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MGAG: Chapter 127

If Line - If Nothing Happens (6)

At the same time that this thought popped up, Chen Qizhao’s faster heartbeat seemed to be warning him of something. His pause time was a bit longer than expected. This caused him to be startled when Shen Yuhuai handed over the mineral water bottle.

“The water in the bag is gone. I just drank this bottle but…”

Shen Yuhuai’s hand hung in the air. He hesitated for a moment before withdrawing his hand. Then in the next second, someone grabbed the bottle.

Chen Qizhao had already raised his head and drank the water.

The boy raised his head, and a few drops of mineral water spilled down the corners of his lips before finally falling into the collarbone of his neck and being swallowed up by his clothes. In the sun, the act of drinking water like this seemed particularly sexy. There was no concealment.

Shen Yuhuai withdrew his hand while his eyes widened slightly.

The sound of drinking water was very close and was particularly obvious in the noisy environment. Shen Yuhuai couldn’t help it. His attention was all on the sound of drinking water at this moment, and the thirst in his throat seemed to increase a bit.

Chen Qizhao drank half a bottle of water at once, and his faster heartbeat didn’t stop.

His mind returned, and he noticed the gaze of the man next to him. He consciously moved his gaze to his own hand, as well as the bottle cap that Shen Yuhuai was holding in his other hand.

Chen Qizhao: “……”

Wait, was this the bottle that Shen Yuhuai just drank?

He seemed to have drunk Shen Yuhuai’s water.

Chen Qizhao opened his mouth. “I didn’t…”

Shen Yuhuai wondered, “Do you still want water?”

The two of them spoke at the same time.

His sense of reason returned. Chen Qizhao’s movements froze instantly as he looked down at the mouth of the bottle. Then he couldn’t help looking at Shen Yuhuai’s lips.

It wasn’t that he hadn’t drunk from the same bottle of water with others.

……! Chen Qizhao cursed in his heart. “I’m sorry. I was so thirsty that I thought it was a newly opened bottle…” After he said this, he looked at the bag next to him. The mineral water in the bag had already been given out.

He held out the bottle but didn’t hand it back. After a while, he asked in a somewhat dry tone, “Do you still want to drink it? I’ll go buy you a bottle.”

“Shen Yuhuai asked, “Do you still want water?”

Chen Qizhao blurted out, “No need. This water…”

Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly and took the water from his hand. “I’m a bit thirsty.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned for a moment. He saw Shen Yuhuai take the bottle of water, tilt his head slightly and take a sip before putting the cap back on.

Shen Yuhuai looked at him after drinking and noticed that the boy’s face was red.

It was like the heat from just after exercising. The originally pink skin tone became redder and redder.

The movements were very coherent, and there was no pause at all. Chen Qizhao’s brain became even more confused after seeing it. He couldn’t listen to anything. In the end, there was only the sound of his heartbeat in his chest becoming stronger and stronger.

“Yuhuai, let’s go. The teacher’s meeting should be finished.” Liu Sui came over.

Shen Yuhuai nodded slightly. “Do you want to eat together at noon?”

He was asking Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao replied, “… I have something to do at noon.”

Shen Yuhuai asked again, “What about at night?”

Chen Qizhao couldn’t refuse twice in a row, so he had to agree.

Shen Yuhuai and Liu Sui left. The physical education teacher shouted for people to gather. It was almost time for class to finish.

Several people who played with Chen Qizhao came over to talk to him and asked about Shen Yuhuai a few times.

“Qizhao, is this water yours?” Someone next to him asked.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze stopped on the bottle of water on the steps.

Shen Yuhuai hadn’t taken the mineral water bottle away.

The weather at noon seemed to increase a bit more. Chen Qizhao returned to the dormitory, and his roommates were talking to Yan Kailin. In the lively dormitory, several people were talking about other topics and asked Chen Qizhao questions from time to time.

Chen Qizhao was absent-minded and didn’t reply to him several times.

