn’t you call me?”

“Have you been tired lately?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

“It has been okay.”

Chen Qizhao calmed down a bit. Then he noticed the direction of Shen Yuhuai’s gaze and pulled down the sleeves of his pajamas. “I’m hungry.”

Shen Yuhuai withdrew his gaze, and his voice lowered a bit. “I’ll go and get it for you.”

“Did you change your clothes after the rain just now?” Chen Qizhao asked. “You had a cold for a long time last time. Don’t catch a cold.”

Shen Yuhuai’s voice was distant. “I changed.”

Chen Qizhao looked at Shen Yuhuai’s back. Then he looked down at his arm and remembered back to a few years ago.

That year, Chen Qizhao didn’t think about anyone else at the time. He hated the Gu family so much. Forget an arm. Even if it took half his life, he was willing as long as he could make the Gu family’s father and son pay in blood.

The two of them had been getting along for so long. Chen Qizhao had been criticized by many people as a waste, worthless… Even when Lin Shen Yuhuai was imprisoned, he didn’t forget to call Lin Shizong a lunatic. Chen Qizhao didn’t care. There were many people who scolded him and many people who hated him… It was just that the two of them had been together for so long. Due to this incident, it was the first time he was told off by Shen Yuhuai in his life.

The gentle and educated Shen Yuhuai spoke to him sternly for the first time with a serious face. The words were strict and not as serious as before.

Shen Yuhuai asked him, ‘Aren’t you afraid of death?’

Chen Qizhao didn’t feel that he did anything wrong. Shen Yuhuai risked danger to check many things and almost lost his life. Chen Qizhao injured one arm for a happy situation. There was no loss.

This was also the first time the two of them quarreled, but they reconciled the next day. In the next half a year of rehabilitation, Shen Yuhuai also stared at him. He didn’t miss once and waited until Chen Qizhao could lift things with his hands.

Later, the two of them didn’t mention this matter, but Shen Yuhuai would occasionally look at his hands in a daze.

Shen Yuhuai hoped that he would cherish himself, but he only hoped that Shen Yuhuai would live a safe and healthy life.


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    It’s good that there is a version where he was able to beat those Lin and Gu, but what a heavy cost 🙁
    I guess the two aren’t together yet? Well, they seem to be together in almost every way anyway, hopefully Qizhao can find some love and happiness openly after this.

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