Yan Kailin called out to Chen Qizhao several times and saw this person holding his phone in a daze. “Brother? Brother?”

“What is it?” Chen Qizhao suddenly turned off the phone.

Yan Kailin asked, “Why are you so nervous? Just now, you were playing with your phone. Who were you chatting with that made you so nervous?”

“No one.” Chen Qizhao put his phone upside down on the table. “The takeout hasn’t arrived yet?”

“It hasn’t come.” Yan Kailin turned his head to talk to the roommates again.

Chen Qizhao saw that these people’s attention wasn’t on his side. He once again opened his phone to look at the content just now. The terms in the search engine had changed a few times, and the answers given were different. He searched again, and for the first question and answer, he saw the answer that received hundreds of likes.

#What is going on with wanting to kiss a man’s mouth?#

A netizen enthusiastically replied: If you want to kiss then kiss.

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He avoided Shen Yuhuai for several days. Instead of suppressing his small thoughts, it intensified with the meeting this morning. It wasn’t that there were no men who liked men in their circle. It was just a bit awkward to think about this matter. Chen Qizhao didn’t mind it, but what if Shen Yuhuai minded?

Chen Qizhao didn’t understand. The more he thought about it, the more the scene of the other person drinking water in the morning appeared in his mind.

“Something is wrong with you.”

A voice came from the side. Chen Qizhao raised his head and found that the remaining three people in the dormitory looked over in unison. Chen Qizhao avoided their gaze. “What are you doing?”

“Qizhao, you have lost your mind more than once in the past few days.”

“He was also distracted in Professor Tang’s class last time. Obviously, he is the one who listens the most carefully in normal times.”

“You often hold your phone in a daze. Brother, tell me honestly. Are you in a relationship?”

“Does he have time to be in a relationship? Oh yes, he hasn’t gone out to drink in the past two days.”


Chen Qizhao: “……”

All eyes were on him. Chen Qizhao was watched by them for a long time, so he asked, “What if you have a girl you like?”

“What to do? Of course, confess!” His roommate came over. “Is it the girl who brought you water in the morning?”

Yan Kailin seemed to hear some big gossip. “F*k? What? What riddle are you talking about behind my back?”

His other roommates were attracted by Chen Qizhao’s words and pressed Chen Qizhao. They were a group of single dogs and had bad ideas. Chen Qizhao hadn’t said anything, but they had already made up a plot.

“Yes, it is okay to be in a relationship in college.”

Chen Qizhao was annoyed by what they said. “We are just friends now.”

“That is even worse. Don’t engage in a secret love. There is no future for a secret love.”

“Confess. Can you stand getting along as friends?”

Could he stand getting along as friends?

Chen Qizhao couldn’t tell.

The air conditioner in the office building was blowing loudly, and the room was cool. Their mentor was working on the other side. Liu Sui and Shen Yuhuai helped the tutor sort out the remaining materials and fill out the form. It was already 4 o’clock in the afternoon when the work was done. Some people in the school invited Liu Sui to play. Then Liu Sui asked Shen Yuhuai if he wanted to eat together.

Shen Yuhuai replied, “You guys go. I will go to the library.”

The library was quiet. Shen Yuhuai went to the library to get a few books and finally sat down by the window. There were other students studying next to him. The quiet library was very air-conditioned. Shen Yuhuai opened his notebook, but the top of his pen suddenly stopped after writing the first word.

There were complete charts and formulas in the open book. The line spacing of the text was appropriate, but Shen Yuhuai repeated it twice.

His brain wasn’t tired, and there was no lag in the ability to accept information. Shen Yuhuai paused for a while, allowing himself to concentrate and continue reading. But when he read to the end and recorded the structural formula in the notebook, the familiar formula couldn’t be written for the first time.

Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly. He saw some bad notes in his notebook and raised a hand to pinch between his eyebrows.

He didn’t continue this inefficient reading. He finally picked up his phone and opened the photo album.

The photos in the album all had the same tone. The data from the laboratory record board, the experimental results, the stage tasks… Information and daily life related to experiments were in his photo album. But after a few tables, there were a few photos of the basketball court.

The boys wiped their sweat with their arms or drank water during the intermission.

The shade of the trees overlapped with people, and the effect of shooting was completely different. Shen Yuhuai stopped on the phone screen, and his fingers slightly enlarged the photo. Someone’s face became clearer. His fingers stopped on the boy’s face, and his eyes deepened a bit.

Several books were stacked next to him, but not a single word was added to the notebook.

When the school bell rang outside the library, a message popped up on his VX that had been silent for a long time.

[Chen Qizhao: Where do you want to eat at night?]

Soon, a new message popped up.

[Chen Qizhao: Are you still in school?]

Shen Yuhuai’s mind finally returned.

[Shen Yuhuai: What do you want to eat?]

[Shen Yuhuai: I’m at school.]

There were many people after class, and it wasn’t wise to squeeze into the cafeteria at this time. Finally, they decided to go to a restaurant recommended by Shen Yuhuai, which was also on campus.

Shen Yuhuai was already there when Chen Qizhao arrived at the door of the library.

On the way to the restaurant, the expected embarrassment didn’t happen. Chen Qizhao didn’t take the initiative to speak, but Shen Yuhuai could always find the right topic.

They had eaten together many times and knew all the taboos.

Chen Qizhao picked a few dishes and handed the menu to Shen Yuhuai. The other person added something.

“Two cans of beer and this dish shouldn’t be spicy,” Shen Yuhuai told the waiter.

Chen Qizhao was stunned when he heard the beer. This was the first time Shen Yuhuai proposed to drink.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Yuhuai looked at him.

“Nothing.” Chen Qizhao averted his gaze. In the following time, he became especially concerned about Shen Yuhuai. This included the other person taking a few sips of beer and moving his chopsticks. He remembered it very clearly.

Shen Yuhuai seemed to come here often. As the two of them were eating, there were acquaintances who came over to greet him.

Chen Qizhao knew one of them. He was the person who had blocked the door of the library to ask Shen Yuhuai’s questions. This time, he was with several people. From the conversation, Chen Qizhao knew that they were a student team. They knew Shen Yuhuai because Shen Yuhuai helped them a lot.

Chen Qizhao drank half a can of beer, but his eyes kept resting on Shen Yuhuai, who was talking to someone.

Shen Yuhuai was very polite when talking to people. He would listen patiently and look at the other person, his eyes not falling to the side. Chen Qizhao didn’t look away. He watched Shen Yuhuai for as long as Shen Yuhuai chatted with people.

He looked at the places he didn’t dare to look at before, and he also looked at the places he liked to see in the past.

The more he looked, the more he felt that these people were noisy. Didn’t they see that people were eating? How could they talk for so long?

But he didn’t interrupt the conversation.

The students chatted for a few minutes before leaving. This team happened to be going to the Ninth Research Institute to borrow the laboratory next week. Shen Yuhuai told them a few things to pay attention to, but while chatting, he couldn’t ignore the gaze from the side. He found an excuse to end the conversation at the right time.

“You have been chatting for so long. The food is getting cold,” Chen Qizhao said.

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai picked up some food. “I thought you would talk.”

Chen Qizhao paused. “They were polite this time. In addition, weren’t you talking about the laboratory? I just…”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him. “Yes.”

It was already dark by the time they finished eating.

looking at the time, Chen Qizhao realized that this meal was a bit long. In the past, when they made appointments for dinner, they used to take a walk together to digest food. Chen Qizhao didn’t use to do this before. After eating, he would go back to the bedroom with his roommates to bask in the air conditioner. This habit had been formed by Shen Yuhuai.

At this moment, they took a walk after eating and Chen Qizhao was a bit absent-minded. In particular, when walking to the exercise field, the two of them rarely didn’t speak. Chen Qizhao didn’t know what to say, and Shen Yuhuai didn’t take the initiative to speak.

At night, the road to the exercise field was crowded, and there were lights every few meters.

The sound of running with the ball on the basketball court at night overlapped with the sound from the day. The noisy exercise field at night seemed to be getting further and further away with the pace of the two of them.

The further away they got, the darker the atmosphere became. In the distance, only a few figures walked.

By the time they reached the grove behind the exercise field, the street lights were dim, and this place seemed like a dark and quiet secret place. A young couple walked past them. On the dark side of the road, Chen Qizhao walked further, and his heartbeat increased with the pace.

A certain type of entanglement had fermented all day and seemed to rise to a new node at this moment.

Not far away, a vending machine glowed faintly. The fence of the exercise field separated the other side. Further down, there was a lively tennis court.

At this time, the pace of the two of them suddenly slowed down.

Chen Qizhao bumped into Shen Yuhuai’s shoulder. At the same time that the other person stopped, he suddenly approached a few steps from the side. The two of them arrived next to the fence. Shen Yuhuai’s back was against the netting of the fence.

The lights were dim, and the people passing by didn’t notice the change on this side.

Shen Yuhuai’s gaze lowered slightly. Chen Qizhao was standing in front of him.

Chen Qizhao said, “I have something to tell you…”

Shen Yuhuai said, “There is something…”

The two of them spoke in unison. Chen Qizhao stopped. In addition to the instigation of his roommate, there was more certainty in his mind. He understood that there were some things that friends couldn’t do.

It might be possible to continue being friends with Shen Yuhuai, but that embarrassing scene today would continue to reoccur.

It was just like when he kissed Shen Yuhuai’s mouth in his dream and thought about it day and night. The next time he dreamed of Shen Yuhuai, it might be another dream.

Chen Qizhao found that he didn’t have that patience. The moment he understood his thoughts, he found that he didn’t seem able to maintain an ordinary friendship relationship. However, if he had to give up Shen Yuhuai then he was unwilling.

A quiet atmosphere spread between the two of them. Chen Qizhao only saw Shen Yuhuai’s eyes.

Obviously, there wasn’t much light, but he felt that there seemed to be a bit of light in Shen Yuhuai’s eyes.

“There is something I want to tell you.” Chen Qizhao had never been in a relationship before and got stuck again. “You… Brother Huai, do you have a girlfriend?”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t move and looked at him quietly.

“Or a boyfriend.’ Chen Qizhao failed to sum up his wording. “I mean, have you been in a relationship…”

Before he finished speaking, Chen Qizhao’s mouth was blocked.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes widened.

There was a rustling sound from the fence.

Shen Yuhuai leaned over slightly and separated after the kiss. “I haven’t been in a relationship.”

The touch on his lips left very quickly. Chen Qizhao only felt it was soft and cool, with a bit of the scent of Shen Yuhuai’s body.

His mind was almost a mess. That feeling couldn’t be reproduced.

Chen Qizhao looked at Shen Yuhuai, and Shen Yuhuai was also looking at him. None of them answered the rest.

“I didn’t feel it just now.”

Chen Qizhao’s boldness inexplicably increased. “I’ll kiss you again.”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t say anything. Chen Qizhao accepted that he agreed and immediately walked forward to approach Shen Yuhuai. He touched their mouths together without saying a word, but he didn’t manage to touch it. He only touched the corner of the other person’s lips.

After separating, Shen Yuhuai asked him, “Did you feel it this time?”

Chen Qizhao pursed his lips. “No.”


Chen Qizhao stepped forward and kissed him again.

This time, the silence was a bit long. Shen Yuhuai just wanted to speak.

Chen Qizhao’s mind was muddled.

This time, Shen Yuhuai reached out and held the back of his neck. They didn’t separate after a brief touch.

Chen Qizhao’s heart was about to jump out of his throat, and he forgot to breathe.

The problem that had plagued him for several days was solved at this time.

It turned out that it felt like this to kiss Shen Yuhuai’s mouth.


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